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Garlic Healing~ Detoxify The Mind, Body & Soul by Increasing Garlic Intake~ Awakening~

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Garlic can provide the body with total harmony, from the head to the feet. Quite miraculous it is if we press into the raw garlic. Cooked garlic does not contain the phytonutrients that raw garlic contains. My videos are not instructional, and make no claims of anything~ They are simply for educational purposes only. IF one is extremely ill, please seed the advice of a natural health care provider before learning to get healthy through natural means. I shot this video last week, and simply did not release it, and am going to make shorter versions of this, in hopes that more people watch it. This is not my favorite video, but maybe it will in fact help someone else, as that is the reason I make these videos in the first place. Thank you~ I am grateful to you~ Have a wonderful day.
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Tamara Zinsmeister (3 days ago)
I use this stuff called Heartdrops ! It’s pure garlic ! The stuff is amazing! Love you’re channel !
Deborah Childs (8 days ago)
Yes I have heard that garlic is effective in getting rid of these diseases like herpes and many sexually transmitted diseases.
Deborah Childs (8 days ago)
So do u recommend not eating meat. I am getting ready to stop eating beef. I stopped eating pork years ago. I eat turkey, fish, and chicken right now.
Deborah Childs (8 days ago)
No I do not worry about the odor of garlic. The benefits of eating it is tremendous. I love it. I will keep taking garlic. I do not care. Yes. I started to add baking soda to my bath water. But garlic is amazing.
André Green (8 days ago)
Garlic is extremely toxic to the human body and should never be consumed it distroys brain cells causes depression and anxiety it puts holes in your colon. It's great as a insecticide to protect plants etc but should not be consumed. Yogis knew the the bad effects of garlic on the the mind and forbid it's use when mediating, I gave up garlic and my depression and anxiety disappeared, give it up for 3 weeks and you will never go back. Check out what Andreas Morits says about garlic
amy cutson (5 days ago)
Garlic is recommended for Candida. He is full of ,,,,,,,,,
Sheryl Swann (10 days ago)
Excellent. Thanks for sharing. I eat garlic daily but not as much as I should according to your presentation. I can say it makes me feel energized. I guess that means it iincreases my vibrations.
Tracey Tatum (11 days ago)
3 green apples 1/4 onion 5 garlic cloves---drink fast---will feel better in minutes
Dinh Dover (12 days ago)
Don't forget!!! It Keeps the Vampires from Your Door.
Inid O'fty (14 days ago)
The 4/5 cloves a day did more for me in 5 days than garlic supplements did in 10 years.
Amulon Leo Zarraga (16 days ago)
ORGANIC APPLE CEDAR VINEGAR...is all we need garlic is only a plan b
Delton Shirley (16 days ago)
%. Not happy with this app and it was not worth the download but the update and I am happy to help
lavarocky (17 days ago)
I spent one month focussing on eating raw garlic with my meals 60 bulbs I went through mind you 1/3 I cooked my blood pressure my cholesterol to normal I have not been anywhere being sick and that was five months ago I plan to do it again
Delton Shirley (17 days ago)
%. Not happy with this app and it was not worth the download but the update and I am happy to help
Lena Reagon (20 days ago)
Enjoyed this video. Thank you for sharing. And the advise is spot on. Wish more people realized what you are teaching. I try sharing information with family & friends. They all think that I am nuts for using herbal instead of synthetic drugs for healing. Say that I'm strange or a witch....ok,,,this one is at least lucid and not suffering from pharmaceutical poisoning. I am alone in my world.
Jamila Yasmine Bey (24 days ago)
Thank you, I used to incorporate garlic into my carrot juice every morning and afternoon and I forgot all about doing this. Thank you for this great information, very positive vibes by the way!
Taykn (1 month ago)
what does garlic do for varicose veins?????? the ropy thick kind.
gustavo orellana (1 month ago)
Thanks 😃😄😃🍍🍐🍌🍈🍓🍓🍉
Jesse Gunn (1 month ago)
Started taking raw garlic because of the benefits for almost 2 years and never felt better can live without now
Musafireen Ramadhan (1 month ago)
wOnderful gArlic is really one among the herbal medicine as per verses of the Holy Quran
Garlic is a poison... It Poisons the left and right brain hemispheres
amy cutson (5 days ago)
hardly. Only if you are over-sensitive to garlic. Peanuts can be poisonous too.
