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Linkin Park singer's wife reflects on day he died

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Talinda Bennington talks about losing her husband, Chester Bennington, to suicide during CNN's special report "Finding Hope: Battling America's Suicide Crisis." If you or someone you know needs help, call the national suicide hotline: 1-800-273-TALK.
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Chris S (5 hours ago)
Why are 3 women talking about suicide when 90% of suicides are men?
andre sena (7 hours ago)
I hate depression it took our Chester! Mental health should be taken seriously but most people don't do it
RotN H8slies (13 hours ago)
your title for this video is about a CNN CNT!!! ... THE SINGER'S NAME IS CHESTER BENNINGTON !!! LOSERS!!!!
RotN H8slies (13 hours ago)
you deleted a comment I left here!! CENSORSHIP much?!
RotN H8slies (13 hours ago)
You're committing a crime.... CENSORSHIP!
JaxZion Justice Deak (15 hours ago)
This is really important. Thank you.
criminallyvulgar (17 hours ago)
Damn I have all those warning signs..
Little Swiftie (21 hours ago)
You can clearly see the signs of depression and suicidal thoughts in their songs and for me their last album have the heaviest lyrics 😭 #RIPChester 1st Death anniversary 😢 #MyHero
Lachlan O'Neil (21 hours ago)
Don't even use his name in the title for more views wow.
So Cal (1 day ago)
He was telling the world his depression through his lyrics and interviews but everyone brushed it off
silence unquiet (1 day ago)
I like Chester but fuck CNN
Trevor Goodchild (1 day ago)
He was arkancided by the Cabal, getting to deep in investigating child trafficking world wide. His mother was friends with Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and if you look at side by side photos of Podesta and Chester they look exactly alike other than age. I’m willing to bet Podesta was his biological father from an affair. Can’t prove this only speculation. Plus such an odd name Chester. Sounds like Podesta would have had an input on the naming of the child and coming from a Pedophile like Podesta. The truth will come out soon. Do A side by side of Angela Merkle and Hitler as well. Also Rod Rosenstein and Heinrich Himmler... looks are uncanny... all sounds crazy but hey life itself is straight up insane
Angela Partin (1 day ago)
yes so true.. You have to always try and not let yourself start to think the bad thoughts.
Sandy Navarro (1 day ago)
Chester should not be the face of depression he should be recognized for his music!!!! He was more, his music was magic, it was hope...
Useless Shoe (1 day ago)
Chester Bennington was a talented artist, and he has been my favorite singer since I was 6. He's always been my personal role model and an inspiration to me. I'll always be grateful that he held on for as long as he did and shared his art with the world, because it's his music that has helped me with my own mental problems and I know that many other fans will relate. May he rest in peace.
519jenkevin (1 day ago)
Depression is Fucking terrible. I still have the 30.06 round that I wanted to use to kill my self. I also think it had something to do with his previous drug problem. U can get brought back to that place by something so small and minute. If u don’t use your support group bad shit happens
Shyanne Sena (1 day ago)
that's cuz he was murdered
Guess Who (1 day ago)
The next life has a huge star filled line up of Rock and rolls most famous legends . From Janis jopplin and Jimmie H.
Guess Who (1 day ago)
To many many more by suicide
Ron Sav (2 days ago)
the day chester passed i went and got a tattoo on my neck saying somewhere i belong with the lp symbol next to it. i love you chester. rest easy.
