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Killer whales surprise couple on boat

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A couple vacationing in Mexico encountered a number of killer whales swimming alongside their boat during a trip.
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Reginald Lovely (7 hours ago)
Amazing they are known as the LA pod
Iailanee C. (1 day ago)
I remember when i saw dolphins up close in Jamaica i was exhilarated and scared shitless at the same damn time
CajunSweetTart (2 days ago)
They propellers act like a pressure washer. It sprays the yuck off of them.
DR. FINE (9 days ago)
Awwwwwwwwwwesome!!! Nothing, more gorgeous!!!
susan hicks (9 days ago)
Once in a lifetime.
Beautiful Amimals,
Eric Harriel (13 days ago)
If the whales really wanted to get the people in the boat they could have turned that small boat over with no problem
Kadence Pippin (13 days ago)
I love Orca's but man I would be so excited I was scared,Omg I just realized why they're called killer whales, actually I take that back I noticed a long time ago why am I still typing
Asafo Husia (16 days ago)
Never understood why people say "eat your heart out".. Stupid
James Noce (17 days ago)
my heart and breath stopped omgggggggg
Joshua Miller (18 days ago)
Where was this taken at
Mark Young (19 days ago)
Shooot, " hey stop there....my food getting away".
CJCryer Buzz (20 days ago)
Daniel Jones (21 days ago)
I legit would have jumped off the back of the boat and onto the closest one's back. Free Willie, mothafucka!
Music Maven Publishing (22 days ago)
WOW! What an extraordinary experience!
FChin Chin (24 days ago)
Wow. They are fast
Rolls royce (25 days ago)
Shawna O'Guinn (25 days ago)
Orca ARE dolphins.................
Caramelle Montserrat (25 days ago)
Whales were like " Wait! You just dropped something!"
Robby Stamper (27 days ago)
6-8 inches of the back of the boat 🅱🅱
Chester Nevels (28 days ago)
I dont trust speculation. At any minute those things can turn on you. 20 whales chasing a boat. You are in they territory and they want you out. By any means necessary... you hang around long enough without that boat. You would be treated like one of those seals
Sofie N (30 days ago)
This is how the relationship should be between killer whales and humans. equal.
the watcher (1 month ago)
damn those whales are fast
Juergen Ubl (1 month ago)
The right name of orcas are Orcinus orca and not killer whale. This name is given to him from the real killers: HUMANS!
P d (1 month ago)
Luckily u both survive dats it..
joop69 fainth (1 month ago)
I see so many comments about ocas being dangerous to humans or not at all in the wild but the truth is like any human or living creature all ocas are different and think different they are extremely smart true killer whales are much like dolphins in their playful manner but like any wild animal they are also unpredictable in captivity obviously we can see there is a real danger as past events have showed as these ocas have been mentally tested living in the conditions they do and past trauma of department from there families the way they are hunted to be put in tiny tanks ect would definitely disturb them mentally one ocas from seaworld became so disturbed from infancy that it killed humans numinous times but Seaworld covered it up because of the money they were making the ones in the wild have a different mental state so there behavior is most likely different a more healthy one but yea i don't see any right or wrong answer it's all about understanding learning because we are constantly learning from them.
Therese Ward (1 month ago)
Awesome video!!!
Andy Werner (1 month ago)
I'd be scared but at same time would of been neat to see
Sea n' Sky (1 month ago)
Very cool! 👍🏻
David Grave (1 month ago)
It should have flip that boat over to see your shit boil in your pants, then talk about fun when you're alone in the middle of nowhere with me lol.
nikanaughty (1 month ago)
Orca! Not killer whale. They are related to dolfins.
James Hall (1 month ago)
Probably thought it was a baby whale at first and were looking to hunt it in a pack
Brandy H.2426 (1 month ago)
They’re beautiful!
NinjalobsterPR (1 month ago)
It's a dolphin not a 🐋. Good lord
There is NO RECORD WORLDWIDE FOR KILLER WHALE ATTACK TO HUMAN!!They behave like dolphins to humans!!!!🐬🐬🐬🐬
Lynn Dufty (1 month ago)
Big butts
Xi Xu (1 month ago)
Remove these black fish from that fish tank RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!
Xi Xu (1 month ago)
You fall in, you're fish food bruh.
21whichiswhich (1 month ago)
Seeing them wild and free versus captive orcas, looks like they are two different species. So sad.
psicofukapus (1 month ago)
Anyone here seen the movie Orca? I cried during that movie.
emma smith (1 month ago)
That’s how you want to see these beautiful animals
Svetlana Apryatkina (1 month ago)
I thought you are not allowed to come so close tho them - if they come close your boat must stop because you can hurt the animals. This video upset me
mztralwind (1 month ago)
BigBoi 2k (1 month ago)
Wish I could see some whales
Beerussma Jerryson (1 month ago)
they enjoy human company
ejhickey (1 month ago)
No one expects...... The Killer Whales!
Louise John (2 months ago)
Awesome 👏🏽 great you captured it all on camera 🎥 glad the whales are rightfully free!
Ai (2 months ago)
Looks like they were riding the waves from that motor
Barbara Jean Jenkins (2 months ago)
Orcas. Not killers.
