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The Orville: My Thoughts (Spoilers)

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Text Comments (1057)
Venom NBK (8 days ago)
Critics were paid, to review bomb this show.
Peter F-Model (4 days ago)
Same thing happened to Ghost in the shell, the critics can be influenced before they see something and give it unusually low or high ratings. But in defense of the critics its not as polished as even the original star trek. However this should be resolved as the series progress and the actors skills improve. The only risk is the quality of the stories going forward - i hope they create reasonable stories. Episode 1 and 2 are both good so far, episode may not be so good - i need to see.
John Oman (8 days ago)
Gave up after the third episode .
My Name (9 days ago)
Black doctors suck
Jason M (12 days ago)
I actually dont think this show is that great. I feel like they could do so much better with the trek-like jokes. I expect more from Seth. They should have more jokes rooted in Sci-fi and not just jokes that could be in any show. I get tired really quick of them referring to their relationship. then again, I also like Discovery very much.
VaughnJogVlog (15 days ago)
👎 Netflix didn’t “launch” Star Trek: Discovery. It’s a CBS All Access series that’s syndicated to Netflix UK.
MIKE Mike (22 days ago)
The Orville was better than most syfi shows it was well written, funny and always keeps you interested not saying its 10 star show but it makes a night with friends and family worth remembering
Broken Eyes (23 days ago)
I’m sure this is been mentioned already, giving at this video has over 1000 comments but I thought episode three was her homage to a very similar episode is Star Trek the next generation. In that episode, Riker starts a relationship with a member of a momo-gendered species who identifies as female and when this fact is revealed to the larger public society the character was forced to undergo re-education and treatment to correct what that society considered a intolerable abnormal defect. This episode was a similar “shoe I’d on the other foot” story although given the crew puts forth an effort to allow the baby to go unaltered, viewing performing gender reassignment surgery and a newborn on ethical I’d say it was not really too strong a left leaning story and stayed true to spirit of the original TNG episode I think they were referencing.
Princess of Fireflies (24 days ago)
You didnt get the point of the 3rd episode... I you knew how it feels, when a foreign culture comes to force their morals on you, you would maybe reconsider your statement. It is not about the surgery perse. It is about culture and how some things are totally ok in some countries and totally imoral in other. The whole point is about respecting other cultures and not pushing your ideologies, because you think something is wrong. Also The Orville is not a parody. It is a sci fi series on its own. I think its handled really well.
Lee Walter (25 days ago)
As an old school Star Trek fan.....Orville blows (parody). Discovery blows. Star Trek is dead to me right now. IF ONLY.....Star Trek: Axanar or something similar was offered.
The Southern Pirate (25 days ago)
The Orville was much slower than I expected. I expected it to be a balls to the wall laughathon like Family Guy but once I got past that preconception I really enjoyed it. And agreed......WAAAYYY better than Star Trek Discovery
rickcoona (27 days ago)
you want to see what Trek Fans were capable of? Prelude To Axanar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W1_8IV8uhA&t= thisis whar FANS were capable of making! and this is what Paramount and CBS were TERRIFIED of and instead of backing THIS, the went with STD
Marc Barrett (28 days ago)
I gave this show a chance. Actually, I gave it 1 minute. Then that blue alien ejaculated through his eyes and I turned it off. No thanks.
JonatasAdoM (29 days ago)
3:31 She got far prettier over the years!
mess meg (29 days ago)
It is a good show. They don't stick to agenda but show different point of view. Everyone in the ship in epidode 3 try to stop this transition but forced governmental rule was much opresive. This is a good episode!
Mark Folkerts (29 days ago)
Go watch Orville, Dave is spot on in this review.  I am hoping they do more sci-fi type plots, like the episode in 2 dimensions, but it is still a very good version of ST type shows.  It may even turn out to be one of the best.
One Man Army (29 days ago)
The 3rd episode was one big joke on gender issues in the country today. It wasn't serious or supporting either side. It was done to bring humor to the issue and make fun of all sides and just everything. The one time I don't mind politics in a series is when its turned on its head and made fun of. Just like it was on orville, family guy, south park, and other adult comedies.
its Me (29 days ago)
Waiting for the second seasons.
