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Cuomo: What if Obama made this deal with Kim Jong Un?

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CNN's Chris Cuomo, Van Jones and David Urban debate what conservatives would say if Obama made the same deal Trump made with Kim Jong Un.
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rasz baxter (2 days ago)
Mary Smith (2 days ago)
for all you dumbass trump supporters you think they respect trump trump is joke to kim omg not only is trump a trumptard so is his supporters
Mary Smith (2 days ago)
for all you dumbass trump supporters you think they respect trump trump is joke to kim omg not only is trump a trumptard so is his supporters
Ackara (3 days ago)
I'm sure the OPS can find clips of you being hypocrites as well CNN. stupid conversation.
Ian Plumb (4 days ago)
Here let me explain it for those of you that don't understand the difference: Obama didn't have respect from these foreign forces...they weren't fearful of him whatsoever. Trump DOES have their respect or at the very least, they are fearful of him taking action....that's the reason that the Republicans didn't want Obama to do it and are more comfortable with Trump doing it. It's really not that difficult to understand.
Billie Bergmann (4 days ago)
blobbfish dave
Shady 1 (4 days ago)
IF Obama would have lead from the front and not give away everything and got nothing in return he may have been a good president. Shame wishing and hope doesn't fill up the glass! President Trump goes at these problems as a Strong leader not as a wimp begging for anyone to like him. If I want something from you I am not going to tell you what an ass your are ! how stupid would that be?
Joe Montana (4 days ago)
Dave u going get sick because you are evil and your sickness will come for been racist.
Joe Montana (4 days ago)
Dave fat racist skin head motherfucker i knew his racist
77taptap (4 days ago)
Fooooook Obama
Eugene Thornton (5 days ago)
All ways an excuse when it's an educated black. Not being racist, just the facts of life. In almost everything color of your skin matter.
Grandus11 (5 days ago)
Yeah i want to listen to Van Jones he is such and authority.
Grandus11 (5 days ago)
Van Jones if you are not careful he will blame it all on white lashing.
hugo 888 (5 days ago)
Chris Cuomo is the last thing holding CNN together. If I was FOX I would pay high to recruit!!!
boo hoo (5 days ago)
This shit is to funny two clowns who will have egg all over there face when it's all over . TRUMP has beaten them , before he even really started . They hate him because he WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!!!!
Mark P (5 days ago)
airplane load of terrorist CASH ??get a clue CNN spit obams cock out you are chokin
991GT3 (5 days ago)
obama wasn't smart enough, cuomo is such a dick
Marc Peters (5 days ago)
CNN = Fake fucking News...
Eagle Legion (5 days ago)
Christopher Soon (5 days ago)
The left wing is on a massive decline.
steve lawrence (5 days ago)
Even the negro is a flaming fag
steve lawrence (5 days ago)
CNN = gay fake news
steve lawrence (5 days ago)
Cuomo the homo and Anderson put it in my pooper Cooper
Raymond Laban (6 days ago)
Why does CNN do this? Placing an upside down camera angle on conservatives and placing an enormous amount of bias and hatred.
ccwalker050 (6 days ago)
Trump is a Pig and the worst president we've ever had. I'm not a fan of Hillary either because in my opinion she blew the election with her entitlement attitude and not campaigning hard enough. Who gives a shit now its done!! What pisses me off the most is everybody ought to know that Drump is going to walk like he always does. When it's all said and done Mueller will probably not have shit on him to do anything that will stick. We want Trump to go down but he'll probably walk. Then we'll have to listen to his pathetic ass for the next few years bragging about how he was right.
Mason Lyons (6 days ago)
So this is the pot calling the kettle black basically. Both networks are so biased its silly. Either network calling out the other for hypocrisy or unfair news is no more than a shit throwing contest.
Terry Maints (6 days ago)
These types of european people are what's wrong with everything and he's not even fully showing his true colors. They're so unruly, prejudice, bigoted and everything else that they completely overshadow the actually decent, good, hard-working, fair and morally sound ones.
Ariel Macapinlac (6 days ago)
Cnn fake news...
Mike Weber (6 days ago)
Good to see CNN is still communistic (Communist News Network)... You guys and the View... Why are y'all hating America so much... Y'all are actually enabling the oppression of the American people...
Kalif Mahmoud (6 days ago)
But Obama didn't have the balls to actually meet Kim. Why?
Our friends? WHAT FRIENDS YOU FUCKING IDIOT. You have cost us our allies you dumbass piece of trash.
