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UFO Hurley vs. Christianity

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This is why I believe there is no conflict between being Christian and believing in UFOs.
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Jacob (4 years ago)
There's no proof of intelligent lifeforms anywhere but on earth (excluding the spirits: angels and demons). Why would Jesus come to save US, of all of these supposed other beings out there, instead of coming to save all of them? The Bible says that the heavens declare the glory of God, and I believe that's their sole purpose - to declare the glory of God and to show we arrogant and proud humans that we aren't the greatest beings. If there were intelligent beings elsewhere, it would have been stated in the Bible - something that significant would have been in the Bible. So no, I don't believe in aliens. I believe in angels, and I believe in demons, but not aliens. I suppose there's possibility of creatures like dogs or fish other places than earth, but we are the most unique creatures in the universe because we were created in His image. Who knows? Perhaps God created an alternate planet for the existence of the Leviathan or something? It would be incredibly unlikely, as I think the Leviathan could be resting in some deep trench or something. I'm not going to say you're not a Christian because you believe in aliens, as it's not my right to judge salvation. However, I will say that the belief in aliens is not a Christian view. God doesn't have to have some sort of efficiency in the universe, as many believe - sometimes He goes to incredible extents just to prove that He is who He says He is - and that's what I believe the universe is. A message to all of humanity, particularly in these last days, that declares that we aren't gods, we can't do what God does. It's a message declaring that God is capable of holding us together.. that, tied with His Son, shows us that God is big enough and powerful enough to create the beauty of the heavens, but He's also intimate enough to hold us together. PS - The only things that have been around for millions of years, are God and the void that existed before creation, because they existed for eternity past. The earth is around 6000 years old, maybe 10000 at the most - it's shown by the ancestry line describing the generations up to Christ's birth. Unless the Bible is inaccurate (which would render our whole faith useless, because we live based upon the fact that the Bible is 100% accurate and true), our planet has not been around for millions of years, and neither has the universe.
Rick Quevy (6 years ago)
ok the nearest place that the aliens can come from is where? How many light years.? Believe in Jesus my friend just him! we are in the last days. Study your KJV Bible the others have to much changed and missing words and verses. God Bless In Christ .

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