Mike Vasquez (1 month ago)
The reason the Oroville is far superior to Discovery has to do with the fact that Seth MacFarlane and the writing staff have something that these new Star Trek writers will never have. They have a love of the genre. The writers of Discovery don't scare about Star Trek beyond its capacity to serve as a platform for their inane political histrionics. The writers of the Orville on the other hand actually care about what Star Trek was supposed to represent. They focused on making an entertaining show whilst keeping that largely hopeful vision of the future in mind. The self aware humor is just a perk.
Iny bis (1 month ago)
The baby-thing made me shudder, nontheless a great show. Bit too much comedy, can't form it any better tho. Imagine a sketch show with a story line build into it. A very creative and good-looking story however! First season was a good start, definetly kept me interested, it, however, lacks some sort of "catch" that follows every episode and keeps the pressure through the seasons (except the crew of course, the slime is a real charmer). Every episode seems to be independent, not a good arc-builder like Stargate had. I just need another O'Neill, damnit! Bortus is a good replacement for Teal'c though!
The Orville's a definite grower.
Duncan Irvine (1 month ago)
I think the Orville is Great!! Really cant wait till season two is out
Kiki Lang (1 month ago)
I'm not the biggest fan of Star Trek, but the very best episodes where when there was no happy ending. There the episode in the origional series where a very good person with a better cause has to die so the Nazi don't take over earth in the past. I was young when I watched that, and It had effect on me, even now as an adult. Another episode in the old series, Kirk has to introduce modern warfare to peaceful planet. Kirk turns paradise into hell just to save a people. Yeah, you are right about episode three being boring, but it was one of those stories where it doesn't end positive. Life just sucks sometimes. What was politically correct? Trans gender people are out there, and they are never going away. I don't understand you sometimes. Where do you work, in cave alone? There is not a group in existence that doesn't have a hair trigger at being offended. I'm going to lose my mind if everyone doesn't learn to chill. No really, was it the topic of episode three you didn't like, or what?
Kiki Lang (1 month ago)
People who seem to have an opinoin on everything, seem to have the strongest opinions on What Is Art. There is this opinion that the Burning Man festival is Satanic. One church group who believed this sent a man to the festival to get video proof that the Burning Man festival was in deed Satanic. He had tickets, and thought he was prepared to go to Burning Man, buy the desert environment was a little more than he had prepare for. Luckly, everyone their was very helpful. One of goals, beside the Satanic thing, was to show all the decadent art at burning man. The point of Burning Man is, making art without have to please people who want to buy it. If you want to make something, make it, and everyone else can be damned. While there, man tried maintain his point of view, but people kept feeding him when ran out food. Worst yet, the art took his breath away. The guy didn't change his world view. I mean think about it, If naked women being friendly to you isn't the devil trying to trick you what is? What did change was how he viewed things. He thought his church was to offensive and shrill in it's message. They needed to lighten up, and be more friendly to people. He also thought his church should listen more to what people have to say, instead of ignoring everything. Most importantly, they had pick up their presentation. He said the art at Burning Man was breath taking. After giving this presentation, the church elders and had a meeting on what they should do. They all agreed to throw the man out of their church. With Star Trek Discovery, they needed to do the same thing. The show need to lighten up, listen to people, and produce a better show. Their message could have been just as offensive, but imagine it was done so well, and you liked every episode. You would have had a much harder time with what you didn't like.
Curtis Kretzer (1 month ago)
Reviewer did not consume whole season=even thou McFarlane seems 2 surf social justice waves of hollywierd quite believably,The Orville is 1 of the best, if not the best,series TV offerings,of any genre,in a long time
Zigti (1 month ago)
The show is kind of funny somehow, even though i can't stand the main theme. Cheating is forgivable? not in my world. Anyway the real issue i see is the lack of consistency in each science/cultural feature. I may be overthinking it but let's take the first three episodes for example. In the first, they talk about a bubble to accelerate time for crops, if you use it only on the crops, they won't get the nutriments they need and wither, if you take the dirt in, you will lack the climat change anyway and without the rain, they will wither. So you'll have to put the whole planet inside the bubble. Impossible. In the second episode an alien species got a Zoo with lower species, and they argue that they just do like human long time ago. It's nonsense, human did it because they thought they were the ultimate species, those ones know they are not, and if they are not they can end themselves in a zoo, and if they can, they would not inflict it to others. In the third episode comes the full man race..I wont say it's impossible to breed without genders, i don't know, i don't care, but there is no way a species is only made of males, because there is no male without female, nor there is darkness without light. Now i only watched half of it, i think throwing at your face huge ugly gay fellas at the Third episode, plus trans stuff, without much of a SF filter is a terrible thing to do. In Ds9 they waited at least 3 seasons before inflicting us an old naked ferengi woman.
