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Feminist Misandry Infests Doctor Who

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Text Comments (2822)
kenneth walsh (1 day ago)
There's normally no stakes or real payoff with the newer doctor
James Durnford (1 day ago)
the Feminazis have ruined Dr Who
Lee Johnstone (5 days ago)
U.N.I.T soldiers are most likely recruited from the SAS/SBS/1 Para which are Britain's special forces so NO female soldier should be a commanding officer because there is no female soldiers in the special forces. Why? Because they fails the recruitment training such as the sickener assault course
peter Buchan (7 days ago)
And that all this bothers you will get sneers of "fragile masculinity" from twots who own "male tears" mugs
peter Buchan (7 days ago)
BBC will destroy itself and its IPs by being so controlled by social justice... Hopefully sooner than later
Carl B (9 days ago)
You forgot to mention how the show has condoned female violence against men, with female characters being shown to slap, or threaten to slap, male characters for comic effect. Can you imagine the uproar if they depicted males slapping women around and trying to make out it was funny?!
vvolfenstein (12 days ago)
I agreed with your first two analysis but not really on the second one. The general had always been a woman in ALL her previous regenerations. Only the recent one was she a man. For her she is "back to normal" being a woman now. However everything said after that I agree was super toxic.
Isidro huicochea (13 days ago)
Well i will give dr who new season a shot. Rather than saying it sucks without seeing it
Sexist punk
Tony de Bruin (15 days ago)
The BBC is state television. So in honesty it is to be expected that they behave like cultural marxists as they are not dependent on voluntary contributions from the free market.
marlin gates (16 days ago)
I use to be the biggest fan of Doctor who BT season 8 was really boring. And I hated Clara (from the moment she came)l liked half some season but plot and pacing wise just not that interesting. Honestly kinda sucked most part
Rory O'Brien (16 days ago)
I believe all military requirements should be the same for men and women.
Alfonso De Maria (17 days ago)
Dude its a TV show not real life!!
Chester Hackenbush (19 days ago)
This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end - The Doors.
Mont J (20 days ago)
My God, you're such a tiny-brained douche. Misogynists, Racists and bigots are all just nothing but a group of tribal cowards. Not to mention a pack of intellectually-lazy lemmings all being led happily down the path to fascism.
Most of this video is definitely accurate but the "back to normal" part was just implying that the general was a woman before he became the bald headed man regeneration. The general was on his 10th regeneration, aside from that one he was likely female during all the other regeneration's.
Liam Cahill You clearly failed to read my comment or understand my point.
Liam Cahill (14 days ago)
Qui ingreditur viam prudentiae I hope the doctor, when he becomes a man again, says "aah, back to normal" a the tumblr cunts and "feminists" would cause an uproar. -_-
Mister Cardholder (28 days ago)
This is a show for children. Grow the fuck up.
samoa ji (28 days ago)
7:10 that face that u give when ur commanding officer goes from a old white guy to a black woman in a second
Zarathustra MG42 (1 month ago)
Why anyone watches doctor who, starwars and any shit on much of tv or cinema is beyond me.
skarskar skarner (1 month ago)
Imagine being fired from your job because you're a man...
Enzophanis1892 (1 month ago)
Watching Deep Breath and Vastra says People are Apes but men are monkeys...
God just put us out of our misery I hate those fat feminazis they need to die!!!!
Feminism keeps getting uglier & uglier great god.
Luca Barbieri (1 month ago)
good facts
Micah Covington (1 month ago)
That's a 155mm cannon not a 120mm tank. 155mm shells weigh approximately 100 pounds each.
ca 3dp (1 month ago)
23% down-votes. Who the f*ck votes this down??? This is like voting down 2+2=4, just shows you how confused people nowadays have actually become. Somehow we ended up in a world where everything common-sense is being done with, let me tell you people, at some point we will have to pay DEARLY for this folly because as it turns out the universe doesn't turn off logic, even when A LOT OF you people do...
rockpile (1 month ago)
Who watches TV anymore? It's a dying "art" form.
