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Why EA Is Wrong About Singleplayer Games

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EA recently went on record saying players don't want linear singleplayer experiences anymore. We respectfully disagree. Here's why. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/gameranx
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gameranx (8 days ago)
Since we're on the subject...what's your favorite EA singleplayer game?
basshead (3 days ago)
Dragon Age
Biofan813 (3 days ago)
gameranx Im tied between Dead space 1 and kotor 1. Bad company 1 and 2 were great also.
Vavuniya Hutchshop (3 days ago)
Crysis series.. and red alert 2. dont know why they stop making those. red alert 3 is garbage. good strategy singleplayer game needed.
sjsharp2007 (7 days ago)
Brooklyn Swagg I don't know about that as I believe that Bioware are working on another Dragon Age. The only reason why it's all Anthem atm is the fact that Anthem's the next project due out. But after Anthem's out I can see them concentrating on DA then.
SunnyFlea2423 Yt (7 days ago)
I really do not have a favorite. So here is a list of all of. my Ea games Monopoly Streets (Apparently Rare. Nfs most wanted 2012 PvZ Garden Warfare 1/2 PvZ Skate 3 And a couple more games maybe 3 or 4 If EA would think about last games like Skate 3 instead of money. They would realize how many people want games like Skate 4 without 1 billion micro transactions. But I will quit my rant because EA does not care about my opinion.
Beer Told (31 minutes ago)
BIOSHOCK TRILOGY. MAIN FINAL FANTASY SERIES. ICO, SHADOW OD THE COLOSSUS AND THE LAST GUARDIAN. CASTLEVANIA SERIES. RESIDENT EVIL SERIES. THE LAST OF US. TOMB RAIDER SERIES(AT LEAST THE OLD ONES, IDK ABOUT THE NEWER ONES) AND MANY MORE! although my favorite games are the from the soulsborne series I never play those multiplayer and the replay value on that without multiplayer is GOLD.
jaydin peters (59 minutes ago)
Well its not an ea game thank god, but starwars kotor was imo one of the best singleplayer games
Mark Luft (2 hours ago)
I really like the Pokemon games
Michael Smart (3 hours ago)
Deadspace! Finished all 3, 3 times...
Jacker cooper (5 hours ago)
Since I started gaming that I focus just on singleplayer well storydriven videogames, sure playingmultiplayer can be fun, but in my opinion a good game is one that has to have , other than good mechanics gameplay ect, a good narrative that's what makes me come back to games like god of war, the last of us, mgs son and so forth, hell now and again me and a friend of mine just hang out and play old ps2 games like the first two god of war, or even ps1 games. ''Live services'' is just a way to take advantage of gamers.
Matthew P. (9 hours ago)
Uncharted 4. Only game I have given a standing ovation for.
Witecat J (11 hours ago)
You know who has a better business model for online and single player games? Capcom. Look at Monster Hunter World. The only things you purchase are cosmetic updates. New monsters? Free. New events to tackle? Free. It is a game that is multiplayer focused, but makes it accommodating for people that just want to go solo with no penelties. This is the model companies should focus on.
gizmoandback (11 hours ago)
What part of the planet do they think gamers are on. Some of us out here gladly play single player games. Sometimes we find a gem and stick with it or we find a dud. It's a personal preference. I was a avid multiplayer gamer but found that single player games brought me more choices in how i could play. EA has made a bad move thinking we are single minded.
Clinton Allen (15 hours ago)
I totally disagree because I'm all about linear single player games. This was uploaded on my birthday btw LOL.
benjabin cranbrejiuce (15 hours ago)
The first time I saw a collosus is not just the best single player moment for me but it's the best moment I've ever experienced in gaming
TempleAmarok (16 hours ago)
I've not had stable internet for the past few years. As a gamer it's already super hard to not have the ability to use online functions or even download games without going somewhere with wifi. But even when I had internet, I preferred single player experiences over online and multiplayer ones. Some of my favorite games were based on single player campaigns and multiplayer was often a hassle because as someone who isnt social I prefer to play with people I know over strangers... and waiting for friends when I want to play a game doesnt always work.
