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The Orville Predicts a Social Justice Dystopia (Spoilers)

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Text Comments (1389)
Mick Lumby (2 days ago)
Blarmey fook whar are me lucky charrms??
Squishy Toast (5 days ago)
Black mirror did it better
Huey Iroquois (5 days ago)
I didn't know that Irish was a race. That explains a lot.
John M (5 days ago)
So this show is basically about Planet Reddit... Surely there is a planet 4chan that will give refuge to victims of mass downvotes and while consistently plotting to strike down Shia's SJW Order. Also, the media know exactly what they're doing when they set up witch hunts. Hate feeds into outrage, which translates to more people checking out their masterfully baiting articles.
michele Lyons (6 days ago)
How true. I agree with everything you had to say. Many of the episodes of the Orville were more than a bit chilling, if truly interesting.
Jay Jay (6 days ago)
Hang on aren’t Irish people white???? I thought white peoples couldn’t be victims of racism???? Wow
Jay Jay (6 days ago)
Seth MacFarlane is a liberal but a classical liberal, he has displayed his hatred of sjw’s and Hollywood liberals in Family Guy, this doesn’t surprise me in fact it makes me respect this guy even more
Crimsonlee2XX (7 days ago)
The crazy thing is isn't something like u described in the episode is sort of going on in China? Also this is pretty much Sjw's.
Le Kanraposte (8 days ago)
One year later and the MOB still rule.
Carlos Fernandes (9 days ago)
Virtue signaling is the new form of social currency and status. So it's obviously not benign and it's never about forgiveness and understanding. The more fingers you point the more credible and accepted you become in the SJW culture. It's the logic of accuse others before others accuse you.
Cranky Conservative (9 days ago)
Mob rule SJW dystopia, you mean America and Europe in 2018?
Marcangelus1 (9 days ago)
The mainstream media understands the consequences of this, they just pander to the moronic sjw’s, it’s just that the media as always entertains the lowest iq’d in society, adding to the credibility of those who willing give up their own ability for free thought.
Hiraghm (9 days ago)
"...these scammers come from Ireland, and so what bloody accent do you expect them to have!?" Uhmmm.... Arabic.
Josiah Spriggs (11 days ago)
don't say "The Orville" is inspired by "Star Trek". The producers of the Orville might get a cease and desist order from CBS. After CBS has been sued for plot points from discovery.
SilverCyric (11 days ago)
Great video! Thanks for sharing 😎
thesexybadger (11 days ago)
Rather like the system the Chinese recently set up isn't it?
Jekub Fimbulwing (12 days ago)
But lets be honest here, even in Ireland people avoid the Irish. You bastards know what your like!
Russian Bot (12 days ago)
Sounds like Chinas social credit score.
Pablo Rages (12 days ago)
chilling ... sounds like the Socialist SJW Lefty Libtards utopia
Pablo Rages (12 days ago)
The Orville is OK ...but it's a bit too SJW for me ...still way to PC
Wowbagger (12 days ago)
She don't deserve this crap at all, but I'm glad that white, workingclass men are included in the snowflake-club now ;)
Paul Lee (13 days ago)
China is already putting this system in place. It even more horrifying, though, because if a friend or relative does something wrong your score will go down. That way they can get the people to oppress their own friends and family on behalf of the government.
Stephen Fusco (14 days ago)
This show is pretty mediocre. It's like watching SNL do Star Trek skits. What's worse, and largely ignored, is the fact several plots from the first season were straight up lifted from other properties, including old Trek. Fans love it and critics hate it because it panders to the lowest common denominator, offering nothing new, with primitive writing and terrible acting.
starcrafter13terran (14 days ago)
Thanks for this video. I don't watch tv so i had no awareness of the episode. It's a bold direction to go in, and I am glad they made this episode. I'm sure someone is offended by my post and I offer no apology... ever.
Daniel Tibbot (17 days ago)
Sick and disturbing idea. But social media is just the beginning of the end
Patch Moulton (17 days ago)
Im surprised that people are outraged about this Irish thing. After all, the Irish are white and its not racist if they are white
SmashLiXs (17 days ago)
can someone explain to me why this show is panned by critics?