Liam Cahill (1 month ago)
rockpile Doctor Who was the only reason I watched TV...I guess I'll be getting rid of my TV, then 😅
Etana Edelman (1 month ago)
I'm just wondering, how long have you been watching this show? Because this show's been "SJW" since at least the 70s. In the Third Doctor era every other story had a left wing message and one of the writers was a communist. And Sarah Jane was explicitly introduced as a feminist. There was an episode where eating meat was compared to cannibalism and ended with the Sixth Doctor deciding to become a vegetarian. And the Seventh Doctor era was constantly hammering in the message that racism was bad and based one of their villains off Margaret Thatcher.
Etana Edelman (14 days ago)
I don't have a problem with people being on the fence about having a female Doctor if that's what you're referring to. It's just all those people who refuse to even give it a chance.
Liam Cahill (14 days ago)
Etana Edelman True, some more than others though. I guess, social media being so prevalent and such a huge division between left and right hasn't helped it either. Whether its far left nutjobs calling people who dont like it or are on the fence about it, "sexist and misogynistic" or the far right with calling the lefties SJWs and stuff...Idk, the whole thing is a mess
Etana Edelman (14 days ago)
I get that it's a matter of personal opinion, but either way the series has always been pretty preachy.
Liam Cahill (14 days ago)
Etana Edelman Eh...
Etana Edelman (14 days ago)
So were a lot of the episodes in series 10.
King Billy (1 month ago)
Thankfully Sweden proves that women Fuck everything up when in power and the Muslims will destroy their feminist utopia
Persona Con Wifi (1 month ago)
Feminism is not equal to misandry. You're welcome.
Non White-Knight (1 month ago)
Persona Con Wifi the MRA is not equal to misogyny. You're welcome.
Chelnah the Egghead (1 month ago)
Another problem I have with the Doctor being female is that it is completely out of character for him as he has been established as a man, for over 50 years, and when he regenerated into the 11th, he was genuinely afraid that he turned into a girl. It’s just really annoying how terrible good shows have gotten.
Neva Herdamee (1 month ago)
It's almost like they don't want diversity, but instead they want supremacy.
Karatekasgr (1 month ago)
Everything started by the lesbian movements in the second wave of feminism. If you just read about them you will see everything there and with clear goal to destroy men. Google about Political lesbianism, lesbian feminism, radical feminism, radical lesbians and lesbian seperatism. Also i post this as an example At this time, many heterosexual feminists expressed discomfort over having sex re-injected into their feminist world, a world they believed to be outside of the androcentric relationships of sexuality. Echols argues that “...the introduction of sex troubled many heterosexual feminists who had found in the women’s movement a welcome respite from sexuality.” Perhaps in response to heterosexual discomfort, lesbian feminists distanced themselves from the sexual aspect of lesbianism and assured feminists that lesbianism involved “sensuality” not sexuality. Thus, Radicalesbians had to persuade feminists that lesbianism was not simply a bedroom issue, and that lesbians were not “male-identified ‘bogeywomen’ out to sexually exploit women” (Echols, 216). In essence, lesbian feminists tried to untie lesbianism from sex so heterosexual feminists were more comfortable. But they still had to find an effective way to address the accusation that their masculinity was somehow complicit with men and patriarchy. Lesbian feminists responded by distancing themselves from stereotypes of “masculine roles,” maleness, and patriarchy. One way they were able to do so was by disentangling lesbian sexuality from heterosexuality and re-conceptualizing heterosexual sex as consorting with “the enemy”. They capitalized on dominant assumptions regarding female sexuality, including ideas of women’s romantic and nurturing sexuality versus men’s aggressive sexuality. They were then able to draw a distinction between lesbian sex and heterosexual sex, claiming that lesbian sex was “pure as snow” since it did not involve men. For example, “…the male seeks to conquer through sex while the female seeks to communicate” and “…lesbians are obsessed with love and fidelity” (Echols, 218). http://outhistory.org/exhibits/show/lesbians-20th-century/lesbian-feminism
Cammie Ward (1 month ago)
This video gives me faith in humanity in two ways. 1) The video makes sense and explains the problems in todays society. 2) I have not yet seen a feminist comment hating on this video because of the justified criticism. Thank god.