Hüseyinekrem (16 hours ago)
I want to "pause" a game when I need to do something important.
cocopud (17 hours ago)
I haven't played an EA game since ME3 and do not intend to. EA games are mostly terrible. TBH most games coming out these days are pretty uninspiring. Thankfully I have a back catalogue of some 300 games + mods to keep me busy 🙂
Lucsy3012 (18 hours ago)
Glad to see so many successful singleplayer games recently
Adityasunil Nair (19 hours ago)
I have played splinter cell coviction and chaos theory a ton of times and still don't get bored of it... Though the graphics may look a little outdated I have loved linear games.
JoeyMacaroni (19 hours ago)
skyrim by far
Tom Aizenberg (19 hours ago)
Fantastic video! I completely agree, and thank you for putting this out there!
Andrew Linn (19 hours ago)
But if EA thinks they'll make more money, it's because more people will purchase EA's products, and more people will purchase EA's products if EA makes games people want. Profit increases when customer desires are met. Based on this, EA cannot profit, and at the same time, make games that their customers don't want.
binaryalgorithm (20 hours ago)
Or we could talk about how EA is wrong, period haha
olay (20 hours ago)
i just want skate 4 i dont care if theres no online or a story mode haha just a next gen new skateboarding game
Rindis (21 hours ago)
This reminds me a lot of 2K's tone-deaf comment about strategy games several years ago (the one that started the brouhaha that ended with Firaxis' X-Com game). The larger game companies have a habit of getting top people who have a, shall we say, limited idea of gaming, and then making ex cathedra comments trying to puff up their current development focus. I'm mostly a strategy gamer, and like most such, I mostly play single-player, even though most offer multiplayer options. I also re-started Kingdom Hearts recently. ~_^
Sixty Five Oh First (22 hours ago)
Some good single player games are Witcher 3, Elder Scrolls 3, SSX 3, Just Cause 3, and Half Life 3. XD
jeremy (22 hours ago)
I still play Final Fantasy crystal chronicles on my original game cube. it is still awesome. ^_^
DJEnderBro (22 hours ago)
The most played single player game I have ever owned is The Binding Of Isaac. I am a sucker for rougelikes, and I genuinely enjoy them. However, they don't offer much in a way of story, and rely on replayability. My favorite story game is Skyrim. I've gone back to it a total of 5 times, each getting to at least level 60, and still play it to this day.
Lucas Lima (23 hours ago)
Why EA Is Wrong? Why is EA :P
Matt W (23 hours ago)
single player games that we can mod/customize are the best. I havent moved on to fallout 4 OR GTA V cause i still experimenting with skyrim and it wasn't till TES oblivion that I moved on from GTA Vice City.
Tom Voke (23 hours ago)
We like single-player games. There is a dearth of good ones, though.
Stephen Williams (23 hours ago)
This is one of the best gaming videos I've seen in a long time. Definitely, your argument is compelling. To substantiate what you said, I think about the difference in quality when contrasting Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic with its online twin, The Old Republic, in which the difference is vast.
