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Boron and Testosterone: Proven T Boosting Benefits For Men

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In this video I discuss the relationship between Boron and Testosterone. Click Here To Get Boron - goo.gl/ZUbWdj There are multiple micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that contribute to testosterone synthesis, such as: Vitamins A, C, D, K2, zinc, magnesium, iodine, calcium, etc… …But what is often left unmentioned is the Boron and Testosterone connection. Boron that currently holds the most impressive results on natural T production in terms of scientific evidence. Boron is a rare mineral in Earth, and in this whole universe. And this is because boron is a “trace leftover” of the big bang, arriving Earth via cosmic dust and meteor materials… What most of the guys don’t know is that boron and testosterone relate since it's a natural testosterone booster. This one ridiculously cheap and unknown trace mineral is much more effective in raising one's natural T production than most of the “T-Booster” people are currently using. There’s good amount of scientific evidence speaking for Boron and Testosterone benefits. It's ability to increase testosterone levels in healthy human males, and in rodents, and also in women is becoming more and more clear. Read about Boron and Testosterone here - https://www.anabolicmen.com/boron-testosterone/ Click Here To Get Boron - goo.gl/ZUbWdj Get Our Natural Testosterone Booster Which Has The Effective Dose Of Boron In It Here - https://truthnutra.com/testro-x-yt Follow Me On Social Media: Website: https://truthnutra.com/yt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truthnutra/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/truthnutra/ Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_christopherwalker/ Truth Nutra Products: Shop For Supplements - https://truthnutra.com/supplements Shop For Books - https://truthnutra.com/books Shop For Apparel - https://truthnutra.com/apparel Use code "YOUTUBE" For 10% Off! Find Out If You Have Estrogen Dominance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCBD39qf528
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Text Comments (208)
bitterman (15 hours ago)
I can stand outside and get boron and less vitamin D
savydude1 (3 days ago)
Somebody, please get a testosterone test, then take boron for 6 months and then get another test, too much talk not enough science!
Troy Kilmister (21 days ago)
Just buy borax bro..Same thing.
Gary Main (22 days ago)
im worried this will make my hair fall out ?
Bassam Al-Kaaki (15 days ago)
Gary Main it actually helps hair growth;) my hair is much thicker than before. But i take boron from 20 mule borax box found in the detergent section at any well known food store. Am not kidding!
Christopher Walker (22 days ago)
Ian p (23 days ago)
I take 60mg daily and I'm super horny
Christopher Walker (23 days ago)
Hell yea. Freeing up all that testosterone form the SHBG molecule
Daryl Tollison (1 month ago)
Only one problem, and that is you didn't mention that high production of dht can cause hair loss. So actually dht for some guys and maybe women also, isn't a good thing.
Treblaine (1 month ago)
I don't think farmers can be blamed for the current situation with the quality of crops, farmers didn't create the situation where they had to feed far more people with far less manpower, far less land, far less time and with greater reliability over longer distances. Farmers didn't have a choice, they had to keep the yields up or risk mass starvation. The dust bowl wasn't long ago, it's still within living memory, Considering the circumstances agriculture now has to operate in, it's done about as well as we can reasonably expect. At some point, the populations who left agricultural existence to live in urban areas and get a broad education are going to have to apply their knowledge and give back to our general nutrition. There wasn't a famine, but the way food prices were going America was certainly on the path to famine conditions until agriculture was radically restructured.
Roarz forshore (1 month ago)
Don't be a moron, eat your boron
Christopher Walker (1 month ago)
Burton Stacey III (2 months ago)
Dude, I've been supping 9mg of boron daily for about 4 months now. Feeling super jacked!!!!
wulfgar3000 (2 days ago)
Feel or  look?
Do you even lift?
YnnyY&nne OilRyser (4 months ago)
The first thing any guy should do is remove estrogen laden products from you daily life. Dish soap, bath soap, water bottles, soy products, all phytoestrogens. Its going to be tough.
cathy puryear (4 months ago)
its good for women too and helps with the thyroid and clears your third eye pineal gland
Misha Anton (4 months ago)
It wld v been nice of U 2 mention the vit D effect since U had the study. And U mentioned it was done for that. (Which went up/down.)
