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Trump Kim summit: What happens next? - BBC News

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US President Donald Trump said he achieved a lot in his Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Really? Video by Colleen Hagerty and Tessa Wong Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog
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DOM KIM (2 days ago)
OMG 김정은 동무도 저를 암내까?!
valentin shapoval (3 days ago)
Atleast he is doing something while you peace of craps are a lot of talks and no action.
CaballeroVille (4 days ago)
Oh yah...disabled the comments for the gaming is a mental disorder video...y'all suck
big busty belinda (5 days ago)
Death to them both let's hope
wandering spirit (6 days ago)
Trump wins the Nobel Peace Prize is what is next. After that, he wins re-election in 2020 in a landslide.
John Petrov (6 days ago)
Such negativity. The truth is Kim has dismantled his missile test sites and this is an historic moment. Of course the Obama media are furious this is happening. Makes their prophet look bad. Trump didn't give away the farm for peanuts.
Bono (7 days ago)
잘 봤습니다.~~~
din rabbek (7 days ago)
Free Tommy
TheEpTic (7 days ago)
don’t shoot me, I’m not a politics guy, but I will say trumps making a smart move. You don’t just forgive your enemy and act like nothing ever happened. Takes time, and I think that’s what he’s after while China is taking its opportunity to dip 🤷🏼‍♂️
Aldo Raine (7 days ago)
Soon democracy will come to North Korea. Welcome. See it soon.
William kk (7 days ago)
The north people picked a side now they have to eat grass for the rest of their life.
Billy McAuliffe (7 days ago)
They signed each others autograph book and that was it !!!
The Aquarian (8 days ago)
North Korea, apartheid South Africa, Iraq, Iran and Syria do not acknowledge Rome. See The Protestant Truth Society.
Aakash Siddhartha (8 days ago)
TBT (8 days ago)
Dean Human (7 days ago)
TBT hang your mum
Dylan Walker (8 days ago)
Why are you keep cutting him off? You need to let him end his sentences.
Joshua Koenig (8 days ago)
5 Now, I’ll just start where I left off this morning then, over in the 4th chapter of Acts. And so…And begin, I believe, along about the 10th verse of the 4th chapter of—of the Acts of the apostles, or, acts of the Holy Spirit in the apostles. See? We always think that, call that, “The Acts of the apostles.” But it wasn’t the acts of the apostles. It was the Holy Spirit in the apostles, acting, you see. The men, themselves, were men, and they couldn’t act. Before I go any farther… 54-1219E - Acts Of The Holy Spirit Rev. William Marrion Branham http://themessage.com/home https://branham.org/home 1 John Chapter 3 24 And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us. 1 John Chapter 3 9 Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. 10 In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother. 2 Corinthians Chapter 11 For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. 3 But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. Ephesians Chapter 4 And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.
Joshua Koenig (8 days ago)
I had some very big plans, big ideas, then something happened. See I knew church was a big scam, the world is nothing but lies and scams, everyone trying to get the next guy before he gets them. Well, I read that book, Greatest Battle. See I can read, give me another. Well, what can I say, I was right about the world, but this is not of the world. It took me a while but I finally I understood Brother Branham is not of the world, not of the church, he is of pure Truth. My world just crashed around me. Brothers, nothing can stand against this Message. You can’t fight the Truth, and it’s going to win every time. http://themessage.com/home http://branham.org/articles/192018_LettersFromPrisoners
The Crusader (8 days ago)
but we have proof of BBC 2018 cover ups.. -Telford/Leeds muslim pedophille gangs -55 murders in London in 3 months -Not covering Italy & Hungary elections -Not covering evil EU meetings -Government detaining Martin sellner and Brittany Pettibone illegally -Not covering freedom of speech events - Illegal detainment as illegal sentencing of an innocent man BBC 2018 Lies:(False flags) -Blamed Russia for chemical attack in UK -Blamed Assad for chemical attack in Syria -Blamed Russia for babchenko staged murder done by Ukrainian secret service -Blamed Russia for collusion in elections ....No proof for any accusations. BBC BIAS - Bias against white working class people of UK - Pro Islam agenda disguised as multi culturalism Shut down BBC and prosecute Tony hall #RELEASETOMMYROBINSON
OnlyUseMeEquip (8 days ago)
thanks to the internet the bbc's propaganda is so much less effective as it used to be,we are not as blind as we used to be
OnlyUseMeEquip (8 days ago)
i have always thought trump was a moron, but he has managed to get north korea to disarm its nuclear arsenal? i mean thats pretty impressive.
