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See disturbing new evidence in Kendrick Johnson's death

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Disturbing new evidence casts a new light on the death of high school student Kendrick Johnson. Victor Blackwell reports.
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Dominic nunez (4 days ago)
Cops or someone who is close with the law enforcement did this and no one will find out the real story
KingJazzaD12 (5 days ago)
As tragic as this was -- I can after reading and viewing everything about this case and with first hand experience say that without a doubt this was a tragic ACCIDENT. There but for the grace of God, go I. Once in gym class we were goofing off waiting on our teacher to return from an office call and we decided to scare our teacher by hiding out of sight anywhere we could in the gym and watch the shock on her face when she entered to find what looked like an empty gym -- then we'd all come out after she left to look for us and pretend like we'd always been there and she was going nuts, an act ala "Virginia Woofe". Several hide under bleachers, some in the janitor closet and me...I jumped head first into a rolled up exercise mat that turned out to be wayyyy deeper then I'd expected. I landed with my hands straight out in front of me holding my body up (otherwise I would have crumbled up onto my neck and shoulders) I somehow knew as a gymnastic not to try to twist or turn around or panic so I simply control my breathing and maintained my position. My only saving grace was that I was not alone when I dived into the mat and that my friends knew I had to be stuck once I didn't exit with the rest of them. They summoned the teacher right away and she came running and pulled me out feet first, thus saving me. So as sad and horrible as his death pictures are -- these accidents do happen but they are simply just that an accident. The only thing I can find disconcerting and shocking is how his parents acted and how they have tried to railroad innocent people. I'm sorry they are hurting and have lost a child but that's no excuse to try to cause others pain needlessly.
Landfall's Very Own (5 days ago)
and get this, they have sued his family for Thousands of dollars they dont have just because they wont let i go.
Michael Bowman (4 days ago)
The *UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT of JUSTICE* under the supervision of Eric Holder and _then_ Loretta Lynch, who were hired by Barack Obama, _disagrees_ with that assertion. Hahahahaha!!!
Landfall's Very Own (5 days ago)
Anyone who can't see this was a cover up is a dumb ass. Period.
Michael Bowman (5 days ago)
And, get _this,_ these _wretched_ parents have been ordered by the court to PAY the people that they _falsely_ accused of being involved in this PREPOSTEROUS "conspiracy, THREE HUNDRED _THOUSAND_ DOLLARS. Hahahahaha!!!
That sheriff is a fat bag of dicks.. he should lose his job. Douche bag
muche (8 days ago)
ok so is it weird that kenneka Jenkins and Kendrick Johnson share similarities in names and death investigations ...everything was swept under the rug
Garfield Williams (8 days ago)
I just wanna know who's covering it up , Gangs ? FBI? Or a very rich man needed some new organs
Pablows Esjobar (9 days ago)
I think kids killed him, then covered it up
Tyra Burnett (10 days ago)
the rumor was it was a son of someone who worked for the sheriff department that did it, and they covered it up, instead of giving him consequences.
JDx Scorpion (10 days ago)
Smh this is old but this made me so mad somany details and logic was missing it was no way he could bleed out if he was stuck never thought people can be so dumb how did newspaper get in his body if he just got stuck? How was there blood? How did he reach for his shoes when it was at his feet? God bless him
FELIX Rodriguez (16 days ago)
Inbred hick sheriff
Tracy Knowles (18 days ago)
Andmake itchy just so stupid cases so stupid
Tracy Knowles (18 days ago)
Really think you have to be because how you going to slide in the mat and the mat like I typed the mat is the type the mat is real tight
Tracy Knowles (18 days ago)
Whatever his name he put up a fight that's somebody else blood so therefore they should check his fingernails everything yeah that's a sloppy job Justice for this young man
Jigpikchu (23 days ago)
so sad. poor kid, RIP
Ramone DeCurta (24 days ago)
Cops murdered this kid.
James McGowan (25 days ago)
Good hearts know
Pamela Hay (25 days ago)
It’s a Cover up I smell a 🐀
Juan Hernandez (26 days ago)
Sad that these killers walk our streets.
Amanda P (26 days ago)
This is why I don't live in the South. This is literally the plot of every crime movie. Old, white sheriff covers up the crime, or the whole department is just incompetent.
J Rock (26 days ago)
How do they get away with this shit.
the EQUATION (26 days ago)
shit like this is why i have never liked and now increasingly loath the united states. it is and has always been nothing but a LIE!
Alice Newman (26 days ago)
There is enough evidence to file an indictment against the school and sheriff.
