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For as long as video games have existed, there have been enemies for us to fight against. And some of them are really, really creepy. We've come up with some of the creepiest enemies we've ever had to fight in games. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv Thumb Credit: Tin Bui
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leonie_cutix _ (14 hours ago)
2nd one oh gawt to many hoels
Don't Fart Bro (1 day ago)
Really? NOTHING from the Outlast series?
Krisjanis Vinkelis (1 day ago)
.litterally every enemy in every bioshock gmae
i have dreams with worse things....also my body thinks it needs to feel pain with them. yes pain can be felt in dreams (the reason it doesn't normally is that your body does not need it) but at least it's just the worse pain I've felt while awake so it's not to bad...hahahaha... i hate it when i get ripped apart or eaten alive it sucks
Justin Massop (2 days ago)
that nurse is both really hot and f**king scary at thesame time...would emotion should I feel!!!
gataximo lo1 (2 days ago)
The Reaper (John Wick) from fortnite, so creepy
David Ceron (3 days ago)
You forgot mutated aliens in Halo 3
Yung Leandoer (3 days ago)
The broken hitboxes in Rainbow Six Siege
NoahScholes YT (3 days ago)
The family or the mother grom resident evil 7 should have been on the list
KeterLordFR (3 days ago)
In addition to the Crawlers from Dead Space 2, I would also add the Pack. Those children transformed into monsters that can run fast, always attack you in horde and with a scream that still seems like it belongs to a child. Those things still creeps me out even now when I replay the game.
Moka Akashiya654 (3 days ago)
If you did a creepiest missions you could put the mission where you make a bletching into a leverkin from witcher 3 wild hunt
[GD] Spoxyx (3 days ago)
Centipede crawler sewer things
Dankasaurus Rex (3 days ago)
the wendigo isn't exactly evil, it just protects the forest from people trying to destroy it or harm it
mitaka madafaka (3 days ago)
the fat mummy (i don't know its name) from diablo 3 reaper of souls
FastGamer XD (4 days ago)
Where is the Tank from left4Dead? :(
paladin181 (4 days ago)
Redeads from Ocarina of Time are far creepier than the ones in Windwaker.
SirFecst (4 days ago)
Witcher 3 fetus... scariest creature I have ever seen.
Victisha81 (4 days ago)
Is that grout on the satow
Danial Iskandar (4 days ago)
I got a boner from the Silent Hill nurses
Ali Camz (4 days ago)
Skull face
game arena (4 days ago)
The keeper from evil within scares the sh*t out of me
Flieb (5 days ago)
missing enemies from The Forest <-- there's quite a bunch of creeps in that game
goack8547 (5 days ago)
The damn crawlers from any dead space game a fear going back to my childhood not of exploding babies but of the fact that for some reason i saw so many horror movie moments where the antagonist used children’s musical toys to creep people out whether it be using an actual children’s xylophone or piano or its just the background music what ever it was its scared the crap out of me
Prestige __ (5 days ago)
The girl that can be seen between 10 and 14 seconds....... she looks sooooooooo cute and i dont know how but i think i felt in love with her <3
JustTqmZbhj (5 days ago)
yegh dirty
dimitar gondolqn (5 days ago)
Hmm most scary enemy kennys from cs:go
Connor Mcardle (5 days ago)
You forgot every scp ever
Man Down Under (6 days ago)
The lottery attacks my wallet
Skating_Poser (6 days ago)
Wendigo is also in supernatural!!
Waspy Wasp (6 days ago)
Leshens are badass
Cassius Chavez (6 days ago)
Cassius Chavez (6 days ago)
we're are the cinatare from fallout 3 and new Vegas
armin talebi (6 days ago)
where is slender man? what about xenomorph? leshens or hym from the witcher .... they are not creepy at all
Victor. Alexandru (6 days ago)
Screamers (infected kids) from Dying Light. Man, they just creep me out.
Dat Hoe Ero (6 days ago)
Those infected things when you go to the Underlevels in KOTOR gave me the hibby jibbys
Glob Gab (6 days ago)
where's the evil within??
Babbleplay (7 days ago)
I would argue the 'Why they look like that' for Amnesia's Gatherers makes them even more unsettling.
NOT NOOB (7 days ago)
What about lockerface from evil within or some other characters from the evil within
Jack Clark (7 days ago)
im sorry but where are the thralls from destiny
TunaSandwich Yummy (7 days ago)
That one in the evil within 2 , with a lot of limbs
Sira Scott (7 days ago)
Excuse me, "Hollywood sewer monsters" from Vampire the masquerade Bloodlines?? They are ugly as sin, make the most awful nose and they explode when you shoot them.... nightmare fuel!
Televised Meat37 (8 days ago)
Nurse be THICC
Skidians (8 days ago)
God of War - Kratos without a beard
Audun Towrie (8 days ago)
The leshen is more based on the Slavic leshy than the wendigo
Kevin Garzon Romero (8 days ago)
Blood Suckers from Stalker should be here as well.
