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Was Terminator 3 Really That Bad?

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Text Comments (963)
Jeremiah Payte (2 days ago)
I liked Genisys. But I have a soft spot for bad movies.
Jeremiah Payte (2 days ago)
I actually loved it. It was fun, funny, action packed and the ending threw everyone at opening day for a loop. Ultimately it had far too much to live up to.
Dominic Abbs (12 days ago)
im going to say this right now i loved terminator 3 just as much as the first 2 films i liked the idea of a Female villain (the TX ) and i liked seeing Arnie being the Terminator again for the 3rd time was perfect and Genisis ignored this movie too aswell as the first 2 where is kate Browster/conner in Genisis i liked Termonator 1 2 and 3 the same way
Godzillafw2004fan (14 days ago)
What yes it was so suck it up
Dan Nguyen (18 days ago)
I didn't think it was that bad.
Douglas Dea (19 days ago)
I agree, pretty much with everything you've said. I've always enjoyed watching T3 and say it's a fine addition to the franchise. Sure, it's not as good as T2 but...
Papa Burgundy (19 days ago)
They couldn't at least get someone that looked a little more like Edward Furlong?
Scott Cranidge (20 days ago)
Free Thinker (20 days ago)
Terminator 1 and 2 are cinematic masterpieces, 3 and Salvation are mediocre but terrible compared to the first two, and Genysis is a steaming pile of dog shite which should have never been suggested.
Farfaramir (20 days ago)
Ace (21 days ago)
Finally, someone else who sees this movie as not the worst thing ever! XD
Shane Potter (21 days ago)
It seemed mildly out of place in the Terminator lineup but I also liked it and have watched it numerous times over the years.
steven Booker (21 days ago)
The trouble with this it just looks and feels one of those made for TV movies for the sci-fi channel.
VaughnJogVlog (22 days ago)
“T-101” unsubscribe. Apology. Fired. Family leaves you.
JediOfTheRepublic (24 days ago)
Better than Gynisys? I beg to differ. If you look at the how skynet can use time to it's advantage Gynisys makes a lot of sense. Someone actually made a great video detailing the Terminator Timeline. I just watched T3 and have to admit it really isn't that bad of a movie, as I remember. Lots of dumb parts but equally great ones as well. I thought it was shot extremely well and that really has the T2 vibe to it. I thought it was too much of a rehash of T2.
Cristero Warrior (24 days ago)
I agree... and that makes 2 of us Dave. Now, on to convincing the rest of the world! BTW how did I psychically convince you it was a good movie? I really don’t remember doing it.
Akachan No Tatsumaki (24 days ago)
Bad Dream? Come on cam.
Akachan No Tatsumaki (24 days ago)
Terminator 3 was my first terminator. I dig it.
MrMllx (25 days ago)
Streets Ahead!
Minas K. K. (26 days ago)
in the movie John Connor breaks into the pet hospital to get some drugs because he was injured not because he was an addict. i thought the movie was ok except for the Brewster chick. and Loken's ass was epic!!!
sebastian lanswick (26 days ago)
T3 was originally my favorite one of the franchise because I thought it was visually appealing and action packed. Once I started to rewatch the other films and watching video analyses that's when I realized damn this was actually not as great compared to the first 2. I still love t3 but I understand now why it was never as great as the first 2
Channel ICUP (26 days ago)
Genesys makes this movie look like the Godfather
Randy (26 days ago)
Yes, yes it was.
Iron Warrior (26 days ago)
Fuck yeah it was bad!
Steven Baal (27 days ago)
I liked the first three films. but the second and third films had plot holes. the T1000 and TX had no human skin to avoid being destroyed in the Time Displacement Device. They are metal that looks like skin, clothes etc. too picky?
I always loved this movie, some people just can appreciate a good movie.
James sickmore (27 days ago)
I liked it saw it a few times, It has it's bad parts but overall great action scenes and all around good movie.
Toucan SonofSam (27 days ago)
If you compare it to T2 it's shit on it own it's not bad at all
supermanscottforever (28 days ago)
T3 had great action, good acting and a horrific ending. I loved it. The entire crane chase was phenomenal on the big screen.