Rocker Chick (2 days ago)
July 20th Was Chris Cornell's Birthday. Anniversary of the Death of Chester Bennington
engitect (2 days ago)
1 year of mourning today.. I remembered being shattered on 21st July, 2017 when I heard Chester died
xgamer 2004 (2 days ago)
i think his cry for help was in his music
HarveyNuna (2 days ago)
The one thing I can comment on (being someone that has battled depression for a long time) is the point that Talinda makes saying Chester was not showing any signs of depression and seemed happy right before he ended things. From my own personal battle (which is ongoing) is the one time I was losing and had decided and planned my exit strategy was the time I was probably the happiest as I had decided to finish up opposed to battling the thoughts of doing it. For weeks people around me had noticed and commented on how I seemed happier and was more of a pleasure to be around, unknowing I had finalised my decision to end my life and given up the battle inside my head. The only reason I am still here today is one because of those comments and the realisation on how much people cared about me and secondly as stupid as it sounds the last season of Breaking Bad was airing and I didn't want to finish up my life before seeing Jessie & Walt's outcome as I was so invested in the show due to how good the show was. So anytime in my life I am down I just reference that point in my head and use my IQ over my emotions that the "demons" in my head are like the weather, you have your extremely good days and you have your extremely bad days and everything in between, but just cause is the world might be pissing on you one day doesn't mean that the next day, week or month isn't going to contain sunshine. Feels weird sharing this but if it helps 1 person who might read it then it's been worth typing it out :)
supererik man (2 days ago)
it strikes those when we least expect it. Chester had everything, he had a successful career, a beautiful wife , and a beautiful family. You will be missed Chester.
Syed Imran (2 days ago)
damn talinda is hawt asf. i can never imagine suicide if i was smashing that piece of ass every night
Adriana Maria (2 days ago)
subtitulos en español por favorrrr!!!!!
Alina Rucai (2 days ago)
Talinda clearly has No manners always showing off her bare legs and hold them one over the other which is totally NOT lady like . she just wants to flaunt herself
Astrid Sullivan (2 days ago)
Damn, I've been avoiding this interview ever since it popped up on my recommended feed until today, July 20th. I'm crying as I watch this video. Fuck I'm falling back to how I felt last year. Chester's death really hit me and still hits me to this day and it will forever.....I wish this wasn't real.... RIP CHESTER 😭😰😥
RotN H8slies (2 days ago)
RotN H8slies (2 days ago)
Cnn, are my comments even visible? Funny, anything I write NEVER gets a thumb or a reply...i smell censorship
Humor Site (2 days ago)
55minutedrive.blogspot.com loves Chester and made memorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmnUJP02XFU
vaibhav (2 days ago)
LinkinPark singer's wife? Are u kidding me Cnn? He has a name Chester bennington!
Justin Truax (3 days ago)
RIP Chester. One year. One more light.
tina jay (3 days ago)
there sometimes are no warning signs. sometimes the happiest person, the person who goes out of their way to make others happy is the one who needs help most.
Patricia Chaffee (3 days ago)
God bless him , his wife and kids , I'll always remember him and his music🎼
Patricia Chaffee (3 days ago)
Wow, I really don't want to say anything,but damn, how can some of you turn something so terrible that happened to a good family into politics. I'm a 55 year old vet. ( I'm using my wife's address). I served from 85 to 93 , and Desert Storm/ shield, You liberal ,PC , generation need to smell the flowers or look at them💀
Olympia.WA (3 days ago)
I've had depression for 15 years. I tried to kill myself numerous times but fortunately I was unsuccessful. I tried to OD but as many drugs as I would take, it didn't work. Depression is intense and I don't know if someone who hasn't experienced it could relate. If anyone is in that place, call out for support, and consider taking medication for it. Some people don't have the correct chemical activity in their body. You may have to take a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Just watch out. They might not show signs of it, they may be able to cover it up. It's a scary mental disorder.
Nick (3 days ago)
"Were there warning signs?" Umm ya think? Listen to the majority of his lyrics. All warning signs
Lupe Fragoso (3 days ago)
I'm sure Chesters wife had something to do with his death.She probably told um to go kill himself or something.
DimaShirshkov1 (3 days ago)
I think it's already too late to try to find all these "hidden senses" in his songs. When I was a kid used to love Linkin Park so much because my older brother "helped" me to discover this band by buying their debut album Hybrid Theory (I was somewhere between 7 and 8-years-old at that times). Rest in peace, misunderstood legend of new wave of rock music :( See you on the other side!
D.J Moore (4 days ago)
I have so much respect for Talinda for all the good she is out trying to do. She is bringing awareness. I believe Chester is so proud of her. VK could learn alot from her about being a true activist. I think people bringing this out there is so important!!!
