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The best way to improve your English vocabulary

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Free English listening materials: http://engfluent.com/listening-material My reading recommendations: http://engfluent.com/reading-material Learn about the best way to improve your English vocabulary. You'll also discover two additional benefits (other than a larger vocabulary) of applying this way of building your vocabulary. I also talk about one dump mistake people make when improving their vocabulary.
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EngFluent (1 year ago)
Hello! Here are the links the to resources mentioned in the video: http://engfluent.com/listening-material http://engfluent.com/reading-material Sorry for my terrible pronunciation of the word "vocabulary." This is really embarrassing. Before uploading the video I thought people wouldn't care much about it. Apparently, I was wrong.
TheKnowledgeSeeker (18 days ago)
EngFluent if you want, I can help you put captions of other languages,.)
chuwong tanskul (27 days ago)
Are you Thai?
DsiakMondala (7 months ago)
As a non-English myself I sometimes cannot understand someone with heavy accents (Indian comes to mind, a lot of great content on computer science in "Indian English accent" that I cannot understand). In your case I had no problems at all, in fact I came in the comments to praise your pronunciation for I wouldn't realize you were foreign had you not said anything, and I was very surprised too see the complaints.
Bharat Gupta (9 months ago)
it's alright bro. Don't feel embarrassed because some idiots don't understand the meaning of accents (and don't even understand that vocabulary has nothing to do with pronunciation). You are cool. I liked the video.
Mylo Brown (9 months ago)
don't worry
Nisa Bexheti (3 days ago)
This guy doesn’t know how to pronounce vocabulary and instead he says vocaburaly
Chetan Gade (3 days ago)
Exasperating farrago of distortions presented by this unsrupulous dolt showman.
trọng lê (13 days ago)
This is really useful. I have practiced since 2017 and i have changed very fast.
Duda Araújo (17 days ago)
People who are critizing him. I bet you guys don't have the english he has, I bet you aren't fluent, so, please stop it. He is foreing as the most people who are watching.
theiereco (21 days ago)
thank you so much for the links !! :)
Nariman Isaev (25 days ago)
Are you saying "Vocavulary" instead of "Vocabulary" ?)
Yash ahlawat (29 days ago)
i was kind of worried about my English pronunciation and vocabulary but seeing particularly hearing you i am no more concerned about my English
Amit SINGH (1 month ago)
the best way to improve your ENGLISH Vocabulary. https://youtu.be/RhmHD7pbPvc if u like the method plz like share and SUBSCRIBE the channel.
Gulnaz Tazhihan (2 months ago)
Thank you very much,your voice very comfortable and understanding for my heads💜
Cxrn (2 months ago)
TheMasterOfPC (2 months ago)
0:02 "vocaburaly"
Poc Hsu (3 months ago)
Hi here's a free tool to memorize vocabulary on the fly. https://tinyurl.com/y9qo6p76 As a developer of this service and a non-native English speaker. I learn about 200~300 new words monthly during my break time. (15min a day) Without arranging a specific time to memorize those words.
Andrei Kuzmin (4 months ago)
I like to use flash cards to improve my vocabulary. LingoCard - the best choice
alfred waqa (4 months ago)
Is it Vocabulary or Vocaburaly !!I'm confuse confused.
Thắng Shy (4 months ago)
Your voice is easy to hear and i am really really Love this voice. I can Understand 70% this video without Subtitles hihi . From to Vietnamese
rage records (5 months ago)
@EngFluent I love the way you say the word vocalbury
JI WoOoKI wooki (5 months ago)
thank you
BÍCH BÙI NGỌC (6 months ago)
i really like your videos
ABHISHEK VISHAL (6 months ago)
Ysz Kazeil (6 months ago)
Your pronunciation of vocabulary is really disturbing.
Sarra Souleiman (6 months ago)
Hi there ! Your videos are really cool and helpful but most importantly are fun to watch !! How do you make these kinds of videos what app or program do you use ?
Feitan Cage (7 months ago)
oh dude. u need to learn more about pronunciation. U sound like a dick
Dana gallery (7 months ago)
thank u so much :)
Victor Poh (7 months ago)
Thank you bro
Vahan Vahan (7 months ago)
Funny cat videos, you killed with that one
Bk lang (8 months ago)
उत्तम विडियो। कुछ और है।
lina aoni (8 months ago)
thx a lot. this is helpful
NGUYỄN ANH DŨNG (8 months ago)
beautiful and helpful video! thank you!