Brian Barnabas (4 months ago)
I'm not so sure how solid this Boron testosterone claim is. In the first study done in 1997 in Iran they found 10 mg of Boron increased estrogen levels in men. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21129941/ That might account for why B is good at increasing bone density. However, there was only a trend for an increase in testosterone. Trend usually means much less or inconsistent. You have another video about decreasing estrogen because it impairs test levels,, yet this possibly puts you at risk for greater estrogen. Now to make this more complicated the same Iranian scientist, 14 years later in 2011, did a new study and found increases in free testosterone in men and decrease in estrogen with B supplementation at 11.6 mg/day. A lot of questions come up. Why did he repeat the study 14 years later and then get much different results? No explanation in the short abstract, but maybe the full paper goes into this. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21129941/
Barry Blakeley (4 months ago)
kim scudiero (5 months ago)
A resent study states that boron reverses osteoarthritis...
Michael Myers (5 months ago)
what a boron video 😉
silverhranch (5 months ago)
Studies have shown that without Boron testosterone is inert.
Highland Fleet Lute (5 months ago)
I've been taking boron for about two weeks. It's given me a photographic memory. Weird! Also, I've noticed I can demolish a crossword puzzle in seconds, whereas previously, I definitely could not. LOL.
boo bye (6 months ago)
This video is fookin boron!!!!!
Neo Bailey (6 months ago)
boo bye I see what you did there...nice
Conrad Voyles (6 months ago)
But doesn't increased levels of DHT cause baldness? Is that a trade off?
Jack Ripper (6 months ago)
I take muscletech sx7 test...and it said to have 200mg boron per serv...am i gonna die???
djyungstar0320 (7 months ago)
Would you have any comment on how the increase in dht could affect hairloss? And if someone is currently taking a dht blocker?
Francisco Islas (7 months ago)
I take it at night before bed and I sleep way better I was having a really hard time staying asleep and I would wake up not feeling rested now I can tell that I went into a deep sleep and I feel really good throughout the day
Death Dealer (7 months ago)
I take fenugreek, zinc, and magnesium maleate. My free test went from 20 to 160 in 3 months and I’m 42. My physician asked me if I was using cypionate or another injectable test. He couldn’t believe I wasn’t. My total test is 900.
Elyad G. (6 months ago)
Death Dealer Thats right Fenugreek def raises T levels aswell, but the thing I hated about Fenugreek is that when I was using fenugreek my sweat odor changed to a very soury taste It disgusted me that even the strongest deodorants didnt help against the smell So i had to stop using it
Gwen Scott (7 months ago)
Boron in Borox is like $5 for a full box and you take a quarter of a teaspoon. Why pay for all that packaging?
Keith .Newberry (8 months ago)
Actually it is not that rare. You can get it in 20 mule team borax. I think 20g is at toxic levels. I think you can take up to 20mg per day if you are an adult.
Brandon G (20 days ago)
+First Name Last Name im from bakersfield didnt know it was mined here.
First Name Last Name (7 months ago)
Keith .Newberry, He described it as a rare earth mineral, which it is. Boron is mined in only a handful of locations on Earth, California (between Bakersfield, CA and Las Vegas, NV) being one of them. Borax is banned for sale in the EU, and boron supplementation is available only through pharmacies there. The term "rare earth" does not mean that the mineral is difficult to source. It means that it is not distributed evenly or abundantly around the globe. Bauxite is another example of a rare earth mineral. That is the ore from which aluminum is made. Like Boron, it is mined in only a handful of locations on this planet, where it is abundant. Otherwise it is very scarce in any appreciable concentration.
Alan Armstrong (8 months ago)
Buy a box of Borax, it is Boron
Robert Burchett (8 months ago)
Boron eliminates arthritis!
Gold Hunter (9 months ago)
Thanks. I just got some. I have all the symptoms of low free test. I just took 10mgs.
Jersey Paul (9 months ago)
For $10.00 for 100 capsules at 3 mg each at Walmart! Why not?
Jersey Paul i bought 250 3mg tablets online for $6 a bottle
DJNeoShaman (9 months ago)
I was like #888.... interesting. Be blessed brother. Peace.
Teri Saccone (10 months ago)
Thank you for this I’ll definitely dose my 54 year old husband with this sparingly.