Jim Taylor (6 days ago)
It's really amazing how 45 and his minions and faux non news is completely right and EVEY other news channel is lying. WHAT A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES
Jim Taylor (6 days ago)
What a liar the bald headed white asshole is, DOUBLE TALKING HYPOCRATE
Avi Danese (6 days ago)
Stupid try telling off a lunatic see were gets you fucking news fake liars
Avi Danese (6 days ago)
Fake news trump needs a Nobel prize
Ernie McGowin (6 days ago)
If OBama had done this CNN would be carving his head on Mt Rushmore already instead the are demonizing Trump
Diddy Doe (6 days ago)
wow, never thought i'd see the day cnn does actual journalism. nomaly they do only the he said, she said bullshit. good job Chris, i hope you continue to do objective reporting instead of the usual neutral stenography.
Harpo (6 days ago)
The longest journey starts with the first step. Trump just took the first step and it's a great step. Lots to be done but open communication with N.K. is essential before anything positive can happen. Too early to second guess or criticize.
Richard Rodgers (6 days ago)
Republicans and other dip sticks out there are a bunch of ignoramus- Hippocratic buffoons ! Nuff said !
abeeftec (6 days ago)
It just amazes me how many liberals in this comment section are being fooled by the liberal slight of hand again. Sorry folks but how do you know Coumo is lying here? There is no deal yet. So Conservatives would have no issues at this point. However, the reason Conservatives had a problem with Obamas Iran deal is because 1. The same crowd did not drag Obama through the mud over North Korea. It was the Islamic terrorist Nations that they had issue with. 2. Obama negotiated with a terrorist regime declared them off the terrorist list right before making the deal after a long period of time of negotiating the deal all by himself or obahimself without the advice and consent of the Senate that he was supposed to have during the negotiating phase of a deal. 3. The deal was found to have no way to verify that Iran was not working on making Nukes. Of course agian it must be said..... Trump just had a 4 hour talk with the leader. WHO IS NOT A TERRORIST even though he is a dictator of which there is no rule to not negotiate with a dictator but there is one to not negotiate with a terrorist regime OR to give aid and comfort to our enemies in a war which we were certainly still in the war on terror and Iran was listed as a hostile nation in the war and Obama gave them aid and comfort. BIG Difference but the left only wants you to see that Trump made a deal when there was no deal made yet and Trump has already made clear that he wants Congress involved because that is what the Constitution says. Obama ignored it.
BrisThaBraveHeart (6 days ago)
Imagine if President Obama actually saluted a North Korean General like Trump did. Fox News and all of their supporters would have all simultaneously had hysteria induced aneurisms. That’s why you can’t take Fox News, Trump or ANY of their supporters seriously
Mark McDermaid (6 days ago)
Obama didn’t just shake dictators, terrorist groups hands he kissed their butts. He didn’t go their and act like friends in words what he did in actions tells the truth. And we see the opposite with trump. It’s like he said has NK launched any tests since talks began, No.
Tuba Maxima (6 days ago)
Now I know why CNN's ratings are even lower than MSNBC's. and MSNBC is the armpit of news.
BrisThaBraveHeart (6 days ago)
This just shows how hypocritical Fox News, Trump and their supporters are a bunch of dumb hypocrites. A logical person would just come out and say “hey you know maybe this is a little hypocritical” but nope, these idiots ACTUALLY try to explain away their hypocrisy with a bunch of “alternative” lies and red herrings. Typical
Tuba Maxima (6 days ago)
Van Jones is such a jerk.
Tuba Maxima (6 days ago)
Does Cuomo really really think that Trump would make the same "deal" as Obama. What a jerk. And as you notice Cuomo can only talk about Trump doing the same talking to a dictator as Obama said he would do. What bothers me is these CNN asswipes actually believing they are important. No one gives a shit what they they think.
Is there a God in heaven that can deliver us from this madness?? The hypocrisy is unreal! Please people get out and vote in 2020 but start the wave in 2018 to get rid of these people. And YES I said THESE PEOPLE! Because I don't know who the hell they are!
John Reichert (6 days ago)
Hussein was worthless as a human, let alone a president.
LSmallCatL (6 days ago)
Blowing sugar up a dictators butthole over seas while separating children from their illegally immigrated families at home... . Good luck with that.