Alfadex Books (1 month ago)
I used to love Dr Who, now can hardly stand to watch it since it went full SJW. The following blog explains why - DR WHO AS PROPAGANDA http://vortexwinder.com/956/dr-propaganda/
Seamus O'Neill (1 month ago)
Ah well... it was a nice, fun sci-fi show we had, once.
Repulse theMonkey (1 month ago)
Dr. Who has always included strong female characters, and espoused values that the majority can agree with. Messing with that for SJW reasons has killed the show dead.
Dania Hernandez (1 month ago)
A leader doesn't have to necessarily be physically strong. I do agree that there is feminist propaganda. I also agree that white men are being targeted and it has become a normal thing to do, which I dislike.
Liam Cahill (1 month ago)
Dania Hernandez we need more women like you 😅
Chere Bear (1 month ago)
I don't mind a female doctor. I do mind when they add a female character because woman complain about it. I am female before anyone makes a wrong comment. we as woman are portrayed as whiny things who complain and whine until they get their way. Which is exactly what woman are doing. its one thing to add a strong woman character or make a show revolving around one. its another to demand a male character be made a woman and calling it sexist if they don't. all your doing is strong arming people into doing your biding. I am excited to see how jodie does. but completely disappointed to see that is seems it was more forced into the concept then thought up as purely a cool story change.
The Doctor (2 months ago)
So basically you have to be a white male to be normal and im black
Vincent TheIceWarrior (2 months ago)
I'm a woman, and I feel that women deserve some respect. But being cruel to men is just wrong. Feminists criticize men of the old days for putting women down and making them feel second-rate; how is this any different? "Are you thinking? Stop it!" That's just so wrong on so many levels. Like you said, many of the great thinkers of the past were men, and I take inspiration from many historical male figures. And I agree with you on how people need to be physically and emotionally strong in the military. Male or female soldiers - it doesn't matter as long as they can defend the country efficiently.
Richard East (2 months ago)
Don't watch it then! It's a British show for British people. Can't you give the moaning and victimhood a rest? SJW this, feminist that... Unlike America, we don't let Rupert Murdoch run a station that is allowed to call right wing invective 'news'. I wonder if we'll ever see a Dave Cullen show where he critiques the aged, fat, white male, blowhard anchormen and their mini-skirted big haired bimbo colleagues shouting down everyone who disagrees with them. Won't hold my breath for that one!
Geoff Carse (2 months ago)
When Doctor Who's nemesis, The Master, became The Mistress, one of the first words out of her mouth was "I've been upgraded." And that's third-wave radical feminism in a nutshell. And though I am looking forward to the first female doctor, the first snide remark and that will be it for me, no more Doctor Who. Fingers crossed.
Banana Mustard (2 months ago)
Feminism = Equality between the genders Misogyny = Sexism against women Misandry = The opposite of misogyny In other words, those who attack men for being male cannot call themselves feminists nor can they be politically correct, and man can be feminist
Snow McSnow (2 months ago)
...and that's why I don't care at this point if Dr. Who is buried forever. Great breakdown.
juan esmit (2 months ago)
I'm just going to watch the previous incarnations, this gynocentric move is'nt going to receive my money and neither my time. Ad Astra.
Mark Mayfield (2 months ago)
At least Sarah Jane and Tegan didn't overwhelm the show when they openly proclaimed their feminism. They proved that they could hold their own in situations and not have to belittle men in the process. Romana didn't have to proclaim anything. She just showed the Doctor up with her higher knowledge without resorting to feminism. This new DW is just garbage.
Dick Ass (2 months ago)
All of this is so heartbreaking... These fucking SJW communist shit heads want to destroy everything and force us to live under their rules. Wtf is wrong with people.
Yesica1993 (2 months ago)
This was fantastic, thank you!
Yesica1993 (2 months ago)
Wow, I didn't realize this PC stuff was so explicit and deliberate! As to DW, I was a New Who convert. Being American, I'd vaguely heard of it, but had no idea it had been on so long or that it was such a big part of British pop culture. I quickly fell in love with it. This is an old video, but the PC stuff has been nonstop and worse since then. I am so tired of it. I have ZERO interest in a female Doctor - not really because she's female, but because it's obvious they did this to pander to the PC crowd. And wow, some of the things pointed out here, I didn't even realize!
