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Was Terminator 3 Really That Bad?

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Text Comments (762)
Oliver Hopkins (15 hours ago)
I'll save you the time, yes it does deserve the scorn.
Joshua John Dingli (5 days ago)
I realized that The Terminator is made in a different way and style to Terminator 2 and the other sequels. The Terminator is a true Science Fiction Survival Horror film. Arnold plays the role of the Terminator in the first film superbly. The first film is truly terrifying. Terminator 2, as good as it is, is not in the same dark style. As good as Robert Patrick played T-1000, he wasn't as terrifying as Arnold in the first film.
Erisi Dlarit (5 days ago)
the films most enduring contribution to cinema is the T-X having an orgasm when she detects John Conners DNA
Alain Vollant (8 days ago)
I watched and thought of it as "not too bad" at first... until I left the theater! Then, it hit me blank in the face: THIS PLOTLINE WAS IMPOSSIBLE to begin with. The main flaw in the movie was to make skynet a computer software instead of a computer (as stated in the original film). So by launching a nuclear war, it basically killed itself due to the EMP blast. Pretty stupid isn't it? Worst, by launching a full nuclear blast, it whipped out any industrial and power bases it'd require to build its forces... (Sight) Why the producer did not get inspired by the comic plot :Robocop Vs. Terminator??? it would have been a much better story. So, T3 = very bad in my book. Sorry.
I agree with this review. But you implied that James Cameron wished the last three hadn't been made. I seem to remember him coming out in support of Genysis. Am I mistaken?
Sterling Archer (28 days ago)
the lack of tone from T1 and T2 really makes T3 my least favorite movie from the series. but overall T1-3 are pretty great
At least this one was R rated...looking at you, Salvation and Genisys.
Matthias Powerbomb (1 month ago)
I loved T3. It's not perfect, but nothing is, so that really doesn't need to be said. And it doesn't equal T2, but as you said, very few movies do. But it's still solid and a worthy addition to the franchise.
Gradyolson (1 month ago)
My biggest problem with T3 is that it fundamentally changed the message set by T1 and T2, There is no fate but what we make. Then T3 comes along say nahh fuck that noise and then shits all over it.
willd3rbeast (1 month ago)
Good points, but this movie was pretty boring overall. The worst part was the Johns character, i personaly cannot relate to see the continuity from T2's john in any meaning full way. I keep thinking he was the wrong actor for the job.
jklash1987 (1 month ago)
Yes it was.
spididerman (1 month ago)
I hated it mainly because it was not the original Jon Conner. Of they got him back and kept the movie as is, I would have liked it more.
Joshua Shipman (1 month ago)
Pretty much a very well done B movie that did great with what it had been allowed to work with plus so much more that could have been done so much better with this movie. But don’t get me wrong I definitely enjoyed this movie by all means.
Drunken Punk 800 (1 month ago)
"No fate but what you make." "The future is not set." The ending was a complete betrayal of that. THAT is why I went from not liking the movie, to actively hating it.
i LIKE All terminators except , Salvation and the TV series, I even like Genisys
T3 is pure shit, and so the whole franchise concept after T2. you see the matrix, rigth? that movie had to be T3, without all that new age trash, john connor instead of neo and kyle reese instead of morpheus.
Angmor Dagnithil (1 month ago)
Yeah... I can't really agree. I mean, maybe the movie wasn't terrible, but it did mark the beginning of the thing that absolutely _kills_ the franchise for me: the terminators are no longer threatening. The first film is actually my favorite, and that's largely because it constantly reinforces that this inhuman killing machine has the strength and durability of an industrial clamp. If it ever catches you, your fragile human flesh is done. Even missing three limbs and crawling on its one remaining arm, it remains a serious threat. T2 had another kind of threat with the T-1000. Not as densely immovable as the T-800, but still vastly superior to human flesh, ever-shifting, totally unstoppable. In T3... the T-X has multiple opportunities to kill John, and just... doesn't. It began the trend for later movies in which the terminators don't kill their victims, they just toss them around the room for a bit while the protagonist scrambles to find some bullshit excuse to win the fight. To me, it completely undermines the point of the franchise: the terminators are unstoppable. PS: This video goes into more depth on this point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3r1fd5NHHfM
Nice apple reference I laughed so hard at that.... Great video.
NerdilyDone (1 month ago)
This movie is really, really dumb, and they should have left the franchise alone. That said, there's some enjoyment to be gotten from Terminator 3, if you're able to handle the major cheese factor.