Lance in Calgary (8 days ago)
Jeff K (8 days ago)
Is this Roger Waters?
Barry Soetoro (8 days ago)
Clinton makes deal with North Korea! - Bush tears it up! Bush makes deal with Gadaffi! - Obama tears it up! Obama makes deal with Iran! - Trump tears it up! Trump makes deal with North Korea! - ...to be continued!!!
Danny (8 days ago)
Wow - Trump is the first and only political leader to have entered into talks with Kim Jong-un, and the BBC still can't give him credit where it's due. You're nothing more than a bunch of political subversives churning out left-wing propaganda on a daily basis. Your credibility is long-gone. Scrap the BBC licence fee now!
Phil Dobson (8 days ago)
UK can help speed things friendly up by employing North Koreans in NHS! North Koreans could come and work on strawberry 🍓 farms now it's getting difficult to get Eastern Europeans?
BabyCoco MSP (8 days ago)
This was probably just a distraction so he can continue bombing Iran. I don't support this choice at all.
Majestic (8 days ago)
What happens next - Rothschild Central Bank will be established in NK.
Rob Donaldson (8 days ago)
WE VETERANS thank you, AMERICA thanks you, and now the WORLD thanks you Mr. President!! #MAGA
B Smith (8 days ago)
What happens next, BBC? My guess is that your country becomes even more muslim, black, immigant dangerous and tourists stop going there, even if you DON'T report it.
rekt puss (8 days ago)
Happy Birthday Donald Trump
gebuehrenfrei (8 days ago)
Free Tommy Robinson!
sdq sdq (8 days ago)
nah let him get butt fuck by the muslims
Satyamev Jayte (9 days ago)
BBC is unfortunately a very biased channel..portraying everything achieved in a negative way..
RightWingEye (9 days ago)
Free tommy
Candy (9 days ago)
حنظلة،، (9 days ago)
I cant believe until now..that this dump stupid trump...got supporters..and..he is the master of white house!!! I think its black house now..in the un-united states of trump !!
Mingus (9 days ago)
BBC ARE GUILTY OF HIDING THE RAPE OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_cswFhjkIk&feature=youtu.be
Infidel & Deplorable (9 days ago)
- BnQE - (9 days ago)
Bullshit Broadcasting Center at work again ...
Infidel & Deplorable (9 days ago)
kim jong un (9 days ago)
Look how good looking i am
dissinger (9 days ago)
News on Tommy Robinson- he got transferred into a new prison.   For now at least the British government didn't kill the political prisoner. Yet.
TBT (8 days ago)
Sardar Tariq (9 days ago)
Losing long period hard ship nuclear without any economics prosperity it is dump thing...
Raja J (9 days ago)
Establishment paid soldier media doesn't like peace in korean peninsula they like see soaring of defence companies stock price
Fk Tommy Robinson, stop whining in every comment section. Going to my local. I will raise a glass of ale to him.
nicksttrs (9 days ago)
Free Tommy Robinson you anti free speech Muslim loving Brits.. Are you catering to their needs cause your afraid of being attacked by them? To the right thing or those Muslims are gonna take over..
fdsdh1 (8 days ago)
nicksttrs lol no one from the US can complain about free speech when messing with a flag is a criminal offence. Robinson was filming a court which is illegal, so he got put in jail. It's not difficult, if a judge says you can't film or you go to jail, don't film, simples.
nicksttrs (8 days ago)
Thought so.
fdsdh1 (8 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vv0ghqx48-A Rare video of the funeral of former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser
Peace will prevail all over the world, 🇺🇸 Trump 🇺🇸😀.