Who Zaskin (10 months ago)
I would suggest looking into mycoplasma fermentans, candida, and boron's effects on them. I wonder if the testosterone increase is more from increased health overall...
Democrats are cunts (10 months ago)
You can't have a boron deficiency. That's not a thing in humans. You can't have a deficiency of something that's nonessential.
First Name Last Name (7 months ago)
cereal murtherer, An essential mineral is one that the body itself cannot generate, meaning that it must be taken into the body in order to be present in the body. Until humans evolve that can self generate boron endogenously, it will remain an essential mineral. Can a human being live entirely without boron? That is questionable.
oh boy (11 months ago)
You should try Thallium
coolandmellow (11 months ago)
There is no freaking natural fruit herb seed any plant on earth or supplement that boosts testosterone or triggers hgh remotely enough for you to work out lift weights and look muscular. Get this straight in your heads. You want to look muscular go to the gym lift weights sleep 8 hours eat lean meat and vegetables and go on a mild steroid cycle. End of story. Stop going on FB youtube people trying to sell you crap supplements. Everything is available naturally you just need a good income and money. Its expensive to look muscular and time consuming and hard work.
First Name Last Name (7 months ago)
coolandmellow, The data does not support your assertions. In fact there is a relationship between T and the proper balance of vitamin D, K2, A, magnesium, potassium, calcium, silica, and boron in the human body. Proper nutrition is a pre-requisite to productive exercise. Come back in 20 years when your T level no longer permits you to gain or retain muscle mass through exercise... Nutrition is not magic, neither is the gymnasium. Both exercise and nutrition matter. A $8.00 box of 20 mule team borax is enough to last you decades. I don't think that is expensive. I would argue that the gym membership is the real con job (fine if you can afford it, but not necessary). The cost of a set of dumbbells, a jump rope, and a pair of running shoes gets you into the most exclusive gym in the world, the one in your back yard, your basement, your garage, your local park.
coolandmellow (10 months ago)
Jah P yes I'm thinking about it.
Jah P (10 months ago)
coolandmellow.... MK 677 ....
coolandmellow (11 months ago)
What a load of BS
coolandmellow no, you are
Vaughn Malecki (11 months ago)
The elite do not want men to have testosterone they want docile creatures easy to control.
YnnyY&nne OilRyser (4 months ago)
I work around low T guys at work, they think and behave just like women. They gossip, are manipulative and even subtlely flirt with me. Its f*cking creepy and annoying.
El Sea (5 months ago)
Exactly!! Thank you!!! They want no resistance to their power grabs, -don’t even want your instincts to work properly so that you can even see the what’s being put in place! 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸
YnnyY&nne OilRyser (5 months ago)
William Cheek estrogens in soaps gets absorbed via skin too.
UsedCondomCollector (6 months ago)
Why do you think they tell us supplements don't work? They want us dependent upon meds.
no name (11 months ago)
i take 100mg a day.
R Landry (2 months ago)
More is not better. Over consumption of any supplement often throws you out of balance with other minerals.
Jeff Bainter (4 months ago)
no name way way too much it can be toxic that level you will need 6 to 15 mg per day to raise free testosterone
Vanilla Theis (5 months ago)
Na he's probably dead
YnnyY&nne OilRyser (5 months ago)
Vanilla Theis he is prob in the ER from boron toxicity lol
Vanilla Theis (6 months ago)
no name you still taking 100 mg?
Kenneth Kristiansen (1 year ago)
Medlineplus.gov says otherwise: https://medlineplus.gov/druginfo/natural/894.html Boron supplement is not for men. Only for women since it increase estrogenlevels.
joesph gallo (1 year ago)
I use boron 6 mgs a day did nothing for me at all
joesph gallo, maybe you're offsetting it with soy?
55rebels (1 year ago)
Borax, even cheaper :)
Zeb Lewis (1 month ago)
Borax is awesome! I drink an eighth-quarter teaspoon once in the morning and once at night. I’ve lost a bunch of weight, muscle ton increased without working out, lung fungus cleared up, no more heart palpitations, no more bloating and indigestion and I feel stronger than I ever have.