Duane Davidson (1 month ago)
all fast food is poison but we still eat it !!
DERRICK W (1 month ago)
Wonderful, I am start using what you are useing what you are saying. I am eating a piece if garlic twice a day and turmic with pepper and honey twice a day. I am taking Black seed oil and a teaspoon of coconut oil twice a day. I AM SEEING AND FEELING A GREAT DIFFERENCE! THANK YOU! I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE 1/1/2018.
Hugo Vargas (1 month ago)
Awesome video! I consume garlic in the morning with water. Gosh it's very spicy. I feel grreat though. I'm almost 40 years of age, many people tell me I look 25-28 years of age. I give garlic the credit. Thanks again for the wisdom👍
Tanya Fabuluje (2 months ago)
Thanks again for yor wonderful information & you have a lovely voice i enjoy listening toooo!!!!
Tanya Fabuluje (2 months ago)
Hi can it help with incontinence issues? ????!!!! ,anyway great! Truly Enjoyed!
Ella Warren (3 months ago)
Great Video I have been eating Garlic for over a year and a half now I feel a lot of the Benefits in my body like Arthris,Weight,less Pain and Stiffness just a few also eating healthy foods also is helping me get off medications with effects .Thank you
Dee Davis (3 months ago)
Garlic destroys all your body issues
Dee Davis (3 months ago)
Garlic has made me pain free for 5 month
Dee Davis (3 months ago)
Try making garlic water it goes right to the blood stream
Moist Andy (3 months ago)
It is fantastic how much better your body feels after purging the toxic buildup using certain plants. I woke up hungover and drank like 6 garlic cloves in carrot juice with cayenne chilies and now I’m going to ride my bike for the first time in weeks.
Lady Butterfly (4 months ago)
I love listening to you, very intelligent. love your energy
Truther333 (4 months ago)
I connect to God..Jesus not food but will tell you this..been eating fresh cloves for the last 2 days..I chop 2 cloves and put it into a tablespoon and fill the tablespoon with extra virgin olive oil then eat this...and after I drink apple cider vinegar ( a tablespoon) and drink it..wash it down with fresh squeezed lemon water..the water is luke warm or cold and its non fluoride added distilled...then I down a tablespoon of raw unfiltered honey... I have not felt this good in years! I'm 50 years old and have all kinds of issues physically...like fibromyalgia and arthritis...and I feel great. I also have been flushing my colon since doing this...its a miracle.
arno robin werkman (4 months ago)
i eat a whole bulb of garlic every morning, by chewing 3 or 4 gloves a time for a few seconds and swallowing it, or my favorite, 6 gloves of garlic blended with the white slime of aloevera and a little natural honey, it cured my bronchitis that the hospital said was acute and uncurrable.
Lana Paul (25 days ago)
arno robin werkman i am trying the combination you gave but cannot keep it in i throw up everytime i try to take it
nissargadatta (4 months ago)
So why all the info out there saying that allicin production peaks at 10 - 15 mins on oxydation?
Meaza Ghebremicael (4 months ago)
Thank you for your wonderful and helpful information. Garlic is one of my favorites. I add garlic in my daily diet.
ChArLiE BeAtZ (4 months ago)
I just hit the 600th like.
ChArLiE BeAtZ (4 months ago)
I like the sacred-geometry
ChArLiE BeAtZ (4 months ago)
Bro, you are freaking awesome!!!
ChArLiE BeAtZ (4 months ago)
I started sleeping next to my garlic, so i can just reach over and eat a clove.
ChArLiE BeAtZ (4 months ago)
I also have been eating entire lemons and oranges, with the peel and seeds. I'm feeling awesome!
ChArLiE BeAtZ (4 months ago)
My body was in so much pain, everywhere and i ate tons of garlic the other day, I'm already feeling way better. Backpain, hemorrhoids are all feeling way better
Anthea Elms (3 days ago)
ChArLiE BeAtZ v
ChArLiE BeAtZ (4 months ago)
You are smart. It really is good stuff
Michelle Robinson (4 months ago)
Omg. ! , awesome video ! , really enjoyed all of this info, thank you so much for sharing , I'm a new subscriber Bless you ❤️👏
Marco Z (4 months ago)
Zero evidence to support any of this
Nigel St Cyr (5 months ago)
What about the claims that its very toxic and bad for you
amy cutson (5 days ago)
only if you have a sensitivity to it, sort of like peanuts,
Joe Bova (5 months ago)
This was great thank you !
siena Del (5 months ago)
Awesome !!!!