RandomNinja 024 (23 hours ago)
if you look at the quote he says that it was shaping up to be a linear story and the leader story is what people aren't enjoying not that they aren't liking single players it's that they aren't liking linear in that quote they want to be able to play their own way do what missions they want to do first they do not want a linear single player game they want something more open-world is what was being said people want an open-world single-player Star Wars experience instead of a linear one where you can finish it in 13 hours and have basically everything done they are saying Gamers want open world experiences that take a longer time to finish like Fallout or Elder Scrolls Legend of Zelda breath of the Wild one of the newer Final Fantasy is that came out that I don't remember the number of and Super Mario Odyssey where you can explore and open world and I mean recently a lot of open-world big games are what is coming out is what's popular for single player versus a linear story mode where you follow this track doing this thing constantly to reach this goal and there is only one way to reach that goal and even if it's not that all single player players want for the world it's what is most single player players want for the world it's what is most popular it is what is coming out the most currently it is what most game have been working on and releasing the biggest names in the market or nowadays open world Explorations action and all that stuff nonlinear ways of doing things they were getting information from Gamers who we're wanting and expecting an open world single player campaign and looking at the market what the biggest titles out our and looking at the feedback they are getting drawing the conclusion that linear story modes are not as popular would be a decent conclusion with that amount of information now EA may have said that people don't want single player story mode campaigns at all on another occasion but from the quote that you provided in the beginning of this video they said that people don't want a linear story mode and that's what the game was turning out to be was a linear game and they would have had to turn the games design from that point at a massive change to make it from a linear to try to make it open world it would have taken a lot of changing so depending on how far in they were it might not have been a good choice to try and change the entire game I don't know the number so I don't have any of the statistics but that's just a theory I'm just saying with the information provided in the beginning based off of information on the market and from what the quote says that they were getting feedback then drawing their conclusion that linear games is not what was wanted you can kind of see where they're getting that information from the biggest titles as well as the feedback they got from Gamers play testing the game
Grant Holland (23 hours ago)
I enjoy y’alls videos and completely agree in fact I manly play single player excluding Fortnite but my favorite single player games would be Ico trilogy Life is strange games Sly cooper game Any thing by naughty dog (mainly Uncharted and the greatest story in a single player game ever also known as last of us) And my personal favorite Horizon Zero Dawn despite it being fairly new
Zilmayjaink (1 day ago)
Falcon never disappoints
Isaac Russel (1 day ago)
Favourite single player experiences? Too much to list down. Hated multiplayer (game as a service) experiences? That one I can list down. In any case, EA, Ubisoft, WB, etc. have already soured my taste buds with their games so I sold my PS4. Kinda regret it but thanks to them, I hate gaming now. As much as I miss it, I am reluctant to come back. Thanks a bunch, EA, WB, Ubisoft, and to all others who jumped on the bandwagon.
Member Berry (1 day ago)
Here EA take these two capital letters F and U.
AlexTheSniper19 (1 day ago)
The Tomb Raider series ever since the reboot I feel in love with the series.
Matt Blank (1 day ago)
My single player gaming is about 70% then 10% couch coop with my wife so they are wrong.
Charles Bridges (1 day ago)
The Ratchet & Clank and Oddworld series are both my favorite Single Player.
HMS Daedalus (1 day ago)
I miss Dead Space.
Kitinep (1 day ago)
This is why EA makes me sick to my stomach. They just want to spew out this bullshit so that they can make less games but charge us more money for them.
Victor ljunglöf (1 day ago)
They are so wrong! Single player is the thing i play the most! Love the God of war series, Fallout series, Bioshock, Far Cry etc. More Single player to the people!
ThatchthepicGuy 123 (1 day ago)
The Infinite Warfare campaign was amazing, had so much and really brought a lot to the table.
MyWORDisntGospel (1 day ago)
I still go back to Witcher 3 and Last of Us. I’m currently playing God of War. They are wrong. I know I’m not the only gamer that has an Online Game I play with my friends, a sports title to also play online and a single player campaign game that I go to when I don’t feel like being social. Yes EA, sometimes we don’t want to be social. And that’s ok.
Everybody knows that the comment by EA was bullshit. They claim this because multiplayer games are much more profitable than singleplayer games (live services-microtransactions-lootboxes, etc) They just needed a excuse that sounds better than We are greedy bastards and want max profit with min effort!
Beyond good and evil...Skyrim .....mass effect....Dragon Age
0echo0ify (1 day ago)
the best EA game was dead space and dead space 2 until the third came out
Adrian Pallis (1 day ago)
I hate the online games, doesn't interest me at all..........
theshoal12 (1 day ago)
I know it's a long shot, but I hope EA goes out of business.
