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English Grammar - PASSIVE

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Learn how to use the passive voice in English. This is the lesson everyone's been asking for, so here it is! You can request more lessons at my website, http://www.engVid.com/
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Keedoo11 (1 month ago)
Why don't you become an actor? I can see you would be amazing at it.
Gracias 👍🏻👍🏻 👌🏻 👨🏾‍🏫
Ritchel tango (1 month ago)
i like all your videos, you are excellent teacher.
La Prepa (1 month ago)
Thank so much I Will practice
Virginia Vasquez Ramirez (2 months ago)
Tkanks you for your lesson!
Patrick Donohue (2 months ago)
Thank You!
Bang-on Richardson (3 months ago)
I don't understand way you are alway drew snake, it was very boring!
Pablo de luis (3 months ago)
Thank you James!! You`re the best!
R I (3 months ago)
hhaha,dude u are really cool!
Fatma Fafeto (4 months ago)
so great thanks for your help
〈!Web Programmer!〉 (5 months ago)
〈!Web Programmer!〉 (5 months ago)
E onasini skay
〈!Web Programmer!〉 (5 months ago)
ozi yaxshi orgatadi
〈!Web Programmer!〉 (5 months ago)
Lisbeth leaves London (5 months ago)
wow that P is fabulous
ChrizAim (5 months ago)
hahaha this lesson has been so funny. It helped me very. LOVE IT
rubel rahim (4 months ago)
Haneen ADNAN (7 months ago)
thank you , you are the best ever . Your video helped me in my exam .
sarah alkathiri (8 months ago)
thank you for this lesson
Shambhabi Paudyal (8 months ago)
It a fabolus
Batuhan Warner (8 months ago)
mükemmelsin moruk
Jerenrollneco (8 months ago)
I´ve been watching your lessons for a while, and the funny thing is , i´ve just realized today that you are left handed.I guess i got a F at my perception skill test jaja. All the best james, greeting from Argentina.
maria grizia (8 months ago)
You are great teAcher and communicator
Rumors (10 months ago)
Jasem will be thanked by all people who is going to wach this video.
Rumors (10 months ago)
Thank you James
hassan93A1 (10 months ago)
what is v2b?
Matheus Cesar (1 month ago)
Verb to be
Nihir Shah (7 months ago)
it is verb's be form
Alex Snaidero (1 year ago)
wow that helped a lot thanks!!!
coming from 2017 like!!!
Jhampa Thinley (1 year ago)
good teacher .speak slowly
Hhhhever Hhhhever (1 year ago)
you in first said we start with object like this message and then you said formation we start with subject i'm now i don't how me start with object or subject ?
sami alhadram (8 months ago)
Hhhhever Hhhhever In my humble opinion , I believe You should focus on basic Grammar before you try to get this kinda complicated one , which I guess you don't even know about it in your native language. You don't use the present simple correctly , let alone to understand this. Regards 👋 Your brother : Sami.
Ahmed Mahmoud (1 year ago)
zezo gaming (1 year ago)
coming from 2016 like!!!
You are thanked by me. Your videos are always liked (by everyone/people).
afdfsa afdfs (4 months ago)
chandrapriya shaktawat you were going to mad poor girl this video was messed up by you and also now I m going to crazy
Some transitive verbs are not changed into passive voice. Most of them are stative verbs. They are :have ,lack, fit, suit, resemble, look like, agree with, mean . James agree with my views . O.K.
Comments are given to me by James .
Is my comments read by James .
You are advised to like my comments.
WILSON JÚNIOR (1 year ago)
thank you☺
WILSON JÚNIOR (2 years ago)
How do I write "Your message has been sent", in the active voice? Thank you
Lucas Riddle (1 year ago)
I've sent your message
André Silveira (2 years ago)
That's awesome!
Dz Louh (1 year ago)
Hi :)
Cristian Guzmàn (2 years ago)
Hi !! beforehand I want to thank james for this lesson, It was great !! But I want to ask you guys something , Is that right if James asks -- Who built the house?-- -- who stolen? (those are examples given by James) I think It should be like -- Who did bulid the house? and Who did steal... something? What do you think guys ? Thank you so much in advance :D
As far as I know, who is the subject here, that is why we do not need the auxiliary verb "did"
Captain Ros (2 years ago)
Maybe you had to give an example with the structure of Present, Past, Future and Present Perfect :) Just to get used to it.
Suhail jan (2 years ago)
ur the best
Mikami (3 years ago)
thank you
Algerian Psycho (3 years ago)
its high time you killed m.e because his taking your place loool
product every 24h (3 years ago)
if someone want improve English together this is my skype id: ftahsdidi007
lupiss17 (3 years ago)
Thank you so much! you are an amazing teacher !
kissebb (3 years ago)
"ez így jó?" :)
Nguyen The Hoang (3 years ago)
Money is the root of all evil, money burns a hole in your pocket, shake your money maker, time is money, thanks so much!
