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Text Comments (20538)
D&B Nation (1 year ago)
Serena Williams (3 days ago)
D&B Nation just right to handle a situation"
Tateka Davis (5 days ago)
D&B Nation to do a lot I will have a look at it and see how you were feeling better day today and I can do it again and I can do it on the weekend so I'm gonna try and get a chance of rain but it was a pleasure meeting you today but I'm not freaking awesome thanks for the info you need for your time and 😣😣 the inside is you can come to the office in your help with my mom to do is get it back to talk about it and send you t the people that are in a few minutes late but I think it on the couch and I have to do is go back if interested please feel the same page and the people are in my thoughts and will get you thei the inside of your help in the future I will have a few minutes late to talk
Jalen Kinney (7 days ago)
I fucking could not stop 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Kelvin Williams (25 days ago)
That is fuck up fuck him men like dame😭👿👎
April MakeUp World!! (8 hours ago)
Tooooo FAR!!!!!!
Brittany Blakely (9 hours ago)
Kazyious Lanier (15 hours ago)
damien ran up them stairs fast
Kazyious Lanier (15 hours ago)
he was pretecting his wife
Sylvester Mull (17 hours ago)
red bone lane ent. my nigga said u aint leaveing with his wife I love that shit I was ready to grab my 9
J Dubb (21 hours ago)
Damn dis nigga pulled out the heater to protect his girl and threw some money at the nigga.......shit aleast we know what he would have did if it was a real situation.....shit done went overboard he was about to put 30 rounds in this nigga
Philip the Lion (23 hours ago)
Damien came out with the heat
Nathanga Espinoza (1 day ago)
My name is Nathana
abstract Soul48 (1 day ago)
Lowkey you never supposed to hold a gun like that
London Jackson (1 day ago)
Mane grabbed the glock
Jamal Jefferson (1 day ago)
You go take this 30 tip my nigga
Fortnite God (1 day ago)
The fatty was doing to much
sev schwar (1 day ago)
You forgot to clear the chamber
Pocahontas _NYC (1 day ago)
“Get the Strap”🤣
Nokapp Jay (1 day ago)
That nigga went and got the strap he wasn't playing
Bobby Trevino (2 days ago)
That nigga got a expanded mag
samuel perez (2 days ago)
That tell that he really loves biannca and her mom
K&K&A 4 Life (4 days ago)
Shot Dead
Jackson eastfame (4 days ago)
Amazing Husband stood right for his family but I'm just wondering what if he had a secret 🔫 and just put it out and squeeze 🤔🤔
Audrey Deweese (4 days ago)
You know this fucker gonna be there for Bianca 💍💍👌🏻
gio Diaz (5 days ago)
Oh shit
Javon Vital (5 days ago)
hat was fucked up but funny
Queenbee1 (5 days ago)
I kinda feel bad 😔
Queenbee1 (5 days ago)
How do u know them?
Queenbee1 (5 days ago)
Lol he mad!!!
Crystal .Forealz (5 days ago)
She made sure Damien couldn’t. Have actually shot bullets
KayKay's T.V. (5 days ago)
They should've did this while Biannca was pregnant with Kyrie
Jay Shuler (5 days ago)
Liliana Tartaglia (6 days ago)
That was not a good prank Damien could of shot and killed that other guy not a good prank
Couldn’t been me I would of pop his ass with a clear shot 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Wolf Playz (6 days ago)
Who counted how many times he said nigga?
Keisha Sprott (6 days ago)
damien got that 30 round mag
Matteo Lott (6 days ago)
This was so good, I don't even have the clitorius to watch the part where she gotta tell him it's a prank, I Terrified of the damn reaction, holy fuck!
Claudia Henning (6 days ago)
This ain’t gone wrong lol bc my husband would of shot him
Damonte Jackson (6 days ago)
Y'all took to long to say it was a prank I would have Pop that nigga but funny
Lanlan Bryant (7 days ago)
Is that Airi’s Mom ?
Marcowitz (7 days ago)
Nigga x100 Get off me x50 lmao
Fearless Legacy (7 days ago)
Geez Damien not being rude but your girl was crying telling you to put the gun down. If you don't want problems with her ya should've done it. But anyway I'm glad that if it was to be a real home invasion you would be straight up prepared to jump somebody 😂😂 love you all!!❤️
Yusra Raja (7 days ago)
So much screaming in this vid, my ears are bleeding.
Jacky Hernandez (7 days ago)
why Damien have a gun 🔫
Kevin Hollins (7 days ago)
He got that gun
blacc widow (7 days ago)
He knew it was a prank
blacc widow (4 days ago)
William Eavesjr seriously who would let this go on so long with a real weapon involved without saying hey it's time to stop before someone dies. And black shirt girl face could not act at all. But I guess it's for fun...
