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All about CHOLESTEROL. Why your body needs it. Dr. Bergman's Website https://drjohnbergman.com/ Dr. Bergman's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/drjohnbergman/ Dr. Bergman's Clinic: http://bergmanchiropractic.com 714-962-5891 Office Hours: Monday 5:15am 6:00pm Tuesday 6:30am 6:00pm Wednesday 5:15am 6:00pm Thursday 5:15am 6:00pm Friday 6:30am 6:00pm Saturday Closed Closed Sunday Closed Closed Dr. Bergman is available for Skype and Phone consultations which you can schedule by using the link below: https://drjohnbergman.com/online-consultations/booking-consultations/ For Media and Business Inquires contact: support@drjohnbergman.com
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Text Comments (342)
CharChar (6 days ago)
You’re awesome!!
David Lomm (23 days ago)
@ 38:15 of "Question Time",... I appreciate the Doctor in the audience clinging on to what he has been taught in believing that we must all be on drugs to save our lives but how RARE is the condition he is talking about ? He brings up a wild case of a teenager who's body can't regulate it's cholesterol & again, that's so rare.
Richard Greenwood (24 days ago)
That man that asked the question must have been sleeping for the whole presentation or he is completely deaf ! I just cannot believe that he is asking a question that you have spent about 1/2 explaining. I love your work Doctor Bergman. It is just common sense and you are helping us to recover it.
Heidi Fouche (1 month ago)
I give up how do one explain to people this i tried today and they just keep saying its genetic
Jonay Perez (1 month ago)
Hi everyone, my wife ( who’s 34 yo) got her LDL levels rocks bottom , around 60; which is really dangerous. I’m really concerned. All the information out there is how to lower ldl..... but nothing on how to raise it ( she isn’t on any meds at all) HELP PLEASE!!!
Tidy Traveler (1 month ago)
I'm on the other side of the spectrum, low cholesterol. I eat very well, exercise frequently, and find my cholesterol usually hovering between 105 and 130. I do not take any medication and blood work is solid, specifically the liver enzymes. So what gives? I should be happy about this, but I've heard that low cholesterol is bad as well, so that makes me a bit concerned at times. Although going by what the Dr. Bergman is saying my body may simply be producing whatever I actually need. I hope so...
Lourdes Gayas (2 months ago)
Thank you,I really appreciate your great intelligence doc,God bless.
Laurie Sloan (2 months ago)
Want to remain healthy and want some tips for doing this? There's a solution that I noticed out of my experience. Search in Google as: "HealthZap99" to get tips to stay strong.
Glen M (2 months ago)
Thanks, Doc. An excellent presentation.
Oh Zone (3 months ago)
I disagree with you about the Vitamin D3. It is Cholcalciferol. That is a poison to rats, mice, wildlife, birds, cats & dogs. Its mode of killing is that it pulls calcium from the bones and deposits it thru out the body of the animal that has consumed it. Why would anyone think that it is good for humans? I have learned that if the government is pushing it, do not use it. Look for cases of lethal calcification to come. Do the research.
Edward Kelly (3 months ago)
What is the new thought about meat in 2018 > has anything changed >
Edgar Kaufmann (4 months ago)
I stopped my statins after 3 days without telling it my MD. I felt it eats up my muscles. So since 26 years I have cholesterol levels of 600, 1000 and out of range! ...and no problems. A cardiac test and ultrasound did show no problems , but he said some beginning artery problems. May be he said it because he must say this with my super high values. BTW, with Chinese herbs I got my values slightly over normal for nearly one year, but stopped it without serious reasons. I forgot it and later I thought, when my body makes high values, than he needs it. Today I guess I know the basic reason: I had latent tooth infections (search for "Toxic tooth" by Dr.Thomas Levy -also here in Youtube) , that required a higher cholesterol value.
Jojo \m/ (4 months ago)
It's when you eat someone elses cholesterol (animal products) that it acts badly and clogs arteries. Your body isn't that stupid. Doctors and pharma are trying to make you stupidly believe eating such cholesterol is fine and its your body that is just dump, just so they can sell you shit.
Michelle Molden-Coleman (4 months ago)
Thank you Dr. Bergman. My doctor told me that my LDL was high and that she would have to put me on a statin. I told her no that I wouldn't take it. She told me that I would have to find a new doctor because I wasn't respecting her advice. I told her gladly. I told her to check you out on YouTube. She said he sounds like an idiot. I said no disrespect however he would probably say the same about you.
Ed A (4 months ago)
Makes me feel like I should research EZETROL..
Yetkin Belasan (4 months ago)
Ldl 149 hdl 43 tg 248 totchol 243.. so is my heart in trouble?
Berlin Gulch (5 months ago)
I have been having terrible left leg, foot and hip pain day and night for about 2 weeks now. Rest help but dont stop the pain even overnight rest. I have been going to a chiropractor here in Michigan. Being adjusted and getting into traction 3 times a week. (arthritis found on neck and upper back supposedly causing pain) I got blood results from my family MD today and says I have high cholesterol -267 and 179- he wanted me to use a low dose of lipitor but I declined. I am in so much pain, I dont know what to do besides going to my chiropractor. I wish we would be closer to you Dr. Bergman
Jakob Jones (5 months ago)
It's amazing the so many doctors are so short sighted. They see nail a then get the hammer. It doesn't matter if the nail is in a piece of wood or in someone's foot or whatever. The fact is, indigenous people and humans in general have survived well for a long time... the BODY has designed itself to exist and thrive... The system is complex and there are many intricate interrelations that I guess imbeciles can't see the forest from the trees.