Alexandre Carvalho (7 months ago)
55rebels how do you use borax?? How much do you take? Tks
prototype9000 (1 year ago)
I read the research didn't seem all that promissing
Gautam S (1 year ago)
Chris, nice video but having a hard time hearing you.
David Bruce (1 year ago)
Right on! Great video, thanks!
Jeff Blevins (1 year ago)
Speak the truth brother! easy cheap and the best thing to make you feel good right away in my honest opinion. 20 mule team! little better for getting rid of cadidad
Steven James (1 year ago)
very excellent
Cas (1 year ago)
I take 6 mg, it's insane, it's great.
Cas (1 month ago)
My hair is fine. I try to boost dht by taking boron and creatine. I don't care about going bald. If I could lazer my hair of I would, just for the convenience.
Cas (1 month ago)
I eat lots of cacao, which is rich in copper
Rory W (5 months ago)
Cas Any hair loss or other side effects so far ?
YnnyY&nne OilRyser (5 months ago)
Cas you have take zinc with copper. Its a balance.
dishdemon (8 months ago)
Praised One (1 year ago)
What amount of boron supplementation do u recommend?
Temperate or Tropical (9 months ago)
RW: That's what we've all been brainwashed to believe. Chemically however it's 99.999% boron which is less toxic than the NaCl which grocery stores sell as salt.
Robert Williams (9 months ago)
Lots To Learn feels wrong to take team mule like it's poison
Temperate or Tropical (9 months ago)
Robert Williams : Different countries, different brands. In the US it might be Ten Mule?
Robert Williams (9 months ago)
The Pride what brand
Mychannel (1 year ago)
Just seen it says 200 mg but only 10 mg active will the 190 mg inactive boron be ok to take?
Mychannel (1 year ago)
Would you not say that 200 mg Boron citrate is bad to take on a dayli? Competitive Edge Labs: M-Test, this product got 200 mg per serving,makes me think if they are trying to poisonn people is it save to take that much?
Bearded Elder (1 year ago)
One question Chris. We all want increased T, but we want decreased or blocked DHT that causes boldness. Thoughts on the issue? Thanks!
wulfgar3000 (2 days ago)
Boldness? LOL
Kooli O (1 year ago)
How much boron should we supplement per day?
mark peckson (1 year ago)
What Boron supplements do you take?
mark peckson (1 year ago)
Hi Chris, what brands of Boron are best?
Irving Sanguinetti (1 year ago)
I can't get passed the name. It sounds like Moron. lol. I'm still gonna give a try.
elijah27b (1 year ago)
That's a great meme or t-shirt!
slaithe (1 year ago)
only a moron neglects boron
Hello World (1 year ago)
Billy neocalg (1 year ago)
Boron made me really sleepy, if anything I'd say it DECREASED my testosterone.
Billy neocalg (1 year ago)
Dav Lie (1 year ago)
How many mg do you take?
Alan Mauser (1 year ago)
Great video but at the botom of the article is mentioned that testicular malfunction has not been tested...so could it afect testicles?
Jeff Petree (1 year ago)
I've bought six star testosterone supplement which has boron as main ingredient. and man seems like I get more energy from it. I know my body well and when something's working. it's only $10.00 lol but it works .
Who Zaskin (10 months ago)
Mr McEvechkin 20 mule team is great for making clothes look great...
Mr McEvechkin (11 months ago)
I use Borax. It has 1 ingredient which is boron. $6.99 for a box. This will last me a year or more 😆
Real boxing Fan1 (1 year ago)
That's the whole supplament industry for you lol it's all marketing . You can buy those supplements alone and get better adde benefits
Leon Degrelle (1 year ago)
Jeff Petree read the label. You basically payed a Couple dollars more for plain ole boron.
Mahfuz Alam (1 year ago)
Hey man DHT is bad for head hair, does that mean it will cause hair loss or MPB to occur at an earlier stage?
TheMdub27 (6 months ago)
It depends how sensitive your hair follicles are to dht. And how high are your stress levels? The higher your stress levels the more dht will be converted from testosterone
Hello World (1 year ago)
It depends on your genetics , if you father gfather uncle etc gets bald , you may get bald too.
ShOwStOpp3rr (1 year ago)
whats DHT?
