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The Rise of China’s Tencent Billionaire

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Pony Ma is one of the richest people on the planet. He created Tencent, China's tech colossus and one of the ten largest companies in the world. But few signs in his early years suggest that he would become such a success. Video by Vicky Feng and Lulu Chen
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marcxie (3 hours ago)
'Pony' was more like a nickname for him in his early days. I believe he now refers himself as Ma Huateng, direct translation from his Chinese name
BITSTR3AM3R (5 hours ago)
tencent is funded and backed by the communist government of CHINA
Not surprising when you’re alone in the market !!!
K (3 days ago)
Lol so many people are pointing fingers at Tencent saying they're collecting data for the government when people have forgotten about *cough* *cough* Cambridge Analytica and Facebook
ROHIT PARAB (4 days ago)
PUBG is owned by them.
big bang (4 days ago)
whenever comes to the money thing, we want it as simple as it could be
James Bond (5 days ago)
Jing Yang has built the Chinese version of Pie Piper, the decentralized internet system. Unfortunately, it's been knocked down by the CCP government recently, which can bypass the Great Fire Wall and jump over the censorship easily ...
Groot Official (2 days ago)
wtf lol
DoubleClutch (5 days ago)
TenCent owns a majority portion of fortnite for anyone wandering
Jason M (6 days ago)
The CEO is just a puppet controlled by the Chinese government. He only has less than 10 percent of the stock share of his own company and the rest are all divided among those hypocritical communist leaders.
C N (6 days ago)
Whites are jealous
Fantasticman (8 days ago)
To be honest, probably you never think of it, the fact is Western social media companies copied WeChat a lot actually.
Patrick A. Crawley (8 days ago)
He's the head of a CCCP propaganda machine with a captive audience of 1.4bn people. With low wages and low quality infrastructure... they're still not making that much money due to hopeless inefficienc.
Mike Shinoda (8 days ago)
LOL, the true reason behind the success of Tencent has nothing to do with the innovation or popuplation number, it's all about government.
Ersan Seer (8 days ago)
Wait a second..... Wait. Is this the keyboard-playing "this is rock and roll" guy?
Ashish KC (8 days ago)
Should have talked about the gaming aspect as well with Epic! League of Legends, Fortnite!
wave 34 (9 days ago)
China is going to take over the world ... America as a superpower will be a thing of the past . . . few decades from now "are you sure america was that great? I mean look at our history book, back then they didnt even had a functioning health care system?"
孔霞 (5 days ago)
wave 34 I doubt that. They dont even have enough children to replace the aging population
s20101988 (9 days ago)
Patrick A. Crawley (8 days ago)
s20101988 現代消費主義還是傳統文化?
lowkey rookie (9 days ago)
Steven Britt (9 days ago)
Thumbs down all vids because of stupid long as always playing. I have no money for investing.
- Eth (9 days ago)
All is stolen copy/paste technology ....mostly from the US...that's not an 'entrepreneur' that's called a pirate.
Ian (3 days ago)
Do you say Burger King copy McDonald's just because they make burger?
Aaron Tan (7 days ago)
- Eth yeah sure, 0 innovation. Very confident of you. Developing countries have to do it to some extent to be self sufficient, and developed countries need them to manufacture their things, even after all those ripoffs, copycats, a lot of us company still manufacture their products in china, it's not like they dont need china at all. They do and have innovated things, but in high tech business i doubt countries like China can catch up to the us without relying to them if they do it the honest way. Saying them having no talent and innovation is just pure disrespect to those of them who did it by themselves. Technology are meant to spread and travel anyway.
- Eth (7 days ago)
US companies are not given a fair chance. The US companies (specifically their inventions) made China what it is now by pirating their designs. The whole world knows China as the copy/paste country with no talent for innovation/invention.
Aaron Tan (7 days ago)
- Eth now you can explain why us companies failed to penetrate chinese market when they're given the chance. If they didnt make any innovation and are the pure copycats i wonder why the 'real' one lose. There're some, but not all of it, and im sure us companies have also done it to a lesser extent.
J. M (9 days ago)
They forgot to mention it was with partnership with Korean gaming companies that enriched this motherf*cking company.
C. Lincoln (9 days ago)
They stole all their technology from India. India will be super power by 2020. Jai Hind!
Samuel Karlsson (9 days ago)
No, not from India. From American tech companies.
