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1989: Man vs. Chinese tank Tiananmen square

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A CNN crew covering the June 5, 1989, protests in Beijing recorded a man stopping a Chinese tank in Tiananmen Square. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/
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Michael Jackson (4 minutes ago)
Adolf Adolf hawd (2 hours ago)
He is not a brave i swear the man who driven the first tank is a brave an honest and nationalist man he can kill easy but he sacrifice his great country CHINA
Happy (4 hours ago)
John Oliver brought me here
عبدالله ع (13 hours ago)
what was the reason to move these tanks?
Texas Viking (15 hours ago)
American tank driver *opens hatch* *throws water bottle* "MOVE DUMB ASS" *head shot*
Giang Tong (15 hours ago)
Doc china
的话 奶 (15 hours ago)
Ammon Lu (16 hours ago)
this is a smart guy...the tank will not kill him even if it runs over him...there's room to fit one guy between two tracks...when the tank moves trying to actually run him over with one of the tracks, the guy quickly changed position...this is all an act...
Fell Man (22 hours ago)
Why didn't the tanks go in a row instead of a column or a couple rows, that way he wouldn't be able to block them all. Nonetheless I'm tired of tyranny of any kind and it was brave of him to do this.
Ike Quartey (1 day ago)
Pourquoi il a pas écrasé ??
i am your father (1 day ago)
Balls of steel.
Chor Wong (1 day ago)
可有任何報道或証實 那個人的真正身份 ???
c Alec (1 day ago)
Why don't they show the whole video? The man is alive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRb4VY2dU4c&lc=z12dihpjlxf4db4bl04cfvtqjoz2hdk4vcc.1528387017844391
的话 奶 (15 hours ago)
c Alec thanks you
O.G Autistler (1 day ago)
Just lucky he didn't got his ass ran over like in Erdogania..
Alex Surname (1 day ago)
If only late Soviet leadership had the brains and balls to roll tanks over all those new "Democrats", Russia would be in much better shape, like China. Congrats to Chinese gov. to smash those fuckers.
wenhao li (2 days ago)
if it was in another country, the tank would simply run over him rather than stopped. Run Over Never Happened. Just watch this https://youtu.be/GRb4VY2dU4c
Christopher Norris (2 days ago)
What happened next?
higher (2 days ago)
Jimmie CB (2 days ago)
The western media deliberately intercepted one of the video rumours. The tank didn't crush him! https://youtu.be/GRb4VY2dU4c
Jimmie CB (2 days ago)
He doesn't represent the people! We don't want the political systems of western countries. Democracy and freedom do not equal votes! We think it's much more efficient to let professional people run a country than a braggart amateur speaker. I love my country - China.
Frost Bitez (2 days ago)
This scary
Reality may be disappointing. Or, at least it was
salam badran (3 days ago)
well.. that happens in palastine every day!
Mehmet Firat Doğar (3 days ago)
La biz tanka kafa attik hayırdır amk
su jia (3 days ago)
stupid americans haha.
e round 02 (3 days ago)
You just know this man got fucked up for this
David Fultz (4 days ago)
When I was a senior in high school, my history teacher was asking the class who our "hero" was from history. Though I dont know his name , the man in front of that tank was then and still is my hero.
Leonovgamer09 (4 days ago)
people say they remembered him die.
Nick Martin (4 days ago)
Props to the tank commander for not running him over, though.
Daniel Hertzler (4 days ago)
This dude never got run over...thats my mansendem Bruce Leroy, he be chillin like a maaafk...
Chris King (4 days ago)
This is messed up they ran him over
Chris King (4 days ago)
It looks so fake look how big the guy is coming out of the tank compared to the tank boy
Ragersz _456 (5 days ago)
In china.....this is normal *read more*
Glebushidze Bel (5 days ago)
NO PASARAN! Вот бы в рф можно было этак колонну грузовиков с астронавтами приостановить, однако тебя там сходу унесут в неведомом направлении...
I would have run him over
Albert Hendershot (6 days ago)
伯伦杨 (6 days ago)
We all know that if this man was there stoping a tank of any other country's army, he would have been a dead man.