Sound Chaser (20 days ago)
9:09 ...didn,t they used to call this "dog-piling"? - dirty dogs!
rogerman pistol (20 days ago)
good thing in reality by natures laws.. ifyou wish to be a retard and prentend to be popular with media, it does not pay the bills. so ifyou are lazy which they are.. it will not work and one day the welfare handouts will end an d order is reestabilished
William (20 days ago)
That's just Seth visiting China.
Guts (21 days ago)
I see your point but shouldn’t we all try to better ourselves? Not make ourselves perfect but make us better than we were before. Making ourselves more considerate, understanding, and aware of our society
Silent Witness (22 days ago)
I'm tired of Humanity...
HMS Daedalus (23 days ago)
hum.. 0:57 Stargate already did it. But I want to watch it now.
James Whitley (24 days ago)
Dave, if I win in 2020, I'm appointing you White House spokesman... FYI...
rickcoona (24 days ago)
this is why I say that "Social Media" is nothing more than a "Social Disease" and should be treated accordingly. --Rick
The AJ (24 days ago)
Social Justice is like Socialism: It's a misunderstood umbrella term and almost used exclusiviely in a derogatory manner. I don't see a problem in seeking justice with regards to wealth, privileges and equal opportunity. The problem here is not "Social Justice". It's demagogical language and populism which ultimately leads to intolerance and extremism. Thanks for the video
TalenGryphon (25 days ago)
What's ironic is that most people who legit think this sort of nightmarish bullshit is a good idea always strike me as most probably autistic or otherwise those totally unsuited to the sort of environment they wish to create... Jeez. An opinion rule society already sounds like an accidental eugenics program (I'm convinced this happened frequently on a smaller scale prior to Hamurabi's Code). Anyway, they tend to be easily lead,(Unless they've managed to develop some odd-but-functional mental safeguards by accident or design) but also prone to exactly the sort of outburst behavior that mortifies normal people, wether folks seek to understand first or just snap-judge. It boggles my mind how they manage to ignore this fact. Tl;Dr: Why the fuck do the people who like this social rule shit the most, always seem to be those we'd vote "most likely to be lobotomized?"
Daniel Piechowicz (25 days ago)
Very interesting, and if I ever have time I might have to actually check this show out.
bad4ever2010 (25 days ago)
We are soft as fuck, that's why.
SnappyCenter7 (25 days ago)
Actually Black Mirror "predicted" it before The Orville did. The Black Mirror's episode "Nosedive" predicted this, and it came out in 2016 while The Orville debuted in 2017. Not to mention that China's "social credit" system was suggested in 2013, then trialed in 2015, before either show came out.
Ted Schoenling (26 days ago)
No, the main stream media makes money by making people angry and keeping their eyes on the screen. They are taking advantage of idiots and lemmings who want to be angry and place feelings over facts
Ted Schoenling (26 days ago)
Since when is "Irish" a race?
Moni B (26 days ago)
Check out China's Social Credit System. It's real and in such a similar vein, it's chilling.
Ned Barks (26 days ago)
It has nothing to do with sjws its just the mob mentality of media. And thats not new. the right does that too.
PiousMoltar (27 days ago)
Woah you said Welsh people are Gaelic? Now you've done it.
James Davey (27 days ago)
G'DAY from Australia, mate! Thanks for the video! I've been worried about this political correctness nonsense for some time. It's good to see that some people know it for the power game it really is. Keep up the good work! Sláinte!
elgatochurro (27 days ago)
So warning people of scam artists traits is racist?
David Therwhanger (27 days ago)
It's all a modern day witch hunt. It proves that people do love to watch someone burn at the stake to show how holy the watchers are.
Glad you liked this one. Seth can be very political, but he exercises huge restraint here in favor of telling more philosophical stories with this series. The Orville is more Star Trek than Star Trek, and it's not some shallow comedy set in outer space. It has everything I loved about Next Generation...PLUS laughs.