Shawna Fletcher (4 days ago)
I noticed that Alot of Chester Bennington's SONG'S Indicated that He Sadly did Suffer from ( Mental illnesse's ) IF YOU Look up the Lyrics to : "In The End" , "Numb" and "Breaking the Habits" , "Crawling" and several others You will Noitce The Pain He Endured I Felt Bad For Chester. I've got "Depression" , "Severe Anxiety" and "Severe Social Anxiety" I'm very shy at first and I hace Trust Issues when first Getting to know New People. I was Always an Outcast And I Struggled to Find and Make Friends and I Even struggled to Try and know HOW To Keep the Friendships Going, That is Still very Difficult for me do to and Many people Don't realize that. His Music Was Inspirational for Me and MANY OTHER PEOPLE Going through Different forms of many People Don't Relize That MENTAL ILLNESSES Are LIFE LONG and they Can Be Genetic and run in Families.
Shawna Fletcher (4 days ago)
I Know 1 Clear Sign of Suicide IS : "Giving away Ones Personal Belongings" to friends / Family members Like Giving Away Their "Entire BassBall card Collection" , "Comic books" , " Cherished Thing's / Items The Person once held Dear and HAD GREAT Value to the Person.
steve staminaXB1 (4 days ago)
I didn't know I had these signs before. like they said its very well cloaked you can be good one day and the next have everything hit you all at once the icing on the cake can be friends or family being real mean to you or random people. it hurts more now that Chester Bennington is not here because, I will never be able to see him in concert again. I read lot of the comments people believe he was murdered I thought the same thing he loved his fans and making music but the song and video scared me was, given up from minutes to midnight album. tomorrow will be a year of his death rip Chester I miss you
Pat Cisneros (4 days ago)
Its a feeling of emptiness an impulse despare an uncontrollable feeling its unshakable.. it has nothing to do with the people we love.. You will see them smile laugh going about their lives and be dying inside to die.
Jeremy Hilmo (4 days ago)
we are all going to the same place. i broke my neck and cant crap without assistance. go ahead able bodied peeps, change my mind about suicide.oh, you thought about it once!? well then, tell me all about what im feeling! the real selfish ones are ones that want you to keep suffering so they dont get sad.
Twisted Arc08 (4 days ago)
Fuck this piece of shit!! Killed himself same style n day as Chris. Coincidence? I think not!! And then to leave a loving wife...kids n millions of fans...fuck Chester! N fuck cornell!!
Victoria Whitney (5 days ago)
I literally lost it when I found out Chester passed away, I looked up to him (and still do) cause I have been battling depression ever since I was 14 years old and I still battle with it today (being 31 in september) But it's difficult to get help or let people in cause a lot of people think that I am doing this out of wanting attention, yes I cut till this day and yes I stay in my head now in days. Cause in my head I want to disappear or end it all, but here I am still here but I know that I won't beat this depression.
Gordon Campbell (5 days ago)
Nothing to do with Chester's mental state, he had everything to live for and valued every aspect of life. He was on the verge of exposing his Father and the rest of the Paedophile elites that were are still are at the centre of Pizza-Gate.
AustinPetDetective (6 days ago)
I have no sympathy for people who take their own life. It is the cheap and easy way out of your problems. Life should be cherished, respected, and held in the highest place no matter what the situation.
J. P.M. (6 days ago)
Amazing how Chester's wife says she never saw the severity of his thoughts even though he talked about it in multiples interviews. Some people are plain dumb
It’s still so saddening that Chester is gone, my heart definitely goes out to Talinda. Linkin Park is one of my favorite rock bands, they were apart of my teen years like others growing up. I good that he continues to Rest In Peace always along with Chris Cornel. Depression is hard, but there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel, if you can continue to hold on...✨🙏🏽✨
Lissa Love (6 days ago)
I have so much respect for Talinda, she has turned her tragedy & loss into helping others. Total respect! 💕❤️💕
Exhaling Vertigo (6 days ago)
Literally all of their songs were warning signs.