William Eavesjr (4 days ago)
blacc widow crazy shit
meme king (7 days ago)
Get off of me!×10
지민신 (8 days ago)
What is with the money throwing? 0.0
Amber de Leon (8 days ago)
Bruh he needs anger management Fr ...
Keith Tillman (8 days ago)
He could’ve got shot foreal tho
Tiffany Monique (8 days ago)
Team D.. He was no joke n he said YOU ARE NOT LEAVING WITH MY Wife
DeMarcus Dates (8 days ago)
He was not playing
kane lockey (9 days ago)
do yall really think this was real? theres nooooo way they would have kept this prank going for that long knowing that theres a slight chance that Damien could have pulled the trigger at his head thats fact! if he didn't know they would have told him instantly to put the gun down its just a prank lol i know if i was the guy wearing the mask i would have told him in a heartbeat and i know 99% of y'all would aswell.. the other 1% are just dumb motherfuckers that dont have 2 brain cells to rub together lol
Bertha Gladney (9 days ago)
Let him cool off... Give him a minute
That’s not even funny are stupid nigga a gun your dumb
KondadCF (9 days ago)
I woulda just shot the other girl for annoying me lmao
MatthewB (9 days ago)
Bruh I thought that dude was 50 cent who else at first glimpse
Ashanti Shelton (9 days ago)
Black people always got a gun 😂😂😂😂
l p (10 days ago)
He was about to empty the clip on em 😂 my man
MAHARI JÄE’S WORLD (10 days ago)
When Damien ran up dem steps ouuu I was out on da floor !!😂😂
golden money youtuber (10 days ago)
team b and d
vtreaster04 (10 days ago)
This a thirty clip
XpertJD42 (10 days ago)
Take that shit and bounce nigga
Nae Nae (11 days ago)
Lmao, yall see how fast he flew to his room to get his gun😂
Coolmeham Brick Bronze (11 days ago)
TheRachelwifey (11 days ago)
That one coulda got serious real quick wowww
jaylen Sistrunk (11 days ago)
Can we do a "nigga" count
Madeleine Cherizard (11 days ago)
The men got a poper
Jennifer Paul (11 days ago)
legend still says D is still saying nigga
Laura Legg (12 days ago)
Bouns my nigga
Shawn Johnson (12 days ago)
Mr go Get it (12 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 got him
mafia tv (12 days ago)
I love you team Bianca
mafia tv (12 days ago)
mafia tv (12 days ago)
Hi I love you team Bianca
melanie rivera (12 days ago)
He was saying the n word every single time
BLUU (12 days ago)
whe he said hold the gun im ded
Kayla Hemingway (12 days ago)
Omg straight up gangster 💰💰🔫🔫💑👑
Kevin Greaves (12 days ago)
I Would run
The fornite prodigy (12 days ago)
The only thing I heard was nigga!!
Bluesome Potato (13 days ago)
Nikisha Mitchell (13 days ago)
That prank very dangerous he could of shot this man and got life in prison. Ain't no do over with death. They should have been stopped that when shit got real.
pablo ngtr (13 days ago)
Jayswag 123 (13 days ago)
Damien bout to put that 30 clip to his head
Asaad Kekoa Little (13 days ago)
Bro I'd dead ass punch the shit out of Janette that bitch stupid asf
Rebecca Smirh (13 days ago)
broooo if i was damien i would of pushed the fat bitch off of me and shoot her
anjo morelo (14 days ago)
Take a drink whenever damien says what's good my n*gga
SupremeSushi (15 days ago)
This isnt even funny-
Kay & Jay Journee (15 days ago)
why he keep saying my nigga
Chris Vaughn (15 days ago)
he needs a woman that doesn't feed into his temper tantrums
that is a real gun who hold her husband a glock 17 with more bullets in it?
NO SUBSCRIBER (16 days ago)
When your whole life is a frank
Princesses kk Y (16 days ago)
You guys are such good actors
layla moore (16 days ago)
If this was real they wouldn’t have had it go on for so long when they pulled the gun out
ShadowKnox Brony (16 days ago)
That’s how you hold your gun 😂😂😂😂 not proper technique
z z (17 days ago)
tHATS why u keep it on u at all times even in da house in yo pocket whatever but he aint have it like that i guess cause he not living in the bad part of the city
Ayriana Freeman (18 days ago)
Gerry Murao Jr (18 days ago)
D was really finna empty dat 30 round clip on his ass 😭.
bout to be 2018 (18 days ago)
Damn y’all house is a set up fr it only one exit door smfh if that ever to happen y’all shit out of luck unless y’all jump out the window
Sunny Justice Bey (19 days ago)
That could have gone totally wrong
southwest davonte (19 days ago)
Someone lows could've got killed
Kemseng Jabbi (19 days ago)
Que tipo de princareira é essa?
yosemite ca (19 days ago)
This pranks she full of shit you just don’t do that I swear the money is getting to you babygirl
chynah doll (20 days ago)
Y I've never seen this 😂😂😂 long as I've been watching this

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