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"Indian Doctors" | Russell Peters - Almost Famous

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I would NEVER go to a male Indian doctor... I need my doctor to be from the hood! Here's a clip from my 2016 special, "Almost Famous." Watch the full special on Netflix! Click here: http://nflx.it/2pIWkbQ Subscribe to my YouTube: http://bit.ly/SubscribeRussellPeters Like or follow me on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RussellPeters Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheRealRussellP Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/RussellPeters Check out my upcoming tour dates!: http://bit.ly/RussellPetersTour Watch More Videos! "Comedy Now" Accents: https://youtu.be/z4KhEj0ai5E African Names: https://youtu.be/U4okFm62gxk Be A Man!: https://youtu.be/ITwPzduUmCw Gay Indians: https://youtu.be/aBQjiFMle0k Jamaicans: https://youtu.be/E42gaKV1LxI "Outsourced" Terrorists vs Indians: https://youtu.be/uTXemscTJWM Beat Your Kids: https://youtu.be/3gD1woa_Cbw Cultural Names: https://youtu.be/eaO1Sz7-VYQ Embarrassing Parents: https://youtu.be/ApsTWYhK-5c "Red, White, and Brown" Louis Vuitton: https://youtu.be/goMsCPQYhlQ Arabs: https://youtu.be/GEVAE3EYoOg Deaf People: https://youtu.be/DIASrjk0ehM Indians are Cheap: https://youtu.be/oSzgCDIUzq0 New York Italians: https://youtu.be/WozJf-c7oq8 "The Green Card Tour" Language Barriers: https://youtu.be/4mob7prolsg Go Nicely: https://youtu.be/SpBWMwLSDW0 The Irish: https://youtu.be/E53qBbsxNXs The Middle East: https://youtu.be/2tbqV8AtI8I The Philippines: https://youtu.be/et61vHRySZ8 "Notorious" Bangkok: https://youtu.be/LHncWfrCgqk Learning Spanish: https://youtu.be/xb3QLgNtM6g Miracle Baby: https://youtu.be/LPSYnmHQm5M Arab Men: https://youtu.be/KCQwe_AMo74 White People: https://youtu.be/vmI4LP-9a8o ""Almost Famous" Indian Tech Support: https://youtu.be/78cDjLJDRgA Russians: https://youtu.be/BtMd6PbscwE Late-Night Bathroom Trips: https://youtu.be/cHXfUpFQLAE Working At The Airport: https://youtu.be/8t-J6hJInZI Almost Famous Outtakes" The Cashman: https://youtu.be/3bfMUuIz7_g Turning 40: https://youtu.be/FmOrJDnHVss My Waterbed: https://youtu.be/DRkX8NU1Nos Men Talk Crap: https://youtu.be/QOikLd1P-TU
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Text Comments (2365)
Kartik Tomar (7 hours ago)
You sucks...not funny😝
Abdul Rahman Al Mulla (19 hours ago)
Dustin Miller (1 day ago)
I feel bad for the doctor.
milan wouters (1 day ago)
class critical which disease respond driver sort northern video.
Amy' Singh (1 day ago)
Racist 😏
Kayani Waqas (1 day ago)
Hhhhhaaaa .... Great...extra ordinary ....Love from Pakistan
Dr.pratik shelke (2 days ago)
do not forget who is Father of surgery, medicin and anatomy.
Bunty Thakur (2 days ago)
He seems frustrated. I never laugh at once. If you translate this into english he cant stand by raju srivastava or kapil sharma.
Nero Sousa (3 days ago)
I found it little offensive cuz you actually have no idea how many tough test they have to go through and efforts they put so they can be doctors, on the other side you might mock us like 'indians cant take a joke', but on the bright side we are happy that you won't be visiting indian doctors cause you seem to have been spreading lies and stereotype jokes. its shallow to judge everyone without knowing shit about them(i'm pretty sure you have no idea)
fahim sayed (3 days ago)
First of all, Fuck you!
Leopold Stotch (3 days ago)
Fuck this nonsense.
Rajesh Kumar (4 days ago)
Waste indian speakers r far better than him....chk other dhan him.....hez nt wrth of milion viesws or subscribers....all dat hex dng is abusingggggggggg
Jhon 3nga (4 days ago)
AmonAmarthFan609 (5 days ago)
St Ot (5 days ago)
Indian doctors are the worse. They should stay in India and help the many Indians there that desperately need healthcare!!
Paris Lloyed (6 days ago)
Did anyone else see Jusreign sitting there <3
Aasim Peerzada (6 days ago)
You are an Indian too aren't you ? Shame on you slamming ur country people . Douchebag
Chris Fleming (6 days ago)
Sunny Leone!
Luigj Marku (6 days ago)
jhsjde zgiiye ctrwj vb,ot
Clementine Arnaud (6 days ago)
reliable knee seal gkfarm yeah mother bit economics anyone opening special.
