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Anal Bleaching 101 (The Facts!)

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See us here @ http://analbleachingblueprint.com/ If you are wondering what it is like to have a whiter body, not only where people can see but as well as other places that are more private to you? Then look no further as Anal Bleaching Blueprint is here to save your butt. Literally! The days of not being able to wear revealing outfits are over. Say goodbye to dark spots and ugly discoloration!
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Text Comments (53)
Sarah Bee (9 days ago)
If you stop using it will that previous skin color return?
brendanayres92 (14 days ago)
Where can I buy it from im in uk and I want to try it
sweetpapajazz (2 months ago)
So Precious !
Karkoush (2 months ago)
Gay cunt
hun waye jun (2 months ago)
Hahaha eww grey
Jon Clarkson (3 months ago)
Nudists will love this product.
Hi &R (3 months ago)
Cause I thought it was for like if you gonna get booty eating it wouldn’t smell
Hi &R (3 months ago)
Umm actually why do you do it tho
Corvus Corax (3 months ago)
First world problem extraordinaire 😋
Angel Tenebroso (4 months ago)
It sounds like... sunburned anus
Angel'slove C. (4 months ago)
Wow someone is actually into that, I thought this was all like fantasy.
Carol Ogrimina (4 months ago)
I like you.. your cute
Arturo martinez (6 months ago)
Where can we find you on social media?
Toni Sutton (6 months ago)
I miss those large McDonald's cups... their new large cups are smaller 😤
Tony Ting (7 months ago)
When you speak its liking you re holding in pee and about to cry
lintonNZ (7 months ago)
Faggot, you should be shot
Coimbra (8 months ago)
Why do I watch things like this? WHAT HAPPENED?! :D
Marilyn chloe Wilson (9 months ago)
Why would you want a beautiful anus?
Kk Gav (9 months ago)
How much does price range from? Where are places u go to get it done? Do u need more then one treatment for it to work? I really wanna get anal bleaching done
jaguar4u2012 (9 months ago)
did anyone used Amaira lightening cream? I've oredered it, but I see all the gays on youtube use Cascapth now Im worried I've oredered some useless shit
Umbrella Bunny (9 months ago)
jaguar4u2012 I ordered Amaira almost a year ago and I haven't seen much difference. I think I'm gonna buy what this guy has.
Skeletman (9 months ago)
are you gay
rere nomad (9 months ago)
who am i bleaching it for? i cant see my a-hole so who is going to see it?
Sean Baugh (5 months ago)
rere nomad I assume you're doing it for the person that's gonna be pounding you in your "bunghole"...they're definitely gonna see it. "NUFF SAID"
B B (6 months ago)
I do it for me, while I pretend I'm doing it for my husband .... I don't care if he and I are the only ones that see it.
Maria Gutierrez (7 months ago)
rere nomad 😂
Delaney Crapo (11 months ago)
Lmohajdjdjdjdj I love him
EJ Ioane (1 year ago)
whats the name of the product again? Cascape?
Red Apple (7 months ago)
Brandy Wright did it work?
Brandy Wright (11 months ago)
EJ Ioane caspah! I just ordered it. It's good for age spots, scars, and other stuff too but there have it for anal bleaching, nipple lightening, and vaginal or scrotum and penis lightening for dark spots
Bruno Provangenoia (1 year ago)
I want to bleach my elbow
kosherpork (1 year ago)
Do you have a picture of you like before and after for demonstration?
Corvus Corax (3 months ago)
kosherpork Be careful what you wish for 😝
Harry K (6 months ago)
Piper Bones (7 months ago)
kosherpork i see what you trying do
JueGame Esta (7 months ago)
Lol really
Bianca Oliva (7 months ago)
kosherpork nice try lol
Jess RE (1 year ago)
I'm just glad I'm not the only one with the problem lol
Trollin since 79 (1 year ago)
What about my JJ can I use it on outside
Albert E (1 year ago)
What do you use on your teeth? They're SOOO white!   :)
Shelsy Rosales (1 year ago)
He said "ew grey" 😂😂😂😂
Taylor Knight (1 year ago)
I'm a woman and I want to get this treatment done but it's so expensive
FiFaJrHD (1 year ago)
Taylor Knight so would u recommend it ( pink privates ) or no? Thanks
Taylor Knight (1 year ago)
FiFaJrHD not that I know of, I started using it before I got my Brazilian done.
FiFaJrHD (1 year ago)
Taylor Knight after 2 weeks since u commented, any results with Pink Privates?
Taylor Knight (1 year ago)
Melly Cone I bought an intimate bleaching product called Pink Privates, it's hydroquinone free but I'm not sure how long I'm supposed to wait for results. I tried Caspah but it didn't work because I forgot to exfoliate the area before I applying the cream.
Melly Cone (1 year ago)
But anal bleach on Amazon
beautifulone111 (1 year ago)
how long do you have to use it for good results?
bethanyjoy xo (1 year ago)
what's the name of the product?
jesiboo85 (11 months ago)
lauren messick it is on Amazon
lauren messick (1 year ago)
Bethany Maher where do you get this I've checked Amazon and no luck!
Taylor Knight (1 year ago)
Bethany Maher it's called Caspah

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