Jakob Jones (5 months ago)
The fact is that life has taken at least 13B years to develop the biology, chemistry, and physiology of life at the level of animal and man comes along and pretends to think he's figured it all out in a few thousand years. We know that the prime motivator of man is greed/money/power/sex... maybe that is the real problem here? (for those that get it, just try to think like a snake oil salesman)
HmbV15 (5 months ago)
I think Doctors know these problems but they probably figure people won't change their eating habits and exercise so they resort to medications.
wadayaduin (5 months ago)
There's a possibility of some people misinterpreting the cholesterol information. Yes, of course the body's production of cholesterol is a necessary, positive process. Yes, cholesterol-lowering drugs miss the point; not dealing with why cholesterol is high, and the possibility that it should be high, until underlying issues are fixed. HOWEVER, cholesterol-laden foods come with other issues, that do lead to heart attacks, strokes etc. I'm sure Dr Bergman agrees, but this talk doesn't deal with that, and some viewers might easily take this as permission to load up on meat and eggs.
Trini very beautiful (6 months ago)
Medical doctors are suppose to save lives and make people life better but to me 95 percent of them dont. Doctors are mostly about money. The evil of this age.
Let It Roll (6 months ago)
Dr. B., I and my family have been diagnosed with familial hypercholesterolemia. Should we not be concerned? Thank you!
NatureMan (6 months ago)
I learned a lot from Dr. John Bergman. Thank you!
Mohanraj Chinnathambi (6 months ago)
Wonderful !!! Keep it up. May God bless you.
Agnieszka Focus (7 months ago)
I have a question dr Bergman, why if you know and have proved to us many times in other presentations that mostly a raw, vegan diet is the healthiest diet for humans, do you still recommend eating animals? If animals, for example fish eat plants  to be healthy, why can't we eat plants too instead of animals?
jill e (7 months ago)
Dr Bergman thank you, I've been into my GP (UK) and talk about diet and potassium levels, which has shown up on a blood test in resuss, (I've Irregular heart beat). Cholesterol, they tried to put me on statins as a matter of course , I refused. Taking D3 K2
jill e (7 months ago)
When I tried to talk about my potassium levels the response was eat a banana,,, the arrogance of these"professionals"
Donald Teague (6 months ago)
Had heart prescribing me cholesterol medications and was told by another doctor I had ischemic heart disease. After hearing what they said make a person wonder about these medical doctors. I also have read somewhere that heart medications cause diabetes so now they say diabetes can cause heart disease. And yes the first time I went for what they said was heart attack yes was stressed from marital problems with my wife at that time .They don't see that in an emergency room.
robonez (7 months ago)
Great stuff! \m/
Barry Anderson (7 months ago)
The Cholesterol Myth causing Heart Disease that your MD Doctor is not trained to know about ? The Truth About Heart Disease your Cardiologist does not know about and does not get trained in . Their science is flat earth junk science that enriches the Big Pharmaceutical Industry only and is doing great harm to the public that pays with an early death and financial loss perpetuated by such bad science . John Hopkins University has conducted a lot of study on this fact . This Doctor John Bergman is a good informed Doctor that is simply setting the record right that you do have a given right to know the facts on and how the human body really works . So the cholesterol myth of causing heart is just that just a myth . ___________________________________________ The Problem a Short List of Tips A short list of what really causes heart disease as follows. 1-Chronic Insomnia lack of sleep and rest . 2- Lack of exercise to support your lymphatic system and heart muscle . 3-Unmanaged stress of your mind and body . 4-Poor diet of rancid cooked oils and refined commercial oils found in all processed fake foods . 5-Lack of raw dietary organic fiber and hydration of fluid intake that is a cause of constipation. 6-Age related self abuse of your body not achieving homeostasis of mind and body . 7-Lack of essential oxygen intake at your cellular level from processed dead food intake lack of movement of your body and lack of stress release and lack of forgiveness. 1 through 7 creates chronic inflammation and a rise in the fight or flight hormone called cortisol. In fact free forming calcium released from your bones that is carried through your blood supply that damages the inside walls of your arteries is the true cause of heart disease and today western hospitals are finally looking at this phenomenon of high levels of calcium in the blood . A lack of the essential mineral magnesium that binds with calcium to keep your calcium in your bones where it belongs is clearly a nutrient deficiency that is a true cause of heart disease instead . Not high cholesterol. Also according to Dr. Edward Group low cholesterol is found in all patients suffering with dementia and Alzheimer disease of the brain . ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________The Solution a Short List of Tips A-Learn to live with NATURE and LOVE your BODY Unconditionally and learn to be a student of nature and all life on this good earth. B-Slow down and give your self needed rest enough good sleep for support of your sleep hormone production called melatonin . How ever the odd acute lack of sleep and rest actully stimulates your immune system response according to studies . C- Your body is a lot smarter than humans are and will make adjustments along the way . Cause and effect with the essentail adjustments working with nature is true healing protocols that your body and immune system understands . Humans do not get sick from a deficiency of drugs . D -Your diet of consuming nature made only organic whole foods mostly consumed raw purchased and grown from your local organic farmer friends in season only . Learn to prepare these foods at your home and less eating out at the restaurants and fast junk food service industry venues. Learn to FAST E- Learn to manage your space with stress management and meditation in solitude . Yoga of breath and movement . Rebounding on a mini trampoline and getting enough of the hormone D-3 from sun exposure to your exposed skin every day . F- Your LIVER makes cholesterol to distribute to every cell in your body including your brain that is made half of cholesterol and the rest is fats and water .The hormone sunshine D-3 uses cholesterol to enhance your immune system support .Your liver makes 80 percent of your cholesterol requirements and the missing 20 percent must come from your diet from clean safe animal and water foods that is difficult to find today in our broken corrupted GMO Glyphosate Antibiotic Food Industry that is deficient in minerals the body is not getting enough of . G- Must include foods such as organic leafy greens for the missing fat soluble K-1 vitamins and essential magnesium missing in the Standard American Diet SAD . Include fat soluble vitamin K-2 through 7 foods from learning to make your own FERMENTED CULTURED FOODS that our forefathers created through human history . We need to increase our intake of life giving food enzymes from organic raw juicing and the making of green juicing and raw salads . Ditch your over priced man made in a lab supplements and replace this with natures food supply of medicinal herbs from TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda of India with medicinal herbs of indigenous communities from around the world . Be Well and Stay Well Holistic Chef Barry Anderson “Your Good Earth Chef & Friend 4 LIFE “
ReverendRusty (7 months ago)
Long story short: I went the statin route and it messed me up.. took me a while to figure it out on my own because doctor wasn't believing me. My cholesterol "naturally" (i.e. without drugs) was around 260-280 range, 160-190 with drugs. After I went on a 160 mile hike, it dropped to 202. Not sure if it was the exercise itself, or the reduction in stress, probably both. Looks like lifestyle changes work, at least for me. Taking a statin to reduce cholesterol is like taking the battery out of your smoke alarm because it's keeping you awake. Better to put the fire out instead.