MtB ArN (9 days ago)
He will use nk as his war dogs
Nithin A.F. (9 days ago)
It reveals BBC's stupid liberalism. Fake news of BBC. Misleading viewers. Very very bad BBC.
V For ? (9 days ago)
next gaddafi is here
Tourniquet Now (9 days ago)
Why no news on Tommy Robinson's illegal political imprisonment by the sharia compliant U.K government?
Dan Kortebein (7 days ago)
Tourniquet Now Tommy Robinson pled guilty. So how is Tommy Robinson's imprisonment illegal?
Jeff K (8 days ago)
Because British people are blind to there own problem. Pretty scary. So much for english wit
CaptainJeck (9 days ago)
bbc has made 29 videos of this trump kim summit in a week
Blazed and Confused (9 days ago)
14000 more years, Libtards!
Luca Blight (9 days ago)
We starting screaming about Human rights, ruin the talks before they begin and start WWIII lol Some of the dumb shit the media comes out with really is astounding! I am baffled that people seem to thing they are the world and everything revolves around their morals, you need to bring Kim about slowly and change them bit by bit, over a period of time....or you can just think the BBC, and keep going round and round in circles forever. hey BBC, remember Jimmy Savile?
Dustin Tacohands (9 days ago)
I say war is the answer let the world bathe in blood... Kim killed his own brother and blow his uncle apart with a anti aircraft gun he brainwashes his people and murders anyone that fights it. He is not to be trusted and we will have war sooner or later.
Preferred User (9 days ago)
What will happen next? Nothing at all, of course.
KEVIN HESKETH (9 days ago)
What happened next?A mind rapist collaborator working for scientists with sonic weapon named " Keith"at 16.34 used the sonic weapon over his mobile phone.The television executives using a shield that is busted flush.Dump television mentalist a poisonous toxic abuser using people to do his dirty work.Stealing a human life practicing torture.His psychological play thing the psychopath with sonic weapon.Like Dr Shopman playing god trying to mind control with dirty experiments on the human brain.It must be illegal what's taking place.Sack this rapist of life a mind rapist.I don't like you!
Moonshine Buck (9 days ago)
Not sure but what ever you the BBC tell us it'll be made up bullshit!
tottenhammad1234 (9 days ago)
Well done trump peace for now in north korea now lets not mess this up by doing something stupid like bombing syr- oh fuck
Nikos Gawd (9 days ago)
North Korea is almost as undemocratic as Teresa May (Tommy Robinson), yet Kim Yong Un and his fellows treat women much better than Tories and Labour British girls and women.
Big Wasabi (9 days ago)
NADA . China and Russia have already lifted sanctions and nothing will happen
jodieanne (9 days ago)
The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation refuses to accept the fact America now has a real Leader, and a Master Negotiator. He is the only reason the Korean situation is on the table. Perhaps the UK could use a real leader the way things are going there. The man should be judged at the end of his Presidency TRUMP 2020
James Smith (9 days ago)
Fuck off BBC......
©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍✍ My guess is that Kim asks for US troops and THAAD missle systems out of South Korea. That's what Xi Jinping wants and Kim owes China.
Coeus 2.0 (9 days ago)
If Obama have done this the BBC and the other liberal propaganda outlets would be gushing about it for months and Soros would be financing street parties instead of protests ......
wandering spirit (6 days ago)
If Obama had accomplished this, the liberal mainstream media would have a parade for him.
Geth Creator (8 days ago)
Rogue Male Check Dennis Rodman, he asked obama for years and its all documented right here on youtube. Multiple times through the years he asked Obama to do this and was ignored
Coeus 2.0 (8 days ago)
Rouge, Obama couldn't of done it because he was a small minded, slick talking, idiot globalist, liberal Soros style puppet who didn't give a crap about his people or his nation ..... Nobody but Trump could have got this far .... Hillary would have been too busy holding her nations legs open for the globalist gangbang ...... if you support these people shame on you ......
Rogue Male (8 days ago)
Coeus 2.0 Obama couldn't have done this because,things were vastly different back then.You had the bloody aftermaths of Iraq and Afghanistan,an impossible middle East peace process and a little thing called the GFC.