Steven Zak (1 year ago)
I'm looking at the rat study @ 5:14 and they seem to be talking about 500 ppm (and up), which equals 500 mg PER LITER, not 500 absolute mg. So I'm not sure how that actually compares with the 10 or 6 mg/day given to humans in those other studies.
Sphinx Hutc (1 year ago)
Steven Zak kit dr. Wallach epigenetics book he explains all of this he did a huge study for the USDA he was not only a research pathologist the veterinarian in a nature pathic medicine dr. he worked with Marlin Perkins. in 1990 boron was considered an essential mineral for animals and the human body we are all animals they've been using it and agriculture for years it grows plants very well there's a war on your help like they sold you fluoride is being good for you they will find ways of telling you things that are are good for you I giving you false information on how deadly they are salt in your kitchen is more deadly then the Boron salts these are natural Mother Earth mind sodium tetraborate come straight from the Earth you can call the company on the back of the box and they will tell you this is like 99% pure Mother Earth derived you have to understand the pharmaceutical company knows that you know that you can use this inexpensive miracle for the body over there expensive drugs there's propaganda to destroy any of that. it is amazing what this will do for your sex drive and when your sex drive is increased that means that the body has reached hormonal homeostasis.
Decypher C (1 year ago)
so I take zinc, magnesium, boron, fungreek, and km-66. Is there anything else recommended for test boost pos estrogen inhibitor?
Bob M (6 months ago)
Jeff Petree drink Lifeway Kefir yogurt. It has the probiptic reuteri in it which will make your balls bigger
josh meredith (9 months ago)
Fenugreek increases estrogen. Pregnant women take fenugreek lol
Joe S (1 year ago)
Christopher Walker is the association with testosterone and choline? I eat many eggs a day..
Alucard8319 (1 year ago)
get Ginseng
Brooks Bowman (2 years ago)
Cannot thank you enough. Thankfully I stumbled upon this video via a keyword search which I can not remember. Great presentation and great proof via the numerous studies. Even one potential detractor with some high cred you were able to logic down to their great and freely admitted appreciation. I am now a big fan of yours! Well done sir!
Jack Mac (2 years ago)
Excellent video. Thanks bud.
TheApexGemini (2 years ago)
How you doing man, before I say anything I wanna thank you for making this video informing us men on this supplement. Keep up the good work and much respect. Also, I have the Pure Encapsulation brand with 2mg each cap. Now I'm wondering should I up my dose to 5 caps for 10 mg of boron, or leave it where I have it at 6mg. Also, should I take it throughout the day in increments, or all at once? A response would be much appreciated, again thank you!
Saul Of Tarsus (1 year ago)
Christopher Walker Chris I am talking boron up to 60mgs a day in separate doses can this cause any problems please help
Christopher Walker (2 years ago)
Hey dude, yep I would go up to 10mg and you can take it all at once :)
Imi P. (2 years ago)
Magnificent video!! One question I had: I bought pure clean borax which is basically boron. What's the dosage for this borax? Thank you.
Danny Garcia (3 months ago)
Blew my head. I didn't know this. And I'm an avid cyclist!!!
Bob M (5 months ago)
Sphinx Hutc i agree you should start blogging on wordpress and spread the knowledge. I also just bought a distiller thanks for the info
coolvideo28 (5 months ago)
Sphinx Hutc you know a lot about this natural health stuff you should make videos. I went to your channel to subscribe thinking you probably made videos but couldn’t find anything. Spread the wealth
Bob M (6 months ago)
Black Sabbath XXX they own America. Americans pay everything for Israel
MARY CONWAY (9 months ago)
Imi P. B
aasimrefai (2 years ago)
hey Chris, is there any nutritional constant to keep in mind ? tx in advance
gary smallwood (2 years ago)
Eight bucks and buy mule team.Put little pinch of borax and a half of teaspoon epsom salt in a quart and sip all day.
Jeff Blevins (1 year ago)
I use borax 20 mule team and magnisium oil evefy day ...makes me feel amazingly good. and very cheap. Best thing ive ever found to make me feel really good. fuck the FDA and AMA... lobbyist boot lickers
gary smallwood (1 year ago)
Try it and also add zinc.Adds zing to our zing zing also it boosts immune system and helps memory,bones are made stronger and balance our hormones .Check out Earth Clinic there more information than I could write about.And look up Ash Blue on Youtube.
