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The Art and History of the Goalie Mask

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Lawrence Welsh (6 months ago)
Shadowbane Gaming (6 months ago)
There is so much wrong with this... Watchmojo needs to stay out of sports. Actually, Watchmojo should just stop. There are so many posts that are either incorrect, or misleading.
William Worth (7 months ago)
Masons zombie mask was boss
Fee Lynn (8 months ago)
The most memorable mask was Jason Voorhees!!!!
Lawrence Welsh (9 months ago)
Wrong a guy named Clint Benadict wore one a leather one
Exosphere (7 months ago)
Clint Benedict only wore that mask because he had an injury on his nose and once it healed he abandoned the mask and never wore it again. It wasn’t an goalie mask but it inspired Jacques Plante into wearing his mask.
Greg Boonie (1 year ago)
That girl was Hot.
Imelda Ortiz Garcia (1 year ago)
Donde Puedo Encontrar La Historia De Las Máscaras De Hockey En Español
Brody Clarkey (1 year ago)
Fenton Hardy (1 year ago)
The Game was tough in the 1960's I know, I played back then, No helmet and goalies didn't wear masks as part of common place until 1970, the game I think has been sped up too much to the point that players have to wear Helmets. I never liked helmets I tried one in 1962 and I was so uncomfortable and I got hedchecked, when I got back to the bench I took it off and I never put it on again.n
Egon Jensen (1 year ago)
I cannot find a single picture depicting a goalkeeper wearing the famous Jason Voorhees mask.
Dionysus Liquor (3 months ago)
Egon Jensen Jason's mask was based off of the Jaques Plante fibrosport mask. The Fibrosport was present on the set of part 3 F13 but it needed to be a little bigger so a larger one was vacuformed to fit Richard Brooker's head.
Shadowbane Gaming (6 months ago)
Here... It's in French, but it shows the pics... https://youtu.be/TUU7CAsIevU
Shadowbane Gaming (6 months ago)
Electric Wild wrong... You shouldn't comment on things that you obviously have no clue about
Shadowbane Gaming (6 months ago)
Michel Plasse, Wayne Thomas, Michel Laroque
The Legend (11 months ago)
Egon Jensen that's because no one wore it
1389 Gaming (2 years ago)
I like watching hockey but i wouldnt call my self a hardcore fan or anything, which means i always have questions about the sport. So i was wondering, how come players are not wearing full face protection. Like if a puck flies into goalies face he has full facial protection but if a puck flies high and hits a player in the face his mouth area is still exposed under the visor?
TheRomanRuler (1 year ago)
Its like driving a bicycle without helmet. You think you don´t need helmet, until the day you realize that you should have worn it. And even still there are people who are always against it. It will take time for protection to improve, generations sometimes.
That One Guy (1 year ago)
T'lan Imass i know kids need to wear cages and full visors
Connor McMatthews (2 years ago)
+T'lan Imass It happens...I'd say once every month that a guy gets hit by a stick, a hit or a puck to the face. Im asking myself the same question but I think it's because they forced players to wear a helmet not a long time ago so they'll probably force them the wear a visor or a grid in a couple years when we will see enough accidents and injuries, I guess.
Quentin Raffensperger (2 years ago)
Thanks Blinky.
Brody Clarkey (1 year ago)
Darthpepo (2 years ago)
what is the team that used the jason voorhees mask?
Darthpepo (2 years ago)
+Clifford Crompton yep
Clifford Crompton (2 years ago)
the mask that was Jason was a modified vacuform mask created from a Detroit red wings goalie mask hope this helps
Guerrilla In The Woods (2 years ago)
The red wings.
James Dent (3 years ago)
And not a single mention about Jason Voorhees
Isaac Chambers (2 years ago)
+Dentguy 123 yeah because this has nothing to do with that
SimplyShiny (4 years ago)
does mojo live in montreal?
Pyrochexmix (3 years ago)
phatbackbeat (4 years ago)
The Butterfly method started in the '80's ? Tell Glenn Hall and Terry Sawchuck that ! This guy is misinformed on a few topics on here...
