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Girl commits suicide after being shut out of graduation

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Gary Tuchman asks why a school did not allow a teen to attend graduation, which her parents say contributed to her suicide. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/ To license this and other CNN/HLN content, visit http://imagesource.cnn.com or e-mail cnn.imagesource@turner.com.
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petrol devo (2 minutes ago)
Snowman (5 hours ago)
and now shes dead, proud of her
M G (6 hours ago)
Looks at how much care and effort and news goes into useless white children.
Marlo Lurry (11 hours ago)
If you look back in history this is exactly what the Nazis did when they were in power they picked that certain individuals with hair color eye color and scores and put them in a separate School. It made everyone else feel inferior or not worthy. This is the exact same thing American done the same as well check your history and you'll see. And it was all in the disguise of wanting what's best.
Darnell (17 hours ago)
typical cancerous America.... "BLAME MEN ESPECIALLY IF THEY'RE WHITE!!!"
Jen G (20 hours ago)
This is why I never reached out to people in grade FREAKING 3 for my anxiety and depression and hide it really well. But I'm ok now.
ak p (1 day ago)
9 years at the school! Then she would have been fine there for 1 more day!! Insane. The people in charge of that school are worthless.
It's not like you can throw away your depression like you throw away garbage
A. J. R. Wilde (1 day ago)
I can't watch the whole thing I'm too angry
Steffen Bauer (1 day ago)
I’m surprised they didn’t sue the idiot school
top khaled (1 day ago)
Well hey atlast she doesnt have to pay her taxs
Tragic, but less competition for me. So I don't know how to react.
David M (1 day ago)
The principal of this school and the other responsible people should be put in prison
I live 20 minutes away from Hershey.
dalton tracy (2 days ago)
I hope that school gets shut down and whoever the retard was who made up those rules for the school has a good long time burning in hell
LandonsGrampa (2 days ago)
When mommy sports a nose piercing and a lip piercing, the kid's failure is just minutes behind. Adults are supposed to guide their children, not act like them.
Class F (2 days ago)
Sue the school
Insomnia Poltergeist (2 days ago)
This is Fucking bullshit, I've been in the institution, and the school has no rights to keep a student out of activities just because they have been hospitalized, especially if the doctors have dismissed danger issues. The school should be sued. I wouldn't be surprised if in the future that school is shot up, but I pray it's just the ones deserving of it.
Damn.. that I actually sad to me woah
Natascha Blank (2 days ago)
It's sad... But if you are willing to kill yourself over a small thing like that I''m sorry to say: You're lost anyway. - R.I.P.
LifeAsMegan (2 days ago)
Natascha Blank 👌🏼
Scott Young (2 days ago)
Wow now thats just unreal how can people be so mean. As her dad id be trippin and ko'ing dudes at the door. Mom should of said it a lil different.
sowhatwearedoomed (2 days ago)
She tried to choke someone so.... that being said her mom seems happy . The step parent and grand parent seem more upset .
Chileshe Zulu (3 days ago)
Do not commit suicide because murderers will not be in heaven with Jesus Christ. The devil deceives so many people to think that they will be with the Lord in heaven if they kill themselves. No no no, don't do it. Suicide is murder and the Bible says that murderers will not enter heaven. Jesus Christ loves you so much. Live for the Lord by seeking Him in His Word.
Sea Fern (3 days ago)
Good God, how much pressure must adults put on one child ? You should all be ashamed of yourselves. That is not a happy supportive environment for anyone, never mind a minor. Trying to please everybody is not a happy place to be. Poor sweet girl.
Naomi the Homie (3 days ago)
I cannot believe that school >:(
Lex Rivers (3 days ago)
This school should be closed
Only The Best (3 days ago)
That is the most fucking retarded reason to kill yourself. Please don't kill yourself just because of some this stupid
LifeAsMegan (2 days ago)
Only The Best exactly 😂 like, she must have read the school rules before attending lmao
avaorchid (3 days ago)
This is why if oyu are struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues you better keep your mouth shut or else things will be made way worse for you and they will do everything possible to ensure you have no chance of a real life or happiness for the rest of your life. It should not be this way. This is why we have so many issues with violence and suicide . We say it is important to talk it out but we as a society condemn you for it.
