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Why EA Is Wrong About Singleplayer Games

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EA recently went on record saying players don't want linear singleplayer experiences anymore. We respectfully disagree. Here's why. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/gameranx
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gameranx (5 months ago)
Since we're on the subject...what's your favorite EA singleplayer game?
johnny dotson (1 month ago)
The first Medal of honor game on ps1
hellion2k (1 month ago)
the first medal of honor for playstation 1 , 1999 .
Yuno Gasai @V3rmillion (1 month ago)
EA is driven by pure greed
Hello 123 (2 months ago)
NHL 09
teribite (3 months ago)
Dragon Age: Origins ^.=.^♪
mktrill (20 hours ago)
Online only is exactly the main reason I'm not getting black ops 4
Kyle Katarn (1 day ago)
Witcher 3! Obviously ;)
Laydie Lie (1 day ago)
I will fight ANYONE who tries to claim that singleplayer games are dead or dying. Anyone who claims that is either trolling or only out for themselves (money or ignorance). So yeah, EA is WRONG. But gameranx: you're wrong too. You're wrong that we all enjoy multiplayer online at times. I've NEVER played an online game: MANY people don't go there. The non-truths about singleplayer games needs to DIE.
Lasane Death knight (2 days ago)
One of my all time favorites is Skyrim
Naman Singh (2 days ago)
Thank god for the existence of CD Project Red and Bethesda
Monsterbird Nation (2 days ago)
Fallout (Full Series), Halo (LASO Only), Final Fantasy (Up to X-2), Gears Of War, God Of War, Tomb Raider, Elder Scrolls (Full Series), Dead Rising (Full Series). I still find myself dusting off the PS2 to play to Final Fantasy X and X-2 every now and again. Those were gorgeous games for their time with some if the best story content I've seen to this day.
Allan James Bailliol (3 days ago)
Manhunt, bully, evil within
Pierre Sanchez (3 days ago)
in all my 20 or so years of gaming ive never been a fan of online or multiplayer gaming. i love the single player game stories and ill stick to a franchise until... well i die.
Darth Sisk (3 days ago)
Spider man Ps4
Yogess Limboo (3 days ago)
I prefer playing single player games more than multiplayer online game. I enjoy playing monster Hunter world in co op multiplayer bcuz they don't have (micro transactions pay to win stuff )[and i hate this kind of thing in online gameplay] EA is wrong and nowadays EA and 2k have same thing pay to win and micro transaction which i hate most
B.A Health (4 days ago)
What im miss in gaming is a good game like the witcher with good story. But also can coop with your mate. But what im see if they make online or coop the storyline is very weak. And you dont have the id you play in a world with his on story. But you play a online game a d go from missie to missie. The witcher make you dont feel you go from missie to missie. But give you the feeling you are in a fantasie world with his onw story. And you play the hero in this story. And you go to people for a real avondtuur. But when come a gamemaker with a game that have this bot? The online with your best mate or maby twoo mate? And that you can play in a real good story? That you have al your onw hero in the sory and they life in the world.
Lost Memories (4 days ago)
I personally have always enjoyed co-op {yes single player are good too.} However, what happened to the ability to hook up another controller and play co-op offline? As much as I enjoy my online friends, I may want to play with real life ones too. That in mind.. I did live in a area with no connection for awhile, kinda had to play nothing but single player for awhile.
Lost Memories (4 days ago)
Need For Speed came to mind. I played Hot Pursuit all the time with my brother as a kid. If memory serves me correctly, with the new ones you can either play single player or online. I wish co-op was both off and online offered.
the patriot (4 days ago)
Let's admit we all love to fight with & against computer controlled AI , I mean ya it's nice to play with friends online but if our AI companions & enemies take some intelligent things nothing is more satisfying ( for example enemies in games like farcry or FEAR)
Ryan Bateman (5 days ago)
i was going to say fallout, then i remembered when i FINALLY invaded windhelm in skyrim......then i remembered starfox, that was an amazing game to play, and yes, its single player, got a problem with that EA?
Waltdeezy12 (5 days ago)
They can still do dlc in single player games, the batman Arkham games were awesome and had costumes you could buy too.
