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Puerto Rico ordered to release death records to CNN

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The Puerto Rican government on Tuesday released to CNN and another news organization a database of information on all deaths that occurred after Hurricane Maria, which pummeled this US commonwealth on September 20.
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james west (5 days ago)
My God, does every story you guys were report on have to do with an anti-American agenda, is CNN going to become state-run TV and America just like they are in Turkey for the brutal dictatorship over there, your idiotic viewers don't know that because they're dumb as fucking rocks, why don't you idiots reading this comment check out what CNN is doing in Turkey, your CNN
RFI-Crypto Lab (5 days ago)
Yeah, let's put the docs in the hands of credible sources like CNN 😂😂
Aticnemrak Arevir (6 days ago)
Esta buen claro que es obvio la cantidad de muertos..ni siquiera la gente tienen que esperar a que se lo dicten usen sus propias conclusiones y activense....yo no tuve la necesidad de esoerar a que alguien ahora habriera la caja de pandora ya yo lo calculaba en base del abandono y corrupvion en la Isla De P.R.....antes del huracan supe que los hospitales no estaban preparados ni a un 1%....gobierno criminal corrupto ladron
William Bermudez (6 days ago)
I live at Puerto Rico. I can say. The local government of the island are withholding information about death toll. I dare say: death toll is more higher than expected by eye witness from me and any resident of the island. This was a disaster but the government of Puerto Rico is to blame.
Kellie Everts (6 days ago)
so there none human low lives effectivialy....who have nothing better commin to "them"
Kellie Everts (6 days ago)
on a late night broadcast internationally.......a govt worker extolled to the world from our country America how she could (and with that vindication) separate those from there parents ......because ...there commin over here to commit crimes,burden our welfare and crossed over illagalyy
Kellie Everts (6 days ago)
Give me your poor your hungry and tired and huddled masses yerning to be free
Hunter JOHNSON (6 days ago)
Fucking Hispanics, always dealing with death people
TylerKirkFilms (7 days ago)
If I see a CNN video I hit dislike button... #fakenews
Reality Chaser (7 days ago)
Because this news is about Puerto Rico, trumptards aren't saying fake news. When news arev about texas, then is fake news. My wish? To encounter a trump supporter after a bad day atb work?? Yup. It'll be a great thing
tinkerwest (7 days ago)
That woman with the disc listing 12k dead, reminds me of the joke about the Cessna plane crashing into a small cemetery and rescue workers having recovered over 300 bodies. What a crock! Not saying it may not list 12k "death records" but, certainly not all directly related to hurricane. Many other reasons and timelines of deaths such as natural (age), accidents, illness, etc...smh...
Hector Albertorio (7 days ago)
**Reposted** "I would like to clear a few things in relation to my Island of Puerto Rico!! There is a huge misconception that Puerto Rico is being maintained by the USA! 1) USA sends Puerto Rico $4.6 billion a year. For welfare, Pell Grant, roads, etc. This supports 42% of the population. This amount is not enough to support this population. 2) They send $13 billion a year for social security, but this is not unilateral! This is money that is retained from our paychecks!! Yet the USA reports this as help and money they send. 3) Puerto Rico buys from the US $22.6 Billion a year in goods; Making PR a huge customer for the USA, one of its top markets in the world. A captive market. 4) The Jones Act is 100 years old! We do not have the freedom to choose who ships to Puerto Rico! We have to ship EVERYTHING in US Flag ships, which happen to be the most expensive in the world! This act was implanted with logic, to patrol the seas! But today it’s just an abuse and Puerto Ricans suffer by it adding huge costs to our products. We spend $1.5 billion a year on this added cost. We are 90% of the business of US ships!!! 