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The Orville Predicts a Social Justice Dystopia (Spoilers)

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Text Comments (1175)
David Umstattd (18 days ago)
A group of people who think there’s is nothing beyond their world and what they see is all there is? Sounds like atheism to me
Faceless Man (22 days ago)
I didn't even know this show existed, I'm glad you made me aware of it.
Faceless Man (22 days ago)
It sounds like this is the direction Star Trek should have gone, instead of that STD garbage.
Kevin M. McNabb (24 days ago)
This was the best episode by vote in our home. It was right on target and certainly seems to be a cautionary tale of what we could see in our not so distant future. It was awesome. Love The Orville and we can't wait for the second season. Here's hoping it is longer.
Rusty Shackleford (1 month ago)
4:40 everyone in Ireland agrees with her don't let anyone into your house ask them to leave
lordkayx (1 month ago)
"are we this immature and sensitive". YES. the simple answer is yesssss
overlord2304 (1 month ago)
How the fuck can you be racist....against the irish....which aren't a race
DonJuan Yates (1 month ago)
overlord2304 ethnicitist?
Thomas Axtell (1 month ago)
A third... A /THIRD/ of this episode wasn't even talking about the show...-.-'
TheJadeFist (1 month ago)
Wait, people reacted to what they considered racist to a white ethnic group?
Agent Lithium (1 month ago)
I love your analysis of this and Drumhead (which is one of my favorite episodes). Keep up the good work!
Sanguis Dominus (1 month ago)
The up/downvote thing is just ripped straight from a Black Mirror episode...
Daniel Bennett (1 month ago)
You have 5k likes only 100+ dislikes you get keep your brain from being fried.
Daniel Bennett (1 month ago)
Not all users are real on social media. Some are bots being used for agenda purposes.
Thyandyr (1 month ago)
Spot on
Dinoslay (2 months ago)
There's something I really must elaborate here about your statement of the meaning of intent. Intent is just the beginning. It is reaching the goal of the intent that matters the most. People mess up, with or without good intentions.
Winston Shih (2 months ago)
Great rival to Discovery
experiment54 (2 months ago)
"Hello Tech Support. How may I help you today?" "Hi I think my SJW algorithm is broken" "You are the 998th caller today. Its a known problem. We'll have you back up and running in no time"
Viddaric (2 months ago)
Why Reddit is and always will be trash: the video.
Jay Means (2 months ago)
episode 4 i cant believe you didn't mention "For the world is hallow and i have touched the sky" the tos episode on which the premise was made
Swajius (2 months ago)
Holy shit that is a terrifying concept
Gustavus Adolphus (2 months ago)
Episode 4 is pretty much a straight ripoff of Robert Heinlein's novel "Orphans of the Sky", in concept if not in detail.
Jerrin Phox (2 months ago)
Peoples believe what you show them. they will not check if its true and will judge it. I also like the episode where one of them was taught to be a goddess when she use her instrument to heal the little girl. it can be interpreted as "Jesus" action 2000 + years ago and peoples think that he's a god or son of a god. i like the Orville because its show and talk about "taboo" subject elsewhere and in real life.
Redwald Cuthberting (2 months ago)
Welsh aren't Gaelic. Welsh is a P Celtic tongue and Irish is Q.
SeducingJackel (2 months ago)
i love how you put things into perspective. awesome.
Turtle Boy (2 months ago)
The Orville: People dont freak out about someone being black and let women do shit You: SJW PROPAGANDA I'M BEING OPPRESSED FOR BEING A WHITE MAN!
DonJuan Yates (1 month ago)
Goood analysis!
VauxhallViva1975 (2 months ago)
Justice is only justice these days, if delivered by a lynch mob. I absolutely LOVE The Orville. I am also a big Star Trek fan. I was in love with this series from the point that the blue guy 'Popped' his head in series 1, episode one. Loved it, and the comedy is a fantastic blend of comedy and spoof - it is brilliant.
TooLegit ToQuit (2 months ago)
Now the gypsies, you gotta slam the door in their face ...
TestOfPatience (2 months ago)
Anything that can be racist is racist now.
Textra1 (3 months ago)
Meh, who cares if a few potato eaters get upset.
Etheoma (3 months ago)
Sorry Irish isn't a race it is a nationality, it would be nationalist.
Dragoninthewest (3 months ago)
I'm so glad you talked to this episode of the Orville. It was nice to meet you at VidCon
Luke Ranieri (3 months ago)
Luis Ganilho (3 months ago)
Great video!!!