Enrique Hopper (3 days ago)
The school clamed she may be a problem, i bet she would be a bright lighted Angel in my school in East Oakland Cali. That school has no idea what a bad person can be, school policy or no policy
xDigitalMonster (3 days ago)
That school is trash and exactly why people struggle so much with their mental health. I hope they get shut down. They’re making people feel like garbage just for having depression and other mental health issues.
Rob Lerner (3 days ago)
I think it is very smart of the school to make sure students are in good mental health before graduation so they are mentally prepared to enter high school. But, I think that it is ridiculous that they wouldn’t let her watch her friends graduate. If they thought she was that much of a safety concern, they could’ve just patted her down before she went to the service
M M (3 days ago)
I remember in 8th grade I was one U (you would get an E for excellent S for satisfactory or an U for unsatisfactory based on your conduct) away from graduation. I passed all my classes (at least a C or better) however, you could only get 2 U's to be able to walk. I begged the teacher to give me an S so I could walk and she still wouldn't budge. 20 years later looking back I still don't understand school staff that would take that away from a child. If the child passes all their classes why not let them walk. I would let every child who passes onto the next grade walk. If they were so uncontrollable then expel them however, If you didn't expel them and received tax money or tuition for said child then they should be able to walk with their class if they passed to the next grade. Children at that age can be difficult however, that comes with the territory, in the grand scheme of things it does more good to let a child walk with their peers and gives them a sense of accomplishment than punish them by barring participation.
amanda wambugu (3 days ago)
Pan Pan- Bros (3 days ago)
I literally cried so hard
Abel Lewis 27 (3 days ago)
All of this foolishness could of been avoided if she was allowed to go her graduation in the first place. Smh.
Abel Lewis 27 (3 days ago)
Dang! Smh!
UnrealGalaxy (3 days ago)
lost faith in humanity.
GodSaveAmerica (4 days ago)
Unfortunately, many school administrators are flat out and out PSYCHOPATHS. All they want is to portray a persona that makes them look better than any one else. This is the REAL reason why the administrators who write the policy and bylaws were so "MEAN SPIRITED" to this poor innocent child. When my son was sick and missed several days at a so called private "Christian" school, the principal who expelled him permanently was also "MEAN SPIRITED." When she expelled him she said to him he was going to be a "bum on the streets begging for money!" This was the principal!!!!! She is OUT OF HER MIND talking to my sweet son like that! You just DON'T do that to an innocent child. He's intelligent, was making good grades, and never had any behavioral problems. These morons that run these private schools are all insane. What a detestable and inhumane thing to tell a high school kid!!!!!!! I hope she burns in hell, that bitch. I really hate these schools that treat poor innocent children so unjustly.
Robert Corbett (4 days ago)
0:20 we first see the mother of this girl who just killed herself and it looks like she's laughing there maybe? Not sure if she was laughing before she first spoke but she does seem happy and cheerful throughout this video. Seems creepy and just wrong.
Seth Wolfe (4 days ago)
Is this really the world that we live in? Institutionalize your child for mental help in order to stay in the school? Who really needs mental institution here? The motherfuckers that make these policies that's the answer to this bullshit. I say it's high time to hold someone accountable
Kai West (4 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with schools nowadays? I'm pretty sure every educational institutions are all shit and broken.
hatter2mad (4 days ago)
Anytime a child would kill theirselves over school 🤔 tells a lot about their home...
Shailynn Fritcher (5 days ago)
lunarlena (5 days ago)
Fuck this disgusting school!