80% OF OUR foood is imported, making it twice as expensive as in the US. 5) Out of the business done in Puerto Rico, 70 cents of every dollar ($34 billion a year) leave the island to the bank accounts of US businesses. Mainland chains have wiped out local businesses (pharmacies,hardware, department stores, etc). No other territory in the world permits that much money to leave, leaving behind the scraps for its own sustenance. 6) Summarizing: USA to PR $4.7 Billion and PR to USA $72 Billion. 🤔 You do the math. 7) So, when Puerto Rico gets hit by a Hurricane and needs help, USA should send the help. They cannot act as they are doing us a favor, but in reality, it is in their best interest. If you have a gold mine that produces $72 billion dollars a year and it gets hit by a hurricane, you need to get that gold mine up and running again!! 😎 So when Donald Trump states that we "are throwing his budget out of whack!!" It should be because this year that 72 billion will be short! He doesn't know what he's talking about. As for our $72 Billion-dollar debt: 1) This debt starts with the removal of Section 936 of the US tax code that granted tax exemptions to US Companies to keep these companies from leaving USA to a foreign land and keeping them in US Territory!! 2) Puerto Rico flourished for 25 years, and then the law was taken away way before it expired!! Someone said, "It's Corporate Welfare" and boom, in 10 years the pride of our economy, the pharmaceutical, biochemical and electronic industries collapsed. 3) Unemployment rose; professional jobs were substituted by menial service jobs in US stores. Professional class migration soared. Puerto Rico started borrowing to balance its budget. 4) Puerto Rico has borrowed something near 72 billion!! But interest and foul play by Brokers in the US have raised the debt to a unpayable figure. 5) Brokers selling stocks to subsidiaries ( something illegal in the USA) but since it's Puerto Rico, it is allowed!!! 6) Vulture funds now bought the debt at pennies to the dollar and now they want the dollar!!! They are Not even willing to negotiate even though they would make huge profits if they cut the debt in half!! 7) They want to cut funds for our kids education, utilities and food!! 😎 Donald Trump should not be the person telling Puerto Rico to pay our debt!! Have him pay the $32 million he took from Puerto Rico taxpayers to build a golf course, bankrupt it and leave the taxpayers paying the $32 million!!! 9) Puerto Rican politicians are also to blame! The island was preyed upon by a corrupt system that created more millionaires than we'd ever seen before.political cronies were brazenly rewarded with millionaire contracts, without compliance requirements or enforcement. Puerto Ricans are US Citizens!! That have contributed to the USA for close to 100 years. Citizenship came with the price tag of obligatory military service in 1917, right on time for World War I. 1) They have served in every war for the USA since then. Proportionally, more Puerto Ricans died in Vietnam than any other state of the union. And for what? 2) The 65th Infantry is the all Puerto Rican regiment that was recently honored by Congress for its valor and loyalty. 3) The 65th were the first to fire against Japan in World war II. Why? Because they where always the first ones to be sent in. The Torres’s, the Rodriguez’s, Morales, etc. first guys in, clearing the path for the Smith’s, Johnson’s and Captain America. We call them "carne de cañón," cannon fodder. 4) USA will not grant Puerto Rico statehood!!! We fall under the territorial clause that makes us "belonging to but not a part of." A piece of property with unwanted people in it.Too many business interests would lose money if we were a state! Puerto Rico would have a huge voice in congress and Presidential vote! Not everybody wants that. They prefer that we remain an exploited colony, against international law. Puerto Rico contributes greatly to the USA every day, both economically and from a human point of view. we have astronauts, engineers, scientists, researchers, musicians, artists, and many other professionals that all contribute to the common good of the USA. **FEEL FREE TO COPY & SHARE**
joan eskins (7 days ago)
Puerto Rico want to join Canada? Free health care and full Canadian citizenship included.
