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Fake SSA & Fake CRA& Feat Unknown Baiter

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Warning...Bad Language Alert , (Feat Unknown scam-baiter)
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MaltaMcMurchy (2 days ago)
"ma'am, please don't fire me" 😂
Thanks for stopping by 😊
Gary Smedley (24 days ago)
These dumb jerks are only able to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.
thanks for watching Gary :)
Deez Nutz (2 months ago)
this idiot sounds drunk or high or both...either way i wanna kick him in his nutz
Poirot (3 months ago)
Omg I I didn't think that someone could be as stupid and ignorant as that first scammer. It is amusing and scary at the same time.
If you think that was scary than watch my Fake SSA Full conversation I did a day after this I got the whole story from him. But you know me, he got a piece of me right along with it!
Oliver Aseroth (3 months ago)
Good grief, you sure got some weird scanners on this video, looks like they don't want money, they just want to argue. The conference call was fun.Great stuff ....
Oliver Aseroth yeah they were some real dick heads that day , not interested in money 💰 because I primed them real good before I started recording 😂get a little extra bang 💥 for my buck per say lol
Tarri Mount (3 months ago)
U are great I am learning how to scambait I am trying to put the phone calls on u tube . U are great I use firertc I made to many calls and they lock me out I hope they let me because I am having a lot of fun.
Tarri Mount welcome to the fight and you can just create another FireRtc account you don't have to wait . And thank you as you will see most of my videos are me being Queens , but there is videos that are rated R lol I just have no patience with the scammers
laurel lango (3 months ago)
Omg this 1st goat smelling lowlife idiot is straight up DRUNK... These lowlife idiots from India want so bad to be like we Americans bcuz they're always using our American names... Lol they always give themselves away at the end.. Stupid rundi's👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Little Peace (3 months ago)
"What do you mean? What do you mean?" Francine, I love the way you took it to them 👊 👏👏
Little Peace thank you Lil Peace 🤗
DavyBoy007 (3 months ago)
If a single one of the scammers you addressed here has ever pulled off a successful scam, I'd be surprised since they are all bottom of the barrel bums. This is a very entertaining video that really shows how worthless the scammers are. You handled them very appropriately, Francine.
DavyBoy007 thank you 😊 Davy
I think he was drunk lol he seems to forget which scam he is answering for
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
Your SS# has been compromised, your income tax is not filled, you have filed for payday loans, and "anything like that". 😂🤣😅 The lazy stupid 🐐 goat f**ker threw scam pasta at the wall, hoping some of it would stick. And yes, he definitely sounded drunk, 🍻 🥂 🍷 🥃 🍸 & he seemed a little lonely, too.
dana becker (3 months ago)
OJAS (3 months ago)
Thanks Francine, have a Great Day!☺ Generally Russian females use -ova, males -ov, like Romanova, Romanov
Ismail Ali (3 months ago)
This is scammer game.
Brian Larkin (3 months ago)
That fake SSA agent probable did not know his lines or what he was suppose to do. It is hard to believe that some actually fall for these scams. It has to be the elderly, who want to do the right thing. Give them HELL Francine That question "How can I help you?' is incorrect English. It should be " How may I help you?'" How about correcting them every time they ask "How can I help you?'
Brian Larkin I will correct them next time

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