CRa Z Ay (5 days ago)
Online games with lootboxes simply just earn more revenue over time than Triple A single player games , Its just that As a money hungry business corporation obviously EA prefers this type of model , games like GOW and spiderman definitely sell big but after that their income drops significantly while games with lootboxes and micro transactions make people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars over time ... So yeah I'm not surprised why EA is trying to brainwash people by saying Single player is dead Single player triple A games are simply too risky They might tank in their opening week and may never have any profit while a tanked micro transaction pay to win game would atleast shell out a few more bucks from those who do play it
Gordon Freeman (5 days ago)
I still go back to CoD 4 and other SP games from that time, good times.
Fernando Passos (6 days ago)
I much rather play a singleplayer game that gives me a good experience and gets me involved than play a multiplayer game with some kid bitching around talking bullshit, and I think that this is the thought of a great part of the gaming community, especially when it comes down to a more mature public that have way to many problems to worry about already and just wanna sit down and disconnect from the world for a lil while.
saurav raisul (6 days ago)
"people will want more microtransactions in future"- CEO EA
scottieman2 (6 days ago)
I like single player games. I'd rather have single player games really or at least offline.
Mike L (6 days ago)
I'm probably repeating several comments from below. But I soooooo miss buying great games and just sitting alone at home and having my own personal adventure. I don't need online AT ALL!!! I didn't buy a game system to be forced into combat full of foul mouth punk ass 10 yr olds. The constant online charges are driving out "one time buy", single player games. From a marketing p.o.v. it's a money maker. Plain and simple. Not everyone can afford good internet, good pc systems and consoles. They are abandoning a huge swath of players by going online/multi player. I barely play anything like I used to.
Hamman Samuel (6 days ago)
To be honest, I don't like MP modes
French Mapping (6 days ago)
age of mythology campaign was lowkey the best single player game
Andy Osborne (7 days ago)
Jordan Nealon (7 days ago)
NWN2 is absolutely awesome, but it's not EA
Successful heart (7 days ago)
If it's not offline I'm not buying.
nick stetzel (7 days ago)
Dead space and Need for speed most wanted replay x100.
fleshlight9997 (7 days ago)
I prefer single player games over first person shooters and most multiplayers the only game I like with other people tend to be MMOs
Chade Fallstar (7 days ago)
0:36 "Now we don't often start off saying X- company is wrong in these, so I feel there's a little more explanation in order." "EA a c..." /Stops video That's all the explanation we need thankyou.
Michael E (7 days ago)
EA is probably the worst company in the digital media sphere. I no longer buy from them at all. Let your dollars going elsewhere send the message to EA.
Luis Krötz (7 days ago)
Dragon Age is the Best SP. Hate the Inquisition Multiplayer, is nonsense. I like to play when I'm offline (like traveling), so makes no sense to me a multiplayer game.
SD Draws (7 days ago)
Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian which made me cry
Kenth Hagström (7 days ago)
EA only care about profit! Don’t buy their shit.
david single (7 days ago)
Honestly my all time favorite single player game is still Skyrim, yea it has some dlc which was decent. But no monetisation, no co-op or multiplayer. And despite being a very old game, its still selling copies. I never understand why there always has to be one of the other, some people like single player. Some like multiplayer, some people like both. So just make games, and stop telling us what we want.....we are gamers, generally speaking we want it all.
Soul Water (7 days ago)
I’m sure they would listen to actual players and not their Ai ones if people decided to just stop buying their games (not that it would be remotely possible that people would actually do that)
Brandon Lupien (7 days ago)
Went back to advent rising last year. Still one of my favorite games, despite any bugs.
kurrupted void (8 days ago)
I still play jak and daxster 2 on the ps2
Test128 (8 days ago)
EA Shouldn't snap and make half their games dissapear.
Julian Hesse (8 days ago)
The Ledgends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best game ever!!
Brittany Blount (8 days ago)
I agree with you
David Richardson (8 days ago)
Devil May cry series
john dolores (8 days ago)
Wither 3 is awesome and my favourite cant wait for 2077!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew Furey (8 days ago)
I love going back to original doom games, Baldur's gate 2 and most of the fallout games
Ray Last (8 days ago)
Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines
Timothy Giese (8 days ago)
I think I have played and replayed more single player games than multiplayer games I was able to get into. Including the social experiences
Looting Lucario (8 days ago)
I go back every year and replay the first 3 spyro games love those and the reignited trilogy coming out next month is probably going to be my favourite game this year except for maybe smash
Pratik Brahma (8 days ago)
I just finished playing, God of War. And it's freaking Freya on the thumbnail. Ha! Liked her character quiet a bit. Felt a bit bad for her at the end. She was helpful throughout the campaign. Sad it had to end that way.