Philosopher King (8 days ago)
If I was Puerto Rican I would leave. The trump administration is not going to help you. Your government can’t help you because of the debt vultures holding your country hostage. No real help is coming until the next administration 3 hopefully not 7 years away. 15% of the Puerto Rican population will have left by the end of next year. Trump hates Puerto Ricans because he’s racist. He hasn’t liked them sense his dealings with the Puerto Rican people of NYC. He doesn’t see you the same as people affected by hurricanes in Florida and Texas. He doesn’t see Puerto Rico as part of America as many Americans don’t. The real answer is Independence or statehood. Come to America and use your voting rights you have in this country to change this status quo. I welcome you. There is no future for Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico. It’s a sad thing to say but it is oh so true. Come to mainland America and make this country a better place.
Jeremy Wilson (8 days ago)
Why would a country hide its needs from you green screen retarded idiots? You sued who, jackass? Any one who believes you is an durr of highest quality
Janet Airlines (8 days ago)
0:05 anderson, you just referred to cnn as a news organization......
R. Mercury (9 days ago)
Unfortunately nobody in the mainland cares about Puerto Rico and even if they became a state they always be treated as second class citizens.🧐
mods65 mods65 (9 days ago)
Leyla Santiago is the hottest journalist of CNN .
Graf Guy (9 days ago)
Viva Puerto Rico! We are a strong and intelligent people, and we will rise from the ashes! I am grateful to the United States and President Trump for sending tremendous aid to our island, and I am not fooled by Mayor Cruz selling her soul and her people for a shot at the Governor chair. She is now under Federal Investigation for this. When Luis Guitierrez brought her the t-shirts is when the lies began. We were in crisis already because of our own government corruption and the end of 936 in 2006. We have received BILLIONS in US aid and tens of thousands of American Workers! THANK YOU USA! God Bless Puerto Rico!
Barrett Cato (9 days ago)
WOW some actual news for once.
John Matlick (9 days ago)
I guess those rolls of paper towels did not work
Daniel Murphy (10 days ago)
CNN - will you release the raw data?
Daniel Murphy (10 days ago)
Is that a CD???
Sleeve Of Wizard (10 days ago)
Poo-erto no rico😃
Tammie Broggins (10 days ago)
This government has never cared about there citizens since your boats first landed here
Obi Ryn Denobi (10 days ago)
And Shitler and its entire nazi Abomination need to be charged with premeditated homicide for every human voter that Shitler and its racistlican nazis have deliberately ethnically cleansed from Puerto Rico voting rolls. This is their 'plan' nationwide -- to kill off whatever they can't deport or enslave!
It's not called Puerto Rico for nothing! It is a Rich Port 👈
And your gold is in the ocean.
Puerto Rico is a very rich island. It has oil gas water and diamonds. It has one of the riches soils on the planet for farming. Become independent like Israel, and grow your wealth from within. And serve others first, and you will become wealthy beyond belief. Do not allow others to pillage your rescources. Your oil is underground. Your diamonds are on the beaches. Your water reserve is endless. Get your independence and take back your island. You have as much wealth as Israel. Get busy. Stop being a door mat. You have the power already within you. Use it👈
Adam Chase (10 days ago)
turn the volume off and just watch the video ... You would have no idea...
Sixto Alcantara (10 days ago)
Why should PR release those records? Everyone knows politicians dont lie.
Jorge Morales (10 days ago)
daniel nix (10 days ago)
That's it 64 when governor of Puerto Rico Sayed "thousands are dying EVERYDAY" lol
Kitty Watson (10 days ago)
The deaths are the responsibility of the Porto Rican government...that spends it's time hiding poverty from tourists...and believing lives equate to money.
VIIKing88 Norseman (10 days ago)
You people act like Puerto Rico is a state it has its own government it's their fault for not asking trump for aid, It's a common wealth it's also a country!
rampart rod (10 days ago)
trump threw paper towels..cadet bone spurs in action
Cadmus (11 days ago)
More people died in Puerto Rico than deaths in 9/11 but the official record is all that matters. Lives lost and no one in power cares about helping or preventing a future tragedy, instead it's reduced to a game of numbers. This is sick and inhumane.
ash G. (11 days ago)
our govt doesn't care how many died because they cant vote and they don't have lobbyists to give them gifts or millions to donate.
dollarhugo37 (11 days ago)
The Russians are to blame!
