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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Through The Storm (Official Video) Reaction!

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Text Comments (2145)
lifeas monii (15 hours ago)
3:17 yes it's his son better yet it's his twin😍
Eugene ray (19 hours ago)
NBA is the gang youngboy is his name.. It's a intro name NBA young boy
Zariya cotton (19 hours ago)
React to gg nba
DreamVision TV (2 days ago)
React to nba youngboy drop out
Big BüĆkEtś (2 days ago)
Pause at 3:27 she plotting on young boy
Lora Moore (2 days ago)
Do a reaction to 38 baby untouchable outside today astronaut kid
sarah staffer (2 days ago)
Yeah that is his son
Kianna Boucher (3 days ago)
I love love love love love love love love love love his music like nothing
Kianna Boucher (3 days ago)
Nba in his name stands for never broke again
DrippyLilFloat Ent (3 days ago)
Nba stand for never broke agian
DrippyLilFloat Ent (3 days ago)
Is name is YoungBoy neverbrokeagain
Tlijah Lundy (4 days ago)
You he have a son
Debra Robinson (5 days ago)
jakyladozier (6 days ago)
I like your video 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Kelly Jones (6 days ago)
Yes that is his son
Ivette Ortega (6 days ago)
React to nba youngboy outside today
Brutalz IMVU (6 days ago)
React to ynw Melly murder on my mind
Charlotte Pinckney (6 days ago)
He probably going to die in 2020
Charlotte Pinckney (6 days ago)
Baby k is not his son
justus gatewood (6 days ago)
NBA young boy actually has a nice voice
Josh Hill (7 days ago)
He made
Josh Hill (7 days ago)
It is his son
BLIXKY TVS (7 days ago)
Watch 41
Jamarion Glaze (7 days ago)
Tuesday morning to you
Griselda Garcia (7 days ago)
react to clout cobain denzel curry
Kayleigh and Maggie (8 days ago)
Jakylar Jenkins (8 days ago)
React to Astronaut Kid
King Jay (8 days ago)
Young boy Never Broke Again is his name that's what NBA stood for.
Kenzie & Kelsey (9 days ago)
He has three kids one of them isn’t his
Caleb Maignan (9 days ago)
His name is youngboy never broke again but it used to be nba youngboy
zjonte hampton (10 days ago)
Nba standes for never broke agin
Khias Winn (10 days ago)
K.k is not his kid but he said he is still going take care of him
Sandra Amos (10 days ago)
Laquana Perdue (10 days ago)
That was his son he have two sons that was one
KingMareon TV (12 days ago)
NBA stands for Never Broke Again
Angela Tucker (12 days ago)
My dad now him
Kilynn Brown (13 days ago)
And yes that’s his song
abm k3 (13 days ago)
Thats not his son
How fucking fast are you gonna talk you cringy ass ape fucking nigger
zj socool (14 days ago)
Do Javonte William highlights
kia babygirl (14 days ago)
React to NBA Youngboy astronaut kid
Chi Foe (15 days ago)
He can’t be called nba youngboy because of problems with the national basketball association so he changed his name 💯
Kordai Rose (16 days ago)
Kordai Rose (16 days ago)
That's his sun
Kordai Rose (16 days ago)
Yeah that's Draco he not going to asept you cause he does not like internet stuff like that and Draco is his sun he has 4
Kordai Rose (16 days ago)
His fool name is nda young boy never broke again
Skinnygirl Nae (16 days ago)
Yeah he got 4 kids
Skinnygirl Nae (16 days ago)
(N)ever (B)roke (A)gain youngboy
Nicholas Hinzman (17 days ago)
Y'all funny asf lol
Elisandra R Goolcharan (17 days ago)
He got 4 sons
Nadia Moon (17 days ago)
Youngboy never broke again is a the same as NBA youngboy that was his name at first he changed it to nba youngboy
taraje Thomas (18 days ago)
his name is NBA youngboy it's just he did never broke again because it's like NBA youngboy and NBA young boy stands for never broke again
Jare S (18 days ago)
Bianca FUCCING retarded
Sanaa Reed (18 days ago)
Like everybody else said he got 4 sons
Sanaa Reed (18 days ago)
Sorry for my late comment but that's his son
Seon_boss Gang (18 days ago)
That’s his son drako
Owen games9056 (19 days ago)
He has 4 kids
zyyunjha Green (20 days ago)
That is his babe
Jamariah Young (20 days ago)
his name is youngboy never broke again (nba)
Junior M (20 days ago)
Youngboy NBA - Location no video to it but definitely a dope song up there with Genie
Ayram Tovias (20 days ago)
He got 4 boys .