LordOfThunder (8 days ago)
Skyrim Oblivion Dark Souls 3 Half Life 2 Black Mesa The Witcher 3 Doom Super Smash Bros Brawl Legend Of Zelda: BOTW Superhot Clone Drone In The Danger Zone Fallout 1 Fallout 2 Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegas Fallout 4 Rise Of The Tomb Raider Assassins Creed: Black Flag Cuphead To name a few
roadhouse699 (8 days ago)
Electronic "Arts"
jpteknoman (8 days ago)
fast forward 4 months and the highest profit games are God of War and Spiderman that are exclusively single player... and despite being exclusives (which means 1/3 or less of the buyers can have them)
michael zade (8 days ago)
Zelda Ocarina of Time and cod campaigns
Hengist CZ (8 days ago)
Companies dont want to make singleplayer games because microtransactions make a ton of maney because of noliver addicts who actually buy the shit.
adragonstale (8 days ago)
Well lets see.. the Witcher 3, God of War, Kingdom Hearts series, Arkham series, the Last of Us... For how long should I continue?
Melon Legs (8 days ago)
Three words *GOD OF WAR*
Adam Neff (8 days ago)
Your right.....Your right......Your so right. I back every single thing you said in this video. I love all kinds of games, but im usually drawn more to the single player story driven games. All that set aside, your so right about how EA is trying to evolve the game industry. EA is basically trying to recreate the coin-op, just in our living rooms this time. Its the very very controversial debate about where our individual ownership of our products is going. Get prepared everyone because I think it may just get worse. Especially if we dont do anything to stop it.
Elvirth24 (8 days ago)
Can we just collectively get together and punch the entire board of EA in the face until they give us actually good Star Wars games?
Noah Henneberg (8 days ago)
tomb raider i love that and i still play borderlands 1 and 2 all the time
Daniel Adam Mereel (8 days ago)
I can't stop replaying the dragon age trilogy
Matthew O'Mealey (8 days ago)
Half-Life... All of it.
Jordan Morris (8 days ago)
You know what EA's desperation to make as much money as they can is killing their own game series they make a good game then kill it with 10 sequels so people stop buying then they blame it on the players NO EA just no you f***ed up your best games not us... electronic arts more like electronic arse
Joshua DeNoyer (8 days ago)
Any AC, The Last of Us, and a ton more
dmitc01 (8 days ago)
I actually stopped my ps+ sub because i only used online for sf5 which is still lacking imo. I've found that most of the games I want to play are single player games, FF15, GoW, TombRaider, MGS etc. And for fighters I just play those with my siblings and friend when I'm over by them. So yeah as far as I'm concerned EA is wrong.
Gothic Shy (8 days ago)
Best single player experience? Persona series hands down.
Pamela Christensen (8 days ago)
Ok fortnite is fun but it's not that fun
Basskitty (9 days ago)
I have burnout paradise City remastered
David Pitts (9 days ago)
I have basically no interest in multiplayer games. Only games I’ll play online are sports games. But I buy and want games for the story. A good choice based narrative. I want more games like Life is strange etc.
Issac Arellano (9 days ago)
New vegas easily
El_muncho_sr (9 days ago)
I like pve multiplayer games
Sean Biggs (9 days ago)
Something to think about, the market is currently glutted with multiplayer online games. The last really good single player game that I played was Mass Effect 3 and it left a bad taste in my mouth for games in general. SPG players are kinda not in the market anymore because no one is willing to produce a high quality single player game anymore. That leaves your data pool skewed towards MMOs.
James The kid (9 days ago)
I need ea to bring back dragon age.
Warren Gouldthorpe (9 days ago)
Some of the best games are single player games, like the original battlefront games, halo ce and 2, and the gta games
Tommie Grumbles (9 days ago)
my single player game i keep returning to is The ledgend of the dragoon damn i love the hell out of it. The story line never gets old. if they did a remake of that boosted the graphics then i would definaly cough up some cash but if the touch the story that would suck.
GhostChevelle (9 days ago)
The legend of dragoon! Lol dragon quest 8 and 11, every assassins creed game ive played, fallout 3-4, but skyrim was the game changer for me, persona 3-5 also :D
Talk of the Tables (9 days ago)
Unrelated, but THQ Nordic is probably one of the best companies out there regarding this kinda stuff.