d n (7 months ago)
It should be noted that Mr. Bergman is not a medical doctor. According to our research he did not attend medical school, did not acquire a medical doctor degree, did not participate in a medical internship, does not have a medical doctor's practice. Instead he has a degree in chiropractics which anyone that has done medical scientific research knows is a pseudo-science at best. A note of caution: please review what Mr. Bergman says and claims with scientific fact not anecdotes and clever catch phrases.
chingada47 (6 months ago)
Which pharmaceutical company are you shilling for?
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
Dr. Bergman, you make too much sense! These big pharma shills can’t take the truth!
AuggieX1 (7 months ago)
Thank you for posting these videos.  They help out alot.
D_HongKongVideos (7 months ago)
Good questions, keep it coming - 2 way debate is great for learning
8th Day (7 months ago)
Who can HELP? who has sucssesfully stopped taking STATINs? In the Uk i cant find anybody who has acheived this or a Dr to assist us . Drs here are heavily closed of to talking outside there guidelines . Currently following 15 years of use and all the classic side effects my father had a STROKE, now we are 3 months in , 100% plant based, hitting our macros & moving daily iv managed to get his statin & ppi dose halfed and his mind is massivly inproved. Mentaly he feels 20 years younger but the severity of muscle deteriation is extreame and he is still loosing weight. ps right before the stroke he spent a month on high powered pain killers and lost 1 .5 stone ,he is of these now and hip ballancing took away the pain so he is walking again now. Do you see the bodybeing able to regenerating while on theses drugs? last ldl was 3.4 Do you have a simular story that has lead to sucsess?
marion shenington-gunn (7 months ago)
8th Day we have also made considerable changes in what we eat, what products we buy, and additional plant supplements that are in Johns lecture's with my wife's cardiologist taking her off statin from the result of a previous heart attack ( from high cholesterol) and was told " keep on doing what you are doing the blood results were great " let me know if you need more info all the best to you .
chandone90 (7 months ago)
Thank you for all the fantastic videos Dr. Bergman! Your library is such an amazing resource for everyone!
mike addison-saipe (7 months ago)
Everyone.... It's simple.. LIFESTYLE !!! Eat whole foods. Focus on above ground vegetables. Eat berries. Exercise. Get out in the sun. Breathe - pray - meditate. There is no argument.
Renee Peng (7 months ago)
Thank you Dr. Bergman. Ive been tuning in for 2 years now. Hope to meet u one day and thank you for all the work you do to help people. 💛
OAK (7 months ago)
Doc, thank you so much for all of your most outstanding educational teaching. We can't say thank you enough, we all Love and Appreciate you so much!
lisa marie (7 months ago)
I have high cholesterol plaque etc.. I don't want to go on drugs. I'm torn between this and the Heart Foundation as both are coming at it from separate ends. So if I go with the heart foundation and eating more healthy foods is making no difference I have to go on drugs right?... Or else how do I limit more the inflammation I have inside to help get cholesterol out of dangerous levels. For example.. porridge can help lower cholesterol but youd have to eat it every day and bigger amounts than people do in a normal sized bowl. I cant eat buckets load of porridge every day lol. I have no gallbladder, I have hiatus hernia... my cholesterol is to the point doctors want me on tablets. I'm trying to think of what I can do to stay off the medication.  God someone just feed me whats right! lol
Marcia Ralya (7 months ago)
God Bless You Dr Bergman!
whos onfirst (7 months ago)
Ty, dude! It's obvious your true to this information. It's such a question of who to trust these days. I want to trust you but ughhh
MrAfronaut (7 months ago)
Ldl is good but bad if you need it
MrAfronaut (7 months ago)
Thats a question
Stephanie Reidhead (7 months ago)
Love the beard Dr B!!
Giselle (7 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_FRo_xbsOQ Dave Feldman - Biohacking Cholesterol on a ketogenic diet (to get your doctor off your back).
USNVA (7 months ago)
Dr. Bergman looks exhausted. He's not laughing or being his usual jocular self.
ubethejudge121 (7 months ago)
I had a friend, who's cholesterol test always came back around 1000 - yes it is a thousand-.First I was shocked that the doctor didn't gave her pills to lower it, but the explanation was:High cholesterol is a sign usually,that somethings are wrong, but all her tests couldn't find any problems.SHE DIED 3 MONTHS AWAY FROM HER 100TH BIRTHDAY.How lucky and fortunate she was to have a good doctor!!!!!!!!Thank you Dr Bergman for your great work!
Joni K. (7 months ago)
Love most of this, but have a problem with espousing synthetic D3. https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/0B7jisgqDxpL9RElVeWcyUnV4WXM?usp=sharing&tid=0B7jisgqDxpL9WkdhS1N4b1UweHM "High-dose vitamin D therapy might feel good in the short term. You might experience an increase in energy or a shift in your mood. Maybe you’ll feel a little stronger, or even more resilient. Most people feel better with high dose therapies in the short run because of severe deficiencies in our diets and lifestyles. But is the high- dose vitamin D you’re taking working well for your body? Problems with Synthetic Vitamin D Supplementation Over the long haul, dosing with a synthetic nutrient- in particular vitamin D- may have unwanted consequences (read more about the differences between whole foods and synthetic supplements here.)" https://empoweredsustenance.com/food-based-synthetic-supplements/
C Dix (7 months ago)
TOO MANY ADVERTISEMENTS. Good info, but please cut back on the ads a bit. ❤️
Cloud Strife (7 months ago)
Wonder if he actually gets younger or older with each year watching his Videos :D - Also his Videos are the only Ones where one can always give a like before watching - Keep up the good health Education, and thank you!
