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Top 5 Open World Games 2017

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Best Open World Games - Makv l Top PC Games Top 5: 00:00 Dual Universe Top 4: 01:00 ELEX Top 3: 02:00 Agents of Mayhem Top 2: 03:00 Days Gone Top 1: 04:00 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS
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Text Comments (6)
REDxMARKx (1 month ago)
what about (farcry 4 farcry 3 farcry 2 1 and gta and ghost recon wildlands
Bobby L (4 months ago)
This list is awful
MADAFAKA (6 months ago)
yeah baby my hero is back
As Was (6 months ago)
If you guys have a decent rig, give Planetside 2 a go (bonus is it's f2p so it won't hurt to try it). The MMO scale of the game in all out war is unmatched. Still haven't found a game to replace it after years of looking.
JaabirPro (6 months ago)
Finally, a new video!!!!
Aziz (6 months ago)
the king is back

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