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Gaming | Trailblazers of STEAM | Karlie Kloss

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In collaboration with Ford STEAM Experience, I set off on a mission to learn from a few of the brightest minds shaping what’s next across four distinct industries: mobility, space, food, and gaming. Episode 1, Mobility: https://youtu.be/WgrDbvdkJiI Episode 2, Space: https://youtu.be/GoH5WNTH6Ak Episode 3, Food: https://youtu.be/ODkjDvlzExY Episode 4, Gaming: https://youtu.be/TYF6FSMfVXo a Movie by Karlie Kloss & Klossy Productions directed by Eliza McNitt Learn more about Kode With Klossy: https://www.kodewithklossy.com/ Learn more about Ford STEAM Experience: https://social.ford.com/content/ford-steam/ Producer: Annalora von Pentz & Libby de Leon Editor: Alicia Shepard Score by Mark Solomich Creative Producer - Nic Stanich Director of Photography: Ariel Pomerantz Movi Op: David Markun AC: Seannie Bryan Gaffer: Kate Steinhebel Sound: Kari Barber, Victoria Carrillo Production Assistants: Suzanne Jennett, Esmeralda Pelayo
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Text Comments (190)
Ernesto Colon (6 days ago)
Black ops 4 is out
Leryn (1 month ago)
awesome video, thanks
Ramiro Garcia (1 month ago)
Guys i think shes going to post a new video this month. She said on twitter that it will be a Q&A
Th 19cts (1 month ago)
im begging for a new klossy video PLS PLEASE PLEASE
I am studying systems engineering and I couldn't be more inspired right know! I am from Colombia where there are almost no girls in my classes, it's good to know we can make it <3
Cheyanna Musgrove (1 month ago)
#FuckCollegeBuyKylieCosmetics #IbuiltThis #MomWeAreAllSuns #OwnPlanet #GsTurtleIslandSchool
jasmine baloch (1 month ago)
Zakira Akhtar (1 month ago)
Karlie please make a video with joshua kushner
para hax (2 months ago)
What an amazing girl! One of your biggest fans from Bangladesh.Would Love to meet you some day.
y2kfraud (2 months ago)
Obviously a transgender like Taylor swift
Ramiro Garcia (2 months ago)
Please Karlie come back, you have the best YouTube channel. We miss you!
Cheyanna Musgrove (2 months ago)
I wake up make breakfast, smoke, and then can spend like a whole month making worlds for like Christmas, halloween, different themes for parties. its cool. its like I'm learning how to see art as waterfalls through her and all about the glow. So I create all these worlds with perfect glows. I just don't know how to live wild in them yet. Im Nerdy
Cheyanna Musgrove (2 months ago)
#ILOVEINTERIORDESIGN -- painting the sky I wake up to every morning is very important to me. TINY IS LIKE GENIUS GENIUS WITH ART. HER SCIENCE IS ALL MY LIVING BEINGS SO COOL
Cheyanna Musgrove (2 months ago)
literal hidden gem. Winnie was a bitch but intelligence is hot no????? WINNIE WE GOT WINNIE
Adrian Rami (2 months ago)
Is he going to con you into paying for the 666 building get a prenup girl the men in that family are crooks
Ludi Ludi (2 months ago)
Brain masters!
Fabrizio Cavagna (2 months ago)
Good morning dear Karlie! With all my heart happy birthday wishes from Italy!!! A big hug! 🤗🤗🤗
Meghna Mathur (2 months ago)
Wut's up with Taylor and u, y u hanging around with Harry, is HAYLOR coming back!!!💙💙💙
pauper pauper (2 months ago)
what it is kode ? I do not understand meaning of the word kode .
Alehandro DeGravel (2 months ago)
I am a huge gamer.. we should all get together and game and ill even take you for a ride in my very custom car
Iris Wong (2 months ago)
I love this! Karlie your such a role model for young women! Keep on inspiring 😍
Laura Nicole (2 months ago)
Hi Karlie, I love that you advocate for women in stem. I’m a math teacher and so I’m curious if you’ll ever meet with professors or female educators that center around STEM! I feel like so many teachers/professors of STEM subjects are thought of as male, so I just think it’d be so cool if you interviewed or showcased a female STEM educator!
precious obaji (2 months ago)
Nigerians stand up!!!