Lucas Riddle (1 year ago)
*Money is the root of all people
jhendry tapia (3 years ago)
this is  reaaly goood for lerning
izabela izabo (3 years ago)
Haters everywhere :D so shut the fuck up, if you don't like his lessons, just fuck off and watch whatever you like, this guy is helping young teachers , he teaches them how to explain grammar and you dislike him because you don't like the way he writes the letter "p" :D I think there's another big reason why you hate him.......
Yasser AlZahrani (4 years ago)
thank you vere vere vere vere much.I love you man
oscar diaz (4 years ago)
very useful  as always thanks a lot 
XCemmy (4 years ago)
Çok hızlı konuşuyor, biz yeni öğreniyoz mk biraz yavaş anlat kafam skildi.
Pufik Pufik (5 years ago)
It was 4 years ago, when the video hadn't so many views and likes. More likes and views = better position in search.
GeistigFit (5 years ago)
The first one is correct. The second one should be; Country music will be being PLAYED at the summer festival
Betty Cocsia (5 years ago)
i like mister e oooo
Ali Hatif (5 years ago)
Thanks alot
xxadxx12 (5 years ago)
thank you very much Mr.James
Yousef Abd (5 years ago)
Tnx so much man
وسيم العنزي (5 years ago)
thanxx xxxxx
ArnoldasR (5 years ago)
? how was it so difficult to find? I simply wrote "the passive" in the search bar and BOOM. the very first vid
Jonatan Börjesson (5 years ago)
Nice ;)
Michael Johansson (5 years ago)
u veryy god guy learn me englich muy bien me estudio inglesia de bosgård 9a
Mohammad Kh (5 years ago)
in the passive i think the form it will be Object+V2b+p.p(verb3)
SHADENNS (5 years ago)
Thank you
Abdullah h-s (5 years ago)
i love you dude, but if you make the lesson longer i will love you more
ASET NURZHANOV (6 years ago)
James, you are the best teacher i have ever seen Thank you!!!!!!
TheMrTofikTofik (6 years ago)
You are very handsome boy ;) Are you married?
Hiuyi Cheung (6 years ago)
Rostym Sulbarán (6 years ago)
Hello, Sir. If I have a sentence that says: Vast amounts have been written about globalization, in the syntactical analysis "about globalization" would be a complement of "vast amounts"? Thank you!
Kfir Inbal (6 years ago)
The side *has* been cleaned by them.
Vladimir Bayraktarov (6 years ago)
they have cleaned the side the side was cleaning by they - is that correct?
abood1551 (6 years ago)
Thanks aloot four the lison you make it easy..juju from KSA
Eka Prasetiawan (6 years ago)
Hi, I'm Eka, nice to see you,,,from Indonesia,,,, I would like to ask you a question,,,Can u make a video that tells about passive without to be? because sometimes passive form I see without to be,,,please in detail if you don't mind,,,,,,
Michiel W (6 years ago)
shtinger vieri (6 years ago)
First thank u so much about all your interesting lessons . .
Joel Mbungu (6 years ago)
I just mastered how to use this grammar. Passive and Active form are sometimes complicated
Edwin Rodriguez (6 years ago)
very good
Iness Addou (7 years ago)
you are amaziiiiiiiing james ... i love your way to teach :) it helps me a lot
saif alrashdi (7 years ago)
Good teacher thanks man This videos was made by this teacher . I do it this grammar
Yosef יוסף וגה (7 years ago)
you are the Best ! I would like to learn French with you. You are the Best Teacher.. Keep up the good Work.
William Joseph (7 years ago)
BlackLabelBob (7 years ago)
What the fuck are you talking about?
TehCacti (7 years ago)
Learn how to write the letter "P" then you can start teaching me English.
Asia Boy (8 months ago)
TehCacti if you don’t like it then teach it yourself
thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you... 4 more, more, more,more video, vedio, vedio . thank you, thank u, thank u thank u, again. again again more, more more more video, video video ok I luv u teacher! very very clear
firouzeh nouri (8 years ago)
You are GREAT
Dabali (8 years ago)
this guy james reminds me of my teachers in military prap school back in Brasil...they were good, funny, and made it fun to learn..... not these boring, not motivated, don't care teachers that i have now in college in the USA congratulations man
ashley nicole (8 years ago)
you are a great teacher!
tunhavigo (9 years ago)
James, you are the best one!
Antony Xavier J (9 years ago)
Thanks a lot
MERCÈ (9 years ago)

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