Coeus 2.0 That's right!
Praying for our President: http://www.straightchristianity.com/2018/05/over-one-million-people-pray-this.html
RussiaNukesAmerica3 (9 days ago)
America gets attacked, that's the only thing missing.
Greg Jones (9 days ago)
lol, look at the video description, "US President Donald Trump said he achieved a lot in his Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Really?" I think Ms Hagerty and Ms Wong are feminists still butthurt that their feminist goddess Hillary a.k.a. "Vagina Prime" *LOST* the US presidential election! This gender and ethnic diversity hiring policy of the BBC's is not really working out that well. Guess they're saving some money not hiring professional journalists though.
Lucky Topalovich (9 days ago)
who cares,it FIFA Showtime....
Tom Smith (9 days ago)
Kim....you did good... now don't screw up!
Greenpoloboy3 (9 days ago)
Historic moment
Jacob Martin (9 days ago)
Chris Calara (5 days ago)
Dan Kortebein Are you saying law is absolute? You must be crazy, imagine living in Stalin’s or Mussolini’s, or Hitlers’ area and time, follow their rules or you will be punished badly/killed for having a different opinion. Laws are placed so justice will prevail right? What if laws aren’t justified what now? Things aren’t so black and white now isn’t it. Now lets look into Tommy’s situation, since this a freedom of speech issue, first of all do you know what he said? Do you know where he got the quote from, and should his concern be taboo? If you don’t know what he said or where he got it, research, and no it shouldn’t be taboo and we should talk about it. Now the question is When does talking go too far? If you say something that offends me even though statistically it’s true, you should be arrested like tommy because muh feelings. Who cares about his political stance, because this is a human issue, a freedom to speak and freedom to think issue. Also your view on immigration is horrible. My parents and their family had to endure Marshall law and after that, had to wait 5 years to get accept as a LEGAL immigration status and 20 years for citizenship. Why do they get to cut in line while people have been, and some still are waiting, to be a LEGAL immigrants, it’s not right, and yet they demand rights even though they are not citizens, nor legal immigrants and yet they are more comfortable then some actual citizens. How about a couple of my friends losing their jobs but the ILLEGAL were it’s cheaper? Aren’t my friends just as important as the ILLEGAL ones. How about assimilation/adapting. You don’t think cultures won’t clash? You and I both know it will, but it’s to ensure there’s not going to be harm on either side. At least immigration laws are justified because it’s being for the people who has, and still are in the waiting list. Don’t get me wrong I know friends and their family being illegal and they are genuine people who have assimilated and a very few have been granted citizenship because of it, but it’s still morally and ethically wrong to send in immigrants just Willy Nilly.
Dan Kortebein (7 days ago)
Geth Creator there hasn't been a "cover up" of Rotherham or Telford by ANYONE, it's a figment of yours and Tommy Robinson's imagination. Also, nobody answered my question is Tommy Robinson above of the law?
SadHappy (7 days ago)
Dan Kortebein Why are you bringing up migrants?
Geth Creator (8 days ago)
Dan Kortebein try Rotherham, Telford, the BBC and many more Oh how quick people forget, or don't care...
Dan Kortebein (7 days ago)
Geth Creator what are the police, media, and government covering up??? The answer is NOTHING. Take your tinfoil hat off for 5 God Damn seconds and see the immigrants as people, that's what they're people trying to better themselves. Also if you truly want to blame someone for the shit state of affairs globally look to the billionaire class of Charles and David Koch trying to fuck over EVERYONE, that's who you should be angry at not these poor people trying to improve their lot in life.
YoungKuk Yeon (9 days ago)
♧ 0018÷0614×0556=0848
Gema Alfandra (9 days ago)
Whit soulden Trump in for president is officer US.
Nothing will happen... people will forget NK and follow other topics... another Stormy Daniels... and Trump will focus on his real target Iran. Even babies know it now, Iran is the main focus of people surrounding Trump.