Jason Valerio (1 month ago)
Terminator 2 had the best of everything. Terminator 1 was just good(they did what they could in 1985, police station scene was scary cool..., amazing for the time) Terminator 3 was the worst, just extremely corny is the problem. I wish Arnold wasn't in it. Terminator Salvation was Ok, it's not easy to paint the picture of the future... I like all the other terminators, but last ones story was kind of stupid, but showed glimmer of the 90s feel I liked. The T-1000 Asian dude was excellent in that movie. The girl actor was great but she didn't really fill the part the same way. She had fake feeling, acting hard, (I know its a young actor) Linda Hamilton sold the part amazingly well. So I am glad they are bringing her back. (Zero complaints on Arnold acting on any of them. But be nice if he pointed out Terminator 3 faults and stopped it lol, I wish, so it would of never showed light of day, lol.)
chris parker (1 month ago)
i liked it
Dade L. Murphy (1 month ago)
Thank you for pointing out that the terminator model is of the 800 series. it may be designated csm -101, but it's an 800 series. lately reviewers are calling it a 101 due to the error of how it's said in T2.
I was expecting John Conner to be a brunette after Terminator 2 set the president. I also thought the wimpy behavior of this John Connor is unacceptable.
Jakobe (1 month ago)
This is underrated, it's not as good as the first 2, but it's still a good movie, Kristanna loken is a great villain, Arnold is awesome as usual. It's much better than Genesis and Salvation
Luke M (1 month ago)
It is the dumbest, most laughable Terminator film.... That doesn't mean it deserves a place next to the masterpieces Terminator and T2.
bajholster (1 month ago)
Yes. Yes, it was.
flyingjibberish (1 month ago)
Terminator 3 is a B list popcorn movie; nothing more or less. Which would be passable as a stand alone movie but because it didn't match the first two it's disappointing (like with Godfather 3 and Spiderman 3.) Ofc Genisys was worse, which is on par with films like Batman and Robin and Independance day 2.
Luke Freeman (1 month ago)
"he's developed a drug problem" - Where'd you get that from? Bruster accuses him of being a "junkie" but we know this is false, he's trying to find pain medication for his leg from his bike accident at the beginning of the film, not score a hit. Other than that, there is no implication that he has taken any other form of drug.
StefanFortig (1 month ago)
i can't stand when people say "over a decade has passed since T2" T2 happened in 1995, T3 happened in 2004 and whatever this movie gets wrong, John was 10 in T2, not 13. even TSCC stated he was 12 instead of 10
Neva Herdamee (1 month ago)
yes. yes it was.
Seen 20 (1 month ago)
Correction: Skynet did not become self aware after merging with the "virus". John stated specifically that Skynet is the virus. This was explained in a deleted scene where, upon arrival to the "present", the T-X immediately uploads Skynet into an ATM. That was the source of the "Virus".
Abraham Froman (1 month ago)
Streets ahead!
Jeremiah Tothenations (1 month ago)
Let's agree to disagree, I thought it was a terrible sequel, I actually preferred Salvation, albeit it, it wasn't that great either. We're on the same page with Genisys though, what a turd.
ACguernica (1 month ago)
Heh heh, that would have been a good comedic line in the film about having to slow down it's Processing Center to handle the decaying battery. (Apple and their stupid premise), hahahha
wakesake (1 month ago)
the action is good but the characters are beyond terrible , i just wanted for all of them to die btw i fucking LOVE the way the bitch gets it in the end
bastardjustice (1 month ago)
First off, I wanna say that I personally loved this movie. I remember watching it on theater when I was in College. I grew up loving the franchise. But, I can honestly say that this film seems not that important. I think the reason why they made the ending like that is to open up sequels in the future. T2's ending was perfect. No loose ends. Cyberdyne shut down and the last two T chips destroyed. But they wanna milk the series further considering T2 was so good and it became too popular as time goes. The studios were probably like yeah lets make a new one. Easy money! And there is also that trend that I kind disliked about the series, all villain terminators except the first one are just carbon copy or just a ripoff of T1000. The shape shifting, various abilities, the thin body. Seriously even the T3000 is just the same. Why can't they make an original Terminator that is different from the T1000? They run out of ideas? lol But T3 I say is an enjoyable flick. It does not have to measure up to T2. It was more like a reimagining of T2 and added a bit new elements. It is more like a portal for future sequels. And guess what? They did it just that.