Constantine Stanovich (4 years ago)
he blinks too much
303 Jay (5 years ago)
He probably has some form of Tourettes
Alex (5 years ago)
No the is cheevers
Dustin Smith (5 years ago)
Does he have terets like wtf how many times do you need to blink like come on
TheNorgate (5 years ago)
By 1970 there was more than just one kook who was holding out. Gump Worsley was playing for the North Stars, Joe Daley for the Sabers and Red Wings and later Andy Brown would play for the Red Wings and the Penguins. Brown would finish with the Racers with the WHA Racers maskless. He would be the last NHL goalie to play maskless in a loss to the Atlanta Flames in April of 1974.
Curtis Boutilier (5 years ago)
1:16 The Toronto Maple Leafs 2012-2013 alternative jersey shows up on Jacques Plante, what year is that, I just am wondering that year the jersey was used...
Isaac Grant (5 years ago)
2:35 is that brouder
Tero Sivula (6 years ago)
Do you see the eyes inside of the mask at 3:06!?
eljaytherealone (6 years ago)
@andyr1313 Margaret Simmons designed it for him.
redwa11er (6 years ago)
Ken Dryden's is my favourite of the old masks.
andyr1313 (6 years ago)
My two favorite mask designs were Gary Simmons' cobra and Gilles Gratton's lion/tiger...
Fedorovfan95 (6 years ago)
this guy forgot abouht the helmet/cage combo,
ThunderHead72 (6 years ago)
This is a great read and the photos in it are incredible.
Kyle Barker (7 years ago)
what about bunny larogue
It's all new to me. You must conform to my reality.
Hexinvir (7 years ago)
@accurateled are you seriously replying to a comment I left over one year ago?
Seth Tozer-Lyons (7 years ago)
@TheDaleDenton almost 30 years before jacques
Seth Tozer-Lyons (7 years ago)
ya know jcwueds plante didn't event the goalie mask. it was clint benedict who got the idea when he stop a puck wiht his nose.
Jacques Guertin (7 years ago)
Let real specialists talk about real men sports...
cheesemoleo (7 years ago)
W00t! Gerry Cheevers
JokerScars69 (7 years ago)
2:30 how about Jason 'Fucking' Voorhees
candygameengine (7 years ago)
@1:42 Hello, Clarice. You gotta admit these early masks are creepy-looking today. I wonder how people reacted to seeing them the first time back then.
lucky tardif (7 years ago)
it s like i say it isint mask art for me it war paint
Jim Dorman (8 years ago)
Very cool - I'm going to have to look for the book. I still have my Ernie Higgins mask made in 1976.
railcar123 (8 years ago)
Does this girl live alone? :-)
crackerHero (8 years ago)
the hockey mask was never made to look badass or crazy it was made for people that were able to look at your face after a game without them asking you how you got so ugly
Brandon Aaron (8 years ago)
thts the mask im getting
crackshotCSGO (8 years ago)
Learn to spell. It doesn't look good when you're correcting someone when you can't even spell "right"
Hexinvir (8 years ago)
this guy keeps rapidly blinking, gets annoying after a few minutes
Troy Paquette (8 years ago)
Your Wrong the mask on his shirt is Rogie Vachon from 1970-74 so railcar123 is wright
eastonman9 (8 years ago)
i have tht book and its amazing
railcar123 (8 years ago)
I believe the mask he is wearing on his shirt is Rogie Vachon,
Jim Hynes (8 years ago)
I don't hear any swearing. Maybe he's a book writer not used to being on TV.
Jim Hynes (8 years ago)
Care to be more specific or are you just another clown shooting his moth off?
mmmcool (8 years ago)
i have this book,
Troy Paquette (9 years ago)
This guy does not no what he is talking about
Oliver Daniel (9 years ago)
i have this book, this is a video representing it.
Brad Bayer (9 years ago)
Where the @#%&! is Gary Smith?? Radbear rules!!!
xxcanadianlifexx (1 year ago)
Brad Bayer that's kinky....
xxcanadianlifexx (1 year ago)
Brad Bayer that's kinky....

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