Bono (7 days ago)
88Gibson LesPaul (9 days ago)
Boycott israeli products He will focus on Mueller because Mueller can put him in jail.
Novocastrian Winter (9 days ago)
Boycott israeli products There may be some validity to this in long term if trump gets a second presidential term.
cary bary (9 days ago)
Trump is better than that punk Obama
William Killen Yes, especially in my country, it became the Most bombed country
William Killen (9 days ago)
He certainly drops a lot more bombs .
Sonja Voigt (9 days ago)
Trump is great, Kim Jong is great, Putin is great, Xi is great! ???? Your supporters are the real stupid ones!
chad carlton (9 days ago)
Free Tommy!! 🖕
Dan Kortebein (7 days ago)
TBT (8 days ago)
TBT (8 days ago)
+Dan Kortebein hahaha ur fed up seeing the same shit over and again and again ain't u? 😂
Dan Kortebein (9 days ago)
chad carlton No.
Without prejudice (9 days ago)
President Trump recognised that the constant drills practicing invading and destroying North Korea are the reason they are developing ICBMs.
Dirty Ralph . Dance (9 days ago)
More of the same story,Makes no news . More none news from the People who brought you no news the BBC . Could this news organisation get any poorer? Mind numbing same story .
Dustin Tacohands (9 days ago)
Most their reporting is done by editors sitting at their desk in UK and sadly they spend half their time watching cat videos on youtube... Sad that tax money pays for this lazy bias network.
Kyota Tsushima (9 days ago)
Lost Serendipity (9 days ago)
Trump got nothing except empty promises. Kim Jong Un achieved global standing for his evil regime and got military exercises cancelled.
carl Marcs (9 days ago)
Lost Serendipity no, he got a promise of de-nuclearisation. NK have already destroyed their rocket motor test facility as a process of dearmament.
CAWD FATHER (9 days ago)
Maybe some of these idiots would of been happier if Crooked Hilary had won the election besides the obvious ones. That's a very scary thought.
x x (9 days ago)
trumps thinks he is a slick ol goat dosent he
carl Marcs (9 days ago)
x x he's achieved more in 500 days than the rest in 50 years.
carl Marcs (9 days ago)
Never forget that the BBC are purveyors of FAKE NEWS AND DISTORTION.
ThrummerOfLove (9 days ago)
President Trump,is a mighty mighty Man!
cabdi iid (9 days ago)
ThrummerOfLove (9 days ago)
I'm not in the mood.
leonardo avelar (9 days ago)
Martin Cooney (9 days ago)
That's right Biased Broadcasting Corporation, pour cold water over the first real chance of peace on the Korean peninsula in seven decades. You are becoming so predictable in you hatred of Trump that you have unwittingly made one more Trump supporter. Keep up your awful work.
John Petrov (6 days ago)
If this had been Obama shaking hands with Kim the media would be praising the Kim regime like Castro and calling Obama a genius for giving Kim billions in hard cash for promises to denuke without checks.
Dustin Tacohands (9 days ago)
My thoughts exactly the BBC would rather start their building on fire than give anything good to Trump. It kinda amazes me how crazy people act when they dislike him.
Martin Cooney (9 days ago)
Seany, imagine for a moment if Obama had met with Kim. The greatest diplomatic breakthrough on the Korean peninsula in decades and the beeb tosses a bucket of cold sick on it. You must be so indoctrinated by this sort of cynical reporting that you actually see cold cynicism as being "positive". I suggest that you endure this awful analysis again - you appear to have altogether missed their blunt objective.
Seany x (9 days ago)
Wtf this said nothing but positive things about trump
Turbo Jones (9 days ago)
Punchy, where's punchy?
dicemanace (9 days ago)
He's probably kissing Trudeau's ass !
TeaCup (9 days ago)
Trump blows Kim then sticks it in his ass
John Dyke (9 days ago)
TeaCup (9 days ago)
dicemanace I’m getting the impression that trump likes Kim. There seems to be s bit of gayness. Just an observation.
dicemanace (9 days ago)
Man you have some crazy dreams TeaCup.
Nga Wiliams (9 days ago)
Rome was not built in a day!!