Nolege Is Power (28 days ago)
The era of the digital witch-hunt.
mrgazpacho 33 (29 days ago)
What the Australian minister should've said is 'be wary of pikey cunts.' That would've been more PC.
its Me (29 days ago)
This is why we are a representative democracy, and not the will of the mob.
its Me (29 days ago)
There Blog tramp.
JonatasAdoM (29 days ago)
It was interpreted as racism on purpose. People see evil on everything, they want to see "how evil people really are"
JonatasAdoM (29 days ago)
Social media's problem is the true lack of context, it is the first thing to be lost during an outrage.
JonatasAdoM (29 days ago)
1:04 WHOA THERE!..... *STOP!* This is literally word by word A TOS Episode!
JonatasAdoM (29 days ago)
I'm talking about what he says before 1:04
mikeyh0 (1 month ago)
The plots you mentioned were seen either on Star Trek or Black Mirror
TheLoneRideR (1 month ago)
dude this sounds just like the way things are right now...
Matthew Chenault (1 month ago)
In other words, the society in question has no concept of “he who has not committed sin, may he be the one to cast the first stone.” It’s something so many people are all-too willing to ignore in favor of joining the hate mob and burning their witches at the stake even though they should be well-aware that they can be in the same position if they make a slip-up of equivalent size. It’s why I don’t engage in witch hunts and I am willing to forgive others for their transgressions because they are human beings, just like I am, and I, as a flawed person, have no right to pass judgement and punish them for their wrongdoings.
Jeremey Stevig (1 month ago)
I have got to watch this show
Vic Kanid (1 month ago)
The scary bit about this episode (and the related Black Mirror) is that China is actually doing something very much like it. Read the Wired column entitled "Inside China's Vast New Experiment in Social Ranking" by Mara Hvistendahl. If it doesn't scare the bejeebers out of you, I don't know what will. China's newish credit card/app system takes into account your friends credit scores, your education and whaat stuff you buy. Good scores get rebates or better rates etc. while bad scores are penalized both socially ("pianzi") and financially. Scary, scary stuff...
Brandon BillTheCat (1 month ago)
Yeah, the world is in a sorry situation. In a way we don't know what we are doing with this so called mass communication that the internet has opened up. I hope we can mature and learn to handle it before it brings on something even worse. It's way to radical.
radornkeldam (1 month ago)
"an interesting discussion on religion and social progress" or just the usual bigoted demonization of Christianity through a conveniently constructed strawman. Common, Dave. You are smarter than this. Also, on the subject of the video. Just stop watching scifi crap, it's all "predictive programming" and desensitivization.
DESTROYER64 (1 month ago)
You have to much faith in humanity
Nick MaGrick (1 month ago)
just to address the click-bait title, they wernt the first ones to come up with this concept. But I think they mighta done it best
Chris Ward (1 month ago)
This was a genius episode. It was a perfect example of the world today.
shardinhand (1 month ago)
this is a dire time for self awareness and morality in the masses but then as a cynical bastard... iv never had a great opinion of the common sheep... i mean person... individuals can be great... but crowds... mobs... cults... are oppressive power hungry, amoral, and cruel... and the cults of black lives matters, third wave feminism, and sjw's who wear masks of righteousness... are the most dangerous yet even above historical threats like the third ric ... because these are threats people don't even see and they are not just after trivial things like our money or land but they are after our very morality and culture seeking to dismantle it... the public yearns to see itself as good and so will always side with these cultish mobs... they are winning because they have done what tyrants in the past have not, they prey on our desire to be better people they use it against people. I am beginning to believe they'll win. after all how can people fight against what they are raised to believe is right and normal... we may be entering into the age of a new religion of social justice... i don't know perhaps not... but I'm worried for the sanity and integrity of future generations.
Matthew Jelaca (1 month ago)
I'm confused. so now you can be racist to white people? or were they black Irish, guess that would make it logical.
WizKidGamer99 (1 month ago)
Not usually a big fan of McFarlane, but I must admit this show has me intrigued
F Sims (1 month ago)
Sounds like a Twilight Zone, Sliders or Outer Limits episode. Even so, excellent work!