Lael Destan (2 months ago)
Dontcha love how black and disabled are last on their list?
susan olson (2 months ago)
I don't think the Doctor will survive.
ZipotheThird (2 months ago)
"Back to normal am I?" Meaning being male is not normal: Wrong the General's regenerations are usually female as followed up by the second line "Only time I've been male." out of her 13 lives the majorty of them have been female, for her being female is normal. This was a really weak argument tbh.
xam wuz here (2 months ago)
If the doctor had been a women all along I wouldn’t like the transition to a man, and now the doctor is a women and he was always a man I dislike, the doctor was never meant to be the same once regeneration YET the one thing that kept it all the doctors together was being a HE, this is a bit too attached for my liking along with having a terrible new writer SMH FML
Foebane72 (2 months ago)
I think the ultimate goal of SJWs and Feminazis is either: The Two Ronnies' THE WORM THAT TURNED (look it up) or Star Trek TNG's ANGEL ONE. Either way, an extremely dark day for MEN.
Flashera (2 months ago)
Shut. Up. You basically sound like a cuck who thinks everything is politicized. Stop. Use your brain.
Flashera (1 month ago)
Kajia Fuhrer Wow, how long did it take for you to come up with that? Teach me your ways, sweet pea.
Terry Äffchen (2 months ago)
Who hurt you Dave Dullen, who hurt you?
TheJohno95 (2 months ago)
Look, I agree with a lot of your ideas and I think that the SJW thing is getting out of hand. I'll try to keep it succinct, but I feel that social justice has moved from "equality for everyone" to "now let's punish white males for years of inequality." A lot of media is just going with putting white men down because they feel it's alright because of what was done with women and minority groups in the past. They don't realize it's just doing the same thing. There have been episodes of several sci-fi shows that show this very thing, but....They're not getting it. That being said: I have no problem with women in the military. In fact, I know several female soldiers that I would much rather have my back than the males. It's not all about body strength and who's checking out the female soldiers. In my experience, that surprisingly doesn't seem to be a problem. And some of the females I know may not be able to beat you in a deadlift (although they probably could). But as far as a fight or using their smarts to make up for any physical inferiority, they'll beat you every time.My point is: SJW's are going from equality to attack the other side. Be the one that doesn't do the same thing they are. You don't have to denigrate them to argue against that philosophy. We don't have to be children on a playground shouting: "You stink." "No, you stink"
Dean Kuyser (2 months ago)
My my, the confirmation bias in this video is unreal. I see you like conflating averages with populations. Fair enough, when doing so supports your point. To be fair, you did *briefly* mention how the woman could be more physically capable than the average man, but you quickly dismiss it by saying that the men in the squad are also going to be more physically capable than the average man, and then stop there as if that's not a vague mess of a statement. (here's how your logic seems to go: a>x, b>x. Therefore, a>b because b is a woman. Pretty sure there's a word for that... what was it... Oh, yeah. Sexism.) You said yourself that the squad leader didn't have to be the single most capable fighter, just that they had to be among the best, which you have done nothing to prove more than that it's unlikely for a woman to be among the best. The only test of physical ability you specifically brought up was her being able to carry a fallen squad member out of battle, which you said she would be unable to do because she is a woman. At least later on you actually provide evidence for your points, even if that evidence is a gross misuse of statistics. I also find it ironic that one of your main arguments in this segment is that the squad members won't take her seriously under the assumption that they're as sexist as you are. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I heard *** say "how *did* you cope with all that ego" which, coupled with the last line, implies that despite having spent a lifetime as a man, she was unable to control her own ego, and she was jokingly questioning how her subordinates managed to put up with it. I'll admit, the line was poorly enunciated and could have been heard either way, but I think that interpretation makes more sense, instead of assuming it was some insulting sexist jab at men. Your final argument has some ground to it though, I'll give you that much. Unfortunately, that ground is made up of your other arguments, and the assumption that the BBC is filling everything with feminist propaganda. One character's sexist remark only reflects that character, no the views of the corporation that owns that character, or even the people involved in making that character. If your other arguments had some ground, then this would have made a decent cherry on top, but by itself the cherry is revealed to be made of cheap plastic.