S B (11 days ago)
CNN is propaganda.
Joe Cain (11 days ago)
Uranium one Hillary Clinton Democrat President Bill Clinton in 1995 provides North Korea with a nuclear reactor Google CNN news 1995 YouTube
No: Six (11 days ago)
Resist the media! Peace
The Russian Bot, Inc. (11 days ago)
Ok, I'll bite. So what will CNN do to bring those people back to life? Because short of that, those records are NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!! Those people got hit by a hurricane, so I'm curious as to what purpose do you need those records. Because we all know the only reason is to try to blame Trump. Don't you fucks have any decency? CNN = FUCK UP FAKE NEWS
Steve Jackson (11 days ago)
It's terrible that so many people died, of course. But I don't like the inference that CNN is making. Puerto Rico is a small island.It's smaller than the state of New Jersey, let alone Louisiana where Hurricane Katrina hit. It's also 1,150 miles away from Florida. To just expect to evacuate four million people from an island over a thousand miles away when you have, at most, two or three weeks advance notice that a hurricane is coming, is completely ridiculous. There's only so much that a government can do in these situations. If you want to argue that the federal government (it's not just Trump) didn't do enough in response after the hurricane, that can be debated. But when you have an island smaller than New Jersey with four million people in it in the middle of the ocean a thousand miles away, is it really that surprising that it would cause this amount of damage?
Dondrey Taylor (11 days ago)
We are still using CDs? Would think they would provide it on a USB drive lol
Nexus (11 days ago)
Heartbreaking and when you consider how desperately those in PR were asking for help to be ignored by Trump, ridiculed, minimised, threatened, bullied. My heart goes out to those in Puerto Rico.
HackFuey (11 days ago)
Flint still has lead in their water too!
mark allen (11 days ago)
Trump delayed the aid to Puerto Rico because he thinks they are less of Americans because they speak Spanish and are of brown skinned people. If that happened in Texas or Florida trumps base would be screaming bloody murder. One has to understand and see trump and his base are racist because President Obama is a black man and racists hate to see black people or women in power. Trump brought out all the insects from out of their rocks and needed someone to hate. So they pick on the poorest minorities they can find. Die already trump, just die and make the world a better place. F. U. trump and all your racist supporters and voters.
King_of _da_Pride (11 days ago)
How in the fuck can you sue a country for their death tolls?
GoldenState (11 days ago)
Trump supporters subscribe to CNN more than anyone else.😃
Paul Kudla (11 days ago)
Boycott twitter = boycott the fake president Choose your trusted and morally suited media center. Stand for democracy. Keep our peace! Give nothing to the trumptards! Take your power back! Give no fuel to those few! Take your power back! Boycott twitter = boycott the fake president Stand together against the regime of this depraved American ideology! Boycott twitter = boycott the fake president Give them nothing! Stand in silence together with those we trust! Let their hypocrisy ring loud through the sky! Boycott twitter = boycott the fake president
Paul Kudla (11 days ago)
Boycott twitter = boycott the fake president Let his followers the trumptards have no fuel! Take your power back! Give them no fuel. Boycott twitter = boycott the fake president!!
No Ma'am (11 days ago)
This information will be used as ammunition against Republicans and Trump. CNN sued a cash strapped island to try and get some political ammo. How pathetic.
Cap'n Krunch (11 days ago)
Blame lies with the government of PR. Crappy building codes, no real emergency preparedness. These problems have been DECADES in the making.Get over it Trump haters
Marquee Mark (11 days ago)
Puerto Rico fell to pieces because of poorly designed building practices. Are we suppose to save people that don't have a clue on building. All people of other Counties must improve their own societies ..Stop using neo - marxist methods of guilt CNN
mkellsoo24 (11 days ago)
But the US send millions of dallors to aid for those Middle Eastern Counties.
Jennifer Melee (11 days ago)
About time.