The Cult of the Jim (1 month ago)
I'm usually annoyed to hell about those kind of plot threads, but I really enjoyed About a Girl. It turned the typical argument on its head, mandating the surgery. The "girls can be better" parts, though just as predictable, were more of the lighter spoonfed side as opposed to the jam it down your throat style I see too much of. The court sequence was reminiscent of the Klingon court, which was a great homage. But it's the ending that really made it, and gave the Moclan culture some development past "we're all men and urinate just once a year." The species felt more real and less of an excuse to jam a gay couple on board.
Maximilian Plante (1 month ago)
Seth Mcfarland was also on Star Trek enterprise in season four
David Olver (1 month ago)
I would watch it but im in Australia
Big L (1 month ago)
That episode you talked about with the "gender" issue was great. It was intriguing and threw modern day issue we are dealing with in the West. If people are watching this show expecting a comedy, they will be disappointed. This show is a straight homage to Star Trek with an occasional glory-hole joke. The mixed reviews are only a result of "professional critics" shitting on the show as the fan base absolutely loves it with 90% on Rotten Tomatoes while giving Star Trek:Discovery a 50% approval. The critics and discovery creators are just mad that Seth McFarland made a show that represents the true nature of Star Trek far better than Discovery.
Terry Windsor (1 month ago)
I bought the first season from Google Play after the third episode. I've wondered what happened to the Moclan woman Mercer found living in a cave. Overall i love this show and if they have Trek alumni wantimg to be a part of this adventure even better. McFarland even had a small role on Star Trek Enterprise because he's such a huge fan of the franchise.
Ryan Reed (1 month ago)
Why does the ship look like a toilet seat?
William Slattery (1 month ago)
A Million Ways to Die in the West was hilarious. So were Ted and Ted 2. And I love the Orville. It is more homage than parody, but it does walk that line. Overall, it is a great show with a growing mythology and believable chemistry between the characters. Edit: Also love Voyager BTW (rewatching that one now)
Cathy Vickers (1 month ago)
So, from your disapproval of the social issues slant of the show, I conclude the following: 1) the only "good" Star Trek franchise episodes were the ones where the issue was handled in accord with your bias; & 2) you firmly believe THAT NO CORRECTIVE SURGERY WHATSOEVER should be performed on infants born with tails, or with both sets of genitalia. Yes, the kid grows up a freak, but attempts to conform the child to what's considered normal are wrong. Episodes within the Star Trek franchise often went directions some audience members were uncomfortable with, but which were INTERNALLY CONSISTENT with the alien race being depicted. Thus, episodes featuring Quark on DS9 showed blatantly unlikeable attitudes & traits. Or the episode of Next Gen where Riker fell in love with a member of a one-sex species who desperately wanted to be female, which was regarded in their culture the way that homosexuality was treated in the US. The episode was written as commentary, & worked as commentary. "About a Girl" was written the same way.
Scott Carriere (1 month ago)
The Orville is the biggest pile of excrement ever named star trek. Everyone is a fricken queer, no men have gotten laid in the whole first season,BUT, oh look at the fricken queers getting it on. This is nothing but ra ra we're all queer. I wouldn't watch this shit if it was the only thing on tv.
Joseph Miller (1 month ago)
Cmon folks, Star Trek has always championed progressive values and drawn fire from the conservatives of their day...that’s just what Trek does. As homage to Trek, it’s self-deluding to think that Orville would do any different.
CTSmerv (1 month ago)
Seth McFarland actually has some minor roll in ST Enterprise as an engineer. He also is in an episode of Gilmore Girls. FYE.
Huge Bartlett (1 month ago)
I'm glad you used the word crap to describe these films,such a great word for the garbage being shunted out today as entertainment. Just like today's cars and music, utterly forgettable crap! Incidentally,why introduce this irrelevant transgender subject anyway? Another example of conditioning occurring?A process of melding the two sexes(today an almost forbidden word in itself)to remove all vestiges of differentiation? Humanity will be the all-time losers at the end of this game!
Brandon Ruiz-McPherson (1 month ago)
The 3rd episode doesn't end with gender re-assignment . The court lost and the baby lives on to be girl.
jimmy wrangles (2 months ago)
The true star trek.
Famous Wolf (2 months ago)
I like Orville it was actually a good show. Essay better than I originally thought.
