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Flashback: Clarence Thomas responds to Anita Hill

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Around 9:30 p.m., after Anita Hill accused him of sexual harassment, Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas responded, calling his nomination hearing "a high-tech lynching."
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Lockard S (1 day ago)
Clarence is the mother fucking man. He rocks so hard. One of the only justices truly worth his muster.
David Hickey (2 days ago)
It was good dressing down of Biden the slime and the rest of the sleeze up there
G. Green (7 days ago)
Awful idiotic judge.
Ryan Friedman (7 days ago)
It’s Joe Biden
S ROBERTSON (7 days ago)
It's like listening to typical denial of truth. Anita Hill was a good woman who was very credible. He is typical of indignant behavior to cover up guilt.
Liberty (8 days ago)
The democrats are the lowest scum in America , if this was a black liberal justice and our side did this to him , they would scream and cry racism. God bless this man
Chance Willkomm (10 days ago)
Democrats have used these tactics now and in the past. Nothing has changed.
Martin Edwin (10 days ago)
mic drop
Russell Dodd (10 days ago)
They tried to damage a good man for the liberal cause of villainizing a conservative at whatever cost. These are the same people who want to destroy a human life before it's been given a chance. They will stop at nothing for their cause.
xZANZIBARZx (11 days ago)
Anita Hill, cia plant basic bitch, trick ass hoe that got upset that he hired another secretary. So used the "he raped me" card. Gotta keep "uppity blacks" in line right? Just like the democrats like ya'll to be in "line" in Jim crow Lol where did the term "southern Democrat" come from? Up some northerners's ass to pretend they care about blacks after the Civil rights bill.? . Look at Kanye just for saying he likes a black conservative woman's thoughts he caught flak.
Optimal81 (11 days ago)
The real racists were the democrats like Joe Biden who tried to keep the first black man from entering the supreme court. “A high tech lynching.” Funny how the racists are always liberals.
Michelle Kennedy (11 days ago)
Leftist ONLY care about blacks if blacks are leftist democrats, but they will go full KKK on a conservative republican black person. That’s the truth! Read about the history of the democrat party. Learn who the democrats really are. Democrats opposed freeing slaves, opposed blacks rights to vote, and opposed the civil rights movement. Democrats are the party of slavery, lynching, segregation, and the KKK. Democrats had to switch things up once blacks started to vote because blacks were voting republican. Democrats pretended to no longer be racist bastards and started giving handouts to blacks after the civil rights movement in order to keep blacks on their plantation. The democrat plantation. Democrats want blacks to be dependent on them. The government. The democrats are to blame for every problem in the black community. Black people are individuals and should be themselves and think for themselves.
Daniel Akin (11 days ago)
similar to what they did to Herman Cain
Timothy Burton (11 days ago)
There my friends, is a true American hero.
charles burton (11 days ago)
Not really a flashback. The anti america democrats still attack with fake sex scandals to this day. Predictable idiots.
Joe Vio (11 days ago)
What happens when you don't agree with the liberal dogma and look who the chair is—Biden.
Res Judicata (12 days ago)
Powerful words!
James White (12 days ago)
all I can say is? wooowww..
OrangeJackson (12 days ago)
Scummy Leftists.
Delawanna (12 days ago)
Anita Hill was a pure deep state hit job!!!
James Wallace (12 days ago)
Makes you wonder what they will dredge up this time.
poodle dog (12 days ago)
Yes mr. Thomas you tell these white KKK liberals off. Who do they think they are to come and smear your good name creepy Joe Biden is the number 1 slimeball along with all the rest behind him
poodle dog (12 days ago)
Look who is the head of the committee creepy Joe Biden. Well all I can say is Anita Hill is a sore loser she's just upset that Clarence Thomas married a white woman and rejected her that's what it boils down to in plain English
Rollin Nolan (12 days ago)
The left always try to destroy every Repblican SCOTUS nominee. If Judge Thomas had been a liberal and treated like he was by the right. We would still be called racist to this day
Ricky Jackson (12 days ago)
Myla Porter (12 days ago)
sad but true!
Go Devils (12 days ago)
Blacks should be proud of this man but sadly 99.9% don’t even know his name.
Drew Smith (12 days ago)
more than 1 in a 1000 know name. That is insulting to AA
Bill Gauley (12 days ago)
If you are unaware, he was attacking the Left, aka Liberals.