Thomas Best (1 month ago)
Yes. Yes it was. Saved u all 9 minutes. You're welcome
Dan Faulkner (1 month ago)
Terminator 3 is outright fucking wank.
D H (1 month ago)
The movie was decent. However, the lack of proper background music was what really did the movie in.
kathleen jones (2 months ago)
T2 is deffinitely my favourite. Nothing will beat the first and second for me ! But i have to say T3 comparred with T4 and T5 is great in my opinion looking back now ! At least you could actually still understand the story up untill then. But T4 and T5 are so over the top and confusing now and way too much new technology. It doesnt even feel like the same francize anymore its almost like its another different movie. T3 in my opinion was the last one that still felt very close and connected to the original story. It has its flaws yes but i totally agree that its underrated
therealhardrock (2 months ago)
There's a very simple reason to hate this movie, it RUINED Terminator 2. Miles Dyson DIED FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!! It is as much of a ruining sequel as Highlander 2 and the Matrix sequels.
Billy Boid (2 months ago)
One of the most expensive fan films ever made
Final Theory Games (2 months ago)
The movie T-3 just sucked and I'll tell you why. It's because James Cameron wasn't there.
Colonel Angus (2 months ago)
The movie was meh, but the biggest sin was throwing away free will and making judgment day inevitable. Free will, and the validity and necessity of human struggle for a better future was absolutely integral to the first two films, and something that at least I find to be something of intrinsic value and jibes with my own values. T3 just throws all that shit out, and says "ha ha, just kidding, it's all fate, and there isn't shit you can do about it." That destroys all the previous tension and sacrifice. Just a horrible storytelling decision.
Bijinius Cross (2 months ago)
Steven Baxter (2 months ago)
We didnt click on this to hear this guy to explain the plot we wanted a review
Patriot3 (2 months ago)
Awful movie
MarCuseusFX (2 months ago)
T-101?? Dave you idiot...
gary jess (2 months ago)
terminator 1&2 amazing 😉 Now leave alone!!!!
Don Draper (2 months ago)
When this came out, people were telling me that it was bad and I'd ask them what they expected since James Cameron didn't direct it. The usual response was "Who's James Cameron?" - that's not a joke. When I saw it, I was impressed but mostly because the end actually had balls. I was expecting the typical "We saved humanity... but for how long?" ending.
Pitviper1979 (2 months ago)
T3 was good. The last one T4 was not good. It should have remained a trilogy.
Peter Henriksen (2 months ago)
yes it was
A Z (2 months ago)
John has a drug addiction? I thought he just got the pills from the vet office because he got hurt during his motorcycle crash?
Rock Universe Gaming (2 months ago)
its just ok then 4 is awful
DenZEL Vertigo (2 months ago)
Awful film! There's only 2 Terminator movies... Everything else is stupid fanfiction!
RadiusZero (2 months ago)
You hit the nail on every point. While some of its jokes were too hockey, everything else about this film felt right. I liked that the ending was bittersweet and I loved how the film adapted today's current tech-savy times, thereby making it IMPOSSIBLE to stop Judgement Day. I think people gave this film too much heat simply because it did not have James Cameron back nor Linda Hamilton. I grew up with this series, so I understood the backlash. Still, I ended up enjoying this film a lot. It had a strong narrative with some strong homage moments while doing its own thing. I can't say the same for Genysis, which strayed TOO far to the camp side and offered nothing new. I was especially pissed at how Reese got rectonned and turned from a tragic hero to derpy beefy buffoon. :/
angermgt1 (2 months ago)
I agree with your assessment . a few problems aside I thought the movie was pretty good . unlike rewriting the whole damn thing with Genisys
Al Capwned (2 months ago)
It's decent. It's not as bad as many make it out to be but it's nothing great. It's an average experience in my opinion.
Michael Grigsby (2 months ago)
You got one thing wrong, Skynet was already self aware, it created and released the virus in order to get them to unshackle the AI.
Sean Hallett (2 months ago)
Please do a video on the Sarah Connor Chronicles tv show! and why it needs more seasons rather then Terminator 6
HarpoTheVillain (2 months ago)
Short answer, yes. Yes, it deserves all the scorn.
richard cracknell (2 months ago)
I have been revisiting the older movie's and have found that even mediocre films seem quite good compared to the agenda driven crap Hollywood makes these days.Yes that's how bad it's gotten.