Rum Bo (6 days ago)
Đây có phải là sự kiện thảm sát thiên an môn ?
Doğukan Aksoy (6 days ago)
Valentin IONUT (6 days ago)
Tank winned.
fireblastguy (7 days ago)
They are pretty merciful, a lot of other countries would just sweep through the protesters....
Joe V (7 days ago)
the guys in the tank had the same stones...…….hope they (all) fared well
Luck Martins (7 days ago)
Hamdun nazar (8 days ago)
One of the most famous photographs ever taken
假人斯康 (8 days ago)
The funny thing is that it was taken when the tank went back.
Şerif Ecevit (8 days ago)
Fuck you all chinese
Luke Edward Reid (8 days ago)
What happened in the end? I expected some serious action!
haha tan (8 days ago)
this guy is lucky that he was facing Chinese tanks. They are willing to stop for a single man. If this happens in the state. He would already be under the tanks by the end of the video.
Cynthia lxy (8 days ago)
this video is the reason why youtube is banned in China
まさに色々 (8 days ago)
Salty Admiral (8 days ago)
Who was he? _"He was Edmond Dantes. And he was my father, and my mother, my brother, my friend. He was you and me. He was all of us."_
至君宝 (9 days ago)
你们只看到了人挡在坦克面前,却没有看到坦克在人面前停下来。并且试图绕开这个人。如果这发生在美国,这个人已经在坦克底下了。不用说坦克,你在美国警察面前试图用嘴反抗都要被射击。You only saw the man standing in front of the tank, but did not see the tank stop in front of the people. And trying to get around this person. If this happens in the United States, this person is already under the tank. Needless to say, you must be shot in front of American police who try to resist with your mouth.
danny oner (9 days ago)
Evil commies
90locky2 (10 days ago)
lo mismo hiso una activista norteamericana pro derechos de los palestinos y los soldados judios le pasaron el bulldogser encima y la despedazaron....
iiiDartsiii (10 days ago)
even though later they still came and ran people over, at this time they just didn't have any orders on what to do in this situation.
cooljav (11 days ago)
Send us your floppy
劉佔東 (11 days ago)
man:ohh shit i hate tank made in china
lolololol 😂😂😂😂
James McDermott (11 days ago)
The Chinese Government had a war against their own people and they won. But eventually democracy always wins . You can not control people and prosper.
Nicolas VRC (11 days ago)
Hay que ser bien valiente, para realizar semejante acción.
Gold Songbird (11 days ago)
Государство - основной террорист
Yongfei Tai (11 days ago)
Unabridged link https://youtu.be/GRb4VY2dU4c
Yongfei Tai (11 days ago)
CNN just lets U know what American government want U know. And I have known that it’s so easy to fool U. lol
之小俊 (11 days ago)
John Vallsäter (11 days ago)
He was tortured 200%
QT S (11 days ago)
Wonder Freeman (12 days ago)
Yaron Brook during his latest Yaron Brook Show talks about exactly what happened 29 years ago in detail. He said that over 10,000 unarmed students were killed by machine gun by a Chinese military unit. His video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5RVXeUDIi8
北枳南橘 (12 days ago)
william yang (12 days ago)
别再打着民主旗号,扰乱中国了,西方国家的炮灰。 2018了,民主国家也好不到哪里去,反而民主的跑去别国杀人无数,流浪汉比中国还多。
Henry (12 days ago)
If it is a Western democracies, the white shirt man must died , but Western media can only fake for China.
Siddesh Gannu (12 days ago)
The Ip man Lives!!!!
Speedminty (12 days ago)
Real Human Bean And a real hero
Gandalf the Grey (12 days ago)
He's like a superhero who just lost his power.
johno doh (12 days ago)
*Hey,hey* *This is library*
johno doh (12 days ago)
Btw this dude knew that tank was made in chine so why not ?
Alomayri A (12 days ago)
What is this for
Shi Feng (12 days ago)
What would happen if this man was standing in front of US army tank? PLA is ture people's amry period.
Cos mos (12 days ago)
Terrorist is no match for communist.
Samer HK (12 days ago)
"man, I'm telling you, I just need a ride home, I just bought some groceries!!"