Camden Duffell (8 days ago)
Is that boss on Ocarina of Time in the spirit temple? I played the game on Gamecube a long time ago.
gamer2.00000 smith (9 days ago)
the title>;(
Max Coleman (9 days ago)
“Wen-de-go” wendigo 💀
Coolcat 10805 (9 days ago)
lol number 10 is my fav band
Hazen Baker (9 days ago)
Clickers freaked me out when playing the last of us
Kidd Killamity (9 days ago)
What about those creepy ass PsiBeasts from Psi Ops the Mindgate Conspiracy
Dead X Inside (9 days ago)
The lethen or somethin like that is the monster from the Ritual
Mr. Dingo (9 days ago)
Cuddle Team Leader
GRUMAT YT (9 days ago)
Where's (the mother) from diyng light the following in the final mission
killerwolf 22 (9 days ago)
Is that old spice thing real😕
SBbild (9 days ago)
Outlast & OutlastII??? Anything from either one... duh.
Jaime Garcia (10 days ago)
Nothing from dying light?haven't seen one yet...nervous something from lfd isn't on here
Kingjouger (10 days ago)
My mom
Emerald Jet (10 days ago)
The head crabs instead of the flood? Head crabs are not scary but the flood is.
wyattgamer and vlogs (10 days ago)
I love how we said bye if I was walking in the woods and I saw that would be nope
Nucleus Squared (10 days ago)
Gears of war
joey giglio (11 days ago)
LMAO how you gonna have something from Ocarina of Time.. that thing was one pixel you can't even make anything out...3spooky5me
Fadedx Stalx (11 days ago)
Your not gonna say anything about Bush campers in fortnite?
West Slav (11 days ago)
The Leshen description is wrong. Unless you are talking about what the Witcher's lore.
Carsten Hilbert (11 days ago)
The Controllers in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - the 1st encounter is creepy af.
PatROV17 (11 days ago)
The most creepiest enemy for me is spawn peekers Only R6 fans will know this
Volt Gaming (11 days ago)
Launching lady from evil with in 2
Daniel Ramos (12 days ago)
BOOMER from left 4 dead
Hungrey Doggo (13 days ago)
the screamer from dying light
Raspberry Lemonade (13 days ago)
The frost spiders and the draugers from Skyrim
Toxic Pineapplez (13 days ago)
Hagravens from skyrim creep me out
E Chadwick (14 days ago)
Those FLIPPIN centipedes from LOZ: Windwaker. Ew.
ApolloBladedX (15 days ago)
Jenova had better be on this list
HollowKnight (15 days ago)
Thralls in destiny when there’s like 60 of them charging you it is absolutely terrifying for the first time
[DATA EXPUNGED Lower (15 days ago)
Mind flayers originally appeared in Dungeons & Dragons volume one. Or was it 1.5? And you get the gist it first appeared in D&D
Cody Martin (16 days ago)
Nothing from stalker?
Rodrigo Jr Sotto (16 days ago)
Jeff has some white ass teeth for a guy who's mouth is constantly bleeding
Nabeel AlMulla (16 days ago)
a monster in full metal alchemist 3
Jeremy Hamilton (16 days ago)
So they pick the nurse from Silent Hill but not Pyramid Head, possibly the most fucked up monster in the game.
Mr Queen (17 days ago)
When a remember those mutants from Far Cry i got goosebumps freakin' insane
MrMacbit (17 days ago)
Let's be real fellas The enderman from Minecraft
Nicky Saturday (17 days ago)
Iron maiden looks like chris walker
Amanda Perälä (17 days ago)
Margurite Baker from re7 really fucking scared me, also those moldy motherfuckers
Agus1881 (18 days ago)
Shambler from quake?
theJOHNcrew (18 days ago)
Minecraft endermen
Kings Of Leon (18 days ago)
What about the babys in dying light
Wonder Thunder (19 days ago)
Volatile and Night Hunter from Dying Light
Crack Daniels (19 days ago)
The redeads/gibidos in Orcarina Of Time in my opinion were scarier than the wind water ones
FarrSec (20 days ago)
Where's Diogenes from Getting Over It?
SA4B (21 days ago)
Laura? From The Evil Within?
Deflective Spoldier (21 days ago)
The fucking piano from mario 64. Still have nightmares about it.
Why wasn't the suffering game on here!?
Spawnie1989 (22 days ago)
The Pack from Dead Space 2 creeped me out. They weren't that tough except in large numbers and they didn't look as creepy as other monsters beyond the fact that they were clearly mutated children. But that scream. That scream really gets under my skin.
sam whary (23 days ago)
Mindflayers are an eldritch horror that precedes demon souls
JJcometGamer Jessie (23 days ago)
Anybody else got freaked the hell out when they saw ghuls in fallout 4?
Excel (23 days ago)
Which game is the intro?
Failed Abortion (19 days ago)
Layers of Fear and Silent Hills PT
ENDIMONIC (23 days ago)
Were is 096?
Max Bagri (24 days ago)
What bout the panzermorder in the final Reich in cod ww2, the design for that dude is jus crazy
MASRR (26 days ago)
Wendigos actually resemble starved zombie like humans
Jack Ivy (27 days ago)
my drunk uncle

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