John Francis (2 months ago)
to me this is like saying the dark knight rises is so much worse than the dark knight, i dont ever think it could eve have competed its an ok movie but the dark knight was so insanely good, i dont know that much actually competes with it its not a fair compairson
Andre Martänz (2 months ago)
yes this film is garbage
Maarten (2 months ago)
I'm glad at least Cameron thinks of the last 3 Terminator movies as "bad dreams" because that's exactly what they are. Just bad movies, no matter how you look at it.
TurboThunderGaming (2 months ago)
The jokes and humor should had been cut and put in director cut, like they did with T2. It's supposed to be a thriller, if not horror (T1 is horror mind you). So it went from horror to sci-fi action into comedy? That's why I hate T3 so much. It's a comedy, so yeah it sucks.
Bosun Higgs (2 months ago)
Aside from the logical problems of paradox, T3 utterly trashed the character of John Connor. After the "role reversal" between John and Sarah in T2, I cannot see John becoming such a fraidy-cat, "living off the grid" and generally staying in southern California when that is one area he should be avoiding. If anything, he should have been skipping all over the world to make himself harder to find. He should also have been keeping up with computer tech. John was not afraid of the machines, he *knew* how to deal with them on their playing field. We heard it from Reese in the first movie. As with Phantom Menace, heroism is reduced to dumb luck: John becomes the "leader" because he happened to be the guy who picked up the microphone at the bunker. The character Kate Brewster was the only redeeming aspect of a movie that was otherwise third-rate formula gimmicks and gags.
Tammy Elissa (2 months ago)
5:39 "Fuck you, asshole." With Arnie giving it to the TX deepthroat. Oh and Dave? *Talk to the hand.*
Alex The chef (2 months ago)
Wait so Arnold's terminator model kills john in the future is that why in salvation john destroyed Arnold's model as he was prepared with that information meaning john doesn't actually die?
Lothar Scholz (2 months ago)
It was much better then alle the one that came after #3.
fcukugimmeausername (2 months ago)
What kills me about this movie is the casting. Nick Stahl, Claire Danes and Kristanna Loken were all extremely poor choices for their roles.
scottieman2 (2 months ago)
I like to think 3 is an alternate reality where judgement day happened.
scottieman2 (2 months ago)
T850 is a little upgraded.
scottieman2 (2 months ago)
I really enjoyed it. Glad it finally had the machines taking over. T2 my favorite. T1 is awesome.
Marc Bradley (2 months ago)
I agree this film is hated unnecessarily genuine good popcorn flick that's all it is it doesn't try to be better then 2 merely exist in the same universe nuff said..
thejokerspeaks (2 months ago)
This film was truly ahead of it's time, in emasculating men, and introducing the Mary Sue. Truly a precursor to Disney's Star Wars.
jstliv4dance (2 months ago)
Genisys was streets behind
Nithin KH (2 months ago)
I felt T3 was good movie in it's own right. It simply did not connect well with the early films which were better which might be because it was done by a different director who viewed Terminator franchise differently. T3 did not come across as menacing enough. It was partly because of the actress but mostly due to the previous film. When T2 was made, it was intended to be the finale and they made the villain so unbeatable that it was nearly impossible to further up the scales.
Darel (2 months ago)
bonecanoe86 (2 months ago)
T3 is a very average film, but it looks very bad compared to the towering triumphs of T1 and T2.
dark light (2 months ago)
i liked it. i liked that they were unable to escape their fate.
scott b (2 months ago)
It was not really that bad but it was not that good either I am going to compare it to stale donuts they had a chance but the tried to make it funny and cheap. and well it sat there and it went stale And the T800/850 was already obsolete and the underdog in T2 The tx i predicted but i was shocked to see it was a girl.
Lorn Roberts (2 months ago)
Where T3 lost me was when the TX whipped out a flame thrower on the T-101. She was designed to take out Terminators, why would she have a weapon that is useless on them. It wasn't a terrible movie though it just couldn't measure up to T2.
Gerik 88 (2 months ago)
i dislike how they just skipped John Connors training into being a revolutionary leader....what happened to all that experience? we never get to see it.
