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D&B Nation (1 year ago)
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Beatrice Collins (25 days ago)
Prince family zoom challenge
Beatrice Collins (25 days ago)
D&B Nation zoom challenge
Reyna Chappell (2 months ago)
D&B Nation
Abraham Medina (4 months ago)
D&B Nation Uguys the best yt
Tyreon Nichols (5 months ago)
D&B Nation tamyasmith395
Indiah Fitzgerald (7 days ago)
It sound like he said the piss family
Paul Sueyoshi (15 days ago)
Team biannca
Aidan Milton (18 days ago)
What was that first song!!!
Terryka Gittens (18 days ago)
Team biannca
Beatrice Collins (25 days ago)
Zoom challenge
Beatrice Collins (25 days ago)
Zoom challenge Prince family
saskia osbourne (1 month ago)
Marion Evans (2 months ago)
That is how my sister is all the time
Catherine Paiz (2 months ago)
Damien you are takeing for ever
Justin 25 Rodriguez (2 months ago)
I'm team Damian but Bianca win
Carlos Mathis (2 months ago)
He said crabs on me
Carlos Mathis (2 months ago)
He sounded like he said the piss family
Dejahna Jordan (2 months ago)
Dejahna Jordan (2 months ago)
It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes
Anyee Harper (3 months ago)
Damien is so funny biannca said at the end no u may not by the way i like those braces that u have πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
STRAP VIVO (3 months ago)
Wats the of the song damian was listening?
Tia Burks (4 months ago)
Amani Marshall (4 months ago)
he said "crabs and pee?" LOL
Jennifer Daniel (4 months ago)
D&B nation are the boom and do the act it out challenge
Demacio Sneed Jr (4 months ago)
I love both of y'all but team Bianca
ricer civic (4 months ago)
ayyyyyy he was litttteeeeeee$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Karoline lua (4 months ago)
I swear y’all are dirty af
Terra Bryant (4 months ago)
I like ya clothes ya wearing
Sneakergod (4 months ago)
Biacanna won
arnajah irby (4 months ago)
Yall are a good couples together
OpticMoon578 (4 months ago)
Biannca was like β€œcan u fuck me!”
Alyssa Sidney (4 months ago)
ITS YA BOI KHI (4 months ago)
She moved over bro
Melba Logan (4 months ago)
Team Damien
Zyterreia Tucker (4 months ago)
I want you guys to do the challenge hunch challenge
Conner Beckom (5 months ago)
She fine
Octavia Gilbert (5 months ago)
July 6 My Birthday
saskia osbourne (5 months ago)
love you guys
Kaelyz Dunn (5 months ago)
Bianca one cuz you just you say that Bianca lost but it's actually you that lost because Bianca did yell at the last one and you did not so yeah team Bianca all day everyday
Im sorry about you win are lose it donot matter
Lynn Miller (5 months ago)
Who knows me best challenge
STBG 12 (6 months ago)
lil jay (6 months ago)
Team damine all day every day
Alexis Janes (6 months ago)
team biannca all day every day
Tashawna B (6 months ago)
He said the pis family
naenae sami (6 months ago)
we know hat they be doin in da bedroom
Cameron Williams (6 months ago)
You dom prank
Alena Leach (6 months ago)
team bianncaaaaaaaaaa
jaevon carter (6 months ago)
Game 160
Jeremiah Brown (6 months ago)
Lol Damien getting it
saskia osbourne (6 months ago)
Term Bianca
Jeremiah Brown (6 months ago)
Bianca maddd lol 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
Tanger Mcdonald (6 months ago)
saskia osbourne (6 months ago)
I love drawing and dacne sing night
saskia osbourne (6 months ago)
miss you bicnnnca
saskia osbourne (6 months ago)
school is called Cumberland Academy of ga
saskia osbourne (6 months ago)
I am am 16 years old
krissy Bb (6 months ago)
He jamming
king Odie g (7 months ago)
Team Bianca all the way
Tina Drone (7 months ago)
he is telling all of sexual things he do to her like lol......
Giselle Ayala Angelica (7 months ago)
He’s pisses me off shoe does it better and he says that she doesn’t and he’s not even saying it right
Sherrie Williams (7 months ago)
Tita Cardona (7 months ago)
Trillboi Antoine (7 months ago)
11:04 Damian with that white guy laugh
Tamirah Carroll (7 months ago)
Mary Robertson (7 months ago)
juliana garcia (7 months ago)
You biancca team biancca
marques Pringle (7 months ago)
Team binncca
Shinikia Johnson (7 months ago)
Can u do the run in the snow challenge
Misty (7 months ago)
Wyatt Johnson (7 months ago)
Cock sucker
Latrell S (7 months ago)
team biannca!
AV T.V. (7 months ago)
B wonπŸƒ
Yourboyct X-25 (7 months ago)
I literally died when she said can you fuck me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Graves 418 (7 months ago)
Damn B u look sexy af in the outfit no if it’s to you D
julien beddoe (7 months ago)
mikayla penn (7 months ago)
The balloon challenge
Laila Turner (7 months ago)
Team biannca won she got all of them right
Laila Turner (7 months ago)
Damien can't tell nobody git fivity thousand likes
Ashley Lol (7 months ago)
team Bianca
marvla bignall (7 months ago)
biannca is hot sexy
Anna 290 (7 months ago)
Team b
Sidney Smith (7 months ago)
Do the smoothie challenge
Nya Hunt (7 months ago)
Bianca:"grind on me" damien:"CRABS AND PEE"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
AnToneya Harris (7 months ago)
Damien be lit 1:33 , 1:45 , 1:55 lmaoooo
Crystal Martin (7 months ago)
Damien what's that song because it go hard
super bro (7 months ago)
Yo Damien only wanted 4 questions so he could get a quicky
unbothered_shi 13 (7 months ago)
She was talking so loud lol
Ja'Darius Price (7 months ago)
It was a tie
kaegan leann (7 months ago)
5:38 he was ready for it thoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈβ€οΈ
saskia osbourne (7 months ago)
saskia osbourne (7 months ago)
trem bicnnnca
saskia osbourne (7 months ago)
you are amazing people
Rachel Butler (7 months ago)
Y'all like the video I WANT TO SEE PART 2
krista musselman (7 months ago)
team bianna i love you biannca
Aiyana Hodges (7 months ago)
She won
daisy sinon (7 months ago)
b you go girl love you xoxoxoxoxo
Stump Videos (8 months ago)
Aye Damian went in! I love how he dropped the beat after β€œmuscle relax”
kenia bromfield (8 months ago)
biannca won
Chloe Howe (8 months ago)
Chloe Howe (8 months ago)
Alicia Baker (8 months ago)
Y’all funny af!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Re'miah Fears (8 months ago)
sour candy challenge
Celine Kavanagh (8 months ago)
Team Biannca Everyday, It's sweet

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