The Aquarian (8 days ago)
North Korea opposes Rome, so did apartheid South Africa, Syria, Iraq and Iran.
BSG (8 days ago)
it's called capitalism
Shaan A (9 days ago)
Mariusz Furman 1 day by medieval barbarians
Mariusz Furman (9 days ago)
Nga Wiliams How long it took to brunt it to the ground?
Gaming With Essa (9 days ago)
MrProAlaco123 it's a saying that you can't do everything in one day.
Daniel Murphy (9 days ago)
Some of you's might have to retire to your safe spaces as two Norwegian legislators have nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize
Daniel Murphy (9 days ago)
Big Wasabi Only the Norwegian Nobel Committee can nominate and decide who gets the award. Several members of Congress wrote to them about nominating Trump
Big Wasabi (9 days ago)
Daniel Murphy No you got it wrong ! He was already nominated in SWEDEN months ago but it was a prank but dumb as he is he believed it of course
Daniel Murphy (9 days ago)
Catherine Latour The two Norwegians said they'd like him to get it because it'll encourage him to stick at it and do more to help world peace. Obama got one for absolutely nothing, even he said he didn't know why he won it
Catherine Latour (9 days ago)
Daniel Murphy he would deserve it if change happens
André Soares (9 days ago)
Donald Trump 👏🇺🇸 Brasil Bolsonaro.
Scisir (9 days ago)
BBC REPORT ON THIS https://youtu.be/gTREutUsDEo Tommy's prediction removed I reuploaded it.
Theresa Beauchamp (9 days ago)
what about helping the people from North Korea??
Nunyo (8 days ago)
i don't it was discussed i this rare image of rodman, trump and kim together:) https://youtu.be/W9AJEBp8QF4
Phil Dobson (8 days ago)
North Koreans have been working on fruit farms in Poland they could come and work in UK NHS etc they probably really good at looking after old people
Daniel Murphy (9 days ago)
Theresa Beauchamp This will help them. North Koreans have been celebrating. Sanctions will be lifted and they'll be able to trade with the rest of the world instead of just China and a couple of small nations
Honorable Catsmeat (9 days ago)
A state visit and we will hand you over naked on a plate for Kim's running body guards. You deserve to be North Korean'd like a ho!
Saumma Batyacharyya (9 days ago)
What a guy
Saumma Batyacharyya (9 days ago)
@dicemanace I know I know.. I don't get why people commit suicide and I don't get why people voted for him. Fair enough I guess.
dicemanace (9 days ago)
He's fantastic I can't wait to vote for him in 2020
Mr Anonymous (9 days ago)
What have you to say on why Tommy Robinson has just been transferred to Leicester prison where the Islamic population is above 70%? The same way you have nothing to say about the child molestation infestation problem you have at the BBC. You are betrayers of we the English people.
Ibra The Conqura (9 days ago)
Mr Anonymous .. There is an English lot in prison in Riyadh .. Been accused of killing another English man over there.. He didn't want to be transferred to UK to continue his sentence.. He likes to be with Muslim inmates.. He is white English by the way... So don't worry about your lot.. Halal food will make more healthier..
Angela Renee (9 days ago)
nicksttrs (9 days ago)
Takes one to know one..
carl Marcs (9 days ago)
The aversion of possible nuclear war? this is terrible, he must keep his nukes or Trump will look successful! My butt really hurts...vote libtard!
MrProAlaco123 (9 days ago)
Honorable Catsmeat wtf are you talking about, i ask you for facts and you give me that shit
Greg Jones (9 days ago)
Angela Renee - you managed to write one word. Not bad for a butthurt feminist. Well done!
FVR (9 days ago)
says the person insulting people on the internet?
Chad K (9 days ago)
Trump and his new boyfriend
Blazed and Confused (9 days ago)
Obama and Trump in a gay relationship? Now _there's_ an image.
dicemanace (9 days ago)
Your just Jealous it wasn't Obama.
MrProAlaco123 (9 days ago)
Ahahaha. What a funny joke, your such a funny thing, you

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