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Everything Wrong With Friendship Games In 17 Minutes Or Less [Parody]

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Text Comments (3602)
Sumi Ahmed (9 days ago)
At 5:34 rainbow dashes eyelashes disappear
God I love sunsets voice like damn
Magical Peanut (15 days ago)
Why am I on this video about a grown man analyzing all the mistake in a show made for little girls
Saraina (22 days ago)
2:08 for what is this "medicine"?
Lori Rubin (23 days ago)
The first one: they could just text everyone “Hay”🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
NFMMASTER99 (25 days ago)
Do Every Thing Cool about NEED FOR MADNESS
Mariana Artista (26 days ago)
what is a buss?
Daysinker (27 days ago)
Why is Sunset Broly in the thumbnail?
Animated Peanut butter (28 days ago)
1:13 lol
Ollie Buggington (1 month ago)
4:12 HP had it every 5 years
Yunco Heart (1 month ago)
8:18 She didn't want anyone seeing her blackmail twilight
SliverTheSpoony01 (1 month ago)
4:00 did she just say infidelity?
SliverTheSpoony01 (1 month ago)
wait a minute! If Sunny has been their for 4 years she should have graduated! She's obviously shown to be almost on Twilight's level of intelligence! My life is so wasted on these comments..
SliverTheSpoony01 (1 month ago)
What is wrong with you? 1:09 Don't you know a PKE (Psycho Kinetic Energy) Meter when you're looking at it? Ghostbusters, man, not fairies! Peter Venkmen knows a PKE meter and he's barely a scientist. It's the fist device used in the movie, back when they were just paranormal investigators working out of a college science lab. Egon, I can't even, with this guy!
Rebecca Hartman (1 month ago)
they say every 4 years, so how are there so many pictures with the same people? shouldn't they all go to college? ????
Echo The Psycho (1 month ago)
2018? anyone?
Polaric Girl (1 month ago)
Sooooooo... The same kids are in the book for losing against the other school... Judging on humans, we only have 4 years of high school. The games are held every four years...
Ivy Sunday (1 month ago)
If u pause the video at 5:35 raindow dash will lose her eyelashes
FrancescaAkira89 (1 month ago)
7:46 Because he was flirting with Cadence when the principal made that question.
Flash 100% has a crush on twilight
rowanbookworm (1 month ago)
13:56 Even if they have licenses, the schools definitely do NOT have insurance for that. My school couldn't even let us do archery.
Kelli Benson (1 month ago)
CleverArtist 226 (1 month ago)
Wait... this is a question that has been lingering in my mind for awhile Does Racism, Sexism and other Crimes happen here? If its anything like our world maybe it does and if you think about that...other things must happen. Also how can you be racist in this world if everyone's a different color? i'm so so confused Hasbro wants to know your location
creepercraft 179 (1 month ago)
Video: a cat, a mouse, and a bird in the same bag! What could go wrong? Me: SO THE RABBIT IS GOOD?Also I loved the LOTR clip.
Jean Callejoyy (1 month ago)
The sound twilight makes when she gets consumed by magic is so realistic that it freaks me out
CrimsonCrafter (1 month ago)
I have figured out how to make a rainboom, just need to prove the science
Smoretown (1 month ago)
"Guess this school gives out Pit-Boys." XD
Connor Roscher (2 months ago)
Furry convention
Torinado X (2 months ago)
“Cock blocked by magic! Cocked blocked by magic! Again!
Red Moon (2 months ago)
The first part of the Friendship games does Twilight SINGLE handly win. They say it their self and in the grammar and math competion we see nobody takes any scores expect Twilight. I know it is supposed to be a challenge but shouldn't all students get a chance?
Barb The brave (2 months ago)
its just a cartoon not real life.
Kawaii Cats (2 months ago)
Kawaii Cats (2 months ago)
Kylie Pierce (2 months ago)
It is not 17 min it's 17:29
Taco Master (2 months ago)
OG_KMdismount9190 (2 months ago)
Oh u for got to meation the last event was not said so what was Sunset and Twilight doing
Imma Idk (2 months ago)
My sister is Triggered..xD
Yellow Mistake (2 months ago)
FriskyKittyLuv :3 (2 months ago)
1:11 X3
Giu ML (2 months ago)
And nerly everything this film says is unnecessary and this film is like nosence
Vee Valentine (2 months ago)
The video is funny but it’s just not the same without the other guy
Varya Fomicheva (2 months ago)
Are u s girl or a boy
pause the vid and go to 9:34 tff
Kristine Shobe (2 months ago)
PrettyLittle PsychoAmber (2 months ago)
Its 7:30 minutes
Jed Cast (2 months ago)
Jed Cast (2 months ago)
I don't like this!!!!
just walk (2 months ago)
calm down it's a joke
MICHELLE JORDAN (2 months ago)
U had a mistake in this vid u typed (or drawn idk) supper yet u said super.
LoneStar (3 months ago)
wrong: theres 56 students.
