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Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

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“This is America” by Childish Gambino http://smarturl.it/TcIgA Director: Hiro Murai Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein tour tickets and merchandise available at childishgambino.com
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Andrew Terrell (2 seconds ago)
How many of you just now got this after watching it 20 times over
NadLazzies HD (28 seconds ago)
Pablo #MafiaEspartana (53 seconds ago)
xxx boii (1 minute ago)
1'69' views
Ilya Rogovcev (2 minutes ago)
This is world.(
Axis L (3 minutes ago)
Типичная ситуация на донбасе
Familia Montano (3 minutes ago)
When ur Fortnite teammates suck 1:23
Gobbl dygook (4 minutes ago)
*V i c t o r y R o y a l e*
dora jordan (4 minutes ago)
He tells no lies.
Mr. Plow (4 minutes ago)
Reminds me of fk comedy
H3MY (4 minutes ago)
tiz iz e sit
Ringga Arsawijaya (4 minutes ago)
He's never freeze
Steckezz 228 (5 minutes ago)
А отчего этак немало дизов????
shltr (5 minutes ago)
MathPvPBr (5 minutes ago)
Francine Bräkling (5 minutes ago)
Sermulu! (5 minutes ago)
Is This America ???
nightdweller1993 (5 minutes ago)
2:33 Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
SIGNATURE OF LOVE (6 minutes ago)
This is the Realest shit EVER!!!! He forgot to add Ass and titties in this....
armani simon (8 minutes ago)
Why was there chickens on the floor when theybwas dancing???
Lando <3
очччень круто
Esther Yanez (3 minutes ago)
Where did that handgun come from??
DIZZELKINGZ ass (10 minutes ago)
Nope this is car park
-HaVoC- OFFICIAL (10 minutes ago)
2:04 He looks like CoryXKenshin from behind XD
Oh shit, that'a true.
Andreas Bettinger (10 minutes ago)
otegadamagic (10 minutes ago)
Lyrical visuals! He didnt even have to say anything
Іван Гузьо (10 minutes ago)
America through the eyes of Russians Америка очами российских América a través de los ojos de los rusos
Fiachi XxX (11 minutes ago)
зис ис америка
Nicolas Yuri (11 minutes ago)
Derpthing (12 minutes ago)
In the whole video I can only love the fact that a AE86 is in this video
Young Alex (12 minutes ago)
I think is song is trying to tell us all something instead of goi n kill 50 people that didnt do nothing to you you should go n talk to somebody this man is trying to tell us that stop video recording shit that you look happening n go stop it stop trying to figure out what the new dance is going to be next month n help stop this bs that is going on right now you can’t even go out the house thinking that you might get hit be a bullet if some people stop being racist n shit this world would be better then it is now
Adisson (13 minutes ago)
Why is sza always sitting on something 😂😂😂
Олег Беркут (13 minutes ago)
Спасибо за мем
wesley canvot (13 minutes ago)
this is france
Arydox TM (14 minutes ago)
Divine Being (14 minutes ago)
why he always perform with his shirt off
EpicJoi15 (14 minutes ago)
If you dance with the music its actually not that dark anymore.
Dude Monord (14 minutes ago)
Donald Trump New Theme Song!!
Bolt11051 (15 minutes ago)
Where coryxkenshin was the whole time
tobias gonzales (15 minutes ago)
Everything about me is true.
Fulton Ralph (15 minutes ago)
Make me my own
배틀피카 (16 minutes ago)
Mother Father1987 (16 minutes ago)
2018 version of the 'Be humble' video😌
fordgt402 (16 minutes ago)
cloudx15x (17 minutes ago)
I understand the message.. it was kinda funny.. but.. that's not Rap
Familia Montano (8 minutes ago)
And that's so because Gambino is delivering a message throughout his song. and that's true rap. And you may say he isn't rapping because now you hear most rappers rap in rymes or they're about drugs and foreigns and money. So i don't blame you that much 'Ight?
Familia Montano (12 minutes ago)
cloudx15x if 2pac was still alive he'd say that Childish Gambino is the only great artist (besides Kenderick) that can actually rap.
도자 (17 minutes ago)
This is the best video ever in 2018!!