Matthew Glynn (7 months ago)
Thanks Dr Bergman
Val Fiott (7 months ago)
Dr John is the best. Thank you for all you do!
Donald Teague (7 months ago)
The 15 year kid having heart attack seem like he had lived 15 years so what has changed the kid that started causing the high cholesterol. People come up with a lot of senaro 's they made up a story then they begin to believe their own lies .I see this in our work place over the years and they well call it safety . They have you make up a senaro .Then some will began to believe it and at times they force us to believe it but it started as a made up story.
kwhoward (7 months ago)
the doc at the end asking questions just did not want to give up his ideals..... I dont think he was listing to the lecture instead i think he was just thinking the whole time on what he was going to say...
Victor Da Silva (7 months ago)
Most of these studies are older than shit.....1994 really? Cmon doc, you’re picking and choosing .......
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
How could anyone listen to this and continue believing conventional idiocy?
Donald Teague (7 months ago)
Love it we still have doctor's we go to that still talk to us and tell us we need to lower our cholesterol. We were at my wife doctor the other day and was telling her she need to lower her a1c it was high then he offer a book on how to lower her sugar intake . Then told her to she could loose some weight then also she need to lower her cholesterol. I just set their with just wondering really just listening to what he was saying . Did not exsplane why she needed to lower her cholesterol. Lot of these doctor believe their right. We the people like in the past we believe they know what their doing. But when you hear lecturing like this you question these doctor beliefs in the the area I live in. You even have people not a doctor argue that it's right .They bomb bard us with commercial after another on the TV as after a while people start to believe the TV commercials about lowerimg a person cholesterol . It's not just cholesterol med on the commercials it so many others with all these side effects .Most of the time i think I do not want the side effects from the drugs either when they you at the end the commercial the side effects.i say to myself they can keep it. I get were I do not watch TV .
Susan Bolton (7 months ago)
Thank you Dr Bergman, for reassuring me that I did the right thing in eliminating statins even though my total cholesterol is back up to 500. I am the only person in my family to develop diabetes. Could it be the statins. (rhetorical question)
michelle81477 (7 months ago)
Your the bomb! ❤️
Marilyn Wisbey (7 months ago)
" in other words .. " when your number is up" no pineapple no kale ... will keep you alive any longer! ( no amount of billions will keep you alive ... forever.. ) unless your a reptile.
Marilyn Wisbey (7 months ago)
Don't take statins! ... walk.. don't run... eat fruit/ fresh veg... eat fish .. red meat now and again ... porridge! The odd wine.. beer... or whatever... and thank god ...your alive... share don't be greedy... give a little and love your neighbour's! 💋💋💋
Teri June (3 months ago)
Thanks Marilyn for your short but powerful prescription for good health. I would only add don't take any meds, and use raw fruits and veggies to clean out and help heal the body in accord with a good Doctor like Doc Bergman. And , if you're a woman of childbearing years, use the Billings Method of Natural Birth Control. I did and unfortunately it worked and I have no kids. And now I wish I did but can no longer have them. But never had to use any pills made of estrogen's, or use any devices internally all of which are not good for women or their unborn kids.... Much love
Zero Emmissions (7 months ago)
I need to get my meds cancelled after my heart attack, thanks John and thanks for your strong response to the MD or wannabe during question time. May God respect you as we do. Thank you from the UK.
Allan Laurens (7 months ago)
"I'm not saying don't use drugs. I'm saying don't use drugs stupidly." I really appreciate your balanced thinking Dr. Bergman.
KP Martinez (7 months ago)
Dr Bergman, the doctor that asked the question and commented on the Study showing Cholesterol Lowering drugs had benefits should watch this video by Dr. David Diamond, he tears that study apart.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYlhG8_nZe0&t=361s
Shawn Peters (7 months ago)
Omg that guy at the end with the question! Really drilling you!
Nandita Chaudhary (7 months ago)
Thanku sooo much Dr Bergman fr all the knowledge 👌🏻👏🏻👍🏻
The Commenter (7 months ago)
this man RUINED ME! he said in his videos that PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) causes stomach cancer. I heard that and freaked out, I stopped taking Pantoprazole (because of him) and got severe ACID REBOUND effect, it was so bad I took them again. he left out a CRUCIAL piece of information that could've spared me ALOT OF PAIN. They might cause cancer if taken over LONG TERM period, like many years. this man neglected to say that in the video
Patricia_CSR (7 months ago)
If you have ulcers, it’s most likely that you have H pylori. H pylori eats away at your stomach lining and small intestine. You need to get rid of it or you’ll end up with cancer, all kinds of deficiencies and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, sibo.
The Commenter (7 months ago)
thanks for the reply, I did exaggerate a bit. He is a GOOD DOCTOR, no doubt, it's just that I wished he said chronic use may cause stomach cancer. I am taking Pantoprazole for ulcer. There are thousands of people taking PPIS, he shouldn't make a scary statement without some calming words. It is possible to get stomach cancer if taken for years, not months like I have been taking. Dr. Bergman is amazing doctor, without doubt.
KP Martinez (7 months ago)
Apple Cider Vinegar after meals work great, ginger helps with digestion. Studies show than green tea is effective at controlling H. Pylori Overgrowth. You are setting yourself up for B12 deficiency (Intrinsic Factor made in the Stomach) and mineral deficiency (minerals absorbed in the stomach).
