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Minecraft: Smart Moving Mod Showcase

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The coliseum was originally built by Gosyboy and I totally forgot to credit him. Basically all I did was sandstone-ify it to fit the theme, but all credit for that goes to him. Sorry! My first video, hurray! First off, sorry for my poorly choosen account name, it gives a bad impression, I think. But hey, Kevin (if you know who that is) did the same thing and he's one of the most modest and intelligent people I've had the fortune to discover. So this video is a mix between a how-to and a mod spotlight for Divisor's Smart Moving mod for Minecraft. I really like this mod, especially because I'm an avid Assassin's Creed fan, and this mod covers about every move I could need. For this reason I staged this video in my Rome world (no, I will not provide a download, sorry!) with my mostly custom, as I heavily edited someone else's, Ezio skin. I would also like to apologize for the fast-to-leave text which presents itself quite often in my video. Most of it is either unimportant or a sad attempt at humor anyway. Also, I did not include the new fall animation because, well, Ezio doesn't fall. If you liked this video, I'd appreciate it if you clicked the "like" button. All the same, if you found this video distasteful enough, click the "dislike" button. If this video (for some odd reason) was one of your favorites, don't hesitate to favorite it! This amazing mod can be found here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/361430-100smp-smart-moving/ My texture pack is a customized texture pack based on Dokucraft. You can make your own, as I did, or use someone else's here: http://minecraftcustomizer.net/start The song in the background is called "Even While" by Approaching Nirvana, an awesome group that allows the use of their music in videos like mine! Their music can be bought here, on their website: http://www.approachingnirvana.com/ And here's their channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ApproachingNirvana And here's the map, for those who didn't get it from the other video: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?hu1ztzdkm5ll831
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Zacharias (16 days ago)
Makes Minecraft so much more enjoyable, unbelievable that its been 6 years now.
이씨비와 (2 months ago)
욱일기 뭐야 얘 영상엔 다 욱일기 달려있네 미친놈이;
-Scou1y- (3 months ago)
I'm pretty sure this is minecraft 2
AGF09 Gamer (8 months ago)
Agustin Garcia (10 months ago)
ps resource pack
先輩野鳥 (1 year ago)
Daniel Serrano (1 year ago)
plz update the link
L33tsauce (1 year ago)
Daniel Serrano The mediafire link at the bottom of the description still works, I'm not sure what you mean.
Mr.M (1 year ago)
map link doesnt work
L33tsauce (1 year ago)
Perhaps the issue is on your end, because the link is still functional. Give it another try, and thanks for watching.
Chadi gamer (1 year ago)
LE lien ne marche pas
TwoEyesOneheart (2 years ago)
Guys tell me, does this map look like Assassin's Creed to you?
TutoGames (2 years ago)
cual es el mapa
Recep Kara (2 years ago)
map plz :)
Recep Kara (2 years ago)
thank You... ( I like Video :)
L33tsauce (2 years ago)
+Recep Kara It's at the bottom of the description. Thanks for watching!
LapisSea (2 years ago)
Was he humping the cactus at the end? XD
White Demon (3 years ago)
pls tell me the map or another similar
R (2 years ago)
aqui esta el mapa: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php...
SkyriftGaming (3 years ago)
anyone here a яoвoт?
Aj Lo (3 years ago)
can we fly in sirvival?
ZimbxXeneize (2 years ago)
+Aj Lo No it cant its on creative mode :P
George 5412 (3 years ago)
Assassinscraft+Smartmoving+Shrdersmod=Assassin's vreed in minecraft
Dylan C (3 years ago)
+AssassinGreek Gamer Actually there's a parkour mod based directly over the Assassin's Creed style of "free running" (though it's technically parkour) ;) I'm pretty sure it's just called Parkour Mod
MINEEDUARD Gaming (3 years ago)
Try out this mod: http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/autobomb-mod-1710-forge/
Jesse Pinkman (3 years ago)
music pls
Andrea Salazar (4 years ago)
this video has very awesome
xTrap_Lordx (4 years ago)
Music, World, and the fact that it looks like Assassin's creed AWESOME
Mikeeh (4 years ago)
You can do dolphin dive. First do the dive and fastly do the prone.
Felipe Peralta (4 years ago)
AHDBox (3 years ago)
DokuCraft - Light and Fluffy 
iLL Hunter (4 years ago)
A suggestion: use some type of night vision so people can see your video
What is this map. Tell me please
kirbyintron (4 years ago)
How do I climb up walls? I follow the instructions and checked the config but it doesn't let me free climb on anything that isnt fences.
Nick (4 years ago)
its you have a mod thats blocking it or you have to have player API and Render player api for the animations if that dont work srry :/
luis peres (4 years ago)
mod asasin
Stamp Cat xD (4 years ago)
No its not its smart moving mod+texture pack
б** чо тут все инглиши?
Andre Melancia (4 years ago)
It would be awsome if he slided on is back
TeaGamingPanda (4 years ago)
diving do you need to be near water to dive
TeaGamingPanda (4 years ago)
+StuffyHaven what WTF U DOING BOY! just kidding i know face palm 
StuffyHaven (4 years ago)
BankRolls Playz (4 years ago)
It to dark
yomoi (4 years ago)
Talking about Assassin's Creed :D
Fruit Lord (5 years ago)
I tried following the controls to dive, and I coudlnt, i tried for forever, and i just couldnt.
Dexition (5 years ago)
the jump is space dumb idiot
Dexition (5 years ago)
i agree, since i saw gta 5 after jumping they roll! rolling animation in smart moving starts when you fall 2-5 blocks then press grab
sjmett (5 years ago)
There should be a rolling action too. Just saying.