Alberto (2 months ago)
You really must have a small dick.
whitenerdymoonwalker (2 months ago)
Jesus Christ and they say liberals are sensitive
E Santiago (2 months ago)
Holy shit! the amount of straight white male tears on this video (and comments section) give me LIFE!
Bryan Elliott (2 months ago)
"It hasn't been immune from the progressive, liberal and feminist biases" I'm curious, could you identify a wholly isolated example of each of progressive, liberal, and feminist ideas? For example, a progressive statement that is neither liberal nor feminist? I ask because I know that "progressive", "feminist", and "liberal" have concrete, easily separable definitions - and because I've noticed that anti-progressive, anti-feminist and anti-liberal commentators often don't usually have a good handle on what these terms mean. Sometimes, they even have crazy ideas about what they mean. For example, one person told me "progressive" and "eugenics" were the same thing - something that _does_ has a kernel in reality, but is not even close to true (that is, progressives of the early 20th century thought that "positive" eugenics - encouraging the reproduction of "better" genes - was a good tool for positive change. This idea was abandoned in progressive circles as decidedly racist). So, to examples. "Liberal" is easy; it means "open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values". A "liberal" idea would be something like, "This character, when killed, can regenerate into a new body, retaining all their memories." It's just a new, non-traditional idea, or, at least, it certainly was in 1964, when it was introduced. So was much of what Doctor Who introduced, like fighting an armed conflict with cleverness instead of weapons. Liberal ideas are kinda what we look for in sci-fi in general: new ideas that make us really reconsider traditional ideas. "Feminist" is also easy; "relating to or supporting the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes." A feminist idea would be something like, "there can be female time lords in all the same positions within gallifreyan hierarchy available to male time lords." For example, Lady President Romana. "Progressive" is a bit more complicated. The simple definition is "support for or advocacy of social reform", but has its origins in the philosophical "idea of Progress", which is the idea that advances in technology, science, and social organization can produce an improvement in the human (or, perhaps, sentient) condition. A progressive idea would be, "It's a good idea to travel the universe and prevent wars, save civilizations, and generally use science and kindness to improve the universe" The arguments of politics tend to muddy these things, but I'd like to think most - if not all - thinking people agree that these things - at least in definition - are desirable. We can disagree on the implementation (and you clearly think that regenerating the Doctor to a woman is a bit much), but let's not allow our opinion of what are, at essence, implementation details to damage good, useful ideas. And, on the subject of feminism and misandry: if you believe in gender equality and disagree with how the feminist movement messages, _you should be making your voice heard as a feminist_. Don't _fight_ misdirected movements that are nonetheless for good things. _Become_ them and help steer them where they should go.
Matt Summers (2 months ago)
Fuck me, I don't think the writers were thinking of your frail sensibilities when writing the show. Get over it.
MrVercettti89 (2 months ago)
I'm no SJW But This , this is bullshit. Well train women would be the same
Gino Montalbano (2 months ago)
Thanks! I stop watching Dr. Who because of the dummies who sacrificed the intellectual development of the audiences for the mediocre welfare of the general population. It's like going to a steak house, and suddenly you're being served Spam from a can. The restaurant no longer serve steak, because it wouldn't seem appropriate because normal people eat Spam. Everything is made cheaper to get more consumers to buy the product.
Joseph Flower (2 months ago)
I'm impressed, this is perhaps the gimpiest attempt at misogyny I've seen yet.
sailorx72 (2 months ago)
I think Doctor Who being pro liberal and feminist is fantastic. Why would the show runners want to be primitive conservatives.
CreativityAlliance (2 months ago)
The Seventh Doctor had a diminutive Black Female Brigadier. It was odd in 1980 whenever. My guess is that women hug aliens while men kill aliens - and Black Women hug more readily because they are used to feeling the freak. And if the aliens do not look like White People, then the Black Feminist in charge can look good either way: Hug the aliens, or kill the aliens. It all works in a Feminist, Black World, where the end objective is just to screw over Whitey.