VIOLET MULENGA (18 minutes ago)
will from reaction is in this video
Habbechi Omar (18 minutes ago)
the message of this song the racism too black person
APPIX RO. (19 minutes ago)
This is Russia =)))) jk
Ultimate dragon9000 (19 minutes ago)
Temporary Idiot (20 minutes ago)
Is that one of the four horsemen?? War!!!
Whiteneguh26 (20 minutes ago)
This is pubg
Trybson (20 minutes ago)
YAHCHI BEATS (21 minutes ago)
This is the true mind of America: 2 Timothy 3:2 New King James Version (NKJV) 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
just a random person (21 minutes ago)
ody sass (22 minutes ago)
I can't help myself hearing that MW2 Magnum sound when he shots at 0:52
Adriano Marques (23 minutes ago)
Woooow! ❤️
Ben Jones (23 minutes ago)
I just appreciate the fact this was shot on film. Keep it alive!
Dude named Samu (24 minutes ago)
This is not hot
Lol Lol (24 minutes ago)
2:04 is iconic
Who touched my SPAGET (27 minutes ago)
I got chills on the 1 2 3 get down part damn
Jakebutts55 (27 minutes ago)
Better than lil pump
прогб богиб (28 minutes ago)
VIN JSVAM (28 minutes ago)
The 17s /remember..
JMPots (28 minutes ago)
The message of the song is all good and stuff but HE KILLED THOSE MOVES THO.🔥🔥🔥
Никто (31 minutes ago)
Good thing
Zachary Eaton (31 minutes ago)
disgusting. Not my america, this fool is an embarrassment to the USA. he needs to be punch
Video.Nilamy Com Team (31 minutes ago)
This is not only in America
Live Watch Pro (32 minutes ago)
Abigail Harvey (32 minutes ago)
I love this so much, His boys are gonna grow up to know their father as a strong black man rapping about the realest shit and being an inspiration to so many people. Love ya Donald!!
Caynguin (33 minutes ago)
I hope this video gets more views than despacito
Dimas Ace (33 minutes ago)
When your whole teammates are suck 1:23
Omni Wolf (33 minutes ago)
Why is there no representation of white people in this video? Not multicultural enough and racist, disliked.
Xander Delco (34 minutes ago)
Am I the only person that notice when they were on the cars and it was zoomed out there was a person wearing hat holding water bottles
Timothy J. Roberts (35 minutes ago)
They way this video is shot is a favorite. The live action one-takes, even though it's a few cut-together takes, that are painting a bigger message, whether it's darker or something less contrasted, maybe just kind of humorous (like Vampire Weekend's "Oxford Comma" video). There's something about doing all that work to grab your attention to get you to really listen to a message that makes you pay the attention and think. Mmmm it's nice.
Настя Соколова (35 minutes ago)
Avocado (35 minutes ago)
This is quite deep man... I can't even laugh at all...
ESSKEETIT GUCCI (36 minutes ago)
cade os BR ? que vieram ouvir so pq tao falando pra d+ dessa musica ?
Esther Yanez (36 minutes ago)
Is that the guy from key and peel singing the choir group
Wendy Ayres (36 minutes ago)
his dance moves are wett💦💦💦
MrBugz (36 minutes ago)
Gambino reminds me of joseph seed idk why
MONSTER KLABAL (38 minutes ago)
манда єбана
Yournero (39 minutes ago)
hahahahahha just found out that when he shots at 0:53 guy after getting headshot stands up a bit and than falls :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Jollybel L (39 minutes ago)
Так вот кто захватил все российские мемы
Mohammed Gaddafi (39 minutes ago)
Actully This is Kinda Fucked Up When He Say's *This is America*
Have to admit. The beat is nice.
jonas rodrigues (40 minutes ago)
YodA (40 minutes ago)
This is America 🔫
ADXM (40 minutes ago)
osteoporosis is real😂
Davo XD (40 minutes ago)
Jace Parker (41 minutes ago)
this song makes me wanna put a ruler next to my bed and see how long i sleep
June Fyrose (42 minutes ago)
3:50 when you playing roblox jailbreak and a hundred cops come chasing you
latest music (43 minutes ago)
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Matthew Riola (44 minutes ago)
Solo squad be like 1:55
noel campos (44 minutes ago)
Its a meme now
Jose Acosta (44 minutes ago)
Will from FBE and React channel
Jose Acosta (45 minutes ago)
Yo 41 dat face tho 😂

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