MsNubsi (5 years ago)
Dieser Mod ist total Scheiße. Animated Players hat mir besser gefallen Lg MsNubsi This mod is total crap. Animated player I liked better lg MsNubsi
Gendrik G (5 years ago)
BlazingKitten (5 years ago)
I don't think so.
BlazingKitten (5 years ago)
When would Ezio climb a cactus? Really cool and nice video though.
L33tsauce (5 years ago)
"Even While" by Approaching Nirvana. I'm sorry, but can't you just check the description? Everyone just about always puts their music in the description, they could hardly put it anywhere else...
DepPrototype (5 years ago)
Song name? C:
L33tsauce (5 years ago)
Check towards the bottom of the description (fourth last paragraph).
Platerino (5 years ago)
what is your texture pack?
Joceline Faubert (5 years ago)
I can't get the diving to work.
Joceline Faubert (5 years ago)
I can't get the diving to work.
Joceline Faubert (5 years ago)
Cool thanks!
L33tsauce (5 years ago)
Then take it, son, and it shall be yours! Link is in the bottom of the description.
Joceline Faubert (5 years ago)
I want your world
Nathan Skywalker (5 years ago)
Why the Hell...Is he Online!
Nathan Skywalker (5 years ago)
You got the Bolkans Weapons Mod!!! Nice
Bot of Shaco (5 years ago)
i like this mod :D
Bot of Shaco (5 years ago)
Ben Maltas (5 years ago)
Sick map
Augusto Herrera (5 years ago)
Thank served me like and subscribe :D (translated by Google translator xD)
Augusto Herrera (5 years ago)
alguien me lo traduce no entendi ni mierda xD
Mortum (5 years ago)
nils m. (5 years ago)
hey tsauce whats ctrl cuz i cant slide
balkons weapons
dives are confusing can u explain me better please?
Sk_Chapel (5 years ago)
the map/maps of this showcase are AWESOME. there are links of them?
miklós erdei (5 years ago)
this is AWESOME
Chad Yaroch (5 years ago)
dude please give us the texture pack! it looks amazing!
Chad Yaroch (5 years ago)
dude can you give us the dl for that boss texture pack?
Mortum (5 years ago)
maniqqies???? how do you get them???? 02:00
Ezio133798 (5 years ago)
Never mind, you can only use the press in creative. In survival you have to charge the jump.
Ezio133798 (5 years ago)
Hold grab, sprint and then press space. You're meant to hold grab and space, then sprint, then let go of space, but that's confusing to pull off.
UploadINaja (5 years ago)
hey i want to know how do you do to jump like on 00:13 video?
nahue sonnen (5 years ago)
I can send a map link tullo this greatthis tradusido from Spanish to English
L33tsauce (5 years ago)
Let's be honest here: Ezio doesn't fall.
daniloR6S (5 years ago)
Federico Moreno (5 years ago)
nadie te entiende voludo
Mer Man (5 years ago)
its dokucraft
DragonGamer (5 years ago)
guys the ones havin difficulty on diving you need to hold ctrl and space bar then let go of space bar at the right time
Ben Bonilla (5 years ago)
esta muy bueno el mod
Janne (5 years ago)
The diving doesen't work when I try it. I do what you say on that video but it wont work. Is there like how shallow the water must be or what? Could you help me?
Dylan Phillips (5 years ago)
Ace (5 years ago)
lol at the end i honestly thought that he was diving for the water and then he flew and i thought to myself "WTF I JUST GOT TROLLED"
Станислав П. (5 years ago)
Can you Send me your minecraft.jar :) ?
Eddy 954 (5 years ago)
EPIC ENDING (like me) :D
SevveGaming (5 years ago)
Implement this mod in minecraft already!!!
Lasega Dota (5 years ago)
Great city & very good vid!
fernando colato (5 years ago)
i tried to do that ...broke my fingers
Agustin Cabrera (5 years ago)
as the song is called background
Fun Ash (5 years ago)
what other mods did you use in this video?
Fun Ash (5 years ago)
Minecraft 1.5 full was released 2 days ago, i'm trying not to be rude.
Doll Ryougi (5 years ago)
Even while ??
O ZONE (5 years ago)
Hope jeb add that to vanilla mine craft as i want to climb stuff
Zach Lavoie (5 years ago)
"Even While" by Approaching Nirvana
Jelle Blaauw (5 years ago)
great review, i use the mod + the map, SO BRILLIANT!!!
L33tsauce (5 years ago)
Thanks, I wish I could do more but I don't have a whole lot of time. I'm working on a big map right now and, when it's done, I'll be putting up a video for that.
Ben Franceschi (5 years ago)
This is the best mod showcase i have ever seen. do more like this, cus this is what people want.
Doll Ryougi (5 years ago)
song ~~ what name the song
XboxTheHedgehog (5 years ago)
Can the cape mod be used with this? Imagine the cape with the flying animation XD
Jorge Pulgar Pacho (5 years ago)
like for the video
Hitriorel Pyro (5 years ago)
Tis work on trap dood tu
Carlos A. Vivas Nieto (5 years ago)
2:53 Leap of Faith.
777Lloyd777 (5 years ago)
It's easier with smaller hands, I actually use ctrl for crouch now since I use grab more than I crouch, it would be nice if you could toggle crouch
coolestto555 (5 years ago)
I found it helpful to jump before you reach the end. Lots of people jump as they reach the end, but they are too late. So like, on the beginning of the last block you are jumping off of, THEN you jump.
coolestto555 (5 years ago)
P.S. My saying I'm young is saying my hands are small

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