Jonathan83X (2 months ago)
T3 as a whole was utterly pointless and before Genisys, the most unnecessary sequel ever made of the series. As bad as Salvation was, it at least tried something new and took the series in a new direction. The only things I would say were redeemable about T3 was some of the Skynet machines in there. Even the TX was kinda interesting too. Now, don't get me wrong, it's a poorly made villain and pales in comparison to the T1000 and T800 from the previous 2 movies. Although, I will say I thought the idea of it having weapons from the future built within was definitely a creative premise. I loved that plasma cannon it used as a weapon. Had it not been able to morph into other begins like the T1000 did, I would have liked this Terminator alot better. That and they picked the wrong actress to play the part too. Not that I'm against female Terminators entirely, but to me, if they're going to insist on this, then at least have her be someone who knows how to be as menacing and intimidating as possible. This actress instead tried to play up the sex appeal of being a woman, which was a definitely no-no for this kind of character. We don't need to see Terminators acting sexy, just really good at infiltration when disguised as a human. Other than that, this film was just really poorly made. They turned John Conner into a whiny pussy. The whole wife subplot was stupid and unnecessary. They recycled way too many plots and moments from T1 and T2. Worse yet, the way they defeated the TX was completely stupid. The T-850 self destructing? Really? Didn't the last movie before it say Terminator cannot self destruct? Way to break continuity movie. I know T2 broke continuity too, but it wasn't nearly as glaring as this one. It just felt painful at times how much was retconned and changed.
Cyborganna (2 months ago)
T:3 was National Lampoon's does a Termy Flick. Cheap, tasteless and very, very dull.
Akin Khoo (2 months ago)
the only thing i dislike about it is the overuse of cheap humor in what is a fair dark film about the end of the world. it just take the seriousness away when some of the action scene end in a comedic moment.
Cameron Williams (2 months ago)
First paragraph of this review and a silly mistake: "[T2]One of the best action/sci-fi movies of the 90's"? I think you mean of all time, don't you? How many awesome action/sci-fi movies were there in the first 3/4's of the 20th Century?
Armando Gracia (2 months ago)
You dont have to do a summary. Just go to the piont. We all saw the movie.
TDW2364 (2 months ago)
What does "streets ahead" mean?
Kaynos (2 months ago)
It was average for the time, but it's pretty good compared to what we get in term of sci-fi movies these days.
grantman64 (2 months ago)
There's no question that T3 is not as strong as T1 or T2, but I agree that it is unfairly trashed and is miles ahead of the franchise's fourth and fifth installments. I actually don't mind that T3 retreads a number of plot points from the first two movies -- if the story didn't boil down to hero-chased-by-implacable-foe, it wouldn't really be a Terminator movie, now would it? One area where I feel T3 is absolutely weaker than the first two films is in the acting. Not Arnie, of course -- he gives his patented Terminator performance that we all love. Unfortunately, Nick Stahl plays John Connor as a whiny little pussy, which is hard to swallow given the character's experiences in T2. Would a 20-something John Connor have some self-doubt about becoming the resistance leader, and would he be frightened by another terminator trying to kill him? Sure. Would the situations in T3 turn him into a trembling bowl of Jell-o (which is the omnipresent vibe I get from Stahl's performance)? I don't think so! And then there's Claire Danes, playing an early version of the screamy/angry/weepy character she later perfected in "Homeland." Again, I don't object to the character being terrified and confused by the film's early events, but come on, this woman is supposed to become John Connor's wife and right-hand-man .. er, -woman .. in the resistance. For that story point to be believable, we have to see some evidence of inner strength during this movie, but we're given very little of that. We also have Sarah Connor's evolution in T1 and T2 to compare Kate Brewster's against, which makes the latter look even weaker. In the end, T3 is a flawed but still an enjoyable and worthy installment in the Terminator franchise, something that can't be said about Salvation and Genisys.
Andrew Bevan (2 months ago)
The idea of a female Terminator was pointless - The T-1000 in T2 took on female form as well...
jboog1974 (2 months ago)
The CGI was very bad..
TheHullmet (2 months ago)
A lot of effort was put into this review, alas, it comes up as short as T3 did when compared to T2. Good effort, however, very arbitrary and adds nothing to the world of cinema.
Edward Wood (2 months ago)
The drug problem, I was under the assumption he was looking for pain pills because of the crash. Where do you get drug problem?
Ultimate Warrior (2 months ago)
T3 was terrible
Schwarzer Ritter (2 months ago)
Terminator 3 is not that bad. But it is not that good either.
Wolfgang1224 (2 months ago)
I liked it.
Ofis (2 months ago)
T3 and T4 are good enough for me, but T5..... must be banned forever
Horrormaster13 (2 months ago)
Ofis Yep.

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