Lucan Sanchez (9 days ago)
Ten cent should bring out Counter strike for mobile. ten cent has brought out the two best pvp games for mobile gaming with pubg and valor.
Kong Wee Peh (9 days ago)
As if like Apple, Alphabets, Microsofts, Facebook, Twitter, IG.....do not send your data to NSA. :)
Aaron Tan (7 days ago)
mcdoublemaster2 last time i heard about something that cant be decrypted was on ww2, nazi germany's enigma, you might know what happened next.
Peace Forever (8 days ago)
mcdoublemaster2 Lol 😂 Encryption doesn’t always mean only the sender and the receiver can view the message. You can add a back door even there. I’m sure every other computer science student has studied about this in information security chapter.
mcdoublemaster2 (8 days ago)
Kong Wee Peh They can't because encryption. That's why the government want to shut down those companies.
becool365 (9 days ago)
We Chat is actually declining. Believe it or not Trust in Chinese goods and companies is declining, few competitors however have the luxury of being supported by their government however.
Captain Planet (9 days ago)
Commy Party: I’ll help you grow by blocking these US tech companies here in China. Pony Ma: ok, in return I’ll give you access to our data base. Commy Party: DEAL! 👍🏼
SeKToR (9 days ago)
Their games like League of Legends or PUBG actively collects information of their international users for the Chinese government. Do not purchase or use any Tencent products. 0
Ian (3 days ago)
Do not use facebook. They sell information to Russia. LoL
Aaron Tan (7 days ago)
SeKToR or facebook, or others, or dont trust your gov?, it's not limited to tencent. Snowden, cambridge analytica with facebook have proven it. Seems naive
lone warrior (9 days ago)
Connecting culture with tech is amazing
ghost (9 days ago)
Double Mas, Jack Ma, Pony Ma
Yan Li (5 days ago)
Ma =Muhammad in Chinese
JJ (6 days ago)
ghost that’s mars
Yonoume (9 days ago)
Funny how this man uses the power of inspirations rather than innovation to gain his wealth
caulfield (9 days ago)
+Yonoume What do you mean by "without a doubt it is a institutional property"? Also, as far as I know, Cambridge Analytica acquired data through surveys using facebook profiles. The controversy was due to how the survey takers were never told how their data was going to be used. Facebook did not, as far as I've heard, just give them information.
Yonoume (9 days ago)
Like what? specifically? After the controversy over Facebook exploitation of User Data, they provided the Cambridge Analytica with a gargantuan amount of Information that they can use, without a doubt it is an Institutional Property, but what if those were given to something more influential?
Cool Cool (9 days ago)
Some American Internet giants such as Facebook are imitating him.
Tim Tam's (9 days ago)
Also lets the government spy on its citizens easily.
THE COOL GUY HERE (9 days ago)
always is, always will
Tim Tam's (9 days ago)
China is not a democratic country its run by a communist dictatorship lol.
Just a Knight (9 days ago)
Tim Tam's Well it's the law of China to spy on it's citizens.
孔霞 (9 days ago)
One app for everything would be a nightmare.
孔霞 (1 day ago)
Yun Fu no one knows what the Taiwanese economy is like..
K (3 days ago)
Lol no it isn't have you used WeChat? I can order food on my phone and simultaneously order a taxi to get there, when that's done i can go to the restaurant, scan my QR code on the phone and the food is already done. Then i can just pay at the table im sat by scanning the QR sticker they put down, it's possible to actually do this without any human interaction if you wanted to. A friend couldn't pay for the meal? No problem I can pay for it, they can then pay me back all through the same app.
Yun Fu (4 days ago)
孔霞 yea nightmarish like that Taiwanese economy lol
Allen Allen (5 days ago)
They work for the government
孔霞 (8 days ago)
da jetmiko I dont do everything on there. I limit shopping online. I never order food. You can go incognito. You can clear your history. Like the proper way where you can erase all your info.
SIX ACT (9 days ago)
He failed many years many times but the result is satisfying
Fad Vortex (9 days ago)
STC (9 days ago)
People know his game tho. He bought LOL
Computerman 21 (9 days ago)
What about Jack ma?
C. Lincoln (9 days ago)
related? got the same ma?