Timemaster f (6 days ago)
Woulda coulda shoulda. Obama didnt make the deal, shitlibs are retarded.
yoda purple (6 days ago)
Trump is pure corruption,and habitual liar the man never has displayed a once of integrity or a moral compass and doesn't respect his base to speak without lies lies lies,Trump doesn't care about the working man,his bas are just the means to his end to destroy our democracy, Trump leading Americans aginst each other by creating division & chaos ,while he disrespects our democracy alias, while Trump salivating over Dictators Putin and n korea,Trump a Dictator Wannabe..every Corrupted Man has their day,when the Piper comes to settle your dues..
Sheldon Walz (6 days ago)
Partisan hypocrisy fuck me you Libtard wankers haveca look at yourselves will you...more CNN bullshit spin ..seriously incredible
Joshua Jung (6 days ago)
And now Chris Cuomo intetviews the human egghead, Humpty Dave Urban Dumpty.
MIKE BARAN (6 days ago)
Obama Blew Off Rodmans Calls About N. Korea...SCREW OBAMA
Blue In red (6 days ago)
OOPS2468 (6 days ago)
how many ways can urban sound dumb and crazy
Jesse Francis (6 days ago)
Not just the media but the public is so polarized that regardless of what the leaders do, if its their side they love it and if its the other side they hate it.
born yesterday (6 days ago)
This stupid cocksucker. There is not one person, anywhere, that has ever said North Korean leadership is 'wonderful'. That is a complete lie. The Canadian PM is a traitor to his countrymen, very bad. The North Korean Dictator is a psychopath and a danger to the entire planet. Even worse. Canadian leadership is bad, just not as bad as North Korea. If anyone thought North Korea was wonderful why hold these talks? Bare faced liar posing as a journalist.
Danny Irish Greene (6 days ago)
GOOD JOB PRES TRUMP..FOOK THE HATERS AND KIM Said himself that Obama never wanted to talk to him..
joerezstudios (6 days ago)
So yeah.....some preconditions were met. There was a prisoner release, a testing site destroyed and a change in tone. Not the same at all.
Ron Heffron (7 days ago)
Coumo looks like a little boy I rescued from bullies in school! CNN and dems is why I wish I hadn't! Fake news!
frogsoda (7 days ago)
Obama would have bowed and kissed Kim's feet. And then giving him a pallet of taxpayer dollars and enough uranium to build a a nice big fat Warhead. Is it true, or did you hear it on CNN?
Adnin (7 days ago)
CNN is doing better. Keep calling these guys out on their hypocrisy and lies.
Jeff Goldblume (7 days ago)
CNN- Working hard every day to ensure President Trump Wins again in 2020! And the Best part is ... These Rubes don't even know they're helping. Ha Ha Ha
Miss Marie (7 days ago)
Obama proved for 8 years AND BEYOND he didn't the ability to make any good deal for America or for the citizens of this world. Only his cultist followers thought his 'apology-tour' presidency was a great thing. The rest of us were rolling our eyes saying wtf is that fool doing now??? and cringing in disbelief. I mean time and time again you witnessed the respect for American get flushed down the toilet with that man. If Obama managed ANY of this WITHOUT sending BILLIONS (as he did) to Korea (and other countries IRAN) to buy compliance & so  called respect. I tell you true ALL of us would have got down on our knees and thanked God for deliverance.......and now we are. Thank You God for Answering the Prayers of Every True American. Mutual respect and peace through strength and open communication. Thank You God. It was a LONG road and I praise your Glory for bringing us here. http://www.naijaqueenolofofo.com/2016/03/see-cuban-president-raul-castro-refuse.html   You don't need to look/research any further than this link to sum up Obama's entire presidency. The only thing more sad & devastating than this man representing the best of all  Black Americas, would have been HRClinton representing the best of all female Americans.
Jennifer Dow (7 days ago)
Yes indeed let's wait and see lol
Serene Marine (7 days ago)
All Trump did is sit down with a Dictator whose confrontation with the US hit its highest pitch after Trump shot off his mouth. Anotherwards....Trump met with the very problem he helped to create. I thought great leaders solved problems they inherit from.others? Not temporarily kwell the very problems they thrmselves created. Anybody can do that sh#t lol
Peter Dragon (7 days ago)
Difference is obama went on the apology tour and helped Iran become nuclear
BeautyWith Samara (7 days ago)
This republicans are hypocrites, big mouths with the loudest megaphone on the planet, and they always make excuses and exception for them selves. They don’t care for no body but for the rich, themselves, and families. They using the Bible preaching false prophecy to punish children. How would they feel if their great grandparents were treated the same way. Because everyone is a immigrant except the American Indians. God have mercy
Jeff Ambrosia (7 days ago)
Chris is full of shit.