Leon Degrelle (1 year ago)
gary smallwood what kind of results do you get from this. Interested.
Blake (2 years ago)
gary smallwood oh cool thanks.
gary smallwood (2 years ago)
+Blake Epsom salt is a form of magnesium works together with boron.
Walter Burnette (2 years ago)
Can you do a video on Tongkat Ali?
UsedCondomCollector (6 months ago)
Great shit but mostly it enhances sex drive at first then doesn't do much.
John schnetzler (2 years ago)
go to Superman Herbs.com. They have vids and all sorts of reviews/testimonials on Tongat. I buy from them and it works great
Casey Zeitf (2 years ago)
Good to see this info getting out there, this with k2
Michael Montgomery (2 years ago)
I just bought 3 mg caps Boron glyccinate. Good form?? Also, I got some ashwaganda and liquid vit D. Optimal dosages?? 🤔
John schnetzler (2 years ago)
follow maintenance dose on label and for therapeutic dose, double that
Tyler McIntyre (2 years ago)
If I'm not mistaken Pure Encapsulations no longer sells the 2mg Boron supplement. I work at a health food store and it looks like it can no longer be ordered! This is the same Boron that you guys sell at the Anabolicmen marketplace, are you still able to get it? I live in Ontario (fairly close to where Douglas Labs is located) and was hoping to get it through them, nothing else I can find comes close to the 2mg supplement that they sell in terms of quality or quantity.
Christopher Walker (2 years ago)
+Tyler McIntyre you're welcome brother
Tyler McIntyre (2 years ago)
Ok that's great. Thank you, and thank you for the timely response as well!
Christopher Walker (2 years ago)
Yep we can still get it through our distributor partnership for the Anabolic Men Marketplace. I will call our partner soon to double check on the longevity of its availability but as of now we have a good amount in stock
Lift Strong (2 years ago)
So you do understand that high doses In These studies caused a significant increase in testicular atrophy ? How come you're not talking about that? I just read atleast 13 studies all talking about how it causes testicular atrophy. You need to include more information in your videos when you talk about stuff like this.
Cool Guitar Gifts (4 months ago)
Yeah Genuine_user, your link goes to an old guy talking about weightlifters that really looks like a weight lifter himself doesn't he? Boron works if you are deficient. Not if you are loading up a heathy body to get ripped. Apples and Oranges. Chris kinda mentions that a majority of people with low T are deficient in Boron. Might try the rewind button buddy.
UsedCondomCollector (6 months ago)
agreed! haha
Genuine_user (9 months ago)
Christopher Walker any thoughts on this buddy?: https://youtu.be/cVPtwowri88
Awudu Darah (9 months ago)
taranders2005 (1 year ago)
Good Character :-)
Robin ThickeVEVO (2 years ago)
I can't understand why saturated fats are considered bad.I have read many times in newspapers about the side effects of saturated fats.What the hell I am reading in newspapers??If saturated fats are good for testosterone produced as you mentioned in your blog,then tell me the reason why saturated fats causes heart diseases??Also tell me the logic behind saturated fats increasing testosterone.
JohnToccatina (7 months ago)
I didn't expect people to know about (((them))) here of all places lol. Good on you for staying informed and moving past the bullshit propaganda.
Black Sabbath (1 year ago)
Robin Thicke VEVO.....Calm the fuck down dude....lay off the the mass media info. Its jew agenda to kill the test levels of men in America. So do your own studies and experimentation. Shit, cholesterol, ive found to increase test.....lol truth is stranger than fiction.
TheBaRolExperience (1 year ago)
saturated fats creates cholesterol which creates testosterone ! cholesterol is good for you!
Dimitrije Beric (2 years ago)
Well people tipically caution against too much saturated fat, however those same people also say that you do need SOME sat fat, now animal fats are about 40-60% saturated fat, so they are not pure saturates, and coconut oil acts kinda differently in the body since it's a shorter bond fat...etc Overall as long as you're not overconsuming fat overall you don't have a reason to worry about.
Javid Bencosme (2 years ago)
is this the real robbin thick? lol

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