Famous Wolf (2 months ago)
I like Orville it was actually a good show. Essay better than I originally thought.
D man (2 months ago)
Just looking at it from the photo I am saying no. It looks,like a bunch of rehect liberals stuck in space and not buyable. McFarlane as captain? yeah right. The lady in bad make up with her eyes rolled up at the ceiling says a milestone. The black woman looks boring, ugly, and has a bad attitude like on STD. Stick to family guy and cartoons Seth. Another thing is that Trump hating libtards recieve an automatic boycott from me.
Newenlightenmentnow (2 months ago)
Hey Dave, I am not sure if you considered this, but I consider episode 3 as being on our side (the conservative side). Think about it. Captain Mercer took the union's side, as did all the senior officers. The Union position was, forced gender re-assignment is not only wrong but sick. In this case the mocklan (can't spell them) seem to be a stand in for Canada. Yes Mercer lost the battle, but remember, the good guys don't always win. People are forced to have gender re-assignment surgery all the time in Canada, and there are plenty of good people fighting Trudeau's SJW government, but every single forced surgery is a catastrophic loss for the person who has it done to them. I thought episode 3 was a great episode, even if it's hard to watch. By the way, I wouldn't have known about this show if it weren't for you so, thank you very much for pointing out this really excellent show.
Win3Apollo (2 months ago)
I don’t like the humor.
Damon Wayne (2 months ago)
More reviews please.
David B (3 months ago)
What I like about the overalls attempt at the SJW BS... is that it turns it all upside down. So it's a society which doesn't have females, in another it's a society which is entirely based on social media likes. It feels more like they're sticking a middle finger up at SJW BS rather than being controlled by them as STD is.
John Edmunds (2 months ago)
They are progressive too, but not SJW progressive and they stick to reasonable terms and ideas which is good
willam tell (3 months ago)
Netflix didn't launch Discovery Paramount/CBS All Access did.
IzzyData (3 months ago)
Malloy looks just like your caricature in the corner.
Marvin (3 months ago)
I loved the third episode actually, it had a lot of nuance, firstly the debate about whether the parents should have a right to decide about such an invasive procedure, secondly the culture clash, as the crew of the Orville was against the procedure, and then what I thought was the most brilliant part, the good guys lose. I think most of the audience would be on the side of the captain here and I fully expected the last emotional appeal to lead to the judge deciding not to order gender reassignment, the fact that he didn't was great, it shows that you can't always win, and the whole story discusses the morality of intervening in other cultures which is pure star trek. Seth Macfarlane is a classic centrist and a master of showing complexity and nuance, and ultimately this episode leaves the audience thinking about whether the final decision was the right one. So yeah for me episode three was the episode where I realized that the Orville was going to be a great show.
Brian Jr Spero (3 months ago)
52262 (3 months ago)
i'v actually enjoyed this show. and the sjw things are bad, but lucky they are not in every episode.
TheWyrdSmythe (3 months ago)
I was quite glowing in my recommendations for the show early, but as the season wore got less glowing. Still thumbs up, still watching, but it often seems caught between drama and funny, not quite sure what it wants to be. I’ve never been a MacFarlane fan, but I did enjoy _Million Ways to Die_ and this show has been fun. It’ll be interesting to see which path it takes in season two.
Michael Damiani (3 months ago)
this dribble is still far better than Discovery. At least one can warm to characters and the humour harks back to the subdued stuff happening all those years ago on the original series right through to the star wars type JJ Abrams movies. The SJW political undercurrent is not as pronounced because of the non PC jokes running through the episodes. Not really Star Trek, but watchable.
Starcrafty's channel (4 months ago)
Dave I dare ya to try and finish season one of STD lol
Tony V (4 months ago)
You got to be careful when making gentle parodies of existing TV shows. The British sitcom "Allo' Allo'" started out as a parody of a gritty British drama called "The Secret Army." Army ran for 2-3 seasons and was pretty much forgotten after it ended. Allo' Allo' ran for 10 seasons and had over 80 episodes (a huge number for a British sit-com) and is remembered and replayed to this day (You can see it on Netflix). I don't think "The Orville" will do this to STD, but you never know!
AgainstTheSystem .ATS (4 months ago)
Everithing i'v seen done by Netflix ,and i'v seen a fair share of movies, goes from a good ideea into a bad(at best acceptable) movie.What is rong with those ppl?!?!