Emna Hmandi (8 months ago)
Thank you very much you really helped me but i have a question can i read books and write down new words at the same time?
CAE EST (9 months ago)
This Nigga tha nerd from family guy
Ghilman Fatih (10 months ago)
i did'nt even recognize that you pronounce it wrong hahaha anyway, great video! very helpful
Sky Mưa Tím (10 months ago)
Hello! Thank you for a helpful video! But I have difficult when I try to translate from English into Vietnamese. I read an English book and it takes a lot of time to translate into my languague! Can you help me? Can you tell me how can I do to translate easily? Please reply me! Thanks. P/s: My English isn't good.
in the video, he alreday said do not translate English into your own language, by using translating skills, you will never master spoken English naturally.
Nome Sobrenome (10 months ago)
Emma Liu (10 months ago)
Thanks for your sharing, it's so useful for me ;)
Aaron Joseph Baldovino (10 months ago)
Your English is not even that good
Delacroid NewGen (10 months ago)
Aaron Joseph Baldovino i disagree with that statement, I would give away one finger to have that level of english.
Mr. Yousef Fakkas (10 months ago)
Your work is magnificent! I never realized that you're a non-native speaker until you mentioned that. Go ahead and don't worry about the pronunciation of some words because most people, including me, find it hard to reach your level. Thanks a lot!
Chris Robinson (10 months ago)
Are you kidding me? He can't pronounce vocabulary! "improve your vocabruree!"
Thu Hoang Nguyen (10 months ago)
So useful
Peer Muhammad (11 months ago)
Good listen for every learner of english so i am seeking best book for reading and best videos for watching and listening, i am waiting for your response
Dharmendra Konwar (11 months ago)
if it is necessary to write down the meaning of the word when reading a book/magazine, which word is unfamilier with me.. plz reply sir
Neelesh Kumar (11 months ago)
The bad handwriting used in the video looks really awkward. I suggest using a good handwriting or someone font.
viet anh nguyen phuc (11 months ago)
I've never watched the videos which are so helpful and interesting like yours before. I'm looking for a good way to improve my English after many failed aprroach and now i think you've already given me great ones, even more. Thank you so muchhhhhhhhh
Agro Not Argo (11 months ago)
Jennifer Smith (11 months ago)
evwe won knows how to iproove their vocaboowary
Xusan Turmanov (11 months ago)
I'm learning English language for more than six months, I'm learning by myself. so I'm watching a lot of English details and when i at work or on a street I only listening and now the result is quite good. I recommend for you all.if you are want this method.
tsuki sakata (11 months ago)
thanks alot it helps me alot😊😊😊
fahim siddique (11 months ago)
At first,you learn how to pronounce the word "vocabulary"!!!
A Harsh Life (11 months ago)
Shouldn't the teacher know how to pronounce vocabrully
kar way tan (11 months ago)
Not elaborating enough and egregious pronunciation. Horrible!
would like to talk with smb in English please, give me your nickname in Skype
jamshid zada (1 month ago)
Юлия Липкина do u relly want to improve an English language?u must to add my whatsapp num 00923341925834
Dulom Dampu (1 year ago)
developer!!! thank u man I have learned many different ideas to learn English, thank u god bless u,
lenox Satria (1 year ago)
mr florez
EK MEDIA (1 year ago)
wow very helpful. you should do how to improve your pronunciation video aswel 👍👍👍
Ramkumar M. (12 days ago)
Dmitriy Venturer (1 year ago)
It`s unbelievable that you have never been in English-speking countries.
Huma Ali (1 year ago)
hello sir..i came here to improve my vocabulary. .
jamshid zada (1 month ago)
Huma Ali do u want to improve an English language ?u can add my whatsapp num 00923341925834
anil malik (1 year ago)
sir which country are you from??? what's your mother tongue?
Maryam Qazy (1 year ago)
Chiminssi (1 year ago)
Thank you. This video helps a lot. 😀
meryemila (1 year ago)
I like your videos. You encourage me to improve my English 😄
Jo0KeRzZ 910 (1 year ago)
you cant even say vocabulary
Selena Eunice (1 year ago)
I bet all the rude comment makers on this video can't speak one foreign language.