Motion (26 days ago)
If your AN athletic kid why do you have so much blood on the wall what type of school has that much blood on the wall
James McGowan (26 days ago)
They don't give a fuck because he's black
Michael Bowman (26 days ago)
You _ONLY_ "give a fuck" because he's black. Hahahahaha!!!
Myra Mami (27 days ago)
Im súper LATE but RIP my brown brother.
Rukia Niles (27 days ago)
I believe the police and government did it.
Donna Griffith (27 days ago)
Thoughts and prayers are with the family!
Sharon Morales (28 days ago)
Ah its accident that his organs went missing hmmm
henree simp (28 days ago)
On kandis stars evp sessions on you tube she talks with kendrick from the otherside and he clearly says there was no mat its a lie
henree simp (28 days ago)
Thats not blood on the shoe do you think we believe this hell no of course its his blood why else would it be there
henree simp (28 days ago)
The blood on the wall was when they hit kendrick with the barbell
ASMR CRIME by Reni (28 days ago)
Empress Jones (28 days ago)
As a Black Woman I would never allow any1 to insult my intelligence by feeding me bs. Whoever was in that gym and the coroner would have had me arrested because somebody was going to tell me what happen and turn themselves in or feel my wrath. Simple.
Empress Jones (28 days ago)
Ray Blanchard (28 days ago)
This is straight bull sht
Truth Holder (29 days ago)
The racial makeup of the county was 62.00% White, 33.99% Black or African American,lowndes county ??...did they investigate the high school for racial tension ?? Bullies ,or what about the staff..
MrJackydragon (29 days ago)
Any progress?
terry lynn (29 days ago)
Protect yall family....anything is starting to happen...Valdosta alone may be long standing curuptrion & probably all family.
LadyFace Hoskins (29 days ago)
Well duh Foul play all day!!! And God said let there be Light!!!
Charlene Hayes (29 days ago)
you send your children to school with all of those cameras and they are killed. Every Teacher should have to take The Lie test. People know and for the Parents letting their kids go to that school, would be worried.
Nika Smile (1 month ago)
When u have money!
Nelson Q (1 month ago)
How casually he says it’s a gym blood on the wall is expected, NOT..I wouldn’t want my child to attend this fucken’ school. Definitely foul play!!
Four 5th (1 month ago)
Racist mfers
TEAM FOOTAGE (1 month ago)
teuila siitia (1 month ago)
this baby was MURDERER and I believe that the person who is responsible may strike again. rest in peace
Kathy Simmons (1 month ago)
This is ridiculous..the fbi kid did it and its being covered up, anyone can see that
D B (1 month ago)
How would this be considered an accident if this young boys organs were missing? Let's stop acting ignorant to the fact that the black market makes more money off of organs coming from a AA individual than any other race. This is reality folks. Pretending this doesn't exist isn't going to make it go away.
Nisa Carla Smith (1 month ago)
Michael McHugh (1 month ago)
8 years of Obama, now the left is toughly convinced that ghetto lottery is a legitimate occupation.
Infinity Music (1 month ago)
the 2 brothers killed him...bull shit
Earthangel 143 (1 month ago)
Losing a child is one of the hardest things a parent will ever go through... 3rd autopsy happening today so let's hope this beautiful boy gets justice. God bless the family and may you rest in paradise sweet boy☝️💙J4KJ
Miah Jay (2 days ago)
Michael Bowman lmao u must work for the fbi or something on every comment u got something slick to say an u always defending the fbi. Lmao stay off this cracker . U racist fuck . Well all know the covered this up. This makes no sense
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
*_"...3rd autopsy happening today..."_* So, they think that the _SECOND_ autopsy was wrong, _too?!?_ Hahahahaha!!!
Cat Lady Mommy (1 month ago)
6yrs later and im still disgusted.
Michael Bowman (27 days ago)
*_"ur a Dick."_* Why am I a "dick"? Is it because I've been able to answer each and every one of your "hard hitting" questions with the EVIDENCE that was investigated and acknowledged as being factual by *THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE* during the THIRTY-TWO _MONTH_ long *_FEDERAL_* investigation which was *DEMANDED* by the family and their supporters? *_"I hope u never lose anyone tragic accident."_* _EXACTLY._ A _tragic ACCIDENT._ Now, _what_ exactly do his parents expect to accomplish by digging that poor kid up for a _THIRD_ autopsy? Attention and **$$$*.*
Cat Lady Mommy (27 days ago)
Michael Bowman ur a Dick.I hope u never lose anyone tragic accident.
