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64 ★ Deep Protein Conditioning Treatment with Knox Gelatine

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In this video, I share how I make and use gelatin as a protein treatment. More Information: *** Gelatin is a mixture of peptides and proteins produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen extracted from the skin, boiled crushed bones, connective tissues, organs and some intestines of animals. --Wikipedia ***The Knox Gelatin website calls gelatin a "natural" protein. ***The book where I found the recipe: Naturally Healthy Hair: Herbal Treatments and Daily Care for Fabulous Hair by Mary Beth Janssen. I purchased it from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com), and it is $12.45. ***Hair was a little dry after treatment. Next time, I will leave the moisturizing conditioner in longer and sit under my steamer or hooded dryer. Hair bounced back to "normal" after about five days. I spritzed hair every day with my aloe vera gel spray. ***I washed my hair 13 days after the treatment and steamed my hair for 40 minutes. My hair felt GREAT the next day. ***I used about 5 ounces and had 4 ounces left over. I think it is possible to cut this recipe in half. ***Gelatin will make hair slightly stiff. Apply very carefully and try not to agitate hair once gelatin in on it. ***You can find Knox Gelatine at the grocery store in the baking goods aisle. __________ Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com: "Violet Shrine" Hair Disclaimer: I enjoy sharing what I am learning about my hair. It's fun creating hair videos, and I hope they are helpful to others. However, I'm showing only what may or may not work for me. All heads of hair are different. Product Disclaimer: I purchased any products used or mentioned in this video. I am not affiliated with any of the sellers or companies.
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Text Comments (38)
Anna Marrero (6 months ago)
Smart girl , I hate the smell tho
Lisa Scales (7 months ago)
You left it on to long and gave urself protein over load
damarion price (1 year ago)
how does hair with the vinegar
damarion price (1 year ago)
too much moisture in hair weakens it
GoingNatural (2 years ago)
Hi, Deep condition after the treatment is a good move, but instead of adding the Softee, you should have used either; Olive oil, Argan oil and or Coconut oil, just a little goes a long way and let it dry naturally w/o the twisting. Your hair would have been much softer have you not used Softee .
Andrea Banks (2 years ago)
knox will also grow your nails.
Barbara Larkins (3 years ago)
Loved the video, you have a beautiful smile and thanks for the information! I'm definitely going to try it!!! Thanks!
Barbara Larkins (3 years ago)
I absolutely love when I receive a response! Be Blessed! Having trouble finding the gelatin!
NappyNFree (3 years ago)
Thanks! I hope it works for you. =)
stcroixlover1 (3 years ago)
I normally put mine on and sit under dryer until the strands dry, not my scalp.  I then rinse apply deep conditioner and sit under steamer.  My breakage seems to discontinue and my hair is moisturized.  I believe that deep conditioning after the treatment is crucial. 
Jem my (4 years ago)
Yes I liked the video, found it informative and Thank you very much :D I'd like to try the gelatin :D
NappyNFree (4 years ago)
Wow! OJ and gelatin? I wonder how that would work now?
hannah phillip (4 years ago)
what is the oj that your mom mix with your knox gelatin i would like to know shari vernee
shari vernee (4 years ago)
when I was a little girl my mom use to mix knox gelatin in my OJ she said it increase hair an nail growth... when I was in the tenth grade my hair length grew to the middle of my back and it was so thick
shawnieshine (4 years ago)
So glad you made this video. I had been looking for an alternative protein treatment than eggs and I heard gelatin was a subtle option. When I where braids, twists, and yarn, my hair sheds a lot as you described, I have been frustrated because I really want to do more protective styles... Will be trying this method right away and let you know how it works ;-)
Mochi Wulong (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot for the video!! Now that you're using the treatment and living it on your hair less time, does it work better?
Melisa Fuentes (5 years ago)
Thank you I will use it on my mother hair. God bless you
pretty woman (5 years ago)
niver mind :)
pretty woman (5 years ago)
thx so much :) what's your opinion if we used ultrasonic & ray infrared iron after applying the gelatine?
Jessica Ann (5 years ago)
Beautiful well said:)
Bonita LilMaMa (5 years ago)
How bout you just add gelatin powder to a conditioner the way you balance the protein and moisture at the same time
itsmytime123 (5 years ago)
hi nappynfree i tried my first ayurvedic powder paste and my hair is so soft and rich looking!! thanks so much for the info... Is this something i can do on a weekly basis? Also i had a little bit more shedding than i would have liked have you heard anything about black tea rinses for help with shedding? thanks once again!!!
ocmbcar (5 years ago)
I added honey to the mix. Saturated my hair with the treatment and left it on until I finished showering. Rinsed it out and proceeded with the cg method.
ocmbcar (5 years ago)
I tried your protein treatment and the results were wonderful. Plan on doing this once a month.
Fanta Diop (5 years ago)
there is something about you i cant even explain :P you are seriously adorable :D i love yours videos :)
shelski101 (5 years ago)
thanks for this video....you look beautiful.. :)))
ocmbcar (5 years ago)
I use the curly girl method. I will try this protein treatment and continue using the curly girl method. I can't wait to see the results.
Marilyne (5 years ago)
I,ve always heard the balance should be half and half. lets say you wash your hair 4 times a month, you should have at least 1 protein treatment and 1 moisturizing treatment for the month.
chooga4eva (5 years ago)
hey nappynfree, do you have any recipes for dry hair? my hair is always dry no matter how mcuh i moisturise!
MilkandHoney101 (5 years ago)
@NappyNFree You can use 2 tablespoons of yogurt and ACV, add essential to mask the smell.
PrissyNPolish (5 years ago)
Yes!!!! Same here I was not deep conditioning my hair enough and I started too see those little broken hairs. I got an inch cut off and started deep conditioning every week. Although the breakage decreased it has not stopped so I was thinking of giving myself a good protein treatment. Today I logged on, only to see this video.... IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!! 🙌🙏
TheChocBeauty (6 years ago)
I love love love your videos. Your hair has grown and looks fuller and thicker.
MsLadytray (6 years ago)
I'll be trying this. I get my hair recipes from you my fave is still the Shea Butter but will let you know about this one when I try it.
s pacino (6 years ago)
Nice! I need to try this
MilkandHoney101 (6 years ago)
Great video. Have you tried the yogurt and ACV deep conditioner. It works wonders for my hair. Never knew to use gelatin.
DymondDreamz1 (6 years ago)
Thanks for the info and your hair looks great! I would have never thought to use gelatin as a protein treatment, sometimes I use an egg. I will be trying this.
UTubeuzername84 (6 years ago)
have u ever tried the aphogee 2 step treatment?
TheNaturalmystery (6 years ago)
Great info. Love that the treatment was natural. I have puff envy :-). Your hair looks awesome. Take care. Thanks again.

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