Xander Bykowy (2 months ago)
God this man is full of shit.
Osaka (2 months ago)
Doctor Who's audience is primarily female. Any entertainment is expected to entertain its audience. Personally I don't care for Doctor Who because the writing is shit regardless of whatever else is going on.
robert ball (2 months ago)
I guess I don't care if the characters are gay or women or whatever as long as the stories are good. Sadly they have not been good. It has gone from essential viewing to if there is nothing else on viewing.
CPTANT (2 months ago)
The majority of this video is you being pissed that a science fiction show of an alien traveling through time in a phone booth depicts woman in a fictional combat role. Seriously grow the fuck up.
Actually Not Hayden (2 months ago)
Have you considered maybe growing up
CPTANT (2 months ago)
How DARE scifi shows depict woman in combat roles! /s
Ra Senché (2 months ago)
i get the problems.. but why is something like that liberal?
prestigemadness (2 months ago)
by no way am I a SJW, I'm pretty central and have my fair share of right wing views, but these points are pretty garbage, woman can be in charge of military platoons, just because she's not strong doesn't mean she couldn't lead. small remarks about men aren't gonna end the world, its a joke it's obviously bant. You just sound as bad as the sjw snowflakes.
Danny Boyy (2 months ago)
3:10 you clearly don't know how the army works... High ranks don't have to be strong physically. 'I can't BELIEVE' we have to have this discussion due to your ignorance. Leaders are chosen due to their strategic skills normally, yes some physicality does come into it BUT would you rather have some muscle bound wanker as your leader because he's a man, or a slightly less strong (but still able to hold her own) Female, who is better at strategy and movement of ground forces. I would also like to pointy out that men 'not taking a woman seriously because she's a woman' is absolute bollocks, in a very male dominated world like the army. a strong female leader has UNBELIEVABLE power, men are categorically intimidated of women in many circumstances, its basic human nature. Any man who says he has NEVER been intimidated by a woman is downright lying. the fact that she would be unusual in the army makes her all the more powerful. SO, in conclusion. It's not 'liberal propaganda' It's REALISM, and its about time the mainstream media got a bit of that, and you pricks got your head out of your arses and payed attention to the real world (because COD isn't how the army works sunshine).
Jack251190 (2 months ago)
Reality doesn't exist when you have an agenda to push.
Stella Wedenberg (2 months ago)
I honestly thought this entire video was a joke, until I read the comments from all the adult virgins who can't stand it when people who aren't straight white men are portrayed in the media. 😂😂 (Just imagine a world where queer woc are the only people represented in tv and film, and then imagine how great it would feel when someone who looked like you suddenly showed up and saved the day. That's what it's like for us. So let us have this.)
M (2 months ago)
I think when you use the line "angry, man-hating, feminist bile," your point for the rest of the video ends up being silly because all you're really getting at is "this isn't a show made for ME anymore, but for the feminists!" I wish you had taken the time to edit some of your language in favor of a more unbiased tone, because I agree that there's something wrong with the tone of current Doctor Who, but I disagree with the source of the problem. For me, it seems as though the problem is that the BBC is seeking diversity by forcing "white, cisgendered men" to write about something they don't care about instead of hiring writers who could handle these topics in a more natural, humane way. For example, if instead of forcing Moffat to write a lesbian into the show, why not look for a gay writer to at least collaborate with him? That would promote real storylines for gay audiences instead of the "bile" Moffat eventually wrote, where he had Bill Potts outright say she was a lesbian in almost every episode. Point being: I feel like you're noticing the problem--which is how fourth-wall breaking and bad these new stories are toward their "feminist" audience-- but you're blaming feminism and "misandry" instead of just blaming piss poor writing and inexperience on the part of a known sexist writer.
I'd love to meet the women who hurt you boy :D
ampeyro (2 months ago)
2:00 In a decade or two we will look back at the era of SJWs and laugh as much as we nowadays laugh at the 80's.
YellowFoxGames (2 months ago)
A big fat like because I love you, Good work
d floresss (2 months ago)
I didn't even notice that UNIT was a majority women. Who tf cares
Crylo_Ren (2 months ago)
i mean agree with you on the bit about diversity quotas but a lot of your points kinda lack nuance tbh
shane watson (2 months ago)
Thanking you for voicing my thoughts on this!