Dave Sloan (28 days ago)
Thank you. In some ways I think number three hits the right balance, the Terminator in number seemed too human and too much of a friend to young John Conner. As discussed, I did enjoy how this shows the beginning of judgement day and John leading the resistance from the bunker.
John McKinzey (28 days ago)
It went for the laughs too much, but the concept was cool and the ending had balls.
game exe (28 days ago)
yeah i never understood the hate for T3, i enjoyed it a lot and it wasnt a mess like genesys
Jimmy Callahan (28 days ago)
My problem with this film is it's boring and it directly undermined the point of these movie. You know the line "there is no fate but what we make for ourselves."
Rough Traveller (29 days ago)
I think the women terminator is HOOOOOT!!
John Smith (29 days ago)
I thought Terminator 3 was a great action film, it made over 100,000,000 dollars in North America alone. Last time a Schwarzenegger film made bread like that was ERASER, which wasn't any better
Ben Quinney (29 days ago)
A hostile fate
Ben Quinney (29 days ago)
Ben Quinney (29 days ago)
Predict the cloud?
Ben McDonald (29 days ago)
It’s hard to take the villain seriously when she literally looks like a supermodel
The KING (29 days ago)
I liked T3! Yeah, its not as good or amazing as the first two James Cameron films, but I find T3 alright! : )
Vince (29 days ago)
LEON KENNEDY (29 days ago)
I think Kristanna Loken did a great job playing playing the T-X despite the story was messed up.
matt 1180 (29 days ago)
T3 was an entertaining movie. 👍👍👍
john lacey (29 days ago)
When it comes to actors, you really seem to take the attitude of “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” you deservedly compliment the quality of their performances and careers, but almost never have anything bad to say about anybody. This isn’t a complaint, it’s just different to most reviewers. I think it’s why I like your channel.
Benjamin Kemer (29 days ago)
I would sooner watch Terminator 3 than most movies coming out now.
RainbowSlinky5 (1 month ago)
talk to the hand.yes. yes it was
HELLSEEKER (1 month ago)
The humor killed it for me, I can’t stand stupid jokes like the sunglasses and the talk to the hand, boobie inflation, the cringeworthy seen where they talk about breeding. None of the above made the movie better so why put them in. The first 2 where hard science fiction thrillers. Dark depressing and scary. I don’t know wtf 3 was sopose to be.
KenBox (1 month ago)
why dont they send the ones they send in the future to the same time they sent the earlier ones but i still love the series
Steven Bentsen (1 month ago)
I think whoever made T3, whether its this film or a hypothetical different one, it would be doomed for criticism and "failure" to measure up to its predecessor. T2 is just such an epic film, theres no way really any film in its genre can measure up or exceed what T2 did. Thank you for this review, this is actually very true. It is a decent movie, that I thought some of the action with the trucks chasing with the crane was very well done
Nightowl358 (1 month ago)
I didn't hate it.
Nosfonader87 (1 month ago)
I liked T3 because it was a definitive ending for the trilogy. It proofed what a fixed point the robot apocalypse was and that they couldn’t stop it. The robot chick was badass too. I really don’t know why everyone dismisses this movie. Salvation should have started a new trilogy set in the future, by T2 fanboys and all 🤷‍♂️ I personally think this was my favorite Terminator movie.
wizardnug2 (1 month ago)
Great videos! Just subscribed
sum body (1 month ago)
It was pretty bad
AlphiaPie (1 month ago)
I liked it it was awesome and that ending tho
Tom Tom (1 month ago)
It was pretty bad. But the utter shite we've had after it has made it look much better in comparison.
Patrick Curry (1 month ago)
Spot on. T3 was the equivalent of NIN's With Teeth album (which came out just two years later); not as good as the earlier installments, but decent in its own right, and a hell of lot better than the ones that came after. A step down, but not out.
BRIAN KRIENS (1 month ago)
A hellava lot better than Salvation and Genesys "shame they didn't know how to spell genesis".
Madelineblooddoll (1 month ago)
I don't need to watch you dull commentary. YES, it was THAT bad. It wasn't good. I've seen it 4 times (friend likes it) and it sucks and gets worse each time. I don't need some dude called Dave Cullen to tell me what i know.
