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MCPE 1.2 How To Make Dog Food | Minecraft pe And Xbox beta Tutorial

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Text Comments (40)
me fam (4 months ago)
Instead of doing that ima put it in the middle if slabs
zombies21 hacker (11 months ago)
It looks cool 🤘🤘🤘
Katrina Ton (11 months ago)
How do I get Minecraft 1.2 on IOS?
ICE_BEAR25 GAMING (11 months ago)
Doesn't look like dogfood -_-
rosario tapia (2 months ago)
ICE_BEAR25 GAMING so its close
Naheed Artan (9 months ago)
Yeah i agree -_-
RustTheDust 789 (11 months ago)
Plz reply
TROLLGAMING YT (11 months ago)
Khubeb what your use screen recorder
Kai Tahayashi (11 months ago)
He copied stanley gaming's moves and the tutorial
Naheed Artan (9 months ago)
Whos that
live stream went off!
Chrystal (11 months ago)
Pls reply to all my comments Khubeb! Plsssssss!!!
Harry Houtsnipper (11 months ago)
Wow that dog.. It really looks like the dog I tamed yestarday
wat are you lookin at? (11 months ago)
/storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/resource_packs/12880 Unable to open pack.
- XØĘX GFX - (11 months ago)
SivRocks (11 months ago)
How many likes can this get ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-Chocolate With Cupcakes- (11 months ago)
Khubeb why dont you make voice videos that much..
Trinsman (11 months ago)
Thats sick
TMSFireBoy MCPE (11 months ago)
Wow!!,cool Bro ;)!!! #LikeButton
Itz Elmer (11 months ago)
TMSFireBoy MCPE #LikeButton
JoshRedstoneTheWolf 02 (11 months ago)
JoshRedstoneTheWolf 02 (11 months ago)
Omg its so awesome
LightGamer HD9 (11 months ago)
Shine Himal (11 months ago)
Hi boi
Itz Elmer (11 months ago)
Arf arf I'm a dragon dog I love dog foods🐶🐲
Itz Elmer (11 months ago)
Poopypants Toilet yes I'm I'm just joking
Giltch Android (11 months ago)
Dragon lynx i love cats 🐱 and dogs 🐶
Giltch Android (11 months ago)
Dragon lynx i think you look like a human
Wolfie Mia (11 months ago)
Omg this video has only been up for like 3 mins and already there's a dislike wow 😂Haters these days just don't watch the vid they just dislike it anyway
Wolfie Mia (11 months ago)
Katrina Ton true...We will never know tho .-.
Katrina Ton (11 months ago)
XxWolfBlood_ Mia21xX what if they came here when it first started cuz like the video is 3 minutes long
U h (11 months ago)
DAB ON THE HATERS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Giltch Android (11 months ago)
Dogiart04 (11 months ago)
Dogiart04 (11 months ago)
Team Valor Gaming / ButterTVG thanks but why?
Wolfie Mia (11 months ago)
Early for once in my life BE PROUDDDDD 😂😂its 2:44 Am and I'm awake
Wolfie Mia (11 months ago)
Khubeb786 yaaaaay 😂😂Be proud I stayed up just to wait and see if u were gonna upload XD
Khubeb786 (11 months ago)
XxWolfBlood_ Mia21xX Congrats

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