Anonim axb (2 months ago)
Adrian Rami (2 months ago)
She’s now a kushner klan member unsubscribe!
Ainsley Illium (2 months ago)
I miss Klossy so much....everyday I check my notification just to check whether she has uploaded anything!!!! She's the BEST!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😂
PureUnwindASMR (2 months ago)
UNSUBSCRIBED MS. Kloss. Pending your next steps after this engagement- congratulations. Let's see if you will be complicit too. We all know what Melania could be doing right now to save the nation -and the world with it, instead she sits in her cold golden tower.
Sveva Serafini (2 months ago)
Siya Mehta (2 months ago)
Congratulations Karlie 💘 I hope you the best time with Josh
Adnan A (2 months ago)
Seems like a cool job.
Travis Collins (3 months ago)
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Rodrigo CP (3 months ago)
Please do a colab with Nikkie tutorials.
Anselmo Ramírez López (4 months ago)
Te amo Karlie Kloss.. saludos y abrazos desde México
Sara Michelle Jackson (4 months ago)
U a dumb ass ho karli and u need to keep your mouth shut. Or get a degree in stem. Or just keep ur dumb mouth tight shut unlike how gaping and loose ur sad stank pussy is
Sara Michelle Jackson (3 months ago)
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Ramiro Garcia (3 months ago)
Shes mentaly ill dude, dont waste your time.
Sara Michelle Jackson (3 months ago)
What would I be jealous of? Girls a freak loser
Tactical Retreat (3 months ago)
yer just jealous
Sara Michelle Jackson (3 months ago)
you're not hurting my feelings whatsoever. this b is a pathetic lame stupid person. get a grip
Travis Collins (4 months ago)
If he falls asleep, it means he loves you. In your nest, more than your sex.
Travis Collins (4 months ago)
Karly, you know? Spirit-body-bliss “Afterlife” is designed the perfect duration of 9 months. Like human gestation. The perfect amount of time. One day more is too much time, diluting the effect of the previous 90, or else requires a futile cycle of struggle, stress and tactic for the purpose of reverting, thereby forgetting progress and memory, merely to begin the same process again. Only an absolute fool would want a longer after-life. I designed this perfectly. Nothing beats the body miracle of Earth with purpose and order. You’re so special. You don’t know how lucky you are.
Jerome Johnson (4 months ago)
Tbh I think I’d like this vid more if they weren’t playing COD.
DoubleDeckerAnton (4 months ago)
Nice video! 😁
TedMo Tv (4 months ago)
When i move to new york, when i will sell my company here in germany... i would defently search for a girl like karlie... Even as a buddy, i think shes a really cool person. Smart, funny and the babysitterr of casey neistat.^^ i dont have a clue of coding but im a good learner. ;-)
suyash singh (4 months ago)
An hour of game a day, keeps the stress away!!!
Sam Becker (4 months ago)
I go to wghs and have mr. Stein!!! I also follow you on instagram!
Hinna Hussain (4 months ago)
Wow. I think this is really inspiring. It starts from such a simple thing, but becomes much much bigger.
flon57 (4 months ago)
Sarah + Rachel sent me here 👍
Philip Lucky (4 months ago)
Good work chicky
Isaac Chan (5 months ago)
Mad props and appreciate on this. Really awesome!
Constantly Correct (5 months ago)
This is so fucking stupid. If I were a woman, I'd be so offended at being CONSTANTLY patronized and talked down to.
bops (5 months ago)
karlie, as a woman in science i can’t thank you enough for this new series, keep inspiring girls all over the world
Kresna Mukti P (5 months ago)
Internet 2018
Katelyn Barakat (5 months ago)
Karlie kloss your a inspiration to everyone i know you make me feel I'm powered
Florence Rose (5 months ago)
Karlie Kloss being surrounded by Crash Bandicoot TNT is my aesthetic
Benjamin Brewer (5 months ago)
Can you interview Lynne MacTagert please. 🐬
Christine Zhou (5 months ago)
This video is super empowering!! Thanks to women like you guys who encourage young girls to go into STEM field, I've decided that my college major is going to be engineering!
sanjuansaintr (5 months ago)
gaming in 2018, surprises were minimal. I think it’s a great start, Ms. Kloss.
