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PREHISTORIC KINGDOM - Trailer (New Jurassic Park Building Game) 2018

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PREHISTORIC KINGDOM - Reveal Trailer (New Jurassic Park Building Game) 2018 | Jurassic Park Genesis Zoo Management Game !? Prehistoric Kingdom is a prehistoric theme park simulator like no other challenge yourself and build the Prehistoric Zoo of your dreams! Make it flourish, keep it safe. The possibilities are endless within this fantastical world. Extinction is not forever in Prehistoric Kingdom! Dev Blog: http://www.prehistorickingdom.com/
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Odee Dillon (9 months ago)
Oh oh I get it. This is Cities Skylines meets The Sims Build Mode, meets Jurassic World! 😯🤤️🎖️
Moises Gomez (1 year ago)
mano que paso tengo meses esperando el top de juegos de supervicencia de poco requisitos
Gerard03 (1 year ago)
looks nice

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