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Tibetan song copied from Nepali song (we need to apreciate her voice ..so amazing)

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(May her departed soul rests in peace in heaven) Nepali folk song dharti kun ko aakash junko ho in Tibetan version. enjoy the song
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A __Z chanel (20 days ago)
तिमि हरु ले टोन यउटै भयो भन्दैन मा नेपालि गित को हो भन्न चाहि पाईदैन नि यो चाईनिज गित कति राम्रो छ बुझ्न त सक्दिन तर बुझाउने मेरो ग्रलफ्रेड चाईना को छ... धेरै नै राम्रो छ.
basant mahara (1 month ago)
Nic seam nepali songs muic
Vijay Upadhaya (2 months ago)
wow....very very beautiful....love from INDIAN GORKHA....FROM DARJEELING
Real Gorkhali (3 months ago)
Ramji khands song copied but nice
Prakash bishwokarma (4 months ago)
nice song
Vijay Upadhaya (4 months ago)
awesome voice...I love it
Sudip Aryal (4 months ago)
Subtitle plz
Sk Niza (4 months ago)
prajwal bhatta (5 months ago)
Nepali Movie Industry (5 months ago)
*Anyway Her Voice is Mind Blowing*
Gurung Merina (5 months ago)
Wao very nice movie
Tekendra Katuwal (5 months ago)
धर्ती कुन को आकस जुन को हो
akash ma (5 months ago)
Namkha Tenzin (5 months ago)
It is not copid...just a music
Ramit Tamang (5 months ago)
shankar bk (5 months ago)
Hi very nice music . please upload this versan instrumental
shankar bk (5 months ago)
Nice voice
ashok rai sEGANG (5 months ago)
I like this version👍👍
Himal Pathak (6 months ago)
dhar kunko aakash junkai hoo...
dil gurung (6 months ago)
really nice song.
G PS (6 months ago)
Ganesh Acharya (6 months ago)
nice song

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