Marie-Joëlle Champagne (5 months ago)
I love this kind of videos Karlie! I love how you show your intelligence !
Karlie Powell (5 months ago)
It’s nice sharing a name with someone for once lmao
kim valle (5 months ago)
coding is so cool
Deb Noble (5 months ago)
Awesome video! I've recently been discovering more and more amazing women involved in all different aspects of gaming (from devs to streamers to talent managers and more) and, as someone who grew up gaming with almost entirely guys, it's super inspiring!
Zacaroth (5 months ago)
Sarah Siverwood (5 months ago)
Isn't the idea that there is a "female perspective" sexist? Your essentially saying because I am a woman I have unique opinions and ideas that only women have. How about empowering people based on their competence and qualifications rather than a focus on immutable characteristics like race and gender. Sorry but just because your a woman doesn't mean what your saying is more valid. That is the textbook definition of sexism. Respect woman and men the same way.
Sandrine Georg (5 months ago)
yes of course there are more men in those industries than women, but that led to people thinking men can do the jobs better than women, this video is just about showing that women can do the job just as well. Sadly there are still a lot of people who do not believe that they can.
Sarah Siverwood (5 months ago)
Sandrine Georg why do you need to try and change peoples' interests? It's not a stereotype that men are more interested in video games/STEM than women. It is proven by scientifically studies from around the world, even in the most equal societies on Earth like Sweden there are huge disparities in the careers and interests of men and women. That's not a bad thing, it's human nature.
Sandrine Georg (5 months ago)
I don't think that's what's she's saying; she's trying to break the stereotype of only men enjoying technology
Yesone Lee (5 months ago)
trust me you wouldn't like to play fps games by using gamepad
Pards D. (5 months ago)
Great video!!!!!!!
Catherine Alysha (5 months ago)
This has made me wanna go play Infinite Warfare now, havent played it since WW2 came out😂
Olympias (5 months ago)
Here for Justine!!
Karis Cummings (5 months ago)
I LOVE INFINITY WAR!!! U GO GIRL! 😭😍❤💕 I love what you're doing! Such a powerful message from a powerful woman! I love u Karlie❤
Erica Robbin (5 months ago)
Came from Justine's channel, loved the cake you guys did:) Lovely story. Curious as to why blur out the Play Station logo on the controller button, but not Call of Duty?
Karl Patrick Pacheco (5 months ago)
I cried. I don't know why. It was inspiring. I love to do too the same things you do.
arin (5 months ago)
BlueFlyer (5 months ago)
Justine your so pretty ill smother you in kisses
웃Hildiwis (5 months ago)
So cool!!! i wanna be a digital animator
RACHAEL TURNER (5 months ago)
iJustine (5 months ago)
Love this series so much!
Ash Glover (2 days ago)
IJustine sitting next to Karlie Kloss! 😍 iJustine, you could totally be a model, you look like sisters
Ernesto Colon (6 days ago)
Me too
Cheese Gaming (4 months ago)
Your content is great, just saying.
It5meSam - Minecraft (5 months ago)
Glad you got to be a part of it 😊
Mitionex (5 months ago)
Please can i get a reply from you. It would be my dream come true. If you can please reply 💜
Ryan Mercer (5 months ago)
*sighs dreamily*
Sebastian Alba (5 months ago)
Damn she's Nigerian and made a COD game
Tina Lin (5 months ago)
OMG love love love this series, and it’s really inspiring to see so many talented and passionate people working together for a greater future.
Damiano Zerneri (5 months ago)
You're a great person. That's it
DJ Pablotv (5 months ago)
U need to read my comment on Justine's channelon that cake video u just did.....WOW!! (SUBSCRIBED)
G3ØRGE (5 months ago)
I like piñatas.
Hey Its Kari (5 months ago)
who is here from iJustine?