De Jesus Bishop (12 days ago)
I don’t understand why CNN thinks this makes him look bad.
E Carter (12 days ago)
Joe Biden did that shit
countryman usn (12 days ago)
Shows you the desperation of CNN and other Democrats at this point somebody who plays with social media should start a hashtag Democrats are wrong about everything
Derek Derek (12 days ago)
vcdep991 (12 days ago)
Just plain beautifully spoken.
Metallikid1 (12 days ago)
Like a boss!
D Cowboys (12 days ago)
Oh how the Libs hate Thomas now lol.
Marcus Aponte (12 days ago)
And it continues today!
Bobby Johnson (12 days ago)
I'm suprised cnn has this
Bigfoot (12 days ago)
I don’t see a black man I see a fellow patriot
Thomas M (12 days ago)
Suck my dick libtards, thank you Justice Thomas for pulling the race card and using their own trick against them. And hey libtard Harry Reid, thanks for the nuclear option, now we can confirm another judge
Daniel Purdy (12 days ago)
Flash back democrats are racist
Elizabeth Anderson (12 days ago)
The Democrats will go after anyone who opposes them. They will go after blacks just as quickly!
Daniel Moran (12 days ago)
Always convenient to complain when you have democratic backing, money, support, fame, and a loose woman more interested in the money than the truth. And always at a nomination or election. Dems gotta go... old timely politics are criminal.
Dakota (13 days ago)
Would I agree with everything 100 percent with this man even as a Republican no of course not but this brave man has it all right
TJ Grace (13 days ago)
Thank God Justice Thomas didn’t withdrawal his name! And now the #walkaway movement!
otumfuo3 (13 days ago)
Now...that was some high tech bullsit from Clarence Thomas. Love his gusto though. Those fake whities were afraid to be seen as they were and let a guilty man bully them with the race card.
pizzafrenzyman (13 days ago)
Thank you Clarence for your service to this great country.
Sammuel Parris (13 days ago)
They edited out the thunderous applause he received from the room
Sammuel Parris (13 days ago)
This needs to become a rallying cry of Republicans as Justice Kavanaugh runs the gauntlet of the same Liberal lies during his confirmation!🇺🇸
Jeremy Solis (13 days ago)
Jorge Prieto (13 days ago)
A high tech lynching...He was right then and it's going on now, if you are an "independent thinker" to quote Kanye West and if you support this President in anyway, you are subjected to lynching. Sad but true. These are the Demo-craps tactics to silence and scare us. But, they're the ones sinking themselves and that Water's senator is drowning them all every time she opens her big mouth.
lonecrapshooter67 (13 days ago)
Clarence told the bastards
E J (13 days ago)
We are about to probably see another attempted high tech lynching of a nominated supreme court justice. Be strong Judge Kavanaugh!!
Camm Style (15 days ago)
Democrats are horrible!
15seconds99 (15 days ago)
15seconds99 (15 days ago)
Justice Thomas kicked Biden square in the nuts. This was the best three minutes of dressing down ever.
sandy ray (15 days ago)
The democrats have been playing dirty for 50 years.
Martha Munoz (16 days ago)
Fo Reel (17 days ago)
I don't think he sounds like he's lying........and there's a lot of iffy aspects of Anita Hill's story, like how she kept calling and visiting him at the agency (EOC i think) long after he supposedly harassed her, and she had moved on to another job.
Ron McNeil Jr (17 days ago)
Bush nominated Thomas because he was black, and because he will be replacing the first (and greatest ) black man on the Supreme Court. Go Thurgood Marshall
Michael Schmitt (18 days ago)
Ron Young (20 days ago)
Democrats were just as despicable and deceitful then, as they are today.
Jesse Aaron (21 days ago)
Wow I like this guy now
W K (21 days ago)
This was when I learned Democrats didn't really care about black people.
MagicKirin1 (21 days ago)
Anita Hill is still lying and the Me Too vigilantes are backing her up
Aaron C (23 days ago)
Aaron C (23 days ago)
Welcome to the 90's
Honey Keeper (23 days ago)
This was bad back then they treated her horrible..it was so set up to discredit her..