Ben Rogue (4 months ago)
I don't see how anyone thinks ep3 is PC or SJW driven. Yes, it is a social commentary, but most of Star Trek is social commentary. They argued both sides and tried to represent both sides of the argument in a genuine manour, while not sparing anyones feelings. The episode ends with the baby getting the gender reassignment despite the Orville crews outrage.
MiG2880 (5 months ago)
I like The Orville, but I don't like the fact that the first officer is a generic, slutty blonde. I watch sci-fi to provoke thought and immerse myself in the cerebral wonder of 'what if'. If I want to look at women i'll visit a porn site. Yes, it's been done before on Voyager with Seven-of-nine... And while I liked her character, her obvious sex-symbol status was nothing more than a distraction from a higher fulfillment of good storytelling for me. When i'm watching sci-fi, pondering what we could become as a species, it's pretty offputting to have massive boobs thrown in there - as attractive as i'm sure they are. It just cheapens it. I don't need a 'hook'. I just want good sci-fi. This is why most people these days are vacuous pricks. They have never experienced any form of entertainment that is more cerebral than their sad, petty desires and their over inflated ego.
Mad Cinder (5 months ago)
Familiar to what? I've never seen anyone destroy an alien ship with a redwood tree before.
Suzumiya Haruhi (5 months ago)
Actually I would say that the gender change issue was well handled and presented, as ultimately the show discussed respecting personal choice and did not judge which way was better. It gave platoform to opinions from both sides, allowing the viewers to decide themselves. Although I would argue that the episode wasnt really about transgender issue, but more about social norms and public perceptions on individuals.
Simon Leib (6 months ago)
I tried it and found it cringeworthy. Seriously marmite and i don’t like it
BlackSh1rtandJeans (6 months ago)
I actually really liked the 3rd ep because it felt like it was speaking to the madness of reassigning a child's gender based on societal pressures and norms. Wrap your minds around a thought experiment, what it the single gender race were more female in manner and appearance? The show takes on a new dimension, doesn't it? I think Macfarlane, while pretty left leaning, is seeing some of the madness the left is causing and the Orville might be his buck against it, what with it deliberately invoking the Star Trek that the SJWs of ST:D wants us to forget exists. My hope is the Orville sticks around for at least a couple more seasons, but maybe packs it in round a 4th or 5th season. Just long enough to give us a viable alternative to ST:D. That way all we'd need is a viable alternative to SJW Star Wars and we'd be set.
Henric Carlsson (6 months ago)
Still. When the spoofs are better than the originals...what does that say? And with original I mean Discovery.
Kurt (6 months ago)
The Krill look like Jem’Hadar.
Whodatjormpjomp (6 months ago)
It’s so so. More of Seth’s ego, a really cheap looking robot and humor which sometimes falls flat, but get beyond that and the more serious episodes are actually not bad. Like when the budget robot crash lands with the two kids. That was actually a pretty good ep.
ChuckE (7 months ago)
I love The Orville :D Discovery has improved a lot, but it's not Star Trek. The Orville is Star Trek (with a comedic leaning)!
cecillbill (7 months ago)
To be reductive, The Orville is ST:TNG/ST:V with updated graphics. But, I did like the episode where Issac is stuck with Claire's kids on that hostile planet while Claire is being held captive somewhere elsr on that same planet and they all need to reach each other and escape. I was ready to ship Claire with Issac after that eppy, and then the writers ruined everything in another eppy by having Yaphet and Claire do the dirty for laughs, ugh.
bigwhitehound (7 months ago)
Between the Orville and ST Discovery. I'll take the Orville 10/10 times.
Gragagrogog (7 months ago)
Soooo many ruined jokes in this series...
David Cartland (7 months ago)
the orvillie was great
Leshpar Dracendor (7 months ago)
I thought the third episode was the best of the first three. Why? Because it explores how different cultures do things differently and that you can't force your own moral views onto another culture and these cultural differences need to be respected. How could someone so deeply involved in all of this like you completely miss this?