Randi Savage (5 months ago)
I love that you’re giving these women a spotlight to shine! Such talented ladies! Keep up that awesome content, Karlie! 💜
carlos coti (5 months ago)
Justine is so beautiful
carlos coti (5 months ago)
Justine 😍😍
Daniel T (5 months ago)
magnifique tour après l'ingénieurie les ingénieurs femmes chez Ford, le spatial saturne Cassini les astronautes, la nourriture scientifique, les développeurs des jeux, j'ai aimé vos vidéos vous avez de la chance de côtoyer des gens avec qui vous pouvez créer un dialogue compréhensif entre les interlocuteurs. Personnellement je n'ai jamais cette chance impossible de dialoguer des problèmes non résolus en copropriété ou ailleurs. Pourquoi ne sont-ils pas résolus ? Pourquoi le harcèlement moral au téléphone sans connaître les gens leur vie leur contrat facture leur besoin et doléance. bref merci pour la sobriété de vos images.21h40'
Joseph Cox (5 months ago)
- A very good video but you might think about adding one more segment, the professional woman gamer or e-sports gamer and that business avenue (competition, YouTube, and Twitch). There are many folks out there, but the one of the top of my head is Optic Midnight. She’s gone through many aspects of the professional side of gaming. An interview with her might be worth it. iJustine can hook you up with the connection to the Optic organization.
Zod (5 months ago)
More collabs with iJustine!
Darpan Patel (5 months ago)
Amazing as always. Keep up the good work!
This series are amazing! Honestly, Karlie is totally a role model that inspires young women to empower and become what they want to. Keep doing this work, Karlie, and never loose your magic. 💘
Justine Ezarik (5 months ago)
im only here for IJ lol
Deon Spates (5 months ago)
This is very cool!
JokoCi (5 months ago)
Girls just need a bit of shia labeauf memes in their life... JUST DO IT! Seriously though ... all of these come down to "Well i did not know if I could, then I did and I could, and now I do" At some point you need to look in the mirror and stop blaming others.
TheBigBadRedMantis (5 months ago)
I don't see that big of a future for videogames. Like journalists called gamers sexists and racists and stuff, just cause they disagreed with some lady game developer giving sexual favors to a journalist dude for good reviews for her game. Battlefield is good, Call of duty is boring and has no substance nowadays. And in mobas like the last fallout are just boring, even if they look good, they got the same boring quests and no substance when it comes to the story. Online multiplayer games like world of tanks and warthunder can easily be summoned by "pay to win", and a lot of grinding. Warframe is awesome. And look people, I don't wanna be mean but even if you asked about "diversity of thought" in the end you focused on "the female perspective" which sounds a little bit exclusionary to me. Like if I'd be a rabid feminist I'd call you transphobic and all that cause nowadays it's "more than 2 genders". And like if you wanna look at what progressivism does to businesses then you should look at Marve Comics, look at Mass Effect Andromeda (can you even imagine how bad must that model that they used for the default female character feel after seeing how they made her look? I don't wish that on anyone). Dark souls remastered is kinda bad from what I've heard. I'm just saying like....not a great time to hop into the gaming industry. Oh and if you think you need inspiration from good games I've heard that the new God of War is awesome but you should play the last DOOM game, that awesome to.I wish you luck and I hope you do great things and who knows, maybe create a game or help someone create a game or make an awesome documentary or whatever it is you try to do. Have a nice day!
Abbas Amber Abbas (5 months ago)
Karlie What is your hight babe
Christian K. (5 months ago)
Pink controller cheats, mods much?
Easy E (5 months ago)
Activision!! Give us a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater!! Pleaseee!!
Patrick Woods (5 months ago)
Juan Jose Bonilla (5 months ago)
how can people deslike this?
Frank Tellez (5 months ago)
Justine, if you were to make a video game what kind would you make and what would be the goal?
Sergio The One (5 months ago)
YES! What you’re doing is awesome Karlie! 🙌🏼 A very powerful message that’s needed these days. I’ll make sure to share it. Loved seeing iJustine here too. She’s the OG of YouTube 👏🏼
Jullian Ball (5 months ago)
Thank you for making this video, Karlie! Crash Bandicoot is my favorite video game!
Morrigan (5 months ago)
You and Justine in one place - OMG, I love your channel, I'm so glad I found out about your channel.

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