James Jack (7 months ago)
It is more important for people who are considered to be experts on health to tell the masses ... WHY ... the "government" and their corporate agents are lying to the populace about nutrition and about many things concerning health. WHY are they lying to us, and why are they spending HUGE amounts of money to do so? That's what is important.
Walter Reynolds (7 months ago)
Hi Dr. Bergman, I love your videos and am doing alot of what you teach in your vids and it is better than the doctors drugs, but I feel like the doctors are using your teachings and whoever else teaches that the body is self regulating and self healing in reverse , using statin drugs steroids, and nsaids and other drugs to stop the bodies natural processes to get rid of the elderly, poor and sick in all fifty states, and especially native americans so much so they are resorting to genocide on us native americans because Obama made IHS permanent as part of the affordable care act. Also are you doing ok,? you look worried or concerned like you're aware of this or are you being audited or attacked by the medical community because of your teachings, you looked so happy 3 to 4 years ago in your vids.
Casey Hunt (7 months ago)
💓💓💓 THX👍
Brain Spanking U (7 months ago)
Health comes naturally as long as we are supplying good nerve supply, movement, relationships, food and rest. Dr. Bergman taught me that. ;-)
Wauneta G. (7 months ago)
I wish I could come work for you
rob brennen (7 months ago)
yes very true it caused my whole body to shut down i had calcium in skin and muscle tissue and every organ plus brain and joints. i hardly had blood supply to anywhere my ligaments and tendons were coated with it. so you can imagine i was suffering from multiple brain disorders and organ failer. which caused the bowl cancer tumers nearly the size of tennise balls. IKID YOU NOT DIDNT KNOW HOW I WAS STILL LIVING COULDNT EAT YET WAS BLOWING UP LIKE A BALOON.Now i take blackseed oil gel caps 3 times a day vitamine d maca root and goji berry concentrated drinkand I also made a superstrong drink consisting of garlic lemon, applecider vinager and honey.NO doctors , they gave up on me when my bowls started to bleed out.I was laying in bed waiting to die when i came across ur site plus a few others.but you literaly saved my life and want to thank you so much
Teri June (3 months ago)
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
rob brennen 🙌🏻🤩very happy for you !!!!!
icequeenz (7 months ago)
The doctor at the end has hard time to change his beliefs about drugs and medical system.
I agree with you totally, but having been at an MGM conference with Dr Tara Dall, a world renowned lipidologist and integrative practitioner, you cannot ignore the high particle B LDL cholesterol at causing significant heart problems.   She agrees that total cholesterol is unimportant but identifying those people at risk is vital because mortality is high with people with high particle B coupled with poor genetics.  Now again like you say this may be still an adaptogenic response, but more than like poor genetics.   She showed an example of a slim, marathon runner and cyclist who ate well and had a heart attack at 36.   It is important that we use a combination of genetic testing and lipidology, and not just given statins to a mass population, because high cholesterol per se is NOT the problem.
No the person in question had MTHFR and other genetic defects and very low density type B
horse with no name (7 months ago)
those marathon runners and cyclist may have had heart attacks because of their sport. see tnation "the death of steady state cardio."
brianddi (7 months ago)
rob brennen (7 months ago)
HEY DR John thanks for changing my life . i just want you to know i am 45 and had a imune disorder were my body kept producing calcium all my life caused lots of unexplainable problems then caused bowl cancer. by the time i found all this out it was to late drs couldnt do anything.ive been bed riden for the last six month then i found blackseed oil. this stuff is amazing after five days i jumped out of bed with no pain and no sickly feeling anymore. amune disorder was fixed and cancer was gone now im on the right food to get rid of the calcium riddled through my body. muscle is coming back and im looking younger every day thanks to you .just want you to know blackseed really is the wonder pill that cures all
rob brennen (7 months ago)
thanks yes i reserch everything and am now a vegan after eating chicken my whole life.lol o yes i am i always tryed to live a healthy life always lifting weights and kickboxing and lots of walking but was still strugleing .Now my amune system is right iv never felt this good in my whole life.Its amazing to feel healthy thankyou so much
horse with no name (7 months ago)
nice work what a story. well, it's not for me to tell you what to do, but vitamin K2 directs the flow of calcium around the body, and is only found in animal products. (sorry vegans). you can supplement it though obviously. it is to be taken in conjunction with D3 for absorption. but i am just a random youtube comment, obviously do your own research. christ you must be one relieved mother f****** lol.
rob brennen (7 months ago)
YES very true no doctors they gave up on me when they seen how big and multiple tummers were and they didnt know how to stop the calcium. i take black seed oil and made a every day drink made of garlic, lemon, applesider vinager and honey.I also take vitamin d maca root and goji berry concentrated drink. should i take k2 aswell ,?
rob brennen (7 months ago)
wrote it in wrong spot sorry
horse with no name (7 months ago)
jesus, really? is that true? that's insane. do they have you on a lot of K2 supplements?
Horacio Valencia (7 months ago)
Brilliant again...and again.
Catherine Elaine Baxter (7 months ago)
I love you John .. you make me laugh
OMBhanu (7 months ago)
I was diagnosed with familial hyperchloestramia when I was 22, took statins for a few years, when I didn't know any better, but gave it up as I started reading the scientific literature on Cholesterol. If you do this, you will find that the studies are anything but unequivocal. These articles are complicated to read, but I first look at the section towards the end of the article which have declaration of conflict of interest. If the study is commissioned by a pharma company or if the researchers have received monetary grants from any of the pharma companies, the results are always in favour of using the statin drug. No shit! check it out for yourself. I can predict the outcome of the study, by simply looking at this paragraph at the end of the article. For example, if lowering LDL levels is not found to decrease CVD incidence, instead of concluding that statin had no effect, it will conclude that current cholesterol guidelines are not low enough and that they should be lowered even further through higher dose statins!! Another trick used is to talk about relative versus absolute risk!! But won't get into this. It is not that the Professors and researchers are corrupt. The Pharma companies do not pay them directly, but their promotion, prestige and reputation is based on the number and amount of grants they get from industry. There is a indirect pressure to be seen as the "company man" to keep getting research grants from industry..They use statistical manipulation or experimental designs that favour a particular outcome. I have checked some of the anti-statin studies Dr Bergmann cited, and they are done by researchers who had no industry grant!! Up to you what you want to believe. The best article I read was from Europe (govt sponsored study) which compared hospital records of patients who had passed away who took statins versus those who did not take statins (they were unaware of their high cholesterol levels). Found no difference in all cause mortality!! My conclusion, even if I were to believe the Pharma sponsored studies, is you might very slightly reduce your chance of getting a heart attack (or preventing a second one) from taking statin, but you will get diabetes or cancer as a side effect from taking this medication and as a result, you will NOT live even a day longer from taking statin.