Tracey Tatum (5 months ago)
I believe some of the wick things that go on is due to our consumption of "poisoned food" affecting our mental state---eat fast food for a month and see if you become depressed or violent
Sheila Williamson (5 months ago)
quran taxfiid online (6 months ago)
Infact, when you take with vitamin c, it's 120 cure for erectile dysfunction. It will make you champion in the bed.
MERCEDESBENZS600 S500 (1 month ago)
guriga hanuunka How exactly would I take it and with what kind of vitamin C...
quran taxfiid online (6 months ago)
Thanks brother I had been using this remedy. I use to hate it. But now I am addicted to it.
LovingAtlanta (6 months ago)
🤔💡Since I finished my 16 day water fast a few days ago my body has been craving a little bit raw garlic but mainly I want sautéed onion & garlic every day with dinner. I ate garlic sometimes before the fast and would even eat it raw sometimes alone, with a little bit of honey or raw on salads but I rarely ate onions for years before fasting, (mainly no raw onions because they made my stomach hurt) and now I can’t get enough. I wish I knew the medical, spiritual or scientific reasons why my body specifically wants this now. 🤔
Darrel House (6 months ago)
you must chop up garlic and let sit 15 to 20 min. to release the allisin. i take 5 cloves every morning..great stuff
Rosie Smick (12 days ago)
Juicing help the body to absorb without working the body. You can save the fiber and eat it an hour after you drink the juice or save it and use it in cooking or making other meals.
Mary Clark (2 months ago)
Mary Clark (2 months ago)
Darrel House probably.
Lisa Crowe (7 months ago)
Thank you. :)
jon levesque sr (7 months ago)
I didn't see the part 2
Ralph Basarath (4 months ago)
jon levesque s
jon levesque sr (7 months ago)
I watched a lot of garlic is bad videos.......wow I don't know
Tola Alegbeleye (7 months ago)
Spirit man...
R. Mellow (7 months ago)
Very good break down thank you
Renee Schroeder (7 months ago)
some say garlic is toxic to the body
Robert Martino (8 months ago)
You should look into Organic black garlic.
Melissa Santanaq (8 months ago)
I blend one garlic with 2 bananas and a date is that ok?
Owens Rayfeilds (8 months ago)
stop the juicing,,,,please.....you throwing away the fibers,,,,your imfo is too perfect.....dont buy the juicers...use blenders,,,drink it all....
Staci B (7 months ago)
Owens Rayfeilds or save the pulp
Joyce Kwamena-Poh (7 months ago)
Jucing and blending both have benefits.
ted carriker (8 months ago)
Yeah I have been getting into the use of garlic in morning and before mealtime as it is available. My method is a Garlic and Honey with Onions fermentation. It is a potent morning Tablespoon early before breakfast..rinsed down with water. I have to let my stomach adjust to that before I attempt to dress or even try to drive for 20minutes. I am noticing complexion and skin conditions clearing. My body oder may be more potent but my digestion is more consistently regulated.
Fayrothedon (9 months ago)
Awesome video
Mariana Smith (9 months ago)
Thank you for sharing good information.
Lee McMullan (9 months ago)
I could listen to you talk allll dayyy... also I love Rhodiola.. a adaptogenic herb. Combine that with garlic and your good to go! For life!
Lee McMullan (9 months ago)
"Nature can not be synthesized." Love it. AWESOME VIDEO. I eat massive amounts of raw garlic and my health is THRIVING. This stuff truly is the miracle food. I take a sip of water, put the clove in my mouth, and crush the garlic clove in my mouth with the water there to help combat the strong taste. How is something so affordable and amazing. I want to grow my own soon. Awesome video.
TheBaRolExperience (6 months ago)
how many cloves per day do u eat?
Mike Mosteller (10 months ago)
So Stoked to find your Channel! Cheers!!!
moonlightontheriver (10 months ago)
awesome knowledge ! oh my gosh, i never knew all of this..thank you ! for us low income people, its not possible to live on raw and juice everyday, its just not possible. :( but i will try..i just cut out rice and potatoes, my comfort food..ive been vegan and gluten free for about 5 years now, so i know i can do this.
LORD GABAR (11 months ago)
I Love You Family.