Michael Bowman (27 days ago)
*_"why ate u so angry?"_* What makes you think that I'm "angry"? Hahahahaha!!! *_"What if this was ur family?"_* If this was _MY_ family, and we *DEMANDED* a *_FEDERAL_* investigation, I'm sure that I'd accept the _findings_ of that investigation. These people *DEMANDED* a *_FEDERAL_* investigation, and a THIRTY-TWO _MONTH_ long *_FEDERAL_* investigation spanning TWO *_FEDERAL_* jurisdictions found NO evidence of foul play. Again, what _more_ do they _want?_ *_"why were his shoes off?"_* He _kicked_ them off when he was _trying_ get himself out of the mat. *_"How did tgey get in the mat with him?"_* When he _kicked_ them off his feet, where do you _think_ they would've _landed?_ Back _in_ the mat, of course. *_"Where is the camera footage of this part fof the gym?"_* _All_ camera systems have "blind spots" that aren't _known_ to be blind spots _UNTIL_ there's a REASON to review a _particular_ area. Had he _not_ died _where_ he died, to this day that corner of the gym would be in a BLIND SPOT unbeknownst to _anyone._
Cat Lady Mommy (27 days ago)
Michael Bowman why ate u so angry? What if this was ur family? You would want this incident to be explained to where its believable.Right? If it was done right they wouldnt have so many questions.why were his shoes off? How did tgey get in the mat with him? Where is the camera footage of this part fof the gym?
Michael Bowman (27 days ago)
*_"to assure that this was indeed an accident."_* How would "testing" any blood or clothing found at the scene "assure" that it was an accident? It's *PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL.* Did you _go_ to a public high school? Any blood or clothing found at the scene would only prove that it's a _typical_ public high school. A place that's filled with _hundreds_ of different people on any given day. *_"Also facts would probably give some closure for the family."_* They _have_ facts. _Where_ did they _get_ those facts? From the *_FEDERAL_* investigation that they and their supporters *DEMANDED* take place. What _more_ do they _want?_
Cat Lady Mommy (1 month ago)
I sure a kid in that school know who that hoddie belongs to.
Roxanne Gibbs (1 month ago)
They have all the technology in the world, to Solve this case. And they're calling it a mysterious accident. They'll trying to cover for the Perpetrator
Planet Games (1 month ago)
I don't know you personally and I only replied on your comment because I couldn't figure out how to comment but I don't find your reply to be funny in no wise!!!!!!!
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
*_"I couldn't figure out how to comment"_* Did you try clicking on _'Reply'?_
Tashh Ice (1 month ago)
This is really horrible and crazy to me, that’s horrible how this is being handled but if the shoe was on the foot of all these other ppl, the lien sheriff and investigators, the ppl that tampered with the tape , the parents of the students that did this if t was they child or family member they would be wanting to know what happened to there child and doing any and everything they can how would you feel if you were in these families shoes, it’s a messed up cruel world we live in, true enough that boy is gone but his spirit lives on, we don’t live forever no one does but trust me all the ppl involved will all be judged not by man but the creator.
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
*_"that’s horrible how this is being handled"_* The DOJ concluded in *JUNE* of *2016* that there was NO foul play involved in this young mans unfortunate demise. Hope this "new" development make you feel better.
Sista Jean (1 month ago)
It’s Too Bad This Case Will Not Get Solved While Jeff Sessions Is The Atty.Gen.And Trump Is President!! Too Bad,Too Sad!! After Seeing Kendrick’s Face Death Face,He Definitely Was Murdered!!
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
*_"This Case Will Not Get Solved While Jeff Sessions Is The Atty.Gen.And Trump Is President!!"_* Hey, _stupid,_ "you people" *DEMANDED* a *_FEDERAL_* investigation, and a THIRTY-TWO _MONTH_ long *_FEDERAL_* investigation was conducted by the *United States Department of Justice* initially lead by *ERIC HOLDER,* and, _then_ by *LORETTA LYNCH* while your _beloved_ *BARACK* *_OBAMA_* was in office. In *JUNE* of *2016,* the DOJ lead by the Attorney General, which was appointed by _YOUR_ messiah concluded that there was *NO FOUL PLAY* involved in this unfortunate young mans untimely passing. Dumb _cunt._ Hahahahaha!!!
Tania Pitama (1 month ago)
How can soneone who supposedly died of suffocation spill blood everywhere? Also the shoe has been put there after his body was put there to hide it just like whoever killex him was trying to hide the body. Find the murderer/s.