Brandon Moua (7 days ago)
Either Obama or any potus made this deal would be an excellent deal... Mr Trump did it and it brilliant... All for world peace people....
Get over IT (7 days ago)
If Obama had done this he would have been one of the greats. Instead he was around during a lot of bullshit such as nsa spying on American citizens and really not doing much of anything except virtue signaling. Donald trump is president and took care of the single largest threat to our nations security. Donald trump solved the issue therefore he is now to be rememebered as a great president. Even greater than obama.
Andrew Daley (7 days ago)
North Korea doesn't have oil and Israel on its doorstep.
iceman11849 (7 days ago)
iceman11849 (7 days ago)
Albert Santiago (7 days ago)
it would not have been a deal , all he would have done was apologize an d offer millions.
Tas Tapsas (7 days ago)
So now that this " President " signed some piece of paper with Kim, an non-agreement, there is no longer a nuclear threat. We can have a huge hug-a-thon with all the dictators of the world and everything will be hunky dory.
Roger Andersson (7 days ago)
Mathew Anderson (7 days ago)
oh my god!!!! he mentioned Trump is presidennt now but mentioned Obama over 11 times
John Tatum (7 days ago)
Sorry Chris Cuomo...you are fake news.
Mathew Anderson (7 days ago)
President Obama....President Obama!!!!! and you people talk about not talking about hillary
Mathew Anderson (7 days ago)
oh god, The US needs to seperate we obviouly have nothing in common with you degenerate democrats
Mathew Anderson (7 days ago)
You democrats are so disgusting
Jim Churchill (7 days ago)
Trump made th e worst deal with Kim. Trump made USA the loser and North Korea the winner.
Joey O666 (7 days ago)
Cuomo is such a bitch!! Take a lesson from TRUMP on how to get shit done!!! Obama was a punk that had no respect from any world leaders!
scott buettmann (7 days ago)
Maybe Trump should have sent a plane loaded with pallets of cash before he went there. Thats what Barry would have done. That's what he did. Mockingbird Media gets Whitelashed again !
Graham Truman (7 days ago)
I only watch CNN for the lol's . CNN is like an old dying dog, just take a gun and shoot it in the head, put it out of its misery
oogachaka (7 days ago)
This video post has been brigaded. P.S. Keep shaking your head, baldy. You've no fucking clue of how democracy works.
Bob White (7 days ago)
CNN is a joke, not worth my time to even consider, their bias makes the credibility so suspect it is a worthless platform.
Terry Curran (7 days ago)
Obama said he'd meet Kim whilst Kim had nukes so what's the difference? Why are you Republians thick as shit? Or just doing it to wind the left up.
mike stanfield (7 days ago)
3.8 million Subs. Over 350 million in the country. that's funny...
mike stanfield (7 days ago)
Read these comments and it's no wonder These jack asses say, "Americans are Bat Shit Stupid!
Zachary Gray (7 days ago)
God damn I'm an hour from Ft Myers and I'm ashamed to share this state with this guy and the overall view of people in this state
Colin Yuan (7 days ago)
US is always good at double standard, why Trump makes you feel angry?
Harboni Perkins (7 days ago)
Mr . Cuomo it's very clear that Americans will never like a Black man for anything reason ,Trump's election has proven that America will never give a minority a fair chance at anything . My question is will Trump go after Russia for testing missiles as he did with Kim Jong Un ? Funny how are enemies are now our friends and our friends are now our enemies ? Confusing ?
Charles Tinsman (7 days ago)
Times change you fucking idiot
trent green (7 days ago)
This is the coverage on North Korea? Is it because Trump did it which makes it so painful? Anything good to say? No matter what he does, it's already predetermined that he's going to be criticized. No matter what happens, be prepared to see is covered in such negative tone by liberal media. How sad!
Gord Thor (7 days ago)
"Hold yourself to a higher standard, just like you would the other side". This is brilliant and precisely what pisses me off the mot about right wingers. They are full of criticism, but they aren't consistent with their logic when dishing it out. They are too biased to an agenda (their "emotional beliefs), rather than biased to the truth (no matter what side or position).
John Davis (7 days ago)
If Obama made the deal, CNN would be sucking his cock until all his cum was drained from him.
Michael E (7 days ago)
Why is Iran deal a real deal by giving them barrels of money?

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