Forged by Kimas (1 day ago)
for me, multiplayer is a fun way to loosen up after a work day, but it never beats singleplayer games. singleplayer with good story feels like you watching a movie where you can interact or reading a good book.
HumanRacer (1 day ago)
Dead Space is my favourite singleplayer game and i still playing it. It was created by visceral games
xbfalcon83 (1 day ago)
Last 3 games I played through: Far Cry5, Doom 2016(again), Assassins: Creed Origins Been gaming for over 30 years, but I'm done with this industry. Developers are just flat out lying to us these days and I can't wait till the industry comes crashing down. Now I'm off to play through Super Metroid for the 500th time, after that I'll probably plug my N64 in and smash some Goldeneye
Jong Fuu (1 day ago)
Star Wars kotor was brilliant. I would love a single player star wars game. I rarely play multiplayer. I can see why some may like it, but I prefer a great story that I'm a part of.
lick lickerson (1 day ago)
I know this is going against the whole video but i want a new or remastered version of TimeSplitters lol
M3PTIRAH (1 day ago)
I dont even wanna count how many times I have beat Max Payne, Resident Evil games etc, all best experiences for me are singleplayer games and COOP games, and sometimes its fun to play multiplayer games. The problem with some devs is, that what they want is to make games as cheap as possible and making as much money out of it as possible. And people think too often that "I rather pay for a game and play 10.000hours" than for a "only 30hours singleplayer" The difference is however, that 30hours can be the best 30 hours in your life, but those 10.000 hours multiplayer most likely wont even happend cause you will be borned and pissed about all lootboxes and microtransaction bullshit, and on top of that the game is BAD!
Nick Howe (1 day ago)
Excellent video, and I hope the idiots at EA watch it and take it to heart. I didn't get SW Battlefront because it was online ONLY. I mainly play jrpgs and horror games, and both genres are linear single player experiences. I understand EA and Square Enix wanting to create games as a service, but if every dev/pub jump on that shit wagon, creativity will become almost zero and gamers will have little to look forward to in terms of new releases. I still play through older single player linear games, such as Metal Gear Solid, FF, DQ, Lunar, Arc, Silent Hill 1-3 and sometimes even 4. If single player linear story driven games become extinct, I'd be emotionally devastated and wouldn't ever recover :(
Butterfly Lightning (1 day ago)
The Last Guardian
SourWaffles (1 day ago)
I enjoy single player story driven games a lot more than I enjoy playing multiplayer games
Shane Brannon (1 day ago)
I still play Mass Effect, Resident Evil 4 & Silent Hill.
arkwhite23 (2 days ago)
The last EA game I bought was Mass Effect Andromeda and I stopped buying EA games after that mess. My favorite EA games will be the Mass Effect trilogy even though that was the brain child of Bioware that they published. EA said that about single player games because publishers find them not as profitable as online live service games with micro-gambling. However they never seem to acknowledge that when done right single player games are profitable and improve the reputations of the companies involved in the project. Couple of examples just to prove them wrong. Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn, Witcher 3, God of War 2018, Doom 2016.
redstoneactive5 (2 days ago)
It was probably only shut down because it had some system in which EA wouldn't get money from it, and the linear explanation is just a cover story.