The Shining Sapphire (3 months ago)
joan morales (3 months ago)
you know why to do something very naughty
LexyMoo (3 months ago)
8:05 you forgot the apostrophe in “isn’t”
Natsuki_chr (3 months ago)
Umm Hogwarts has an event every 4 years
Oron the warrior (3 months ago)
Pitboy isnt sin but cool thing so take this sin back. Please.
Greaper The Ghost (3 months ago)
dud why is it so similar to LilleshyFm?(ispelledwrong)
AzusaMukamiLover (3 months ago)
Is it bad I understood the last joke 😂
Astra Rose the furry (3 months ago)
How does twilights glasses keep falling
Astra Rose the furry (3 months ago)
5:30 wrong text..... *THAT`S A SIN*
Astra Rose the furry (3 months ago)
Heres a sin: if the games r every four years doesnt that mean everyone should be in the games just once?! Or did they all get held back and been in the games alot. Im probally wring arent i
Snoozin' Ghost (3 months ago)
This High School only has 40 kids!? Jesus, this place would not be able to hold up for a month.
Da Cat Named Eve (3 months ago)
Pinkie Pie is so cute when she's tired.
Da Cat Named Eve (3 months ago)
10:15 yay, finally, someone in a cartoon that adjusts their glasses the same way I do
Da Cat Named Eve (3 months ago)
Dat thumbnail tho... ;-;
J J (3 months ago)
I swear molininous is a dirty little pervert
Krys Opalle (3 months ago)
13:36 umm.. Pinkie??
Zoey TheSurvivor (4 months ago)
Some birds hang under the stick it rather than on top of it like a bat
Zoey TheSurvivor (2 months ago)
Because I’m kinda of a Nazi when it comes to that
just walk (2 months ago)
+Ragin Shadows Zoey why is the word sexual censored
Zoey TheSurvivor (4 months ago)
That's oddly **xual
AMBER ROSE LEE (4 months ago)
I give you a sin for thinking that was a tentacle monster(it is obviously a plant)
Aixa Milagros Pelli (4 months ago)
MY GOODNESS HAHAHA THE LAST ONE, so...twilight now can answer the big question. is it gay or masturbation? my god xDDD
Rinske van der Heijden (4 months ago)
I love the Friendship Games but after that, no
FoxieMidnight12 (4 months ago)
Its a kids cartoon for that matter
Skyler The skeleton (4 months ago)
Is,not shining armour always a little dick?
MoonDustShine (4 months ago)
Da heck is da thumbnail
Soph and Sofia (4 months ago)
ur not cinema sins u r moliminous
Rue Chan (4 months ago)
Shinning armor needs to go with cadance so no one sees that the principal is manipulating her
Awesomehopper 32 (4 months ago)
Screw friendship games this is hunger games.
Andrea x The x Mystic (4 months ago)
*M A G I C S T E A L I N G T Y P E*
Andrea x The x Mystic (4 months ago)
*F R I E N D S H I P G A M E S*
MarioGirl 28 (4 months ago)
103: sour sweet was a character she is too creepy for a kids movie
Twilight Sparkle (4 months ago)
Wow LOL!! Some of these got to me XD
Dianna Harris (4 months ago)
I saw Sunset dressed as Broly and lost my shit.
Mirko (4 months ago)
Natsuki_chr (4 months ago)
"Who's building the field?" Builders instead of inexperience teens.
Glass Slipper (4 months ago)
4:36 actually 9 of characters fought magic in rainbow rocks. The mane 6 plus sunset, spike and vinal.
Sonya Hayes (5 months ago)
sunset shimmer is day breaker in a human form
Lilly Msp (5 months ago)
You missed one, if you noticed every time the magic thing was opened...it either took magic or opened a portal. So how did twilight open it and make it into a ball of magic that gave her magic?, wouldn't make a portal again? Also if their magic was drained from them, how did sunset shimmer take magic from them for her?
Jorge Lobo (5 months ago)
13:36 seriously, WTF is going on with Pinkie's eyes!!??
KNUCKLES FOXY (5 months ago)
Moliminious: is it gay is it marstubation Me:no it's *MAGIC*
KNUCKLES FOXY (5 months ago)
1:12 lol I laugh hard
Claire Elizabeth (5 months ago)
Wow no wonder everyone is a dick to twilight she brags a lot
slcrosby15 (5 months ago)
that was so funny oh 102 so funny
Omega (5 months ago)
Fleur is actually pronounced floor.
marble (6 months ago)
Friendship Games Buses are Magic
Fred Mercado (6 months ago)
102 sins holy shit
TheWolfieUnivers (6 months ago)
Wish i had Rainbows Guitar! When she put the new string on her guitar, it auto tunes! But Tbh a brand new string on a guitar takes a while to tune! XD
The LockHart Notion (6 months ago)
Brad got block by magic
Scarlet Moon (7 months ago)
I know what the sales on tacos prove, its proves there was a sale on tacos
Sam Groll (7 months ago)
1:04 If Slash can do it then so can Rainbow Dash
Jenny .H (7 months ago)
Don't hate on him it's just his honest opinion please pin
Wizarding Pusheen1234567 (7 months ago)
In the other world,shining is married to cadence

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