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This Minecraft Mod gives your character cool animations! Jen's Channel! http://youtube.com/gamingwithjen/ EPIC SHIRTS! https://represent.com/store/popularmmos Like my Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/PopularMMOs/327498010669475 Twitter! https://twitter.com/popularmmos Mo' Bends Mod: http://popularmmos.com/mobends/ Picture in Thumbnail by Andreal Vox http://novask.in/w/shield In this 1.9 / 1.10 Mo' Bends Mod Showcase: This Minecraft Mod changes your characters animations. Now you look epic whenever you walk, run jump, climb, and fight! Zombies and spider also have special cool animations to make them look more realistic. Man... I like bananas...not like anyone reads this... Intro by: https://www.youtube.com/calzone442 Song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: https://www.youtube.com/user/playmerecords https://www.facebook.com/playmerecords Follow Spag Heddy: https://www.facebook.com/SpagHeddy http://soundcloud.com/spagheddy Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Text Comments (13349)
Jan Human (18 minutes ago)
that is so funny!
Valentino Braun (1 hour ago)
the king! (8 hours ago)
Use this mod for the challenge games
Nymphia And Slyveon (13 hours ago)
No I was sad that there was a creeper animation lol
Brad Pasternak (16 hours ago)
(im Zanbradthecr3per)
Brad Pasternak (16 hours ago)
im so disapointed i didnt get to see my cousins (creepers)
Aiden Harris (17 hours ago)
Hey Pat in real life you actually look very good
Rowena Bue (1 day ago)
This is sooo cooool
Khalila M (1 day ago)
Does anyone think that there should be a flying animation? It just looks so weird walking in the air.
Générale Gabrielo (1 day ago)
Hayden Ngo (1 day ago)
Can you make a mo bends mod for ipad because I cant get the other mo bends from curseforge
Tonya Tack (1 day ago)
And Squids XD
Tonya Tack (1 day ago)
Guess what: You WERE Right, It is Creeper, Zombie Pigmen, Zombie, And Spider!! (BIG FAN OF YOU GUYS)
Erik Perez (1 day ago)
uh ther was uh fire in the......air
Ilda Zarate (1 day ago)
Can you play roblox 🙏
anish sharma (1 day ago)
I m big) fan of pat and Ken and I want to play Minecraft with them
mar gueye (1 day ago)
The bow animation is normal guys
the amazing GAMER (1 day ago)
Pat calm down hem NEVER
Manslayer1459 (2 days ago)
It looks like these are all based off of roblox. Just pay attention to everything then look back at roblox
Mieshia Berry (2 days ago)
Wither versus dragons
Wait Mo' bends is in his intro (kind of)
Chiquita Turner (2 days ago)
This reminds me of swordburst 2 Roblox
Henry Benitez (2 days ago)
What is this lachlan music videos
Benimo 12 (2 days ago)
These movements are from miniworld. Download from play store or app store or from website to prove
Katie Paquette (2 days ago)
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡👍👍👍👏💗💎
Levi Casad (2 days ago)
morph into a zombie with that mod and crouch
Fat Gamer (2 days ago)
Oh put em up put em up xD
Satie Kushin-Morgan (2 days ago)
pat you said creeper
Dioanne Estrella (2 days ago)
Jen is so funny from the put them up put them song from the start
Zack (2 days ago)
Congats for 6 mil views
Dioanne Estrella (2 days ago)
It is in minecaft epicproportions season 9
Minecraft has a swimming animation now. No need to add the swimming.