jose ram (2 days ago)
That's your opinion but the end of the day the company that makes the money is the one that wins you want to talk about ta look at how many FIFA games they make they make them every year people buy FIFA points with the single player experience once you pass the game that's it it's time to move on look at how long it takes for a company to make a single player game 3 to 5 years with online games they come out every year what you thinking nintendo where you think they're going online it's extra money $20 a year * 18 million users how much money is that for Nintendo so you just have to get with the times
Erylaria (2 days ago)
games i have played (and finished) in the past year: 6 (!) jrpgs (persona 5, ff12 zodiac age, and 4 tales games), horizon: zero dawn, stardew valley, oxenfree. currently starting a new playthrough on the stardew valley beta with my boyfriend. know what i haven't touched since i finished university? online multiplayer. why? i don't have the goddamn time to wait in queues, coordinate with a guild, play bad matches on LoL, or stuff like that. i have a JOB now. my free time is valuable. i want to fill it stories/experiences i actually enjoy. i don't care about online multiplayer/games as a service one. single. bit. give me local coop for games i enjoy, like tales or stardew valley. i don't need anything more. i have never bought CoD in my life, but i do have most tales games and almost all final fantasy games, and i LOVE point&click adventures with little twists like oxenfree. so this idiot from EA can spout his idiocy all day, i have he chokes on it.
Manoj Ram (2 days ago)
Lund in Hindi means Dick.... And yeah... he does look like a SoderDick
Marek Kumitsu (2 days ago)
bo nie umieja robic takich gier zjebana firma co poradzisz
Muru Roa (2 days ago)
Damn, I even still play Doom a couple of times a year.
Bradley Cosser (2 days ago)
They obviously don't consider how well other companies do making single player games. I mean look at Bethesda with the Elder Scrolls and other franchises
kickelodeon (2 days ago)
Skate, skate 2, and the bigs 2 need to be remastered on xbox one x
Jake Stammers (2 days ago)
I know EA is a business and needs to make money but please give us a game with no dam f***ing loot boxes.
Andrew Hill (2 days ago)
If it doesn’t have a single player mode I don’t want it. Mostly because multiplayer sucks. If GTA 5 was just GTA online, for instance, I’d never have bought it in the first place. I think I tried online for 5 minutes once, though, before never trying it again.
Siber Karga (2 days ago)
I just can't enjoy any videogame that does not have an art value. I genuinely don't enjoy pubg or anything stupid like that.
Jeff-66 FL (2 days ago)
I gave this a thumbs up without even watching it.
IstaroDintari333 (2 days ago)
SWTOR. Nothing more needs to be said to destroy EA's statement.
OrcCorp (2 days ago)
Some amazing single player games from my personal library, during the past decade alone, to rule over any and all multiplayer game: Crysis, Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Skyrim, The Witcher 3 and now God of War (only got PS4 couple months ago). Hopefully many more to come for the next decade.
Lone Wanderer (2 days ago)
EA:peopled don’t like linear games as much as they did five years or ten years ago Gamers:say that to the sales of god of war and the Witcher
František Zvěřina (2 days ago)
EA pretending they care what players want is a joke.
Erized (2 days ago)
I lose interest in multiplayer games incredibly quickly - they're impersonal, repetitive and I don't play well with others. First and foremost I play for an engaging storyline and characterization that pulls me in and doesn't let go. Games I always come back to? Baldur's Gate series (I've played that series so much I lost count, thanks to so many awesome mods), Neverwinter Nights 1 & expansions (again, mods!), KOTOR, Jade Empire, Mass Effect (the first series, except the end of 3), Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood and Black Flag, Witcher series, Final Fantasy series (up to FF12), Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls (Morrowind and Skyrim), etc.
IstaroDintari333 (2 days ago)
Kratos slays EA in the next God of War.
Lawrence Chow (2 days ago)
Couch co-op is heavily in need for gamers and their significant others, I hope there will be more couch co-op in the future.
Onyx75 (2 days ago)
I have lost interest in MP games. After a while they get very repetitive and less fun and you feel the gacha system constantly looming over your shoulder. I loved Overwatch but after two years I got bored, I played Destiny one from day one and enjoyed it, I loved Fortnite but after a few months I got bored. Now I look at other MP games and I am just not interested they all look the same. But I have never lost interest in SP games. You talked about God of War and showed The Last of Us but what about Horizon Zero Dawn, Yakuza (series), Persona 4 & 5, The Witcher trilogy. The list is near endless of great SP games that are worth replaying.