Chase Arrington (21 days ago)
This is my song
Kamirah Tv (21 days ago)
Thts his son
S and EL Nation (21 days ago)
He got real mad when she said she going to follow him too 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️
Khaya Upchurch (22 days ago)
React to gravity by nba young boy
Brytney Morris (22 days ago)
And overdose
Brytney Morris (22 days ago)
React to Nicki Minaj
Papi Carlos (22 days ago)
I love the fact that y’all don’t pause the video 1000 times
TT gang (23 days ago)
Adodinys Fernandez (23 days ago)
Young boy has 4 kids
Mya Kelly (24 days ago)
that's my brother
Carlos Corrales (24 days ago)
That is his son
DamSam (24 days ago)
Y’all should react to his latest album until death call me name or the song graffiti
DamSam (24 days ago)
He’s got four sons!
Alex Peterson (25 days ago)
He got copy righted for his name so he had to change it so he changed the NBA to the write out meaning never broke again
BOMB QUAN (25 days ago)
NBA Young boy has 4kids but only 1looks like him👍🏿
Envy Yanii (25 days ago)
I got headphones in and when he said “but ANNYWAY GUYYS!” I jumped it was so loud 😂chill
Isayah Kelly (25 days ago)
NBA youngboy = Youngboy never broke again
NBA Youngboy Shooter (25 days ago)
He got 3 sons
N.G. Knight (17 days ago)
cuzzz the fourth one wasnt his
Cj tv (26 days ago)
Dang damion mad hahaha
javion Baylor (11 days ago)
Cj tv juyh nujhy th yyy y 5 r5g tf
javion Baylor (11 days ago)
Cj tv 3t5
javion Baylor (11 days ago)
Cj tv ry5ggr Yy
David Freeman (26 days ago)
Best person aka.. NBA youngboy
Aj Wicker (26 days ago)
Can u add me back on snap
Lisa Broom (26 days ago)
React to NBA youngboy outside today
Collin Echols (27 days ago)
He had change his name to youngboy never broke again so he did not get copyrighted this happened forever ago NBA stands for never broke again
Itss Asia (28 days ago)
He got 4 sons😂react to 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj
Dallas Aaliyah (28 days ago)
React to genie nba young boy
Dallas Aaliyah (28 days ago)
Tha is my favorite song
Sofresh daven (29 days ago)
He talk to fast
Macy Allison (29 days ago)
Yea he has 4 kids and he’s 18
Jesus Padilla (30 days ago)
He go by both his new album in “until death calls my name” (he got 4kids one not his though)
KING_HAINES (30 days ago)
React to suiceboys paris!💀
A'Reon Dames (30 days ago)
NBA means Never Broke Again
Shawn Smith (30 days ago)
That's wut NBA stand for never broke again
zyzy1028 (1 month ago)
That is his son I love you
Anthony Morales (1 month ago)
hoggard e (1 month ago)
baby k is still in his life because he said life gose on !!!
hoggard e (1 month ago)
he have 3 because baby k star son not his
Queen Jat`en (1 month ago)
React to bounce out with that!!!!
Calvin Walker (1 month ago)

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