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Tracing Ryan Irish family ancestry to Tipperary, Ireland

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Tracing Ryan Family Ancestry to Tipperary Ireland Theresa Irene Wolowski (wife of John Thomas Ryan) and Ryan Janek Wolowski (son of John Thomas Ryan) visited the town of Tipperary Ireland, to explore where, the Ryan family had originated from in the 1800's before migrating to the Scotland Stirling Castle / Edinburgh area where John Thomas Ryan's grandfateher, Thomas Joseph Ryan retired from the British Army as a Quartermaster Sergeant in 1898. Thomas Joseph Ryan's son also named Thomas Joseph Ryan traveled to Glasgow before sailing to The United States of America to set up a new life in the USA with his Scottish wife Elizabeth MacDougall from Glasgow, Scotland. where they their son John Thomas Ryan was born, who later also in the USA married Polish woman named Theresa Irene Wolowski, John and Theresa had six children including their son Ryan Janek Wolowski that returned to Ireland to research the family history. Ryan meaning: Little King Coat of arms motto: "I would rather die than be disgraced" Ryan also spelled Ryane or Riane For on Tipperary Ireland visit: www.tipperarytown.ie/ Video Tipperary, Munster, Ireland, Europe 10/27/2012
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Not Amused (22 days ago)
There are loads of Ryans around Tipperary and Limerick too, so many that the name is often suffixed so you know which Ryans they are. What town were you filming this in, was it Cashel or Cahir?
SereniaSaissa (26 days ago)
I have just discovered that I too have Ryan Ancestry from the town of GOLDEN Tipperary which is located about half way between Tipperary city and Cashel City - according to Google maps. Your camera showed a signpost pointing the way to Golden!! Most of my Ryan Family emigrated from Tipperary to New Zealand, in 1876. One Ryan daughter marrried a Quinlan and they went to the USA.
Liz Killeen (3 months ago)
My grandad was John Christopher Ryan of Tipperary ;) huge family.
The Dunce Magician (11 months ago)
My grandmothers maiden name was Ryan.. Her grandfather was born in Tipperary Jeremiah Ryan..
Daniel Ryan (1 month ago)
My Great Great Great Grandfather was Jeremiah Ryan which he immigrated to NZ in 1875.
Charlene Manship (1 year ago)
Hi my Fathers name was Charles Ryan He was born in Tipperary in 1932 I would love to find out see if he had any other family in Tipperary
Double DDGaming (1 year ago)
Hello! My name is Dillon Ryan my family comes from Tipperary I personally never been! Because I live in the states my family came into the country around the civil war era but originally the name Ryan was o'ryan or o'mulrian it was one of those two they dropped the o to make it more "Americanized but my family came to escape oppression ! we could be family lol long distant cousins!
Hi Ryan, what part of the US are you from? I can tell you there are many Ryans living in Clonmel with some relatives in California.
Jeffrey Hochstetter (3 years ago)
You should take a video tour of this County.
Jeffrey Hochstetter (3 years ago)
My wife is a Ryan who's Paternal Grandfather, "William Francis Ryan" married his wife-(my wife's Grandmother) in a church there. It's in the records. They moved to America, departing Ireland via Waterford, to Pennsylvania-(Easton area) and her father, born 1907, died 1994, was "James Arthur Ryan". My wife is 62. Her ancestors-(some) came from Tipperary. The photo this lady holds in the video looks like my wife's family.
patricia douglas (4 years ago)
My grandmother was a Ryan trying to find out info she grew up on Mont Loretto Orphnage on Staten Island. Where are the Ryans from and were they all from same area
Liam Ryan (3 months ago)
the ryans are from county tipperary predominantly but there are some also in north cork but if you are a ryan you are 99 percent from tipperary and should be able to find your family tree from the church records here (births /deaths/marriages) as the church kept fantastic records going back to the 1500 era but you will need the name and possible area of the people who emigrated to america they need some information and are most willing to co-operate with anyone who is trying to find their irish connections i am a ryan myself from cashel county tipperary
TheFabStringbean (5 years ago)
Wow, eye always wanted to go to Ireland. Looks like you're living the Life of Ryan of late, jets-setting around the world with your lovely Mother!

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