Anna Albury (1 year ago)
Thorough and excellent. Thankyou. Subscribed.
tracey tatum (1 year ago)
Dawn Clarke (1 month ago)
tracey tatum 🏦🏦🏦
How to create sculptures (2 months ago)
I think it was meant Ginger and lemon juice and beets and garlic cloves, 4 into one juice : )
Staci B (7 months ago)
tracey tatum lemon beet?
Excellent, I am now running to my local organic store (9p/m) I am absolutely om distress at this time due to psoriasis (this is a first ever any kind of skin ailment in my life) have been working out a perfect recipe. I have not had prescriptions since 1994. I am not a Vegan nor a vegetarian mostly meats in moderation. I have been talking to a friend about Shungite and I shared your video to him and he told me today your information was wonderful. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help.
Mary Clark (2 months ago)
Fionnuala Hussey McCarthy
June ribaldi (1 year ago)
I <3 <3. Garlic Cleanses. Organic Garlic is so easy to Grow. I'm growing some now.
Peter Christain (20 days ago)
How to create sculptures SO AWESOME THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!
Peter Christain (20 days ago)
June ribaldi send me instructions please ?
How to create sculptures (2 months ago)
You can grow it by Taking a 5 gallon bucket poke a few holes into the bottom of the bucket so the excess water can drain off , fill bucket 3/4 way up with good clean soil bought in a bag so it is free of pesticides, buy some garlic at the supermarket and break open the garlic and plant the clove pieces with the skinniest end toward the sky, cut the fat end off just slightly so it is exposed, bury these pieces just one inch or half inch under the surface and keep the soil damp , check daily with your finger in different areas to make sure it is getting fresh water, you can also start a composting bucket to put egg shells and coffee grounds and other things from your kitchen and add water to it so the water can get the nutrients then use this water to water your plants keep the solid parts of the compost in the bucket so you can keep using this for a short time like a couple months you may fill the bucket a few times as you use up the water mix watering your plants, you will see it growing 5-21 days . so simple cheap and easy to do and your making your own medicine.
Kimberly Wright (4 months ago)
June ribaldi please tell me. How are you growing garlic
The Fartstarver (1 year ago)
So get this...now they're telling me that Dr. Sebi says that garlic isn't a natural food or something like that, and not to have it. I thought garlic was good for you, and I eat it everyday...can somebody explain this?(they say something is terribly wrong with starch, and that there are man made foods that need to be avoided)
Deborah Childs (8 days ago)
The Fartstarver Hello there my friend. You should not listen to what is being said about garlic and cruciferous vegetables any green vegetables. You know they will always say something is bad for you because pharmaceutical companies are trying to make money. I do my own research as well. But he is right about what he is saying. That is why you crave sweets because the body is acidic. So just pay attention and research because knowledge is power.
D_Moye (8 months ago)
The Fartstarver I learned the same, but pick what wrks for u love😍
George Louis (1 year ago)
Flower of life in the background. Nice!
TRACEY TATUM (1 year ago)
danvelgtr (1 year ago)
Loveeeeeeeee your Youtube channel . Sooooooo informatative
Tammy Henderson (2 years ago)
I don't understand, other Vida say that we should wait 15min for the compounds to mix but your saying only 60 sec. which is it.
Tammy Henderson (2 years ago)
thanks for this video
naturallawhelen (2 years ago)
thankyou so much for sharing such awesome imformation ,i have shared on fb ,sending blessings in abundance to you
Marvel Prince (2 years ago)
once again excellent information ! is garlic good in a juicer only? how about a smoothie?
gloria boothe (6 months ago)
Marvel Prince with
Judah Love (10 months ago)
Can you intake it by itself and reap the same benefits ??
+Marvel Prince It is wonderful both ways, and I often do both. I love garlic in any way I can get it, and also make a garlic dip, and I add it to smoothies often, as well as my favorite, which is juicing of course. Hope your day is wonderful. Thanks~
Keith Mitchell (2 years ago)
Hi Jimmy I just juiced some garlic with my evening green juice and oh boy was it delicious! is it okay to mix with ginger? I left it out to be on the safe side. Thank you
Staci B (7 months ago)
Keith Mitchell what green juice to u drink??