PasMPM (1 month ago)
I used to think that in 2004. But... after saw T5, this film is 5000 times better...
Michael Coscino (1 month ago)
Actually, the T-X gets there first.
tallaussiebloke (1 month ago)
For the love of... FOR THE LAST TIME : CSM-101 - as in TERMINATOR SKINS THAT LOOK LIKE ARNIE. * *THERE ARE NO T-101S.* * It's shown on The Terminator box art on Arnie's sunnies: "CSM-101" It's stated in T2. "Cyberdyne Systems Model 101." *THAT IS ARNIE'S LOOK.* The robots inside the Arnie skins are T-800s (and a T-850 in T3). *YOU'VE HAD 34 YEARS NOW.*
JustCause I Said So (1 month ago)
Just watching this I didn't realize how close the actor that played john looks to Kyle Reese. They could've played with that and shown he was Kyle's son or foreshadowed his relationship with kyle and the future war. Honestly this movies depiction of robots felt too realistic as funny as that sounds. It was grounded heavily in realism like t1 and lacked spectacle as shown in t2.
Rapier12 R (1 month ago)
It's nucular, Lisa. ....
Greg Lyris (1 month ago)
Largest problem T3 had ( and still has ) is what movie had to follow - like the review states anyway. It would be nearly impossible to top T2, so they tried to take the route of a movie that takes itself less seriously and has a lighter tone overall, superficially at least - and at the same time it deliberately copies T2 in many aspects. IMO it failed in both, firstly because a lighter tone just doesn't fit well in a Terminator movie, and secondly any copying of T2 is ... just tasteless and simply badly done. Nevertheless - If seen as a movie not connected to the general Terminator legend ... It's OK. Especially the 3rd act of the movie - after TX visits Skynet HQ - Its decen't at least. The problem is that it's impossible not to connect it to the whole Terminator story, and that's its failing.
Glen Telfer (1 month ago)
It's a lot better than Genisys but then a fart in a jar is a lot better than Genisys.
No One (1 month ago)
Terminator 6 gonna be the worst out of them all. Its been infested with sjw feminazi propaganda.
Andrew Holka (1 month ago)
Is it just me, or is the last bit a copy-paste of Hogarth's iconic You are not a gun speech?
Callum Wearne (1 month ago)
They should’ve ended the franchise here then when Arnold became governor of California we never would see another terminator for quite some time until of course salvation which if you twisted my arm I can handle but Christian bakes performance and lights” fiasco withdrew me he needs to stop doing his Batman voice it’s fucking awful and genesys to me is a piece of shit that doesn’t exist neither does this new feminist movie / Hollywood should really stop destroying franchises
morningstar (1 month ago)
Was T3 really that bad? Yes.
Dr Cringe (1 month ago)
T3, T4 and T5 should just be deleted/throwed in to the garbage can. The T6 must have VERY LITTLE CGI and do most practical effects, the serious and dark feeling in it, the 80s/early 90s background music, good actors, more serious horror-violence, otherwise it will fail.
Dr Cringe (1 month ago)
Yes, it deserve it's critic. T3 sucks in so many ways. It was a big parady, a joke, bad acting, bad lines, bad script and plot. Bad actors (except Arnold) Everything was bad.
fractureforce (1 month ago)
In Terminator 1, the terminator was a solid. In terminator 2 it was a liquid. In terminator 3 it should have been a gas.
Ruben Reis (1 month ago)
I would say it was an incredible movie, true hard to follow T2, but I think it perfectly realigned the story, cuz when we asked "why are the terminators back?" It actually gave a good reason, "Look judgement day can't be stopped kid, it can only be delayed" and that's where Genisys went wrong, we could clearly see that the only reason the terminators were back is cuz someone wanted to make easy money. T3 is actually very mature in explaining how sometimes we just have to accept some bad things happen and we can't run away from them. T4 was good, just not very thought provoking but in my opinion they should have followed on from there. I hate to say it but I think Cameron is just trying to make money as well, and his film is gonna suck because of it, the proof is that when T3 came out he said it was a great film and only now he is saying that it wasn't.
Jersey Paul (1 month ago)
A former Mr. Olympia with a AMT long slide hard baller in T-1 was intimidating. The later Terminators were not the same. Arnold was getting older and not as jacked. A former model, etc. It just wasn't the same! Oh well!