TheKnowledgeSeeker (18 days ago)
Educational videos me yes, many such as German,itali...etc.
Educational videos (2 months ago)
Can you speak multiple languages?
Educational videos (2 months ago)
Probably, true.
Stephen Miller (6 months ago)
Your so right
swishcamp81 (1 year ago)
Selena Eunice right. and the fucked part is tht everything he said is correct. i aint gonna lie though, i laughtes too. He inspired me alot thiugh
Leona Weibel (1 year ago)
oualid boudad (1 year ago)
thanks for your advices is very important (practice make perfect)
LWF LWF (1 year ago)
wow, you have never been to English speaking country but you speak English very well.
janine ramos (1 year ago)
Just play Meriam webster
Infinite Rumination (1 year ago)
I'm sorry😂....HAHAHHA. I couldn't make it through the darn video. Each time he said that V word I lost it.😂😂HAHAHAH😂😥
shorok mohamed (1 year ago)
Mexican Motivation (1 year ago)
thank you my dear friend
Sami A.K. (1 year ago)
It is important to improve your vocabreally :D
Benny Ramos (1 year ago)
thank you for making a video about improving my vocabeularyily
Mee Sreng (1 year ago)
I like
27 27 (1 year ago)
Thank you for such kind of valuable suggestions. And the way of explaining is also interesting I really like this kind of pics. We look forward more videos. Good luck!
Thank you Teacher for your lesson; it's very useful.
Thảo is me (1 year ago)
He may not know but some of his resources have virus. I just have some and now I have to fix it. Hope noting gone and everything is still normal. You should double check the link and filed to make sure there aren't any virus. Although I've got some trouble, his advice is good.
Video Therapist (1 year ago)
its really helpfull
Rishikesh Anil (1 year ago)
better u apply urself..
Kubulu (1 year ago)
I am sorry to ask but do you have any natural inability to speak? I doubt that on such level of knowing the language you would just skip the pronunciation training so am I right? Like I mean if you mentioned that at some point, you would get rid of many comments on that.
Bob Kleen (1 year ago)
Bob Kleen (1 year ago)
Thanks tho
Cong Vu Nguyen (1 year ago)
Your voice is so great!
Tamilla Annazarova (1 year ago)
vocabuRaly!?!? what a f*ck
Wilson Silvestre (1 year ago)
Ben That (1 year ago)
this topic is not baring. now i know how to improve my vocalary. k thanx bye
jian wu (1 year ago)
Are u an english teacher, it's really a funny video, and by watching this, we learned english. Great job
Pious Hadebe (1 year ago)
Your Articulation though.
kim thanh Ngo (1 year ago)
thanks so much ,i hope you will make more videos.Your old videos help me a lot to improve my skills.
SARAH : (1 year ago)
Alisha Insyirah (1 year ago)
Funny cat videos?..
Hacane H (1 year ago)
man you fucked VOCABULARY pronunciation ! but your video is all great thanks a million :)
Lê Na (1 year ago)
thanks a bunch
Thegamevlogger101 (1 year ago)
I read lots but my vocabulary isn't really good Whats the solution?
Infinite Rumination (1 year ago)
You just have to increase your vocaburouaarry
Thegamevlogger101 (1 year ago)
ok thanks
Kubulu (1 year ago)
It's widely known that you remember hardly anything of what you read. Take it down and everytime try to make an emotional connection to the word, try to use it in other context and get back to the word (as you have it written in your notebook). You seem to be English as far as I can but this works perfectly also with native words. I was learning my language as well - simply read a lot of books and took down all the words I didn't understand. By the way it's a good thing to read the same book after some time again so you make sure that you meet all the words all over again.
Shanzay hurain (1 year ago)
Shanzay hurain (1 year ago)
you are ausome and smart
Dilip Matlani (1 year ago)
Now learning English vocabulary is not that boring with new Word a day app. #english #learnenglish  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wordoftheday.coeffy
segheir hicham (1 year ago)
sometimes i read or listen a word more than once but i still don't know its meaning , should translate it in this case
nada meshal (1 year ago)
the best way really
ta ai eu venho aqui, para ver a aula para minha prova amanha, e é tudo em englis, querido eu n sei falar engles, e só português mesmo beijinhos
Thị Huyền Võ (1 year ago)
Thank u.
Hassan Abdul-Kareem (1 year ago)
Your tone and voice. I love it XD

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