Genesis Mystic Tarot (7 days ago)
Lame mother fucker always the same racial jokes never funny
Venkata bhaskara rao (7 days ago)
Ugly talk Russell
vai walker (7 days ago)
fuck this shit, i wanna play my guitar!!!!!!!!! lolllllllllllll fucking hell. my abs hurt
Dhaval Sakaria (7 days ago)
lol this is soo true!
Rayees Khanday (7 days ago)
As a doctor i find this both hilarious and insulting 😂😂
Sandeep Chugh (8 days ago)
He is the one who decided to repent rest of his life for having indian origin.
Nizamudheen Shihab (9 days ago)
Sri sri (9 days ago)
Breakdancer became comedian. Talking about forcing the careers. Dont say u dont want Indian doctors u cud never know whom u end up with so let it b. Parents always think best for their kids which is beneficial which can support their family once they get married etc. If kids dont want feel free to walk out of that home n become whatever u want.
kitkat_ Bourbon (9 days ago)
I love every Russell but y does he keep on making jokes only on Indians.... Sometimes it's good but every video is based on Indian n I guess it's not going good... He is an Indian too living somewere won't change the blood of real Indian
Cris Mo (10 days ago)
This guys has become lame now. I used to enjoy his jokes before. His jokes has never changed for years
Mayuk Dey (10 days ago)
You stupid fuckk....stop stereotyping me....u nutheaded ferret,,,ur mom and dad hates you ..u ugly ferret...get on my caste and stop speaking like that
fahim Abrar (10 days ago)
Hey whoever reading this. Let me clear something. See, the south Asian countries are mostly 3rd world countries. They are survived by the little earnings. They have really poor livelihood. Despite the fact in those countries Doctors and Engineers earn more handsome amount than any other job. To ensure a better and financially secure life among the poor infrastructure they always pushes their children to become a doctor, engineer or whatever. They forcefully make them accept their children's future. They are not even allowed to chose their own passion as a carrier option. When their son or daughter can't become a doctor they are treated badly in their family. This scenario is common in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and many more 3rd world countries. To be honest I hate to be born here. I never want a mother should act like an typical Indian mom. They just keep beating their child for the simplest thing. As an example : In US suppose a toddler put her hand inside a peanut butter jar and then rub it all over the body. What will happen next? When her mom gets to see she will take a photo immediately to capture the cutest moment. Whereas an Indian mom will beat the little child for doing this. Yes that's the reason why the 3rd world child has a rough childhood
Marleo Ca (1 day ago)
Yeah... I'm so sorry for all the children who get beat-up by their parents, especially for such stupid reasons:( But, usually, the poverty and the lack of education translate to anger, violence, frustration, and all that. Unfortunately, nobody can choose its own parents or the place to born...but there are many people who managed to change their own destiny and to choose what was the best for themselves:)
Shikhar Sood (10 days ago)
This what you think of Indian??
Mak 6 (12 days ago)
I know Russel always does same type of jokes but I can’t get enough of them! 😂
PRIYA SINGH (13 days ago)
Sorry but ur jokes are disgusting.
Yunus Shaikh (13 days ago)
the dislikes are increasing because now the video is getting audience from people residing in india.....self proclaimed patriotic dumb cunts who dont understand satire
Ryan DeJong (14 days ago)
So, Ben Carson?
apeasskicker (14 days ago)
Felt a bit raicist.
Revanna Marquez (14 days ago)
People problems : Asian parents: anak maging nurse ka Indian parents: son you need to be a doctor
Rakesh Bhankur (15 days ago)
Initially i liked ur jokes... gradually i felt ur jokes -> laugh on indians.. thats it.. change ur concept buddy, bring on other topics to laugh
J Vili (16 days ago)
Better then Burr :D :D
Magnimazing (16 days ago)
Watching this and realizing I was a boring child. My first dream as a child, like >10, was to be a vet. Then up until HS, it was to be an animator. u_u
Fariha Ahmed (16 days ago)
Is it just me or you could spot Jus Reign in the audience at 1:38??
Mudabbir Khan (16 days ago)
Mind Slay (18 days ago)
thats downright offensive dude. fuck you
Mohand Mansor (19 days ago)
Yo cuz 😂😂😂😂
johnny walker (19 days ago)
I wonder if Russell Peters ever leaves a tip in a restaurant.
TheMallhi81 (20 days ago)
I think he has no manners but not his fault its come from background its clearly shows where he comes from
TheMallhi81 (20 days ago)
Cut this crap man if you want to be a comedian learn something thumbs down for long time
Fidel (20 days ago)
Indian doctor., 'do they wash their hands, between visits' ? :)
sky walker (21 days ago)
Indian doctors are good, but I find Chinese doctors really rude.