Prince Castro (6 days ago)
I hate CNN this lady clearly said she never had any intentions of killing herself but in classic CNN fashion on the bottom they said Kirsten Powers: Contemplated suicide
Spiukxy (7 days ago)
Tamara Kelli (7 days ago)
My heart still has an empty spot where Chester once was. His music got my through some terrible things. In The End and Numb got me through and even gave me strength when ending a 17 yr abusive marriage and building my son and myself back up after all the damage done. RIP Chester. My son and I will always love you.
Emmaaa Emmuuu (7 days ago)
Change the title, her name is Talinda Bennington. Yes Chester was in LP and yes Chester was married to Talinda but she is her own individual.
Dalas Kruger (7 days ago)
one of the signs of suicide is literally one which she said she 'knew' like...if someones battling a deep and dark depression and then suddenly feels okay like she said, thats a MASSIVE FUCKING WARNING SIGN...that literally just means they have found a way out, and they're happy because their time on earth is temporary.
The werewolf wolf (7 days ago)
My brother cry when that happened he love him
curiousgeorgieo (7 days ago)
Linkin park singer...
Tessa Johnson (7 days ago)
very heartbreaking .r.i.p 🙄💔💔💔💔
Arthur Vera (7 days ago)
Weak weak people. Sad to see someone throw away life, But the weak will always Parish while the Strong Survive.
Sharmila Rao (7 days ago)
"continuing method of self care"
KBowWow75 (8 days ago)
The thing people don't understand about suicidal thoughts is that it doesn't need any buildup once you've had them before in your life. You can be in a great spot in your life, see, hear, or come across something that triggers a memory and within an hour you can be going from living a normal day to seriously thinking you will not be able to get ris of those thoughta this time and decide to end it all on the spot.
Vilen Everett (8 days ago)
He has tried to kill himself before but she decided to learn about the symptoms just now?
kairo (8 days ago)
Talinda is so strong! I can´t believe it. She is so admirable...
amba jones (8 days ago)
I wrote a whole paragraph and then deleted it because as i wrote, they spoke. Please, just ask your loved one -your mum, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, associate, anyone who you know that may seem like they're going through a hard time... we're all only human, people
Kristian Binder (8 days ago)
Chester passed away 12 days after I was released from hospital for trying to take my own life, it hit me hard
amba jones (8 days ago)
If you ever need to chat dude, I'm here.
Chris Neilson (8 days ago)
Everyone accepting the narrative of suicide and not murder now?
Adrian The Best (9 days ago)
His wife seems fishy to me , i get the vibe that she really didn't care about him
Jose Luis Castaneda (9 days ago)
God help his wife and kinds
David M (9 days ago)
I was personally devistated the day I heard this. I loved this groups music and don't know what I could ever do or say that would begin to help those who don't feel like this is the answer to personal hardship other than to say reach out...
Jean-Paul Nederland (9 days ago)
Not going to deep into this. A year ago I wanted to sucide myself. But it still amazes me how people, famous people who have a beautiful wife, a amazing career. Surely don't lay in there beds thinking about things they still have to pay.. Commit suicide
William Jiang (10 days ago)
I have always loved the musicality of your husband's voice. It was manly, raw, and hypnotic. Now he is at rest. He is suffering no more. I wish he did not do what he did. What's more, I feel his death was completely avoidable with nutritional psychiatry. I had major depression for more than three years. After more than three years on a maximum dose of an antidepressant, I started having strong suicidal urges, more than 60 times per day, getting stronger and stronger. My MD would not raise the dose of antidepressant because I was at a high dose. I was in trouble. But luckily, I was researching a book about nutritional psychiatry at the time. I found techniques that not only lifted my depression, but made me happy, without drugs. This was more than 5 years ago now. I have not touched an antidepressant pill for more than 5 years and I have never felt better, and my cognitive function is even better. I have never been happier to be alive! My name is William Jiang, MLS, and I am the author of 69 book. I am getting a nutritional psychiatry practice started at http://www.getwellwithwill.com but you can see my author blog at http://www.mentalhealthbooks.net If I had relied on modern psychiatry, I would have died before Chester. I am very much alive. I wish anybody reading this comment much healing and happiness. Bless.