Paul Denet (23 days ago)
He said "uppity Blacks"
Travis Trucking (23 days ago)
Goes to show Democrats will create lies to destroy anybody
Marc Peters (23 days ago)
Powerful opening statement by Thomas considering he was facing a room loaded with white thrash....and a black slut who had sold her soul to the devil
Larry Warnock (24 days ago)
I like Clarence Thomas. This displays his superior intelligence compared to left-wingers.
Derek Riley (24 days ago)
Brilliant and ballsy. Two characteristics of a great American.
scott Vincent (24 days ago)
Look who’s leading the lynching... the Dem’s boy... here’ssssss “Joe Biden!!!!!”
DAVID R (24 days ago)
No question , that was the worst hi - tech lynching, of any sup court nominee
Nick Mougros (25 days ago)
The Thomas nomination shows liberals don't give a shit about blacks. They sent Hill out there to try and savage this man
Nick Mougros (25 days ago)
Biden is dispicable.
jarel nomeh (25 days ago)
Democrats haven't changed much since then.
Gail Capilano (25 days ago)
This is absolutely horrific
killersushi99 (25 days ago)
It's ok to like Kanye and Clarence Thomas.
Gail Capilano (25 days ago)
Biden is a pedophile
Charles Merchant (1 month ago)
Guilty men do not declare their innocence like this.... Anita Hill will get the wages of her hands for these False Allegations. Clarence Thomas was framed.
Townsend Moore (2 months ago)
Is that Biden at 1.45?
TheCodFather (2 months ago)
Damn this is like what Kanye has been saying
LiveLife 101 (2 months ago)
One of the greatest speeches given in American history.
PACOIMARACER (2 months ago)
This is a good man, a great man who was dragged into a scandal in an effort by the evil, sleazy leftwing democrats in order to have him removed and replaced by a liberal homosexual favoring judge.
shaniqua williams (3 months ago)
joe biden was always old apparently
Fred Mineo (3 months ago)
God Bless you🙏
mcconn746 (4 months ago)
WOW, now tell us what you really think. I suspect he was telling the truth and they were a lynch mob. CNN is no better.
Ciridan (4 months ago)
When he pulled out 4 black aces with that lynching comment he had me saying damn.
Erica Batres (4 months ago)
lol the men commenting that Anita Hill is liar weren't loved by their moms.
Shawn O'Malley (4 months ago)
A true, strong patriot who is an independent thinker, thank you for everything justice Clarence Thomas, we appreciate you.
Jorge Prieto (13 days ago)
Shawn O'Malley independent thinkers are trying to be silence by Liberal/Democrats today as yesterday. Look what they did to Kanye West, all because he sided and agreed with Conservative, Trump supporter Candace Owens. Stupid Demo-craps only message is to silence anyone who supports Trump. Sore losers.
Patty Neumann (5 months ago)
Isn't it time we impeach him? He lied.
Courtney Jones (5 months ago)
What a duck head. An Uncle Tom + Pervert! A white man in a black man's body. Sad commentary.
EugeneDaVanquisher (5 months ago)
Courtney Jones please don't reproduce you waste . There was NO PROOF at all you retard.
Watch this now! (5 months ago)
Wow this surfing up in today's headlined is definitely proof that the prophecies of Kimclement.com are true and real! Every thing said back years ago is coming to fruition! God is good and justice will prevail! Mr. Clarence you will be impeached!
EugeneDaVanquisher (5 months ago)
Betzy Are you really THAT level of retard?
Rick Nance (6 months ago)
It's hard to believe really. No one believed him at the time.
Scott Sorg (6 months ago)
Think about how different would have been the outcome of Thomas' Senate confirmation hearing if it had occurred today. No was would Thomas have been confirmed.
Miguel Gamas (6 months ago)
Poor man got punked by our own government that's why he don't talk in court.
Dr. Manhattan (6 months ago)
What I said to my mom when she found porn on my computer.
Akim Makoi (5 months ago)
John Rose hahahahah
Candice Nicole (7 months ago)
Opens by apologizing to the accuser for having to be there... Geez, I wonder which direction this is going.
RisenVideo (7 months ago)
Most people didn't fall for the media circus. #cnnfakenews
AkumaEternalRose (7 months ago)
LOL... Tough night for him??? Fuck that asshole.... fuck all of those assholes

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