PaulusAlone (3 months ago)
Yep - On the point! This is becoming a bigger and bigger problem with our modern world. All the #Mygooddeed stuff on Facebook and Twitter point to how we are giving up our own intrinsic moral compass for a mass media and mob driven social conformity that is provably immoral in many cases?
Bill Leutzinger (3 months ago)
We as a species are too immature for this level of communication and information exchange.
Skeet (3 months ago)
I think Seth May have taken the red pill
jayakrishnan r (3 months ago)
The third episode, About a girl is my favorite so far in the show
retluoc (3 months ago)
Ah my favorite Orville episode...it's where I see Earth going soon. You're right, it's why I try to avoid social media. I sometimes wonder, "Why and/or how did this go viral" or "How do that many people know how to search or have time to search for that stuff?" But I need to prepare for my "Apology Tour", please give me a thumbs up, or not, maybe I'd like being lobotomized :P
Joey JoJo (3 months ago)
I need to watch this show. Family Guy recently did an episode where Brian made a Tweet about black people and people got offended over it and he had to leave his home because the Griffins lives were ruined over it
Brilliant commentary ! Thanks!
Papa J (3 months ago)
My main problem with this show is the humans are modern day people in a future setting, much like his appearance in a million ways to die in the west (maybe it is him on the "holodeck".) It is in huge contrast to the well written alien characters that fit the setting.
Did this episode come out before or after the Harvey Weinstein/Metoo scandal? Because if the story was written beforehand as I suspect it was, it’s almost prophetic just how identical to reality that episode was. It’s supposed to be a far-off dystopic world in classic sci-fi style as a cautionary tale to not go down an authoritarian path. And here in reality, we are already so forgone that the exaggeration, the slippery slope, is actually the same as real life. That’s what makes it so scary.
Delphaneux laCroix (3 months ago)
If Dave Cullen knocks on your door...
Keith Yohai (3 months ago)
Good job, this was the most poignant of the Orville's episodes and worlds above the crap that STD (Star Trek Diversity) has done with it's over the top SJW propaganda. This and the episode with the two male aliens who birth a female which is against the rules of their society were the two best episodes IMO. Now that DISNEY owns FOX we can be assured that either this show will be outright cancelled or Seth will be pushed out due to them surrounding him with their sycophantic yes women/men who will fall inline with their SJW agenda. The last Jedi style. I'm sooooooooo upset by Disney buying Fox.
Mike George (3 months ago)
Will Orville come to the same conclusion that Voyager did and replace the captain with someone who can act? (does great voices with his cartoon)
Alperen AYDIN (3 months ago)
Sometimes it is so fun to watch those that get offended by others getting offended.
ZombieSlayer123four (3 months ago)
Remember that time people flipped out about how that guy from duck dynasty said he was against gay marriage
Chris Lucas (3 months ago)
Travelling tinkers? poor Australia
Neil Price (3 months ago)
There is a problem in the UK with Indian/Pakistani call centers scamming people. We are told NOT to trust any call that has someone on the other end with a thick accent. Plus the fact that there is a several second pause before someone speaks usually give it away. This is not racist as we were told the same thing with African and yes even Irish accents years prior due to criminal gangs scamming people from those areas. Legitimate UK based call centers try not to have anyone with an accent anymore because of this, sometimes it's unavoidable, but they try not to have people with thick accents.
Mangy 'ol Mutt (3 months ago)
Oh, I think the media knows exactly what it does when it blows things out of proportions. By the way, this is prophetic.
Mangy 'ol Mutt (3 months ago)
Crap!!! I had this idea for a book I wanted to write not too long ago! NO!!!
Jeramy Higginson (3 months ago)
More Orville please
Radical Edward (3 months ago)
After watching the 2017 reboot of it just two days ago I was talking to a family member about why it’s not scary to me. Because monsters and creepy stuff aren’t that scary because they’re so unrealistic. What’s truly scary is this mass hysteria that’s rife within the ‘court of public opinion’ and this video perfectly hits the nail on the head. We’re already heading in this direction and there are already hugely severe consequences for not being ridiculously pc. Ask 10 random people if they respect people’s beliefs that don’t align with their own and likely all 10 will say yes. But then ask them about the guy from google that pointed out the hypocrisy of not hiring white people in order to be more diverse and less ‘racist’. Who the media chastised and misquoted and saying women shouldn’t be allowed around computers. He had a well reasoned, researched and rational point based in facts but was fired and crucified in the media as a sexist and racist. Never mind the fact his paper was completely right, how is that respecting someone’s beliefs when you don’t agree? A global society where the most active people are irrational, quick to judge, slow to think and believe context doesn’t matter and the truth is whatever you believe is truly frightening. I’ll take a zombie apocalypse over that any day.