Merduh Yurass (10 days ago)
I dont trust her one bit. Not at all.
Guiding Angel (10 days ago)
i cant understand suicide or explain it or whats going on to other peoples mind. but it seems like death is a gift if we cannot take it anymore. i hope there is a much better place than what we have here in the world we live in. i hope chester is ok wherever he is now. he deserves better than this shitty world.
Holly Reyes (10 days ago)
Jessie Vapez (10 days ago)
Talinda was so brave to go on TV about this x
_bella21 (10 days ago)
lmao they couldn’t’ve just said her name? talinda ann bentley.
Joshua Calosso (10 days ago)
I love Chester bennington but his wife seems stupid and clueless about what her husband was going through the entire time she was with him
Alexandra Kanobel (10 days ago)
What a lovely old Couple!
Alexandra Kanobel (10 days ago)
What a sweet MAN He was! (2018.).
Kerry Francum (10 days ago)
Fake news. Suicide news Stormy Daniels news. Homosexuality you couldn't pay me to watch CNN again this is the last time I ever watch this weird news organization
Gokua Son (10 days ago)
she's ugly as fuck, i wold kill myself as well.. gg chester
Dallas Phelps (10 days ago)
I Mean i bipolar hdhd and there's some days I feel like killing myself but then I just I don't do it and it sucks bad really bad
Lisa Lentile (10 days ago)
I lost my mom to suicide you never heal I cry for her everday
Lisa Lentile (10 days ago)
OMG I didn't know he died RIP you were loved Chester
Valentin Islas (10 days ago)
Oh shit he died? :o
M. Hound (11 days ago)
yur not alone reach and touch me right through the rabbit hole t.v. screen coop! yur an ass anderson. mike from montreal says so! while yur in an earth quake playing mr hero fame whore! yur a fraud bitch!
Lu Stonem (11 days ago)
Estaría bueno que tradujeran esto
Um he went home because they were going to shoot pictures for the album not a commercial. She always messes up!! Talinda you are full of shit
Sandeel Sajjad (11 days ago)
i find it funny how people who want to die are forced into living the life and the ones who actually want to live are forced to death (what is this place!)
Randy T (11 days ago)
Sad but also pretty selfish. I have severe depression also but even I know suicide isnt the answer. Chester had 6 kids...6...to just up and leave them, that's pretty selfish. Now his pain will get passed down to them, 6 souls going through life having to wonder deep down if he ever loved them. He didnt break the cycle of his past by killing himself, he passed it onto his kids. And to leave his wife to wonder how to raise 6 kids on her own and have to figure out how to make ends meet now that the money wont be coming in like it use to, yes I know she will still get lp revenue but not much and not for much longer. Mental illness is a problem, but at the level he was at in life, he should have been stronger. Sad yes, but also very selfish. I grew up on linkin parks music, and now it all seems meaningless if in the end (no pun intended) it really didnt matter cuz you offed yourself anyway. Rip chester, hopefully your 6 kids forgive you one day.
Darren Mark Horton (11 days ago)
Darren Mark Horton (11 days ago)
Darren Mark Horton (11 days ago)
Darren Mark Horton (11 days ago)
Darren Mark Horton (11 days ago)
Darren Mark Horton (11 days ago)
Eric Gamble (11 days ago)
what irradiates me is the radio plays non stop music that's pointless but chester's music had meaning, had emotion. but instead of hearing songs like in the end, numb or one i've found recently is 5fdp coming down. but biebers taco burrito song keeps playing, god it was funny as hell how he screwed up his own song.
Mariah vids (12 days ago)
I really miss Chester 😪
0:51 "i think when someone well known dies by *getting suicided* "
Lone2011Wolf (12 days ago)
As soon as I saw CNN and Anderson Cooper I hit the dislike button. Sorry, natural reaction.
Mike Knife (12 days ago)
Psychiatry killed him

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