Richard Hope (2 days ago)
Angel Rivera (2 days ago)
I hate EA I understand they are a publicly traded corporation and they need to make a profit for their investors and a corporation's fiduciary responsibility is to make a much money as possible for said investors. However, ignoring what your core cliental wants in order to chase short term profits is a long term disaster for companies like EA and Activision. Single payer games like The Last of Us, Uncharted, God of War, The Witcher series, GTA etc are extremely popular games and sell very well and make a ton of revenue and profits for those developers. A lot of gamers myself included prefer the single payer experience than the mindless multiplayer games like Destiny, Star Wars Battlefront, and Anthem which EA is forcing Bioware to develop. EA and Activision is chasing short term profits and ignoring the long term stability of their companies. I don't hope for anyone to lose their jobs but the long term prospects of both of these companies are questionable unless they change their attitudes towards gamers and stop trying to train us to accept multiplayer games with dropboxes which in my opinion is a form of gambling and needs to be regulated by the government and microtransactions. Don't hold your breath on EA or Activision ever changing their attitudes towards gamers. Great video I'm glad there's someone out there pointing out these obvious truths.
Lugmillord (2 days ago)
Ugh, Andrew Wilson... such an awful CEO. He wants lootboxes everywhere. EA has gotten the "worst US company"-award multiple years now. That says something.
Angeliceron (2 days ago)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 3, 4, NV, Wolfienstien I and II, Dishonered 1 and 2, BioShock 1, 2, Infinate, The Forest, Conan Exiles, Civilizations VI, Diablo II and III, Stardew Valley, The Sims 3 and 4, I could keep going EA dont test me.
Eroth Amur (2 days ago)
I like singleplayer games mostly, because online games (specially MMO) same as work for me and it's not fun. If about EA games, then really like their BF1 (love that setting), but I hate it too because of multiplayer, where you even can't find people for maps, which you like. I do not want to buy next games from EA and DICE anymore because of it.
Elsa D'Souza (2 days ago)
Games that I ♥ with single player focus: 1. Company of Heroes series 2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series 3. Metro 2033 series 4. Tomb Raiders most of the recent ones at least Not played but want to: 1. Nier Automata 2. Horizon Zero Dawn + DLC 3. Tomb Raider Shadow... (upcoming) 4. Metro (upcoming) 5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.2 (upcoming) 6. God of War (the new one) 7. HellBlade Senua's Sacrifice
emanyu26 (2 days ago)
EA may as well be honest...they want more money and they probably thought they cannot make as much money on single player..WRRRROOOOONNNNNGGGGGG!!!!! ijits...
Clive Goh (2 days ago)
U had so many awesome single player games. Dune, C&C (Tiberium, Red Alert & Generals), KOTOR, Medal Of Honor which were all critically acclaimed and widely loved by the player base. Yes some of these games had a multiplayer component but they also had a rich single player experience with an immersive story and great live action cutscenes and voicr acting. Nt to forget more recently the mass effect trilogy which got me so immersed in the story that i actually felt real emotions (anger, sadness, happiness, regret) upon seeing the results of my decisions (especially the one where i chose Legion over Talia and saw her jump. That totally killed me. Or the one where i chose Jack over Miranda and lost her loyalty. I literally restarted the whole damm game so that i could get her loyalty back cause me being a dumbfuck forgot to save). At present, the Total War series is doing extremely well and lets not forget the blockbuster that was Horizon Zero Dawn last yr. Or the ps4 exclusives like Persona 5 and Nier Automata which were entirely single player. I was originally so excited for Anthem but seeing all this crap now im prob gonna stick to ubisoft or sony for my games from now on
Dan Roberts (2 days ago)
Stalker SOC, CS & COP (never played MT), Bioshock 1 & 2, Skyrim Oblivion, just to name a few.