OMBhanu (7 months ago)
Thank you Susan, I feel reassured. I have been carrying asprin on me for 30 years, preparing for a heart attack, just in case I was wrong, and the good doctor was right. My twin brother on the hand, also with FH, decided to go with statin and developed diabetes within 10 years. We have diabetes in the family though. I am on 'cut the crap' diet i.e., no junk, fried or processed food or sugar, and maintain a healthy BMI with regular exercise. Just what dr bergman recommends.
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
Susan Bolton couldn’t agree more!!!
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
OMBhanu very very interesting my friend!
Susan Bolton (7 months ago)
OMBhanu I agree completely with you. I too have FH, discovered at age 34. Put on statins when they came out but stopped them when I discovered that my type 2 diabetes was a direct result of taking them. (NO one else in my family has ANY type of diabetes.) I'm now 71 and have never suffered a heart attack. I've eaten a Paleo diet for several years. P.S. my father, who did not have high cholesterol, died in his 60's with blockage throughout his body! Mom, her sister and her Mother were all pushing 90 or more at time of death and her side of the family was where the familialhypercholesterolemia came from. All the sugar and other high carb foods, GMO's and additives that have no place in our food, l believe, are the cause of the very poor health in our country.
Guy Incognito (7 months ago)
vegan diet excludes excess cholesterol we dont need outside source from animals- we make enough of our own see Tmaos thats the cause and endotoxins from animal foods
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
Max Power it absolutely depends on where and how the animal was raised. Organic pastured only. Anything else has been tainted by chemicals, toxins, lack of nutrition, Little to no exercise or sunlight, fed unnatural diet that breeds disease, injected with antibiotics and growth hormones. These animals in comparison with or to pastured, small herd animals are like comparing apples to oranges. Conventional animals and animal products are highly inflammatory and I wouldn’t feed them to my dog much less myself or my family.
Joni K. (7 months ago)
Truly! "...fearfully & wonderfully made" I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. Psalms 139:14 NASB https://bible.com/bible/100/psa.139.14.NASB
K S (7 months ago)
Can you please do a video on systemic enzymes like serapeptase, nattokinase, and digestive enzymes? Does serrapeptase eat away plaque in the arteries and brain? Does it help congested lymph system?
West Iz Best (7 months ago)
talking bout vegetable oils what about rancid nasty animals fats?
horse with no name (7 months ago)
1972 called, it wants it's dietary advice back.
West Iz Best (7 months ago)
isnt it the dietary cholesterol....animals cholesterol or is Dr. Esselston wrong.and so many others.....!?!
Cookedaburra d (7 months ago)
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
Cookedaburra d http://drcate.com/deep-nutrition-why-your-genes-need-traditional-food/
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
oz goz this person can’t connect the dots for shit.
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
Cookedaburra d what happens when you deplete glucose brainiac? You’re continuously proving your inability to see the body as a whole. What does the brain prefer? What do you know about compressing your feeding window? Do you understand the benefits of fasting? Do you understand gut bacteria? Do you know ANYTHING about the gut/brain connection!? Do you understand how UNSUSTAINABLE VEGETARIANISM IS? The burden placed on this planet AND THE CREATURES THAT INHABIT THIS PLANET ABOVE ON AND BELOW are suffering because of the filthy MONOCROPS mass produced in the name of “ending world hunger”! Vegetarianism is NOT what has enabled us to survive as a species you stupid prick! Stfu
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
Cookedaburra d wow...just wow...Cookedaburra d you are hopeless
Jim R (7 months ago)
Hi Dr. Bergman, I love all your videos and subscribe to probably 99% of your teachings. Quick question, can a regular high-intense resistance training program leads to elevated cholesterol levels and should I be concerned? In my case, I am 55 year old who has been back at the gym for the past 3-years. Although I have always been in shape, I did mostly cardio (running, swimming, biking) and daily calisthenics like pushups, situps, pullups, etc., and not much weight training. I've put on 15-pounds of lean muscle in the past 3-years (since my thumbnail photo) but only through strict diet (lots of protein, organic fats, salads and fruits - no sugar, pasta, breads or frankenfood) and exercise program (4-times per week) and get plenty of rest. My total cholesterol is right in the middle of normal (I eat lots of Irish Butter, nuts, seeds and coconut oil) but my ratio of HDL to LDL is slightly above the normal range and my quacktor...er, doctor, whom I see twice per years says that I am in danger of heart decease and that I should take cholesterol meds....so the guys who is lifts like a madman, walks 3-miles per days, dances two nights per week, and walks 40-flights of stairs per days without getting winded. My question is does my putting on 15-pounds of lean muscle at my age screw-up my cholesterol counts (as the doctors see it) since I am always tearing-down and building muscle tissue? Oh, I don't use steroids or take any drugs other than creatine and caffeine. Also, I have pleased with the muscle mass I have gained so I recently reduced my protein intake my 40-50 grams per day...will this make a difference in my next blood/cholesterol test? I check them twice per year and my ratio (good to bad) have been like this ever since staring my working routine and increasing my protein and fat intake. Also, I do eat plenty of vegies each days. Thanks.
