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Storm emma to make ireland feel colder than the arctic circle

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Storm emma to make ireland feel colder than the arctic circle Weather chiefs have upgraded warnings for Arctic conditions across Ireland as the so-called 'Beast from the East' sweeps in. A snow-ice alert has been issued for Dublin, Carlow, Kildare, Laois, Louth, Wicklow and Meath from Tuesday, with up to 6cm of snow expected to accumulate by Wednesday morning. Met Eireann, who have dubbed the front 'Storm Emma', warned of widespread frost and icy conditions as it shifted its yellow status warning to orange, the next level. The counties of Kilkenny, Longfor...
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Text Comments (41)
Andrei Lomov (5 months ago)
Seán Kirk (5 months ago)
Cool,I went out in my underwear with no shoes on at 1 in the morning. It was -4 and it didnt feel that cold. Arctic my ass.
Craig Adams (5 months ago)
this is it people . the next ice is here.
Mr Beats (5 months ago)
Whoever was in charge of the background music in this video needs sacked. Terrible!
lissywissy blogs (5 months ago)
Ysgol llywelyn my schhol is closed I live in rhyl
Melnis (5 months ago)
shite in the bucket.
Sassy Sarah (5 months ago)
Mountmelick and portlaoise is so bad I can't believe it omg
DierrireThePurity (5 months ago)
School is off but it's the first of March right now at 02:13 and it is crazy
So Matthew (5 months ago)
My sisters school is opened and it's the only one in Offaly
So Matthew (5 months ago)
But they are not going
sling shot (5 months ago)
Will someone plz think of the children
multigamer6464 (5 months ago)
Limerick getting a red warning!!!! No school! !!!
purplelifeof foxy (5 months ago)
My school is closed *Waterford got it*
Classy Doir (5 months ago)
Omg ik its sooo snowy in Waterford!!!
Simply Niamh (5 months ago)
Rose Flower I was born in Waterford but I moved to Laois at a VERY young age
Babak Rainy (5 months ago)
school should not be closed , The weather is ok
Andrei Lomov (5 months ago)
Than go)))
So Matthew (5 months ago)
The snow is up to my knees for me
Ciara ! (5 months ago)
Ciara ! (5 months ago)
AverageJoe Pro (5 months ago)
Babak Rainy I can't get out of my house bc snow
Lunam Reads (5 months ago)
no school! and longford has gone up to status orange !
Ciara ! (5 months ago)
dublin at red yay no school for us yay hahah
Alex Wonderboy (5 months ago)
Noooooo school woooooooooooooow
Your Girlfriend (5 months ago)
Still not a red warning, which means...STILL SCHOOL! ;-; cmon Emma be like Ophelia XD
bighands69 (5 months ago)
You will only get one chance at school. After that you are on your own. I hope in the future you are not in a dole que because you did not take school seriously.
Ciara ! (5 months ago)
well I don't havs school for the rest of the week lmao and it's a red warning
KcWolfie 676 (5 months ago)
It went to Orange warning for where I live.I hope there's no school. Bleh.
Cristal Gamez (5 months ago)
Please no school
majordanger j hanly (5 months ago)
Hope school is closed
Tara Shanahan (5 months ago)
majordanger j hanly I know I don't want school to
Thank God I'm an atheist (5 months ago)
At least school should be off
Summer Aku Vlogs (5 months ago)
James Thanks 😊
Thank God I'm an atheist (5 months ago)
Summer Aku Vlogs I saw your video it's beautiful
Summer Aku Vlogs (5 months ago)
They are off till Monday I went out yesterday to used my drone to film the snow.. Really beautiful. Feel free to check out my drone footage https://youtu.be/aur0pIzJr8U
aboc 86 (5 months ago)
James It turns out I have no school YASSSSSSSSSSS!
Thank God I'm an atheist (5 months ago)
I got nothing I'm off
John Higgins (5 months ago)
Wackzoid music.

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