Guero Rodriguez (1 month ago)
T3 is to asshole as ballsack is to my asshole
lasarith2 (1 month ago)
Remove some (most) of the comedic scene, and it would be a very good terminator sequel to T2 That said I still liked this movie for what it was, - Terminator salvation could have been far and away much better, in representing the future war with sky net - even the small scenes in T1 &T2 where superior in showing the war between us and the machines that salvation, but Genesis was complete garbage (except for Arnold he was awesome )
Zzt (1 month ago)
It was only bad because of John Connor being such a downer
misterlobsterman (1 month ago)
I liked it. Especially the ending. There was some stupid parts in it, and it's not as good as the first two movies, but much better than Salvation or ...blech... Genisys
Jari Gustafsson (1 month ago)
T3 is third best, Genisys was a dog.
Janka Janssen (1 month ago)
T1,T2. No more.
ShaunTheCHB (1 month ago)
The girl Terminator was nice on the eyes, story was meh. I remember being just let down by this film. I left the cinema that night thinking "well that was a waste of 2 hours". I really did not get much out of it. Maybe I expected more.
Skar800 (1 month ago)
Yes, it was, it fucking was, it fucking goddamn was. Not as bad as Salvation but holy shit I automatically change the channel everytime I catch this one.
J Shysterr (1 month ago)
it was so bad that it was worse than Terminator Salvation.
Kyrdak L (1 month ago)
funny how you say john has a drug problem because he's in the animal shelter looking for meds so he can fix up a wound... literally nothing except a throw away line that indicates he's a drug addict. did you even rewatch the movie for this or did you just read some shit?
SEVEN-CHANGER (1 month ago)
I recommend this video, https://youtu.be/I7mp-_7JseM it's a comparison video of the terminator 2 and terminator 3. Only problem is it's not in English and the auto translator is not quite right but its fun watching the pictures and see the similarity in both movies.
Humans are evil (1 month ago)
It was awesome i like it.
Tait Jones (1 month ago)
I thought it was pretty good. T2 will always be my favorite, but this one was still better than Genysis or Salvation.
LIQUIDSNAKEz28 (1 month ago)
Yes, Salvation was better
theDodgyBeaver (1 month ago)
You forgot, that it was Kathrine who insisted they try and save her father and the T would not have gone there, but, to the fall out shelter immediately.
Keith Hamlett (1 month ago)
Agree 100% with your option piece. The last 5 mins of the movie does it overall justice. Nothing and I do mean nothing can or will EVER top T2. The franchise needs to be closed out. It’s turning into Police Academy.
TheWyrdSmythe (1 month ago)
It’s certainly not in the same class as what came after, and I’d agree it’s comfortable among the first three. (But definitely third.)
Elliott Knifton (1 month ago)
If I was in charge I would have had Terminator 3 set in the future and show how John became the saviour of humanity and how he met Kyle Reese and reprogrammed the T-800 from T2. In other words a better version of Salvation which was ok and had some good ideas.
Alex Coradini (1 month ago)
I allways loved T3, i've watched it like 1000 times when i was a kid, not as good as the first two, but still great!
Andrew Barratt (1 month ago)
I always thought this film was underrated. Bout time someone sang its praises.
Punisher6791 (1 month ago)
hopefully Jim cameron can salvage the derailed train wreck that was Genesis
MrFluffysteel (1 month ago)
I like, and own, all of the Termi films...but won't be watching the latest tragedy that's coming out....
Alexander Kolchev (1 month ago)
T3 wasn't all that bad, compared to t5. Even t4 is a solid flick with the same comparison...
Kerta Losataure (1 month ago)
It was completely unnecessary, but otherwise not terribly bad beyond the the protagonist's rather dumb decision to "live off the grid" in a big-ass city around people who might recognize him and not disappearing into rural areas that are FAR less likely to get nuked if things still go badly.
Leonard Lawrence (1 month ago)
T-3 is the best of the lot! Love it!!!
Geoff Shaw (1 month ago)
T3 was as you said an OK sequel with good effects.My beef is the one second sequels usually produce.The material was wearing thin,even then.

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