Marshmallow Zilla (9 days ago)
I go back to skyrim and i get all the achievements for it il ply oblivion
Master Thief (9 days ago)
Single Player > Multiplayer
chief chuffles (9 days ago)
Horizon Zero Dawn. I absolutely adore that game
GamesDoLive (9 days ago)
Far Cry 3, finished it 16 times, gonna be on my 17th playthrough now
Magnus Truesdale (9 days ago)
H:ZD, Ac Origins, Botw and Black flag are all fantastic.
hugo sinclair (9 days ago)
*starts own country, bans multiplayer games, EA looses their shit because now they have to work on an actual game*
Domestic Waffles (9 days ago)
Kirby Mass Attack
Dragon no (10 days ago)
Legend of spyro
Buck Roger (10 days ago)
EA has never been wrong. We both know that all gamers want is online only games full of lotboxes an weekly dlc.
ULTRA Lightning (10 days ago)
I hate EA the should change there name to LB loot boxes
karl higgins (10 days ago)
I get bored of multiplay i dont enjoy talking to other humans too much nore do i like to rely on other people to do things cos i get frustrated when missions take lonher than they should cod the other guy isnt as good 😂😂 pluss i play at really random times so single player games are more convinent and enjoyable for me
The Kitty Cat Gamer (10 days ago)
Starwars kotor
Bergatrollet (10 days ago)
I just like to fire up my old LEGO Star wars III game sometimes it's just a fun game, blast from the past when the GPU did not have to kill it self to play the dam game. Am I right?
Abhijit Roy (10 days ago)
Wait till rdr2 comes EA will have their mouths wide open
Azrael Tsubuzaki (11 days ago)
I'm still salty they ruined the Dead Space series..1st and 2nd were great and ofcourse EA didnt let the writers do what they wanted so they had to make a rushed version that wasnt so great, sure Awakened was sorta a "fixed" ending...but you had to pay $10 for it on top of the $60 base game. Just EA ruining everything and not caring about their players as usual.
New_Beginnings (11 days ago)
Tbh if we’re talking Star war games, I want every Star Wars game that ever got canned, like Star Wars Battlefront 3, Star Wars Final assault, Star Wars 1313, the canned Darth maul game, and it would’ve been good if visceral game released there Star Wars game too... its so annoying that majority of Star Wars games that have gotten canned for a range of reason, are in fact the best games to ever hit Star Wars... Seriously don’t get what these CEOs are doing these days
KNIGHTFAL L (11 days ago)
its it because they want you to pay for things items or thing that give you an advantage in multiplayer and also they say screw hard work you can just pay for it
Chuck Clark (12 days ago)
I can see how multiplayer can have its appeal, but I’ve never been much of a fan. I do enjoy campaign co-op, though. I’ve finally found someone to play Dead Space 3 with, and I personally like it more than the single player experience. A LOT MORE.
Chuck Clark (12 days ago)
I’m playing MGS3 Subsistence on my PS2, right now. I LOVE this game!
Ummm just be honest EA, you just want to make a game that people will keep paying to get random crap. I guess God of War 4, Horizon Zero Dawn to name a few doesn’t exist in EA’s little mind.
Edward Wessels (12 days ago)
I enjoy playing single player games. I hardly ever go to GTA Online. But I do play the heck outta Rocket League and Overwatch and Team Fortress 2; because screw Fortnite!
The Rockstar Gamer (12 days ago)
Singleplayer games are better because there aren’t any stupid kids screeching at the top of their lungs when you kill them
nadav porat (13 days ago)
I think i'm not alone in saying - I buy consoles mostly for single player games. I am willing to pay a lot of money for games, it is by far my favorite way to consume content, I own an Xbox, a PS4 and a Switch, because they all have exclusive games that I love playing. But if games would stop delivering this artistic content I would just stop buying consoles and pay for one game a year for multiplayer on PC and that's it. I believe it is counterproductive for a gaming company to diss single player games, that is the only reason people still buy consoles and multiple games and not just a PC every decade and 1 game a year
Aird Righ (13 days ago)
I only play single player and co-op games.
Dani Sleight (13 days ago)
League is fun. Been playing it for 4 years now. But I still prefer the single-player (or co-op) story-driven games that encourage you to finish the story and then probably 100% complete it after doing a second run. It never gets old.

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