Kellie Everts (11 days ago)
so when are u planning to bail out PR?
Kellie Everts (11 days ago)
its blantely obvious another truth is our media and the narrative has become mompolized by what has been kept out and.........also neglected.....these  questions and answers.
Kellie Everts (11 days ago)
so the "muslim" population is funneled into this walled getto ...periodically attacked by a full scale military armed by USA (con genocidel colonist) and day to day oppressions and other murders are commited all over the country and inside this walled in getto ....so what is the MOTIVE? the motive is basically the same  To run down ,murder and or specifically neglect...to upserp there land  and lumber peoples oppressively to steal occupy there lands...this is Why money has been fuled into and arms into iseral.....and why PR owes money and iseral doesn't.
Kellie Everts (11 days ago)
The isralies came to iseral as settlers are not the original population and many were armed for specific reason  to run down oppress and murder the rest of population trough divisions and criems against humanity at large........some of the original inhabitants have been walled in in reguards to there religion......into a gettothe rest of the original inhabitants have also been separated so in effect each denomination automatically becomes separated as a community reguardless of there religion...once one is under religious percecution then all are and especially those are targeted who want to help there neighbor even if walled in
snakehips3131 (11 days ago)
Puerto Rico is run by demokkkrats. No wonder it’s a shit hole?
Kellie Everts (11 days ago)
The question is and We all want to know is: Why does Puerto Rico owe monie and Iseral does not? So We know that billions have been sent out every year to Iseral and PR has been.......run-down.     most of US consider PR to be another State of USA .This disparityis obvious and many questions need to be asked and answers...but let me help u as a citizen of the US ....with a Heinz 57 back ground of duth irish Russian roman etc...etc  back ground and my denomination maybe u all well know...as im popular......so I should be able to tell everyone the truth concerning whats obvious.........
Jacob Martin (11 days ago)
after their pathetic ratings they should release their own death certificate to themselves.
No one cares
Rodney Horsley (11 days ago)
Who the hell uses CDs anymore?
ayitian1 (11 days ago)
The world doesn’t matter 😔 people will always choose the moment 🤦🏾‍♂️
Mr407Mike (11 days ago)
Those deaths are at Donald's feet. Impeach the motherfucker already.
Paramour 730 (11 days ago)
All these complaints about Puerto Rico. The reason Puerto Rico is in debt is because of the trade deal they have with America being an island. Also, the poor in Puerto Rico are overly taxed. The rich in Puerto Rico pay very little to no taxes. Also, being a poor island doesn't mean just ignore them and lie about deaths. In fact, Puerto Rico doesn't even want to be part of the United States but there's no way we can fight for our freedom anyway. The US army would destory Puerto Rico if we faught back. So in all reality, everything happening in Puerto Rico is america's fault, including the corrupt politicians. Why aren't they sending any to investigate the politicians in Puerto Rico? America isn't doing shit for a country they bought from Spain. And the reason America won't give Puerto Rico up is because of it's location and geography. The island is perfect of military satellites because the mountains are the highest of the United States. They can keep an eye on other islands. And in another billlion yrs the island will produce gold again if it isn't already. The island is also perfect for farming. Ppl think Puerto Rico is worthless, if it was, America would let them be a free country.
Hard Rocker (11 days ago)
Send it to fake news they report it
Darrin White (11 days ago)
I'm guessing the point is TRUMP killed these people?anyone?am I correct?
Jeff Spehar (11 days ago)
Puerto Rico sat on their ass after Trump provided massive aid. There power grid was totally shit put together by amatures
clemguitarechal (11 days ago)
Make America Worst Than Ever
Jeff Spehar (11 days ago)
More BULLSHIT news.
Maddie Loves Jesus (11 days ago)
Scripted news is no news at all.