Methusael Tumulak (3 days ago)
like roblox
jennifer floralde (3 days ago)
He said creeper and a spider but at the top zombie and a spider lol populararmos your wrong jen is right
Jovitjay Hernane (3 days ago)
Did you guys see that fire in the sky?? 12:33 😐
Arihana Kingi (3 days ago)
12:33 fire ball? WHY U DERE
Danny Nguyen (3 days ago)
You say creeper
OMGaming 203 (3 days ago)
0:54 When you and your friend do a fortnite dance at he same time
aarya raghunathan (3 days ago)
I was born the day Michael Jackson died XD
Arjan Deep Sondhi (3 days ago)
8:00 it does look normal
In 1.13 the swimming animation from that mod is useless
Zanita Zahan (3 days ago)
2:11 Jen was walking
Tony DeMarco (4 days ago)
U said creeper
Ruby Jamieson (4 days ago)
Teal2Purple 4 (4 days ago)
Justin beiber, Luis fanzi, pat, jen, daddy Yankee. DESPICITO ||
Gummy Bunny (4 days ago)
Pat, you did say creeper
Kelcy Baker (4 days ago)
Tia Young (4 days ago)
Jen you are the funniest person ever
Challenging Unicorn (4 days ago)
12:33 look!Afire in midair
SS Tech Reviews (4 days ago)
Be so funny p and j
SS Tech Reviews (4 days ago)
Be on his vid
Jaden Galarza (4 days ago)
Jaden Galarza (4 days ago)
Jen be Swinging everywere
Lord Darkness lV (4 days ago)
I saw herobrine
epix doge (4 days ago)
not sprint jumping
epix doge (4 days ago)
there is jumping and leaping and the look different
Aryandra Setiawan (5 days ago)
I now
ScartellaEcholas (5 days ago)
When Jen and Pat were doing the fist fight, they looked like they were slapping each other with steak.
Carlos Montenegro (5 days ago)
Play raft
MasterBlader 207 (5 days ago)
Beef SLAP! 😂🥩
Nicole Alindogan (5 days ago)
Attack on titans?
keagan playz (6 days ago)
7:10 LOLOL!!!!!!! 😂
Caine Velasquez (6 days ago)
1:23 put them up put them up
kaneki san (6 days ago)
What version is that
You say creeper and spider.haha
jessie alcantara (6 days ago)
Vanessa Miller (6 days ago)
He said creeper
Raditya Pratama Putra (7 days ago)
if you press g you have the mo'bends options
Raditya Pratama Putra (7 days ago)
try jump & spam left mouse
Gracie Smith (7 days ago)
I said Dat wong
Gracie Smith (7 days ago)
U Said Crapper
Apple Four (7 days ago)
Jen I like your phoch
Eric Peters (7 days ago)
# Pat has Pro arena skilz
Omega101 (7 days ago)
The swimming isn’t really useful because of the aquatic update
Kirana Suklamoon (7 days ago)
Sword rotate
SAMSUN NAHAR SOMA (7 days ago)
Jen:Put 'em up ,Put 'em up Pat:*to the fans*Guys I'm sorry if Jen's making you laugh *while pat was saying this I was laughing my head off*
SAMSUN NAHAR SOMA (7 days ago)
Sarah Chambers (7 days ago)
Frank Fries (7 days ago)
It's like the walking dead
Ariel De Castro (7 days ago)
It will be cool if hypixel have this animation
mincraft hero (8 days ago)
Pat is good at PVP I think gen is a noob
Mercy Dude (8 days ago)
One word pubg
Ghost Rage (8 days ago)
If you fall in a hole, say “I pulled a Jen.” 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Immortal Gaming (8 days ago)
Put em up
Taven Taylor (8 days ago)
I saw fire in the air next to the Arena
Gianna Hernandez (8 days ago)
The jump animation looks like ur pretending 2 be a bird
Chara Grins (8 days ago)
Riley Howell (9 days ago)
Love your videos so so so much pat and jen.from Riley.
Ariel De La Cruz (9 days ago)
Pat is Jen your girlfriend
dark skull (9 days ago)
I'm so mad at you pat because there's no creeper animation
Dwi Ayu Parameswati (9 days ago)
Javein Watson (9 days ago)
Pat said ceeper
ARNALL AJ JACKSON (9 days ago)
you can also swim cooler without that mod
Filmar Mariano (10 days ago)
It was so funny😅😅😅
Rovelyn Silva (10 days ago)
Genevieve Gabourel (10 days ago)
You lie to me and you make my sister cry 😭😭😭she was so excited😄😄😄 to see the creeper animation and I am so mad at you 😤😤😤😤😠😠
Genevieve Gabourel (10 days ago)
F*ck you🖕
Letaius Barron (10 days ago)
Pat you said creeper

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