Sportys Business (7 months ago)
Well done on improving your fitness and body profile. Until recently I was a big meat eater, but, after spending months researching what constituted a 'good' diet, it's pretty clear that we shouldn't eat large quantities of animal products and that some products, such as dairy, react poorly with our bodies. If you're eating a lot of protein, is it from animal products? Try reducing your consumption and replacing the animal protein with plant alternatives and see what difference it makes. Good luck!
horse with no name (7 months ago)
congratulations on putting on 15 lbs of muyscle in 3 years in your 50's. that is serious work. you doctor sounds like a nutjob. how about you challenge him to a squat session, or a sprint, and who ever loses goes on statins? sounds like you are doing amazing. if i were you i would follow guys like charles poliquin, also 55 and trains olympic gold medalists. take advice from guys like that. if i were you, i would not be listening to your dr talking about drugs, i would be more concerned with "how can i put 50lbs on my squat in 2018" ... "how can i put 25lbs on my bench in 2018?" also check out joel seedman here on youtube, some of his exercises are amazing. i would also look at incorporating more movements, like the pendlay row, and the snatch grip high pull. why? because they train fast twitch muscle fibres, aka power, and that is what "starts to go" as we get age. anything with a a fast concentric and zero eccentric. even deadlifting will increase power, if you just drop it once you lock out. or doing bench and squats with bands (see the westside method and the work of louie simmonds). nice job man, respect.
Donna Roselli (7 months ago)
Love your vids Doc.
Jeremy Burke (7 months ago)
. . . Money is the root of all evil. .
TheMdub27 (5 months ago)
Jeremy Burke the love of money is the root of all evil
no, greed is the root of all evil
Feriin (7 months ago)
No, 'The LOVE of Money is the root of all evil.'
MountainwithaView (7 months ago)
It's all part of the plan....they want us sick...buying drugs....dying early......not collecting ss or our pensions (our loved ones are taxed on inheritance) ......sorry it won't change anytime soon..
brightpurpleviking (7 months ago)
When angioplasty is done, how do they “roto rooter” the arteries if the clog is under the endothelial layer? Does it tear the endothelial layer of the artery? Very interesting video
Gorilla No Baka (7 months ago)
Betsy Smucker (7 months ago)
My HDL is 93, LDL is so low they couldn't measure it, triglycerides is 40. Total cholesterol is 215. Would you say my HDL is to high? And my LDL to low? Worried about dementia after watching your video. I eat only vegetables and protein. My one down fall is wine.
horse with no name (7 months ago)
they use a baloon like effect, don't they? to blow the artery open? and then the "clog" that sits underneath, is pulled in by cholesterol, acting as a band aid. like how the body scabs a cut and pulls it back into the skin to heal. unless they give the person statins, that lowers cholesterol, then you're in deep do do. and i guess why the stats on statins are so poor, they don't work. that's my understanding.
Snapshot Hotshot, Inc. (7 months ago)
The human body is intelligent. It is here to survive to continue to keep it's existence in existence in spite of what we do to it while we live our lives. IT is our lack of intuition about the very vehicle that we are contained that brings arise to so many separate medical institutions instead of recognizing the human existence... lives as a whole being. IF we truly understood our bodies and our connection and awareness to them of how it becomes influenced ie. under emotional, chemical or physical stress and how the body is adapting to keep it's existance... then it is our lack of that connection awareness where we get lost. We then start thinking that somehow we are more intelligent than our bodies and we have to do intervention instead of actually being aware of our influences and what needs to be done to correct the influences to heal ourselves ( bring ourselves back to Nature and the laws that govern our existence ). IF every living creature on this planet follows the laws of which it was laid into it's existence for it's health and well-being why do we come to think that somehow we are greater? just because we can think? and then in our thinking we have lost the foundation that actually allows us to exist?, but it is this very basic natural concept of connection awareness and intuition of our mind, body, spirit that will allow us to heal ourselves. We're attempting to write the owners manual of our existence, since it was never given to us to learn, understand and know in order to exist with health, peace and love. Please keep doing the great videos and work of bringing a deeper understanding that the individual has true power with their actions to bring back and restore one's health and well-being.
Daniel Skipp (7 months ago)
"Troll" here. Actually real facts are: We make all the cholesterol we need in vivo. No need to enslave, torture and murder animals to get it. The fact that low cholesterol levels correlate with all-cause mortality is no proof of causation... indeed to the contrary it is probable that old age with morbidity causes low cholesterol. Loren Cordain, godfather of paleo, said hunter-gatherers probably had 70mg/dl LDL-C, like vegans. So you are saying our ancestral diet containing meat was still harmfully deficient. We need more fat! LOL! Cooked and consumed LDL becomes oxidized and directly attacks the endothelium, causes atherosclerotic plaques and hence heart attacks [as well as saturated fat causing vasoconstriction and clogging circulation and blocking cell nutrition]. This is a well-accepted proven mechanism that directly disproves your claim. People with familial [genetic] hypercholesterolemia, type 2 [high LDL], have much higher heart attack rates... with 1 copy heart attacks are common under the age of 40 without treatment [e.g.statins or cholesterol-lowering diet]. 2 copies often causes heart attacks in childhood. "Compared to people with average LDL cholesterol levels (less than 130 mg/dL), people with FH have a five times higher risk for coronary heart disease over 30 years. Men with FH get coronary heart disease up to 20 years earlier. Half of men with untreated FH will have a heart attack or angina before they’re 50. For some it will be as early as their 20s. In women, coronary heart disease appears up to 30 years earlier. Thirty percent of untreated women will have a heart attack before they’re 60." Care to explain that? People with familial hypocholesterolemia do in fact have a much lower than normal heart attack rate. Analysis of the cholesterol in plaques shows it is almost all exogenous [dietary]. Go figure, huh?! Since heart attacks and strokes are the 2 most common causes of death and LDL levels do in fact strongly correlate to heart disease [70mg/dL very low risk, 130 high risk, 150+ very high risk] eating "paleo" is suicidal.