Trick Q (11 days ago)
Thousands of United States citizens on a United States territory died in a natural disaster, and this isn't news? Or fake news simply because CNN reported it. Only a very sick person would think something like that. Would you have this go ignored?
cool patriotic android (11 days ago)
Hey you guys, i bet the woman on the thumbnail pic for this video is one of those Puerto Rican hoes...or should i day Puta Rican. LOL
L Smith (11 days ago)
Speaking of poor Puerto Ricans I didn't feel sorry for the guy from Rico that had a 1946 Harley rebuilt for him by an American outfit on velocity .Wonder if he gave any money towards rebuilding his country stop laying the blame on poor Americans learn to help yourselves
jjcp292 (11 days ago)
L Smith Puerto Rico is not a country. United States invaded them in 1898 and made them American citizens in 1917. Did you know that Puerto Ricans were drafted to go to war since WWI? Did you know that they fought for your so-called freedom, so that you can have the freedom of speech to insult them? Did you know that they are a U.S. territory? They are Americans, just like us here in the U.S. Do a little research and stop the ignorance. By the way, when your European ancestors immigrated here in ships, they were hungry, thirsty and dirt poor. They were running away from the serious problems. They had to rely on the U.S. to get them out of the hole they were in. Perhaps you should look into your own history and learn something. Time to get off your horse and get a little educated.
NDFOOTBALL (11 days ago)
The Democrats have nothing to offer the American People. They have been pitching higher salaries with stagnate economic growth for years and drowning this country in debt. They have been promising equality for all for decades but the divide is still among us. The democrats have moved even further to the left and are pitching the ideas of socialism. Bernie and his war on the 1 percent and his protection of corrupt politicians is as dead as socialism. The youth of our country are being brain washed by liberal professors and at the same time trying to silence free speech on campuses. If you want to know what the democratic model looks like take a look at California. Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi is your future under the democratic party. I have lived in California for over 52 years and the democrats have destroyed this state. By the way its broke and all the democrats do behind closed doors is invent new taxes or raise existing taxes. California bakes in a dollar on gas prices to help pay for the ridiculous pensions for teachers. Gavin Newsom the pervert wants to double property Taxes to help pay for the billions that California is behind in their pensions. There are California teachers pulling over 100k a year and I personally know a retired police chief who is getting paid over 375k from his pension. Its hard enough saving enough to retire on but when the socialist party demands that you pay the pensions for others its a bit hard to save for your own retirement. Donald J Trump is doing what works and that is creating a fair market place in which all Americans can have the best chance to succeed. He has record low employment rates among blacks and Hispanics and for men and women. He has lowered Taxes and is trying to stop the theft that is China on the American people. He is creating FAIR trade so that more opportunities are available for Americans. Companies are now building and planning on expanding. Slowly income is increasing and things finally are starting to look great for America. WeE have already seen the glimpse into the democrats plan under Obama. Stagnate wage growth strangling the engine that drives this great country, entrepreneurs . I know most posters on CNN are young kids who watch MTV all day and have not made a dollar in their life or life long libards that just have not figure it out. But I can tell you once you get out working and you see that you make 60 cents on the dollar you start to realize Taxes are EVIL and are not the way to a prosperous country. If you want to make a difference or make a change take the Red Pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes. If you want to remain in your slump take the blue pill and remain a slave to the liberal plantation. The choice is yours and its time to make a decision. In my 52 years I have never seen a president do as much as Trump has done in under 500 days. Vote Trump 2020 and lets Make American Great Again ! Disclaimer Hard Working Americans approve of this message.
Merry Christmas (11 days ago)
Major problem is us has formed a government with no accountability. Many presidents ago, heads would roll. Presidents would resign. Politicians would be voted out. Heads of departments would be fired. Now they all keep their jobs and the bull shit continues. It will get worse if they take our guns. The citizens last resort against political tyranny. We're neck deep.
frankrealetime (11 days ago)
601salsa (11 days ago)
release the info on the internet, let everyone see the truth!