Drax Destroyer (3 months ago)
Your videos are on point you use facts and stuff but it seems you only comment on one side of the argument and not noting how often times things are offensive more times than one might perceive, how maybe when people blow minor things out of proportion it takes the light off of actual things that are happening that idk two wrongs dont make a right ect ect
TheTdw2000 (3 months ago)
Orville... More like Orwell.
Axolotl_ _ (3 months ago)
The funny thing is that they can't actually sack her XD
Ira winberry (3 months ago)
You are my new best friend.  Keep it up.
The Poison Bucket (3 months ago)
lol now wonder why pretty much every sjw news outlet fucking hates this show.
Rallan (3 months ago)
No-one is as ginger as Coppercap.
The Green Mage (3 months ago)
Gaelic is a language subgroup of the larger Celtic family which accounts for Irish and Scottish, whereas Welsh is part of the Brittonic subgroup. If criticism can be directed at someone of European ancestry who differentiates against Celtic people negatively, this would be xenophobia. If a black person said 'all Irish are thieves', technically that is racist.
Jess Durham (3 months ago)
This video should be shown in schools.
Jakk Frost (3 months ago)
You didn't mention how in the beginning of the episode, they showed how the girl voted the man down just because she didn't like the look of his eyes, which proved her later statement that people wouldn't bother to actually get informed. Myself, I only had one real quibble with the episode, and that was the way LaMarr got himself busted. It was extremely sloppy and just felt far too forced, him acting up in such a ridiculously crude manner like that and completely ignoring orders to stop. Especially when Alara's later "crime" was much more organic to the plot, being an analog to our own ridiculous so-called "cultural appropriation" craze.
Grimwol (3 months ago)
I only ever saw the episode that tackled transgenderism. I was surprised something like that was aired, with how things are nowadays. Basically it poked at how people encourage those who suffer with gender dysphoria to change themselves, rather than learn to accept who they are.
Jorge Medina (3 months ago)
No, this story copies black mirror
Jedi E.T (3 months ago)
I fear for the future. Thank god i'm not on social media.
TroubleMakeR (3 months ago)
Well hearing those words out of context i was like"umm what???"
adam tarver (3 months ago)
God I hate right wing shills.. Star Trek, that show you go on about, social justice utopia
Sean Higby (3 months ago)
Didn't Black Mirror do the same thing? But I suppose a show like Orville would appeal to a larger audience.
night breed (3 months ago)
burn the witch!!!
Gambit771 (3 months ago)
'Unlicensed tradesmen'. So much for demanding the use of 'person' in a job\trades description. I guess when talking about something bad they have no problem using the 'sexist' men suffix.
Tim Peters (3 months ago)
How I would apologize if were a celebrity getting criticism for speaking my mind: I’m sorry to all of the people I’ve offended that you have to live a life so miserable that you go around looking for thing to be triggered by. I’m also sorry that your small can’t comprehend that other people can have different opinions from one other without losing their minds and acting as if I had attacked them personally. I will not however, apologize for having my own opinion and being my own person. Good day.
Chao Teck Tommy (4 months ago)
The Australian minister dumb comment about the Irish accent thing was dumb, the mob that was outrage at what she said should be rightly so as the comment had some stupidly racist like meaning in the way she worded it but since she apologise, that should be it, its not like she did anything actually racist or disgusting so, saying she should be fired over small matters is dumb.
MrGrownman455 (4 months ago)
I have to be honest, I will never filter myself because someone's feelings. IF they get offended then they better get over it because I will sleep good at night either way
mickmerr (4 months ago)
Dave, your comments on the Australian minister are pure horse shit. Words matter and it is offensive. That said there is a lot of truth in your general thesis about moral outrage and social media. Btw I did really enjoy this episode of the Orville.
Scsigs (4 months ago)
This is how you KNOW Seth's actively involved with his shows. He hasn't been involved with the writing of Family Guy for YEARS & it shows.
dark0ssx (4 months ago)
Irish are their own race, you can tell if someone is irish with a dna test
Frank Bowman (4 months ago)
I just want to say that the design of that ship is gorgeous.
skruffy fairy (4 months ago)
Its copying that black mirror s3 episode
klinton kavanagh (4 months ago)
it truly is a Social Justice Dystopia, AND I really don't think Orville's funny!
Piotr Skłodowski (4 months ago)
Oh that one was made for you mate :)
T R (4 months ago)
An astute observation and it hits the nail on the head, provided someone doesn't somehow find offense at an analogy involving two inanimate objects.