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
*_"How can soneone who supposedly died of suffocation spill blood everywhere?"_* It's called _"purge fluid"._
Susan Hughan (1 month ago)
NO DOUBT it was foul play!!! I pray those detectives don’t screw this up !! God Bless his family 🙏
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
*_"...this isn’t over..."_* _What_ part of _"the United States Department of Justice conducted a THIRTY-TWO MONTH long investigation into the events surrounding this unfortunate young mans early demise, and found NO evidence of foul play"_ did you have _difficulty_ understanding? Hahahahaha!!!
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
*_"His father just posted a video 3 months ago..."_* FOUND IT!!! https://youtu.be/FnUeub70pQ0 He's not saying ANYTHING _NEW!_ Same old marble-mouth internet _rumors_ that _they_ helped to START! Hahahahaha!!!
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
*_"Oh & PS His father just posted a video 3 months ago..."_* Is it about how he and his wife have been ordered by the court to pay nearly *THREE-HUNDRED* *_THOUSAND_* *DOLLARS* to the people that they accused of being involved in their sons "murder"? If it's _NOT_ about that, have you got a _LINK?_ Hahahahaha!!! *_"...so this isn’t over"_* Sure it is. _Except_ for the *THREE-HUNDRED* *_THOUSAND_* *DOLLAR* court judgement, of course. Hahahahaha!!!
Susan Hughan (1 month ago)
Michael Bowman Oh & PS His father just posted a video 3 months ago, so this isn’t over - Geez, get a life
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
*_"...my original comment was 3 sentences..."_* And, the _very_ first one was *_"NO DOUBT it was foul play!!!"_* Other than _that,_ so _what?_ *_"...you just couldn’t resist to be a rude MF !"_* And, _you_ just couldn't resist your ABSOLUTE assertion that foul play was involved based on your _vaaaaast_ knowledge of the situation that you *_"stumbled upon"_* three _days_ ago. Hahahahaha!!!
Lunna plays (1 month ago)
OMG! This is so disgusting I am appalled. This is one of the biggest cover-ups I have ever seen. As a mother, my God I can only say my heart deeply goes out to this family and I am so sick over this case this whole situation. I pray they find who did this and everybody involved in the cover-up will pay for all the wrong doings.
Jerrymurphy Enyibuaku (1 month ago)
Really sad.
Debbie S (1 month ago)
How could funeral home know his body was stuffed with newspapers as his body should have been sewed up upon arriving?
B (1 month ago)
The DNA in the shoes
Mary Edwards (1 month ago)
Why are the shoes inside the mat white and the one on the outside is black? And where is the other black shoe? Looks like a pair of white Nike’s inside
nick claus (1 month ago)
Ms. Bowdry (1 month ago)
The murderers are definitely the child or children of some white big shot!!!!! They are covering it up!!! The white man they talked to knows exactly who did it! This is why we feel the way we do about them.....
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
Colored gal, are ya?
yvonda washington (1 month ago)
They are covering this murder up too.that young man was murdered.look at him in that mat.he was murdered and put in that mat.look at his sneakers on the side of him.someone did that to him and through his sneakers in there with him.
Erin Flood (1 month ago)
It sounds disingenuous to say that the blood is known ONLY not to be from Kendrick Johnson. If you KNOW it's not his, that means you DID test it. ~ I strongly hope that the lack of openness about this case actually means that it's still being worked on, but at a higher level which requires a lot more discretion. Because this is just too creepy.
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
*_"I strongly hope that the lack of openness about this case actually means that it's still being worked on..."_* This case was officially *closed* by the DOJ in *JUNE* of *2016* after a THIRTY-TWO MONTH long *_FEDERAL_* investigation found NO evidence of foul play.
Carmella N Miller (1 month ago)
Common sense the evidence and lack of... Ridiculous.. Smfh 😠 😠 😠
Matt Allen (1 month ago)
He seen something he wasn't supposed to see
millieo (1 month ago)
I have agreed with the parents since the first news article I saw. When I think about what these parents have been through I feel it in my heart.
Vanessa Brown (1 month ago)
A boy who father work as an FBI was a suspect, this case need to be handle over to the Dept. Of Justice because evidence have been temper with
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
*_"...this case need to be handle over to the Dept. Of Justice because evidence have been temper with"_* Now, I'm not directing this at _you,_ specifically, because this is about the TENTH time I've read a comment _just_ like yours, but, where have "you people" _been?!?_ This case WAS investigated by the DOJ for THIRTY-TWO _MONTHS._ They CLOSED the case in *JUNE* of *_2016_* after finding NO evidence of foul play. How do you _NOT_ KNOW this?!?
Don Don (1 month ago)
Please beware killing people's for their Organs,Watch and Beware,trust no one,Rest Kendrick .