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
Daniel Skipp As a highly sentient being, it would be irrational and illogical for you to eat my kid, respectfully or not. I respect the animals that I ingest, knowing one day I too will become food for another living creature. It is definitely a full circle whether you accept it or not. Life must be present in soil for nutrients to be present in the harvest. With that said, do you know how much glyphosate you are eating? Organic food is not 100% organic these days. Organic foods are being tested and glyphosate is showing up in them more and more. The demands placed on the soil are too high. It’s unsustainable...period. Do you think that all vegans can afford or have access to organic foods consistently or are many of them filling their bellies with these poisoned foods? Mono crops rape and lay waste to the lands, setting a horribly unnatural process ablaze every step of the way. How do you live with yourselves? Animals are picked off by predators one by one, enabling the species time to replenish at the appropriate rate. Mono croppers level miles of land, stealing the homes of trillions of life forms big and small, all in the name of ending world hunger but create enormous problems for wildlife and in many instances, death. We’ve destroyed so much more than we can ever repair at this point. I’m scared for everyone’s health and safety, vegan or paleo...vegetarian or primal. We are at war with a machine of greed and all we can do is point fingers at each other while the enemy makes off with our health. We have to give it BACK to the animals and let nature take its course against. We need to rescue this earth from this nightmare of agriculture and become part of the full circle again. Like it or not, organic is not sustainable for all so being solely plant based is not a viable option for those that don’t commit to organic. Now there’s one more pesky detail that everyone is overlooking these days. It’s another OBVIOUS detail. Why is all meat being lumped into one pro inflammatory category? Organic pastured animals are not the same as abused, factory farmed animals that are subjected to chemicals, emotional stress, growth hormones, antibiotics, little to no exercise or sunlight, and an all grain, completely unnatural diet? Convenient much? I’m all for shutting down the factory farms as they are the horror of all horrors. But when you compare an animal that lived a happy and healthy, natural life to the diseased, abused one, that’s just lieing by omission. You can’t generalize like that. That is not telling the truth and intentionally leading someone off the path by omission. Studies suggest that pastured organic animals are far superior to other sources of nutrition and not pro inflammatory. Granted, assuming one is eating an appropriate amount.
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
Daniel Skipp https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4392553/
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
Cookedaburra d you’ll never see how stupid you are
Cookedaburra d (7 months ago)
Kyle Kitchens HAHAHA man you're persistent, I'll give you that, even though still incorrect, it's cute that you continue to try. However, your opinion flails under the sheer reality that you are indeed wrong. Have a good day sweetie, try not to let the big pharma ruin your mood. Ta ta snowflake 😊
bears 25 (7 months ago)
I don't understand how you can say Cholesterol isn't the problem despite we need it.If excess cholesterol production wasn't a problem we wouldn't have HDL lipoproteins to clean up excess LDL lipo proteins good and bad is non sense but it shows you the liver dosen't say all the cells in body are good stop production NO which is why the medical community created statin drugs this means the more animal products you eat that have zero fiber the more your liver is revved up to create proteins to carry fat not to mention the diet is HIGH protein
Joni K. (7 months ago)
Don't confuse ketosis with ketoacidosis, y'all: https://www.diabetesdaily.com/blog/2014/11/dka-nutritional-ketosis-are-not-the-same/
bears 25 (7 months ago)
I think long term ketosis is dangerous
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
bears 25 ketogenic diet solves the problem
A Raq (7 months ago)
Two books: 1. “Prevent and reverse heart disease” by Caldwell Esselstyn .. 2. “Dean Ornish’s program for revering heart disease” by Dean Ornish :D
Guy Incognito (7 months ago)
A Raq Yes !!!! right on
Cookedaburra d (7 months ago)
You do realise comsuming cholesterol raises LDL cholesterol and yes it is bad. And yes it does build up in the arteries, speak to any cardiologist. Heart Disease is the #1 killer in the US. Your body produces its own cholesterol otherwise it will die. See the thing you don't understand here is that too much of it is bad. We don't need to consume it. When LDL cholesterol is raised, plaque builds up in the arteries hence the blockage. The reason it builds in muscle tissue is because we store it there. High Cholesterol is undoubtedly linked to Heart Disease... the science is absolute. You also don't seem to understand the difference between a theory and scientific theory. I'm sorry dude but I'll trust the cardiologists who literally remove cholesterol from arteries over your psuedoscientific opinion. You're a chiropractor, stick to that.
Lisa Harper (4 months ago)
Yet heart disease remains the number one killer..all the while Statin drugs are being prescribed like candy
Cookedaburra d (7 months ago)
Kyle Kitchens Your dogmatic approach is more sheepish than following "the herd" because you refuse to accept science. Thats the beauty of science though, it is true regardless of your dumb opinion.
Cookedaburra d (7 months ago)
Kyle Kitchens Kyle you are going to argue with WHO, Leading Cardiologists, The Heart Foundation, and Dietary Guidelines? Do you even understand how the science works? Show me some peer reviewed journals to back up your statements. Oh you can't? Just as I thought. Spastic.
Kyle Kitchens (7 months ago)
emergerq I agree with you 100% !!!! I like your thinking! I hate the notion that we all have to follow the herd!
Creativesuit (7 months ago)
Cookedaburra d Man you sound like a whiney little bitch!
JoAnnette All-Denny (7 months ago)
Which Chiropractors in Maryland and Florida do you recommend that have your philosophy and training?
Sarmed Alfay (7 months ago)
Have you looked into or addressed alkaline food and water sources as opposed to acidic? Also, hybrid foods?
Lilly Shooter (7 months ago)
Thank you Dr. Bergman. You're awesome and love you.
Sarmed Alfay (7 months ago)
please give your audience the microphone when they ask a question. Your work is greatly appreciated and vital, many thanks.

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