Staci B (7 months ago)
art cook raw garlic with lemon?
art cook (7 months ago)
Keith Mitchell Mix it with whatever Been doing it for years garlic and lemon is very energetic LOL
Keith Mitchell (2 years ago)
Thanks for the instructions that's what I like about you. You always go the extra mile to explain how to do something. I did notice a garlic smell in my juicer so now I know what to do to reduce the smell. I really liked the added taste of the garlic to the juice. It changed the taste to like a gourmet Juice. I used to take the garlic in a capsule and wondered how effective it really was and heard inorganic Garlic is toxic and since I didn't see any videos from you on it. I stopped taking it. So thank goodness you "Broke it Down" because you talk about the Ginger and Tumeric alot and I wondered if you used Garlic? The black pepper is something I don't have yet that I need to incorporate too. Anyway thanks for the recent videos. You are fun to watch and listen to.
+Keith Mitchell Yes, you surely can. Love that concoction. I usually make the apple, carrot, full lemon, ginger, beet and drink a majority of this down, then with about 1/4 juice still left, I will juice a few more carrots, and then finish it off with the garlic cloves. Let the garlic be the LAST thing that you juice, and this way the active ingredients go right to work within the body. Many of the properties after grinding/crushing only last for about 60 seconds, so we want to make those sixty seconds last INSIDE us, if at all possible, as the Garlic will provide some intense healing in this regards.  ~Really nothing quite like it. ~ Then so your juicer does not smell like garlic, and you do not either~ I will run a full lemon along with a few more carrots through the juicer and then Toss this down. It really helps to further disperse the Garlic in the body, and it really cuts some of the "Garlic smell"...FYI~ I have found cinnamon, thyme, clove, oregano, frankincense all to act as enzyme catalyst for the garlic...Btw, When we fully detoxify the garlic really does not smell, any more than anything else. I eat it often, and all throughout the winter, and I do not have a Garlic scent. So just know that the more we detoxify the less we have that garlic odor, that might be annoying for some. Most of the long lasting garlic odor comes from cooked forms of garlic, and this scent only last longer inside a body that is a bit toxic... So if the scent bothers you, just continue to press into the garlic, as it really WILL help to detoxify the body, from all odor, in the end and simply follow it up with lots of lemons, and carrots.....Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for your continued support~
Keith Mitchell (2 years ago)
Oh yeah!! I've been waiting for a garlic video.Thanks Jimmy
Shana Turner (2 years ago)
Love your videos! Very informative. Thanks so much!
J.Mc (2 years ago)
I make a green juice every morning with my vitamix, if I throw in some cloves of garlic will it have the same benefits?
J.Mc (2 years ago)
+#Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations awesome I will try that also. thank you for responding, you have a wonderful day too
+jermthe01 Yes, it sure will. I love the Garlic, and find many many ways of incorporating it, even make a dressing/dip for my veggies. Thanks so much~ Hope you have a wonderful day.
Mike Cook (2 years ago)
I use garlic in ALL my juices. love, love it!
Omar Perales (1 year ago)
#Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations Whats the difference between juice and smoothie, cause I make carrot juice in a juice, then mix with Apples and vegies and liquify on a blender. What is that for you a juice or smoothie??
+mike cook Awesome. So do I~!!! I love the way it makes me feel. Hope you are having a great day Mike! Thanks for everything.
Spiritual (2 years ago)
Would you happen to have information regarding eyebags and puffy eyes? I've tried everything --How can I naturally get rid of them? I am only 35 years old
Staci B (7 months ago)
ted carriker yes this does work
ted carriker (8 months ago)
Spiritual I hope this makes it to you. My suggestion is a Raw Honey and Turmeric salve that you use as a mask for 30 minutes in the evening. Wash off lightly before bedtime leaving a residue remnant until morning. Morning wash face as usual to remove the residue. Honey and Turmeric penetration of the skin stimulates collagen renewal and clears blemishes. If there are subdural blemishes this may draw them out to the surface for which a coconut oil and baking soda scrub can be effective with. This was my experience..i just wanted to let you know something else you might consider. I didn't have a formula for this I just made it of a consistency to where it could smoothly spread on my skin. The coconut oil can help thin the honey if it is exceedingly difficult to spread.
Spiritual (2 years ago)
+#Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations hi I just purchased that stress way from young living , do I apply it directly to my face ?
le Fran (2 years ago)
+#Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations the stress away you use, is it straight from the young living site or other sites like eBay or Amazon because they are half price on Amazon and ebay
Spiritual (2 years ago)
Thank you for the information , very much appreciated!
+GoldenAgeless Your more than welcome. Thank you for listening. Hope you have a wonderful day~

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