Barbara Jean Jenkins (2 months ago)
How exciting to see them playing!
amanda lulu (2 months ago)
Who else misread the title 😹
monokhem (2 months ago)
Why are the comment section of killer whale videos always filled with borderline illiterate morons trying to look morally superior by shit talking Sea World?
minspincher gaming (2 months ago)
USA1 TRUMP 2020 (2 months ago)
Jolly Holly (2 months ago)
I think one of those people is somehow gifted or something and those whales could 'see' it and wanted to communicate or something. It's a fact that whales have far larger and much more complex brains than a human. What is not known is just how great their abilities may be!
PlanetJigobotTV (2 months ago)
Why does the news keep saying Killer Whales when they are in fact Orcas....
James O'Connor (2 months ago)
'Lest we forget they are called "killer whales" not because they are "cool," or "kind".
Urnvr 2L8 (2 months ago)
Humpback whales don’t have dorsal fins
alanmeires (2 months ago)
I love this video.
D DOLLAR (2 months ago)
That was beautiful. Look at them! Thank you for sharing something that lifted my heart!!
Hi (2 months ago)
(((Howard))) Pathetic attempt to make them seem human.
Those women screaming are so annoying
FireOccator (2 months ago)
Playing with their food.
My Me (2 months ago)
Very intelligent, playful animals.
Sage Lemmers (2 months ago)
There is no way these guys aren't going WHEEEEEEEE! in their big clever whale-brains! I'm so happy to have seen orcas in person, they're such strong, majestic beasties.
aem (2 months ago)
Absolutely beautiful! #emptythetanks
tascabron teclados (2 months ago)
Love seaworld
forestsoceansmusic (2 months ago)
Happy Anniversary good people.
LOGANG FOR LIFE (2 months ago)
Why are they called killer whales? They’re so nice and cute. I have touched them before and they are so nice
Beach Bunny (2 months ago)
Sooo awesome!!! Amazing!! Killer whales are actually dolphins and they are jumping just like their cousins!! Whoohoo
Rayne Michaels (2 months ago)
Yeah I don't think they were trying to play they follow you for over an hour they wanted to eat you
spoke1183 (2 months ago)
They were not playing they were practicing hunting in close formation. Very intelligent animals.
Sammantha sandoval (2 months ago)
I would be crying scared out of my mind
Boston George (2 months ago)
You all really dodge a couple bullets...those whales were definitely hungry, glad you all are ok...crazy experience, I can live with a dolphin doing that...but never pictured a killer whale, bad ass....
damien herbert (2 months ago)
why do people make orcas look bad they are my fav animal😁
Sammy 1999 (2 months ago)
They're so adorable omg my heart is melting!😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤
RedneckSpaceMan (2 months ago)
Kinda seems like whales & dolphins can sense when humans are friendly. Could be a bit psychic.
Sal S (2 months ago)
If everyone was having so much fun, why not go back into the water ?? LOL
2233golf2 (2 months ago)
Two different species enjoying each others company........cant get any better......fantastic....
TERRY IBUKI (2 months ago)
At least this is better than SeaWorld, I feel sorry for Tilikum and all the others
HenryCGS (2 months ago)
They are actually really friendly to humans. Orcas only attack people whenever they feel threatened, and they don't even eat us because apparently we taste really bad. They are only called "killer whales" because of how effective, smart and organized they are at hunting. We are basically "killer apes".
Kitty Watson (2 months ago)
This was made when CNN was a nice place to be. Before it became one huge political announcement.
james ohara (2 months ago)
Don't be taken in by their toothy grin they are wondering how good you'd look within their skin.
"Killer whale" is a misnomer -- while they are members of the wider cetacean family which includes whales, Orca themselves are actually more closely-related to dolphins than true whales.
Rameez Asghar (2 months ago)
my teacher give my class a assiment she says we are Muslims so our language is urdu. She says listen the news of CNN and write every single word and if someone else don't do she pay 500 Rs what the f***
Steph Steph (3 months ago)
This is great entertainment natural and awesome. Not in a tank full of chemicals and limited space.
Daniel Corica (3 months ago)
Back when cnn had "news"
Izzi Michaels (3 months ago)
amazing how easily they keep up with the boat, very cool video!
Jb 5 (3 months ago)
I think i would have just fainted out of it...i dont wana see no whale 2foot from my face 😂😂
superfast30 (3 months ago)
They seemed to be on a clear mission to attack the boat!
M Kolmer (3 months ago)
Humano Cósmico Amarillo (3 months ago)
the whaltes wanted to devour them!
Swoop7777777 (3 months ago)
those things are beautiful creatures...amazing how something that big can move so gracefully.
Ashley Rafus (3 months ago)
this was in mexico? the water there is far to warm for that pod
Playerid6668 (3 months ago)
Humans humanizing animals at it's finest.
az0970449 (3 months ago)
whale whale whale what do we have here
LAST RIDE (3 months ago)
Wow,the speed of those orcas chasing ah speeding boat
Audrey McMace (3 months ago)
killerwhales are so badass
doug n pauline L (3 months ago)
why would you run your engines at that speed with orca whales?
John Doe The 1st. (3 months ago)
the Oracs will not hurt humans... if they had stayed in the water no harm would come to the divers... They would simply play.
Ray Brensike (3 months ago)
I'm thinking that these whales have seen underwater photographers and got the idea that they were taking pictures.

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