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Can A Gaming Console Make Children Healthier

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Russell Howard Talks About Can A Gaming Console Make Children Healthier If You Like This Video, Give It a Thumbs Up & Share It.
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Text Comments (53)
Cian O Callaghan (9 days ago)
1:45 "there's a game where you can knock out someone using a dildo" I present you Saints Row 3
Brash Crandicoot (10 days ago)
Don't you just love how the news hates video games with a passion and will shit all over the industry any chance it gets? Well, most American news, at least. The U.K.'s news isn't as bad. Emphasis on isn't AS bad; they have their moments.
Lunarmix (1 month ago)
Some things I do in games I don't do irl: Rob people, kill people, kill animals, ride on dragons, shoot lightning out my hands, turn into a demon, destroy castles, hold up to 1000 items at one time, and summon the undead.
gallade warrior (2 months ago)
Finally the news I want to hear
Bradley Clarke (2 months ago)
The dildo game is saints row 3. Beast game and should be played
tubabluba789 (20 days ago)
san andreas
Liam Mulhern (2 months ago)
Well I played saints row 2 to exhaustion so this'll be fun
MYSTIKHAWK (2 months ago)
Fuck dude... if you think GTA is violent and weird you haven’t played Saints Row!)))
Nassus (2 months ago)
minecraft is the cause of deforestation
I'll dance for windex (3 months ago)
Thats saints row the dildo is called the penetrator
Owen Fitzgerald (3 months ago)
Pc Man never had any negative effect on us. Staying up late in a dimly lit room, listening to repetitive music, popping pills and thinking we're seeing weird shit. Hmmm.
Spud (3 months ago)
People are saying that it's GTA V. Looks like GTA IV to me.
Jake Waudby (20 days ago)
Spud It is GTA 4
A guy said that you can cut a cop in half with a chainsaw in gta 5 but you can’t
Spud (3 months ago)
It looked more like gta IV
AllonsyRapunzel (3 months ago)
Well I'd prefer them to murder in a game than IRL
Meme Supreme (3 months ago)
I love that people get so upset about GTA
Callum Causey (3 months ago)
Marians unique jewellery (4 months ago)
Love your stuff. Disappointed you felt it necessary to call someone a fat @#$%.
Paper balls (25 days ago)
You mean fat fuck?
Damari Hanson (2 months ago)
He's just making an observation. He's just commenting in what he sees
Liam Mulhern (2 months ago)
Marians unique jewellery well he is fat and he's a comedian and I laughed so yeah
Mattinator95 (4 months ago)
1. You don't actually see them having sex in gta. And Russ it's called saints row
Haydn Llewellyn (3 months ago)
The closest is a bouncy car....
cookie boy (4 months ago)
If playing Nintendo games make you fit I would be as skinny as a pencil
Tom Likes Memes (4 months ago)
Only if you strap up your wiimote
Kutori Kyoyoku (4 months ago)
In America, prostitution is illegal So is that murder or crime fighting?
Ps4 Watchmen (4 months ago)
Star trek theme
Dr Tygan (4 months ago)
2:11 even though I like Star Trek do soviet national anthem
The Aether (4 months ago)
*saints row sitting with the large dildo bat by it's side*
Annie Leonhart (4 months ago)
My brother jumps up and down when he plays on the wii, which he plays often for as long as he can
Rosalind Breeze (4 months ago)
Anyone going to talk about the fact that they said "Son, husband or brother" like shit.
Rubber Ducky (3 months ago)
"Girls"?? Is that a Pokémon???
ShannonTheDragon (3 months ago)
Yeah, I've played GTA since 10. I'm not male.
SniperRecons (4 months ago)
Rosalind Breeze yeah like my female cousin play GTA
Jude Fisher (4 months ago)
I don't think you can have sex with the prostitutes in GTA V
JLT05 (4 months ago)
You can in most GTA games including GTA V
superfilms8 (4 months ago)
what is the credit song
Captain Alex Volichenko (4 months ago)
Star Trek Beyond Theme
Alistair Jacob (4 months ago)
The dildo bat is in saints row the third
Rustymcnut (4 months ago)
Maggie Wintle (5 months ago)
Star trek theme..... good choice
Wyvern Wolfe (5 months ago)
"When a police officer comes after him, he can either light that police officer on fire, or cut him in half with a chainsaw" ... uhh, there is no Chainsaw weapon in GTA 5, not since San Andreas. Not only are they attempting to shit on a game, they didn't even get their facts right...
Brash Crandicoot (10 days ago)
That's Fox News-or should I say, American news stations in a nutshell. I have deduced that they hate fun.
Mark Skater (3 months ago)
welcome to the news do u believe everrything they say is true.. of coz they goin to add more salt n pepper to their own favour never believe anyting on line even comments
Alex PJP (5 months ago)
i think they moved onto a different game
Rebekah Cyphus (5 months ago)
The only thing that would make that goal any better is if a pervert was in the back.
BehindTheMind (5 months ago)
I’ve knocked someone out with a dildo in gta5... mods are the best
Mikeystret (5 months ago)
Ahh my eyes can't claw them out fast enough 0:33
dwarf gaming (1 month ago)
A Grammar Nazi. His boobs are bigger than me
A Grammar Nazi. (4 months ago)
Mikeystret His boobs are bigger than mine!
The Tattie Scones (4 months ago)
I need bleach
Disoriented Kiwi (4 months ago)
You can’t claw out your mind’s eye

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