Losa Gold (5 days ago)
How can they make a requirement like that
Hailee Smith (5 days ago)
Something similar happened to me back when I was in high school, someone told a teacher that I was having certain issues and they told me I was suspended from school until I went to a mental heath hospital. It hurt a lot. I went to the hospital for a week and came back and they counted me absent for three of the days. It was a messed up situation.
mati261000 (5 days ago)
The way people with mental health are treated in our country is unconscionable to say the least.
ssr2 goku black (5 days ago)
she did good on kermiting sewerslide. (committing suicide.)
cwb0051 (5 days ago)
That "school" Caused her death, They Should be Held responsible Big Time!!
Can't really trust people who didn't experience with depression
No Va (5 days ago)
Bruh being kicked out of a school because your depressed from shit you can’t control is infuriating. Shit I’m surprised she didn’t beat whoever told her’s ass. Can’t kick a kid out for having problems, part of a schools job is fixing those problems. This punk ass school isn’t worth a thing.
who’s watching in 2018?
Political_Person (6 days ago)
she does look like a school shooter
Vianna Berdon (6 days ago)
Woah, I have friends who go to that school
fuck your mother (6 days ago)
Ok what if she shot up the school thats wy she needed more help an not that school
Winnie (6 days ago)
I can't understand why the school did this however I don't think they are the reason for her death. What happened was very disappointing but if this is why she killed herself then I don't think she would have lived very long even if that didn't happen. We all deal with a lot of disappointment in life and if a disappointment like that is enough to kill someone then I don't see how even if she would have gone something else wouldn't have upset her enough to lead to her killing herself. Her depression is what killed her.
DweltCheese7 (6 days ago)
Fuck that school
Tais Rosas (6 days ago)
People get so scared to speak because then people just say or take you to the crazy been they don't understand they don't know how it if feels
WooferJr (6 days ago)
That's why you should never enroll your kids in a private school, character school, or jesus christ school, catholic church, etc. Public schools are more caring for every student and usually don't discriminate you by your grades or mental capabilities.
sajid akram (6 days ago)
We need more American terrorists like this to do suicide or mass shootings. bible gives permission to attack bastard kids from unwed parents
Brandon Withnell (7 days ago)
so the girl suffers fromm depression and the schools responce was to crush something she was looking forward too for a long time? does this school not know what depression means?
Katelynn Cole (7 days ago)
>Go to hospital or can’t come back to school >goes to hospital >sorry can’t come back to school
North Land (7 days ago)
the school is pathetic omg lets act so elite that we kill good people due to our incompetence & ignorance
Ferrit Rat (7 days ago)
Education systems in America suck!!!
Virgil Lowers (7 days ago)
Abby was robbed of her opportunity to gun down her schoolmates at the graduation party.
Josh Andrei Corbita (7 days ago)
The school wanted to keep her medical files confidential because they fear that this would put them down.
Jan Edmunds (7 days ago)
Keep on looking for that balance, Milton Hershey. You’re not even close. You really screwed up
Kendall Baldwin (7 days ago)
Aww. "She dinduniffin" she was a "good ole cracker girl" BOOOO HOOOOOOO
lorraine smith (7 days ago)
Poor kid, she must have been so unhappy. Getting locked out of graduation does not make a teen kill herself.....there was more going on in this poor girl's life than meets the eye.
Aleta Mize (7 days ago)
Wow hope those kids are happy anout that they should be charged for bulling and caused a MURDER of a young woman. Shameful just as evil as TRUMPS.
Joey Wall (7 days ago)
Mmmm Yum (7 days ago)
Is that discrimination of mental health ? Dunno how it works in the US
Maybe the step dad and step grand dad were giving her sleeping pills and abusing her sexually and it affected her mental health. People can be very creepy. Step mom might be doing the same..mixing concoction of medicine to ruin her life.