Kurt Israel (1 month ago)
Remember Great Evil will be ruling in the last days right before the Earth begins to cleanse herself from this evil Mystery Confederate Alliance Of Babylon that is poor and know trying to kill black Americans to help feed their Evil minds on Earth. Black Hebrew Israelite Americans need to prepare a defense for this great Mystery Confederation of Babylon evil that has come on the Earth. Today.
dreamcatcher (1 month ago)
This is so disgusting how can you search for a shoe thats below your feet? And for as tight as those mats were rolled a teenager his size could not have simply fallen in to that mat a small child maybe and i emphasize maybe and for what reason would his shoes be off and why would they be in that mat? And out of all of those kids that walked in with him no one saw him fall into the mat and not one person offered to help? Did he not cry out and say HELP IM STUCK? And not one kid try to go get help or tell anyone that he fell into the mats? This is a SCHOOL that has gym class throughout the whole day and NOT ONE STUDENT NOR COACH OR PERSON IN CHARGE OF THE KIDS DURING GYM CLASS NOTICED HIS FEET IN HANGING FROM THE MAT OR HIM FALLING IN? And again who was in charge of those kids during gym class?!!!
rafa baraja (1 month ago)
Bullshit they covered it up all the way!
Michael Young (1 month ago)
Punk ass cops and that fbi agent father covered it up! Plain and simple. Why are they not investigating the police dept!
Michael Young (1 month ago)
The sheriff is a punk ass racist from the 1960's! Punk ass sheriff!!!! Racist ass dumb ass sheriff! They stupid as hell!
Be Woke Jeanty (1 month ago)
White People in the south are devils . They bogus asf to the lil boy they just don’t want the truth to come out. Point blank period
Courtney Hayes (1 month ago)
And why were his legs twisted up like that ?
Linda Jackson (1 month ago)
Unbelievable... So evil and horrible!!!
nmiller21309 (1 month ago)
This fat racist fucker your day will come. Your death will be worst than kendricks.
Le Lee (1 month ago)
Its clear that multiple people are involved .The school,police department and people who are affiliated with this murder can all burn in the flames in hell .
vroque jordan (1 month ago)
All I can say is all of that police department need to be investigated and shut down and those polices officer's need to be in jail for covering up muder cases and the juge to horrible evilness in these men need to be in jail for life
vroque jordan (1 month ago)
Police cover up WOW wake up people dam shame that police officer need to be investigated
Tracy Czernik (1 month ago)
Sounds like a big cover up, Maybe one of the sheriffs or deputy's kid was the one that murdered Kendrick? sounds very fishy to me!
C H (1 month ago)
Regardless is the crime scene was contaminated we all know there is foul play the police got mad cause his son got his ass whooped there is a coverup the Sheriff of the Rotherham town is family of course they are going to cover it up
Gregg hatfield (1 month ago)
This is definitely something in hiding .. The whole seen tracked over and things just don’t add up.. sorry for the loss so sad 😞
Mama Poch (1 month ago)
Years later, I still wholeheartedly believe this is murder. The evidence IS clear!
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
Tell it to the DOJ. Hahahahaha!!!
TJ ROLE (1 month ago)
A boy should have been trying to steal shoes
Ricky Mchine (1 month ago)
Looks like a big old cut on his stomach like they already stuffed him
Ricky Mchine (1 month ago)
it shows you how weak their county is anybody can just go kill anybody over there
Tricia Diamond (1 month ago)
Yes those men are covering up they should be arrested and investigated themselves
Tricia Diamond (1 month ago)
This man talking is not saying the truth period
Cindy Mulero (1 month ago)
The bouls from hall way jumped him
Indiah t. (1 month ago)
“Accident..” I’m sick of humanity
jamie jay (1 month ago)
maybe he saw something he shldnt have, or ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time
jamie jay (1 month ago)
murder ! !!! how he got in that mat, and ironically his organs are missing. murder and coverup.
sedrick holloway (1 month ago)
This screams cover up! The way the sheriff moved them out that fast is way too suspect. Sad story and I hope they find out who done this.
Damian My2016 (1 month ago)
How about testing out what they said he did, climb up, fell in upside down. Come on now, so much important evidence left out. Omg, why?
Michael Bowman (1 month ago)
This is as _CLOSE_ as you're going to find: https://youtu.be/UODOHaFLXJM Seems legit.
Tito Brozzi (1 month ago)
From boxing to MMA , basketball, indoor football, all facilities are clean from stains of blood , the officer head of the investigation should be fired and processed for negligence and obstruction to acquire evidence.

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