Razor Reznov (21 days ago)
I had many different dreams in my life and somehow I ended up doing engineering
The Black Gamer (22 days ago)
4:04 had be dead😂
Habrid O'Young (24 days ago)
As an Asian, I'm very lucky that my parents allowed me to study and become whatever I wanted to study/become. They were fine with anything as long as I could survive. I've met so many Asian people my age who were forced to do things they don't want to and they will probably end up with a lot of regrets. It saddens me.
Sonny Singh (25 days ago)
I'm 14 and want to be a doctor......Dr Dre!
Manjunatha H S (25 days ago)
Think about doctors in India
Deepthi s.mahanti (25 days ago)
oh gawd I feel offended
Akshay Kirandumkara (25 days ago)
Your doctor sounds like Sam L Jackson
All Rounder (26 days ago)
u fool thts y u fools r working under us (indian) at every single place, and we are boss of urs fools..!!
Ver Villaflor (27 days ago)
so who did it first? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYjVZ14eb0c
Taurus Viking (27 days ago)
i wanted to be a police officer, now im serving a 20yr bit for armed robbery.
Yuvraj Gaikwad (29 days ago)
He is an asshole dick He is fucking bitch mother fucker
Glory JoeIbekwe (1 month ago)
His facial expression kills me everytime 😂😂😂😂 and the African American accent is on point 👌
justabug71 (1 month ago)
This is plagiarized!
Preet Joshi (1 month ago)
fuck you dickhead
Steam Punkster (1 month ago)
"The mean streets of Missisauga".....where everyone is hyper polite, it's scary.
prashanth sadu (1 month ago)
Making fun by mocking others...??
Same Bari (1 month ago)
Phaha some man
RUVX (1 month ago)
Indian.. Doctor. Pick one.
Bhagyashree Pareek (1 month ago)
It is funny, but moreover i felt it offensive. This is not the right way to do comedy. The message can come out in a better way, without insulting or judging people on the basis of their country or complexion . Its bad, truly bad.
Shreya Roy (1 month ago)
you suck man !!!! that's not always true.... it's 2017 it's has been lot developed... people do leave their dreams....
Carlson Md (1 month ago)
Taxi drivers become indian doctors.
Daniele Maestre (1 month ago)
These kind of jokes. Most stand comedians use this about whatever your dream was because of your parents 🙄 bruhh. I watched another comedian use that type of joke but he used “nurse” instead of doctor. 🙄
Then I should be ur doc.....
Harsh Singh (1 month ago)
Believe me I m an indian and Russel Peters is a 6th generation motherfucker
Shobha J (1 month ago)
When they cut to Edwoo... 😂
TheWidowStewart (1 month ago)
This is the best! =-D
Mr Random (1 month ago)
2:25 SANDOO!!
Mr peters I think you don't know every day and month many American are came to India for tritment.scarch on YouTube..Indian doctor are the best doctor in the world for some department.
Keith R (1 month ago)
Every Indian Doctor I met is a dentist.
pyromaniac000000 (1 month ago)
Can confirm Indian doctors suck. Dude was completely incompetent.
Cyrax loops (1 month ago)
His doctor is Samuel mother fucking jackson
fonomanu101 (1 month ago)
Yo low key though, those break dance moves were crispy
pingufromindia (1 month ago)
Bitchass prescription
sandeep kumar (1 month ago)
you creep...
shubham preet (1 month ago)
uh... Alas! This is not true now;)
TATHAGAT MANI (5 days ago)
juan-k sporty (1 month ago)
deyum you got fat bro!!
shabeer mohamedI (1 month ago)
Real fucker
mussab alrasheed (1 month ago)
Hhhhhhhhhh So funny the black doctor hhhhhh
Aisha Ali (1 month ago)
didnt laugh once
RK STUDIO (1 month ago)
truly speaking , it was shit ..... and i was expected to laugh ? boring
Piyush Sumera (1 month ago)
Offensive still deep..The guy knows lot about Indians.. Nickname thing,Mummy making faces and the Doctor thing,of course.
creative rama (1 month ago)
Vraj Patel (1 month ago)
My nigga just rain in the audience at 1:55
nishchith moode (1 month ago)
as mean as the s***** Russells .... **** **u
Sri. B (1 month ago)
The number of people here who don't understand irony, sarcasm, or satire are mind boggling
Syed Siraj (1 month ago)
Surprisingly Indians don’t feel offended when westerners make fun abt them..
blazo king (1 month ago)
You are an irrelevant guy who I am sad to have stumbled upon .Anyways you shouldn't force your opinion on others because you don't matter
Tommy Gun (1 month ago)
Great Show Russell!!!!🖒😎😁
Rejo Thomas (1 month ago)
Indians are great , how can make such bad comments about us. I think you will learn more about us and our community . Then present it in stages the real facts.

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