Charms434 (8 days ago)
Kind of strange that boarding your child for years, and not letting them live at home. Added to the fact of addiction issues that were so prevalent CNN had to bring up that they caused Home issues, weren’t brought up as the likely cause of worsening this child’s depression. Not going to graduation doesn’t cause suicide. May have been the last straw, but their is much more at play here
LITTLE Lamb (8 days ago)
There are a LOT more kids in that school that have mental issues. I would say probably quite a few of them.. They should not have kept her from the graduation. Mental illness is all over the place.
novita z (8 days ago)
What a stupid fucking school policy, this poor kid just want it to attend her fucking graduation which we know is absolutely important for all of us. This school is responsible for her suicide
Claire Moon (8 days ago)
Just so sad. People forget to use the "spirit of the law" and not the "letter of the law". They don't think how they would feel if it were their child or imagine being a 14 year old themselves. I could understand if she thought she was a threat to others but it does not appear to be the case.
Wiile Telve (8 days ago)
The school Fucked up
A Woofle boi :D (8 days ago)
They called her the monster when in the end they were the monster and the girl was a victim
Aus (8 days ago)
is it legal to discriminate based on a medical condition?
So Jorn (8 days ago)
No one should enroll in that school! Boycott.
Fanatic Art Project (9 days ago)
I'm sorry but the school was right in a way. They did provide options and help for them. How many times do we hear about school shootings and disasters because someone was mentally unstable? Then of course we blame the school because "they should have known, how could they allow the student in?". It was just a party, they didn't fail her. Her family should've been there for her. They were the ones who failed here, not the school. If I had a kid in this school, of course I'd want to protect them. So what if one kid couldn't come to a party for the protection of many others? It's just a graduation from middle school. Middle school, man. Kids need to learn that even if they don't get it their way, it's not a reason to make this sort of decision. And before someone says something, I know what depression is, I've been clinically depressed for 11 years and I'm 19. I was not allowed in my 9th grade graduation and prom because I was in a wheel chair. For my own safety and for the people around me to be able to have a good time. Still here. As many, many others. It's just futile to die this way.
sam dcw (9 days ago)
school made it worse
im-a-differentbreed (9 days ago)
WHY did her parents not fucking take her out of that school? She’s 13 she would be just fine going somewhere else that treats her right!
Core Bliss (9 days ago)
Chocolate middle school... she need more help...
Emily Modest (9 days ago)
Yeah I bet they are sooooo worried about their students 🙄 amazing how it’s big schools like this make you pay and still treat you like trash
hi itsme (10 days ago)
Men and institutions ruin everything
PittsburghTroll (10 days ago)
There is more to this. Nobody is killing themself over attending a fuckin graduation.
Yvette Jones (10 days ago)
I am so sorry to the family.
Yvette Jones (10 days ago)
Please sue that school. Sue them for all they are worth. What they did what to cause major trauma to Abbey. They were wrong and there was no concern she was a danger to others.
Adam L (10 days ago)
Clearly she was a danger. The school did the right thing.
Gitanagurl (10 days ago)
So they have singled her out because of mental health? What kind of school does this? The point of getting help as a kid is also in part a school involvement as well as the parents. They didn’t want to deal with it and brushed her off. That is evil and very lazy.
xxx xxx (10 days ago)
All of a sudden her mother is playing “mother of the year.” Her father now “misses her and wishes she was here.” But not enough to put down the bottle. These bottom feeders are just looking for a payday.
Numidium (10 days ago)
"graduate from middle school" I dunno man. To me that sounds like "graduate from day care".
Real Chop (10 days ago)
It’s sad but she is dumb for killing her self 😥
Gin Smith (10 days ago)
The public and private schools are a fucking joke of the world. Poor baby girl, everyone failed her, all because of mental health problems. To me that's Discrimination.
well heres another reason why im in online school...... fuck the public school district, mostly this one
its Common Sense (11 days ago)
4:21 no...its called teenage hormones
Persephone Black (11 days ago)
What kind of fucking school says kids can't have mental health issues? What a huge stigma they cast on this poor girl....
Casey5693 (11 days ago)
OMG. I’ve been treated like this before. I wanted to be part of a church retreat program. On the application, I was honest about my mental illness. Because of that, I was rejected. I asked the pastor and he said the event would be too intense for someone like me. I’ve been hesitant to be honest since.

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