SeaOfTides (4 months ago)
Thank you for this video. I assumed The Orville was just another SJW parody (read: mocking) series of something actually brilliant such as Star Trek, and so have been avoiding it like the plague. Because of your video, I may just have a look at it.
Darks63 (4 months ago)
I wonder if you have seen the episodes of Black Mirror that cover this type of topic.
Wanderbolt (4 months ago)
i need to know where to watch this!
Paul York (4 months ago)
Important analysis of a serious social problem: scapegoating and mob violence through social media. The whole "doxxing" phenomenon is indicative of this problem. It has not been properly recognized and addressed, which is why this episode of The Orville is important: it has exposed a phenomenon that everyone was afraid to talk about openly. This is the power of fiction and comedy: to expose uncomfortable truths, to serve as a mirror for our society.
Ryan Hill (4 months ago)
Wait..?! What...?! Irish is a race now??????
Hackuna MyTatas (4 months ago)
This episode was so beautiful, better than anything that came out of star trek discovery
Parsing Elf (4 months ago)
Mmmm at what point do you get back to The Orville..Yes a rant but it went on and on and then on oh it didn't stop and then on..When looking at a series that does do moral issues very well just try to make them short it becomes very very very..you getting this, very very very very BORING
potstab (5 months ago)
The show is a big stinker as the comedy and serious balance is totally off. I mean it probably could either be a good "serious" flick or a straight out "comedy". The joke's are at the very basest level and at the most inappropriate times. I wanted to like it but it made my stomach turn. Should rename the show to "jacka$$ in space".
Dack Ralter (5 months ago)
Edit: Just watched half of the first episode: Loving it so far. Funny. No obvious emphasis on identity politics (not much yet anyways). The ship is beautiful, and the aesthetic style in general is excellent! Many people seem to be increasing resentful of some things they don't even understand, and that resentment has had its' flames fanned by anyone who wants to use the people who are "outraged". Which has been made simple by all the emphasis on anti-bullying, anti-offense, and "lets be nice to everyone all the time" policies being spread in schools at all levels. Where is this resentment, and angst coming from? Probably social media, the amount of insanely exaggerated and impersonal interconnections we feel these days, the media's emphasis on sharing stories about bad things happening, and the various other insecurity, unstable, chaotic, uncertain, high-speed, fast-paced, changes that can happen to seemingly anyone at any time these days. We are biologically perfected to live as hunter-gatherers in small groups of 5 to 50, with villages of maybe 500 being about the limit of pre-agricultural society. Does anyone even know history anymore? The perspective that comes with knowing history, even just the history of the 20th century, would be really useful to bring back. Oh wait, it's dominated by white males doing things to expand the edges of understanding & exploration.... so that's... bad? No. actually that's just the way life is. It doesn't mean women and the traditional feminine role is somehow lesser, it is just the way it is.... but all this identity garbage refuses that as some sort of racism... so I won't watch or support that mess; it's just a bunch of denial of reality and lies; which I think is so dangerous it could be the termite swarm that eats the foundations and causes the collapse of everything when a storm comes in conjunction.
Nimble_Navigator62 (5 months ago)
I avoided this video until I watched the episode last night. Chilling and thought provoking. It was another society like earth but totally enveloped in mass social hysteria
TheLifeOnHigh (5 months ago)
Spot on with your analysis of today’s current crop of triggered snowflakes. But I didn’t feel the episode placed enough heat on the issue of out of control Social Justice Warriors.
Conrado Javier (5 months ago)
I wonder is Disney MIGHT Cancel Orville?, & let Lucasfilm take over.
Klaus Gartenstiel (5 months ago)
TREK on the TUBE (5 months ago)
Let me correct the title of your video ;) _The Orville copies Black Mirror_
Jason Reynolds (5 months ago)
I'm an Irish Australian and couldn't care less about this shit.
Tetrapodum (5 months ago)
I loved your "ramble" and i concurr with your conclusion. Please, dont hesitate to "ramble" again ;-)
Matt Brown (5 months ago)
This is the kind of social allegory Trek needs tobe doing. Think McFarlane did this show because it's not being done.
96fps_from_mars (5 months ago)
I just stumbled on your channel and my opinion about you is very confused. You are obviously incredibly reasonable, but you have some ideas that seem odd and intrege me.
MaskedMan66 (5 months ago)
"If the Stars Should Appear" is just a rehash of an overused sci-fi concept paired with rabid anti-faith bigotry.

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