Zoya Spencer (11 days ago)
The history of that land has been crap for decades
Ad Fundum Dus (11 days ago)
I pray for the future generations of American children. Let be the education more “outward “ than now. Most western countries see the importance of teaching the complicated relationships between geography, history, culture and COMMON SENSE!
Illyria86 (11 days ago)
Cuz trump doesn’t want to believe that throwing paper towel rolls at people doesn’t save lives
Oscar Torres (11 days ago)
Population control . That's all , an act of God. Nobody was murdered, CNN please stop trying to create something where there is nothing.
Gyronimous Douch (11 days ago)
Gyronimous Douch How exactly?
#DISTRICT TV (11 days ago)
latino heat (11 days ago)
kancil aspal (11 days ago)
UNDER PRESIDENT TRUMP Over 10 Trillion dollars added to the stock market Over 3 3 Millions New jobs created Over 223,000 new jobs created in May'18 Denuclear North Korea ISIS gone MS 13 on the run Radicals on the run VOTE REPUBLICAN!
Don Marvkino (11 days ago)
Leave Trump alone, he has Chinese workers to take care of . . .
nobillclinton (11 days ago)
Listen CNN, there were a great deal of shenanigans, chicanery & plain tomfoolery going on in Puerto Rico during and directly following "Hurricane Maria". Lets not engage in any 'false narratives', rather, investigate and FACT FIND. There were vids coming out of Puerto Rico showing many things - - supplies deliberately NOT being delivered, aide workers partying not aiding, local politicians/unions/community organizers butting heads. Many ordinary Americans saw these vids. They are out there. You are a corporate news organization with great investigative powers, find the vids. If you cannot, if you find yourselves technically challenged with all of your vast resources, do yourselves a favor and hire MONTAGRAPH. He'll not only find them, he'll tell you who made the vid, where the vid was made, what time it was made, when it was uploaded and if it has been edited or tampered with in any way. Good day to ya.
See this is what happens when countries are being colonized by the U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This shit happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Under Surveillance (11 days ago)
Poor babies got to find something to stir up shit. Screw you all. Remember punishment punishment for pushing propaganda on America is treason. Keep it up
Under Surveillance (11 days ago)
Shill Cooper sorry about your bad luck on Kim.
Jacob Schneider (11 days ago)
Oh oh oh I know, next time a hurricane comes through, we need to send sloppy Daniels to ground zero, that way people can take refuse inside that black hole she calls her pussy...
J N (11 days ago)
Blue state, Democrat governor. Imagine this for the rest of the USA. Sorry but, I rather have Trump.
Draco04 (11 days ago)
God bless you Peurto Rico! Hang in there! Trump will be gone soon! Let a real preaident help. TRUMP IS A DICTATOR!!! #BLUEWAVE
News Today (11 days ago)
You going to start blaming trump for natural disasters to why not you blame every thing else on him
johnny cake (10 days ago)
Blahblahron blahblahson he already did plenty.
News Today Trump doesn't believe in climate change therefore he isn't doing shit to help Puerto Rico
Timemachine Eddie (11 days ago)
If you have ever been around cnn you would know they lie, cheat and fabricate the news.God I Love my President. Democraps Stink and make America Smell Really Really Bad.
Timemachine Eddie (11 days ago)
Agreed! we now have a Real President the Honorable Donald J Trump Captain America to the world. My President the Real President is always right and working hard every day for Truth, Justice and the American Way. Maybe when your President Islama Obama finishes his 4 Billion Dollar Library you can buy a ticket and greet your President.
Draco04 (11 days ago)
Timemachine Eddie shut the hell up. Everyone lies according to republicans while they lie even worse. This isn't a lie. You won't influence anyone with your lies. The blue wave is coming so buckle up and let a real president show you how this is done.
David Foster (11 days ago)
- Humans breed like rats. - Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean. - It has no money, save for what the tourist industry drags in. - Tourists couldn't give a crap if the maid gets killed in a hurricane. You figure it out.
Draco04 (11 days ago)
David Foster blah blah blah go cry to Trump

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