Mr. Wade Gaming (2 days ago)
some AA companies love loot boxes and pay to win.. That's Why they hate Singer Player Story game....
My favourite game that I just keep going back to is Might&Magic VI: Mandate of Heaven, it came out way back in the 90’s and yet I and my best mate still love it to bits! I also play Pillars of Eternity. I love single player RPG’s with a fun narrative, fun mechanics and charm. I have not liked many EA games and am appalled at Ubisoft also for their mishandling of my favourite games series, game companies need to take a step back and realise that if they want money over delivering quality, then gamers will slow their purchasing of the crap and the companies still putting out quality will continue to make bank, you’d think they’d learn from the past where quantity over quality was the norm and the games industry suffered.
EinonY (2 days ago)
It's not exactly that they think people don't want single player games, it's more like people don't want THEIR single player games. There was a lot of negative reactions when EA shut down Visceral, that it was a major blow to single player games, but let's be honest, Visceral was just an ok studio at best, meaning they couldn't deliver a product to rival with top SP games from better studios. This means that the star wars game they were making would probably not get the return needed/wanted by EA, so it was shut down. EA is more focused on making persistent games than SP ones, so of course they're going to defend that position, even if it sounds ridiculous, considering the easy to notice success of SP games in recent years, like Witcher 3 for example. It's fine if they want to keep to this business model, there's always people interested as long as the game 's decent, but it might be bad news for fans of some of their franchises and studios, like Mass Effect, which is pretty much dead, or might come back in a different form under their current model, or Bioware, that might see their pedigree of quality RPGs be changed to grind fests littered with microtransactions, something I'm sure Anthem will be. Curious note, while there's all this talk about persistent worlds as being what players want, and the success of Destiny contributed to that, I find if funny that the last time I checked the rarity rank of trophies for that game (on PS4) shows that most people that owned the game didn't actually progressed far in it. The game seemed to have been kept afloat by a relatively small player base.
Paragraphion K (2 days ago)
I'd love a single player Jedi/sith game that is well done and focuses on lightsaber combat more than any other game. Would buy the console it comes out on :D
TheMisnasty (2 days ago)
i love story games i mis them you never see to many anymore just se the new tomb raider or god of war great games fantastik story i even play old games becors of that
King Killer (2 days ago)
Here's why I say EA is wrong. I'm almost entirely uninterested in multiplayer games, I only play single player games and pretty much entirely boycott the very idea of "games as a service" as I think it's avaricious bullshit.
demetrius pfifer (2 days ago)
Best Single player games of time: All the Kingdom Hearts games. Devil may cry’s 1-4. Any of the God of War games. The Jak and Dexter series.
ProtocolZero (2 days ago)
I've never played a multiplayer game and have zero interest in playing one. And it's probably been at least 15 years or more since I bought anything from EA.
Jerry C (2 days ago)
Late in the PS4 life cycle?? The PS4 will not get replaced until 2021 at the very earliest.
DarthFaiLuRe (3 days ago)
I love multiplayer games but I dont always have internet access, so singleplayer is pretty important to me. EA Battlefield-wise, I miss the old school BF2 style singleplayer that was just multiplayer but with bots. A story mode is always cool, but I wish they would at least bring back the bot "multiplayer", just so us players without constant internet connection can have a little more to do and have more gaming options. Plus with todays tech id imagine they could make much more complex, more 'realistic' bot AIs.
custume (3 days ago)
Single payer games are dead, sure tell that to frostpunk devs hehehheheheheheh
Mellie's (3 days ago)
Ea does what they always do look at the money? I still play all 3 of Mass Effect. over and over again. I also play the sims 3. I play Sims 4 only when I feel like it.. I have Andromeda I would have bought into the DLC's if they just listened.. But they sunk that one. Anthem is being on my watch list. If there is more Multiplayer I won't buy it..
TheDarkever (3 days ago)
Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game of all times. The closest activity in it that resembles multiplayer is the chocobo race xD

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