Man Han (12 days ago)
Almost 30 years ago
Frank Lloyd (12 days ago)
Fuck You Dwarf Deng and Your Commie Party CCP, 日你妈卖妈批,邓狗日! 地狱日子你和你朋友有的你过
包Jesuan (12 days ago)
Had this been any other country, messing with a military mission like this would have resulted in him run over by the tank or shot on the spot. Kudos to the People's Liberation Army.
邹约翰 (12 days ago)
Great man.
wagnar (12 days ago)
We had to add this wasn't in a western country where people could know the guy in the tank would stop. This was China where human rights means shit. So this balls of steel are even more impressive.
ChironList (12 days ago)
Does the Chinese Government care!
谭永乐 (12 days ago)
The video is incomplete! Full video: https://youtu.be/gSIsiG7wrto
logical gamer (12 days ago)
Top 10 most powerful anime heroes
gt shelby (13 days ago)
Well,Thats why I love China.Even we know crush on that man by tank is so easy,or use sniper to end his life,but we really care about his life.People may think about how brave this man was,but believe that China is so cruel,but please think about it,what we did?we crushed him?Or killed him?We have done nothing but obviously he was breaking the law...
gt shelby (2 hours ago)
faggot on the faggotron 2000 scale of measurement Hehe,If you consist like that,just keep on,I don't care.You can live in your imagination,trying to prove how bad China it is,keep going,Democracy gives you the right to speak bullshit.I don't want to waste time on you and your massive brain
gt shelby and of course he hasn’t met the people the chinese ching chongs killed, they’re dead.
gt shelby retarded ching chong i know you’re praying to chairman mao every night but you need to understand that wing wong oompa loo chinese people are retarded and china is shitty.
gt shelby fucking retard he was killed after how nice of chi
gt shelby (1 day ago)
Nugget Nogget Nugget Nogget Nugget Nogget You are not Chinese,even you didn't see what happened in that moment by your own eye,Just some videos and some articles which written by western reporter,and you start to think about how bad China government is,what a simple brain you have!You saw we kill those student?You met with those student who has been hurt or killed?Let me told you,sometimes just cut the head and tail of a video,by the way change the title in to a extreme one,then people just like you will be guided into a totally different nature.All I see that guy didn't been crushed by those tanks,instead,he can communicate with those soldiers,if the government really as bad as what you believe,why he wasn't been sniped or be under arrested?I suggest you do not conclusion just by some report or videos,that only shows you are too young too naive,and your mind are easy to be guided.Theres so many people as same as you, think about China is bad,no democracy and government is cruel.But they have never been to China even for one time...Conversely I'm studying aboard in Europe,a place with democratic air...but is that any difference between China?All I see during these years,people have rights to strike,to complain about the government,they don't care if their behavior have a influence on those people who have rights to do other things.You believe that called democracy,in my mind that is selfish!They stop the normal social work just because they asking for more and more welfare and salary.Can you believe an examiner of driving license who just need to work one day each week,they strike and asking for 2400Eur each month?And those bus drivers,Taxi drivers even airport....All these things makes Chinese people realized that democracy isn't suit for us.Or that's totally a bull shit.If someone told me how bad a communist government it is,just automatically ignore them.Cuz that just prove he knows nothing about us,or China.So why we need to think about what he says?I don't want to be a bad guy who wake someone up from the dream of democracy to the reality.
何仕儒 (13 days ago)
Justin K. Tang (13 days ago)
Joanne Smith (13 days ago)
Dis a prank
dacosta0656 (13 days ago)
this is how weak Communism really is
Qandil kakka (13 days ago)
Where is this city ?
Partha Pratim Biswas (13 days ago)
Hats off to Wang....
Tapomoy Chatterjee (13 days ago)
Salute to you, sir. You are a legend.
sugarfreemintsful (13 days ago)
Couldn’t other soldiers come and remove the man???
zhang jerry (13 days ago)
This dude is lucky PLA were patience enough, if in the state U will become tank pancake !
Tommy Tao (13 days ago)
brave but also stupid
yong liu (13 days ago)
tank you very much.😨

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