Mitchell Bizjak (2 months ago)
This video is stupid
Ciaran Cairns (2 months ago)
I think you need to try harder to make sure you aren't searching for things to support points you want to make rather than making points based on the things you observe. A staggering amount of what you say in this video is based on next to no evidence and you make leaps an olympic long jump gold medalist could only dream of. Got to keep ur own bias in check if ur about to rage against the BBC for being bias themselves. I hope to see improvements in future content :)
Christian Indelicato (2 months ago)
Agreed with everything except when you called The Husbands of River Song abysmal. :'( River Song is my waifu.
Colin McGreevy (2 months ago)
I love this show, and still will long after it rots, and I can't stand seeing it dying like this.
Cloth Cat (2 months ago)
I'm one of those unusual women who are really strong (btw makes finding clothing that fits right impossible) we do exist but we are rare enough I can't get a shirt that fits. When I was younger I would fight you on the gender strength issue but as a grown up I know it's unusual. Don't get me wrong I'm a feminist, though more 2nd wave than this latest kind. I think these kinds of feminist misandry just cause more problems, the next step in equality is raising men up so that women are less risky to employers in my feminist/equalist whatever, opinion, and hiring people on ability without looking at their profile. totally and utterly agree with you
The_Howler (2 months ago)
Where is your video if female stereotypes portrayed in the media? Could you link me to that please?
daniel najera (2 months ago)
The male doctor puts down his companions all the time, calls them dumb and stupid.....and then they put him n his place.
InTheStars (2 months ago)
Honestly. I’m a male, and I never noticed any of these things. Especially UNIT, it’s only just hit me that there’s so many women in comparison to 70s UNIT. I just think you’re looking for something that has absolutely no effect on anyone apart from those like you, those looking for ‘misandry’ therefore any effect it should have is void.
InTheStars (2 months ago)
Also, why does the BBC get all the criticism? Blame Moffat. Oh wait, he’s a man, so you wouldn’t blame him.🙃
Compassionate Curmudgeon (2 months ago)
Oh good, I was wondering who's channel I was gonna stop watching today
One True Vikingbard (2 months ago)
Took the words out of my mouth. I must have repressed that line from “Hell Bent”, it being so lame
Anthony Marsdon (2 months ago)
The bias that people adopt when they spend too much time in an echo chamber is so often absurd. I know this is an old video but I have to say my piece. Doctor who has a lot of feminist propaganda but so much of this was not a big deal. Sure, Clara says that testosterone is a nightmare. Well she goes around with the doctor settling wars so she's going to come to that conclusion. Was it sexist when she was too superficial to trust the Doctor after he regenerated? How was the Time Lord who regenerated saying that being a man was abnormal? The general clarifies that they had never been a man before. Have they really spent a lifetime as a man? We don't know how long it's been. They did spend several as a woman and we know that different versions of the Doctor clash because they change when they regenerate. Is it really ANY opportunity? When you found 3 clips to fill 10 minutes. It is absurd how sensitive you are to this nonsense. A lot of women in Doctor Who mess up because they get too emotional and you don't blink but a couple of female scientists and soldiers has you in a rage because it's propaganda.
Disco Tex (2 months ago)
Well said. These are facts. This is wrong. I love this show. They could have cast a female and no one would have cared, it is the male bashing that has turned this show into something no longer appropriate for children of at all of interest to me. I will never pay for their BBC service, I will not buy the DVDs and since the show is no longer on Netflix I have a hard enough time getting people of all cultures to LOVE this show anyway, I'll stop. Goodbye. I will still ALL of the BBC shows though. :D Thanks to the internet
Trophonix (2 months ago)
Most of your argument can be boiled down to "you make fun of men too much make fun of women the same amount!!!" you're suggesting literal JOKE QUOTAS.
harnois75 (2 months ago)
I've stopped watching the BBC output altogether, and I feel that this is the reason. Preachy patronising god-awful scriptwriting and biased news reporting that's constantly pushing this agenda.

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