THE COOL GUY HERE (9 days ago)
xml (9 days ago)
Chris Song (9 days ago)
Another business man who founded Alibaba.
pluvs (9 days ago)
tldr: he copied some western shit cus he cant make his own ideas, the chinese gov helped and killed off western companies in china so no competition, it grew so big because of chinese population
ro pro (9 days ago)
You neglected to mention that they flourished in the social media space because the big ones (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) were blocked from entering China.
Yun Fu (4 days ago)
ro pro u forgot to mention that Facebook and Twitter doesn’t even come close in function and convenience to WeChat lol , and of course they block foreign services that won’t store data in the original country, retard lol
Benjamin Rosen (6 days ago)
Yes, and the result is that China has some of the largest and most successful tech companies in the world, capturing hundreds of billions of dollars of value and massively adding to the technological development of the country. China is following Japan, Taiwan, Korea (Asia) and Europe before it by using protectionism combined with export incentives to rise to the top of the global value chain.
I don't care (8 days ago)
i can see why the west never get china right. they are just completely ignorant about everything happened in china, and overly arrogant about their own competence. QQ was launched in 1998, and it had to compete with MSN messenger and myspace, which were really popular at that time, to become the most influential social media giant in china. at the time facebook was even invented in 2004, Tencent's QQ had already had over 300 million active users in china, when china had only 500 millions internet users. facebook stands no chance to compete with Tencent in china, not to mention later coming twitter.
jojoinhere (8 days ago)
Learn Chinese if you want to make Chinese money. Westerners are hypocrite
MrMentalSoul (9 days ago)
The Chinese rarely have ideas or innovations of their own. Every other smartphone, for example, that comes out of China is a blatant "clone" or "knock-off" of another company's product.
Jude Lau (15 hours ago)
And yet, they're winning.
智原子 (2 days ago)
The Chinese have invented too many things. It’s just that you didn't investigate. The rocket is one of them.
K (3 days ago)
Knock off? Please the West is trying to knock off Wechat's success of QR payments, Android and Apple pay don't even come close. What part of phones like Huawei are knock offs? I don't see any phone right now with 3 dedicated cameras that give 5x hybrid optical zoom or a dedicated night mode that can beat any phone on earth with low light shots?? When Chinese companies add features featured in other phones they get called out on being a knock off but when Apple does it like adding Wireless Charging, OLED displays, edge to edge displays they get away with it. You should grow u
Sainnhe Park (6 days ago)
So stop clone wechat and alipay please, especially e-commerce mode like mobile payment.
C N (8 days ago)
MrMentalSoul only losers complain about methodology. Are you complaining?
David Igandan (9 days ago)
Chris Song (9 days ago)
At first, may be true. But not now.
J DP (9 days ago)
Hahaha "cloned"
World Of Gavin (9 days ago)
World Of Gavin (9 days ago)
陈士杰 (9 days ago)
Tencent has a very close relationship with the Chinese authority, Ma is a running dog of the Chinese Communist Party.
Yun Fu (4 days ago)
陈士杰 better then a western dog like Taiwan tho , wolf wolf
Aaron Tan (7 days ago)
Both are bad no one is better, just in case you forget and think the west is far cleaner than the prc
Aaron Tan (7 days ago)
As if it is not the same in the west, snowden didnt get exiled for nothing.
C N (8 days ago)
陈士杰 so are Boeing in the US, being actually the weapon
ghost (9 days ago)
x ml 那又怎樣? 在中國女人小孩晚上絕對安全單獨行動, 犯罪如果犯案搶劫, 強姦, 偷竊, 中國天眼看得一清二楚, 犯罪無法可逃. 的確我們沒有所謂的民主自由但在一個十四億人口的國家, 就是要這樣治國. 你不喜歡大可以移民到中東, 歐美, 毒販四處可見, 寬容犯罪的西方
Tyler Barker (9 days ago)
TGB, Use Tencent in china, use Tencent in everwhere but America. I'll put it on it. TGB Switzerland is a good place for it, TGB the way i mean it. Use Tencent in every country except america.
Mark Travis (6 days ago)
Tyler Barker do you know English lololol
Champagne Papi (9 days ago)
England just took the L
Link_ 82 (9 days ago)
Hahahha it aint comming home
SBW's Shoulder (9 days ago)
Just like America taking Ls everyday.
DragonPlays (9 days ago)
Bigger L against Belguim

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