Nate Jennings (1 month ago)
Social credit system = China = Zuckerberg = Dorsey = Google
Martin Vaughan-Watkin (1 month ago)
It's better than discovery
Erik Booth (1 month ago)
If she had been aboriginal, no one would have given it a second thought.
jake gross (1 month ago)
Yeah but the ideas are ripped from old Star Trek episodes...
Brent McGregor (1 month ago)
LOVE ORVILLE. Seth has nailed our insane consensus driven society.
Tony Smith (1 month ago)
The SJW feminist WANT TO PLAY THE VICTIM ! Even if it means making things racist that aren't so they can get ATTENTION !
ccmyart (1 month ago)
Holy Crap, Dave's Irish? How the hell do I process this now?
Ubbe Ragnarsson (1 month ago)
I died at 10:50. I totally agree with you on how people's lives and reputations can be destroyed by mishaps that happen to be caught on camera. It's insane and people need to realize it and stop getting high on the feeling of being morally righteous.
PaterTenebrarum1 (1 month ago)
Actually, the reaction to her remark proves she was correct. Run when you hear an Irish accent! :)
PaterTenebrarum1 (1 month ago)
Actually, what she said was funny.
Dr. Rich (1 month ago)
Loved this show!!!!👍👍🤔
Ella Blun (1 month ago)
when that episode started, I thought it was just plagiarism of nosedive, but by the time it ended, I felt if showcased the issues with current americanazi culture much better than black mirror did.
Alex Gabriel (1 month ago)
Your surprise by the Irish thing surprises me. These people are identitarian collectivists, so in their minds, every individual is representative of everyone who shares anything genetic with them (when it's convenient, at least), so in their minds, pointing out that these particular people were Irish, would suggest that Irish people all-together would be doing things like that, which is offensive. I don't think it's even possible to be an identitarian collectivists and not be convinced that everyone else are also identitarian collectivsts, who are just denying it, making the ones who at least admit it morally superior for being honest about it (in their minds).
xxAgentBauerctu (1 month ago)
social media is a cancer that plagues our society.
Eirikatana (1 month ago)
Also there is Russia poisoning everyone, no evidence needed. Because Russians cannot be good. If you disagree, you might be ostracized and persecuted for this opinion.
András Agócs (1 month ago)
"Racist remarks about the Irish". Jesus Christ these idiots don't even know what racism is.
stevie gilliam (1 month ago)
SpongeBob: hey Patrick what am I Patrick: um...a Nazi SpongeBob: no I'm a SJW Patrick: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE both: HAHAHAHA
MR Dot1 (1 month ago)
somehow this public apology tour sounds familiar from IRL.... sad.......
Cerberus (1 month ago)
Want to know an Orvillian SJ dystopia? It's called Demolition Man with Sylvester Stalone...and that came out in the early 90s..but the portrayal of society with gay ass soyboys running the state and speech policing machines.
Dforce 10 (1 month ago)
As far as I know it was knackers and not real Irish people. They have another scam stealing from stores. They might come from Ireland but tinkers/knackers are not real Irish, they're just scumbags that marry their own cousins
Profound Observer (1 month ago)
sjws see this and go thats a good idea! we can replace due process with popular opinion.
Michael Howson (1 month ago)
The words of one politician in Europe sent an army marching across the continent to purify the land of so called undesirables. So, YES, the things you say in public as a public official or celebrity CAN seriously impact world affairs.
Rebecca Dias (1 month ago)
I loved this episode!! Shows what's wrong with today's world...
William XD (1 month ago)
I just relaised how stupid i am i thought it was a movie
James Edward S. (1 month ago)
It's ironic that the reason I hate the Irish is because they scream "RACISM" at the slightest provocation, to the point of destroying international relations.
Steve Bliss (1 month ago)
Most people are morons, like these snowflakes in Australia.
bdel80 (1 month ago)
Her words do seam to be said in a wrong way. The sentace could of been said better. There is nothing to do with being racisit.
Brian King (1 month ago)
Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner.
Jon McDaniel (1 month ago)
As soon as I heard that this YouTube that I could be offended I clicked on the link to down vote on it. I want everyone to know how virtuous I am! I didn't even watch it. I'm sure it has the *-word in it. See I won't even say the first letter! I am so much better than all of you.

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