Sean Moonshine (7 months ago)
A million ways to die was so poor
lesmoor kelly (7 months ago)
your view on gender episode missed the part about the cultural comparison with human child having a cleft pallet and the choices a parent would make.the gender debate is like a growing cancer in our culture but i feel you have been wrongly triggered this time
Kurt Fitzner (7 months ago)
I think this review, while not terrible, misses the intention of The Orville. Treating The Orville as if its stated purpose of being a spoof is its actually purpose is missing the mark. It's patently clear that the comedy aspects of The Orville are solely a way of cloning Star Trek and being covered by the parody exceptions of copyright law in case Paramount got feisty. Seth Mcfarlane is a huge Star Trek fan. Brannon Braga is, of course, famous for having started as an intern on TNG and moved on to be one of Good Trek's more prominent personages. It's evident, and has been evident for a while, that Discovery was going to be Star Trek in name only. Dave was spot on when he named Discovery as one of the ways Star Trek has been vandalized. A scene of a naked Klingon riding a prisoner brought that home to me. Star Trek is gone, its owners killed it. Mr. Mcfarlane and Mr. Braga, presumably, are not deaf to the death cries of Star Trek, and have worked to bring it back in the only way they can. And they have succeeded. Tremendously. Despite the parody aspects of The Orville, this show is more true to the spirit and ideals of Star Trek than any of the Paramount offering in the last ten years. It does suffer from a little bit of "been there, done that", but at this point, I'll take that over what STiNO (Star Trek in Name Only) gives us. The parody aspects, while sometimes distracting, are tastefully enough done, and (in some cases) either funny enough or actually achieve enough social commentary that they are a net positive to the show. The fact that parody shields the show from litigation is just icing.
jamoecw (7 months ago)
netflix did discovery? then why is it on CBS and not netflix? pretty sure you misspoke.
John Knoop (7 months ago)
I would be interested in seeing you do a video on Star Trek Discovery now that the first season has completed. Personally by the end of the season I was MUCH happier with what I was watching.
flounder2760 (7 months ago)
i thought it wasnt netflix but cbs
worland102688 (7 months ago)
I've been watching a few of your sci fi videos and have really been enjoying them. Well done! I will say this though. Star Trek was always tackling social justice topics and holding a mirror to our own society so it's fitting that The Orville has dived into the same. Most great sci-fi does that.
Amber L. Stine (7 months ago)
I really like this show.
tweech2000000 (7 months ago)
I really enjoy this show. It's more StarTrek than Discovery
AggieNC (7 months ago)
Netflix did not launch ST: Discovery, It's on CBS' service
ClokworkGremlin (7 months ago)
If your takeaway from episode 3 was merely that Bortus's daughter ended up getting turned into his son, then you missed the entire tone of that portion of the episode. It's portrayed as a loss by the crew. They did everything they could to allow this little girl to grow up naturally, even going to the trouble of finding an un-transitioned Mocklan, and the Mocklan council, in the face of everything, transitioned her anyway. It's not a win for SJW politics. It portrays them as a bad guy, and it demonstrates that the writers are willing to have a story with an unhappy ending.
jon williams (7 months ago)
i refuse to watch a show that pushes political agendas
Project: Boredom Killer (7 months ago)
The story regarding the episode "About a Girl" was probably fulfilling a plot requirement by the media moguls that own the network in order to keep the show on the air. Isn't there anyone on this planet who's read the 1938 not-so-best-seller "Psycho-Politics"?? Last I heard there was a copy available in the United States Library of Congress...
ca dirgemont (7 months ago)
Should do a review on farscape !! Loved that show !! Had so much weirdness and good costume designs and fun characters.
imperexx (8 months ago)
Having watched 4 ep of Orville and STD each, I'd have to say that Orville is a fine follow up to STNG. STD is unpalatable. SJWs == Nazis and Communists. Resist the censors, resist political correctness, resist people who want to limit your freedoms.
max bootstrap (8 months ago)
Orville is genuine homage, not parody! I'm amazed this is not obvious to so many.
Pyrphoros (8 months ago)
I had no expectations into the orville and was positivly suprised. I do not think "about a girl" does have an SJW tone, mutch the opposite. It turns the table about transgender isuess completly around and lets the compulsory transgender operations look bad. An interesting twist if you ask me. I did not like the court scene but i did like the ending, because the union ideal about individual choice actual lose. The Orville did not come around and changed a culture in a single day with a bit off pushback and the immediately recognizing the wrong of their ways. The end was mutch more realistic.
andy7666 (8 months ago)
The thing with the Orville is you know what to expect - it's New York, liberal style humour and is pretty funny in places. I'd much rather watch this, which wears its heart on its sleeve and doesn't take itself too seriously, than Star Trek Discovery which is so very haughty, so much better than YOU lot!
bluerisk (8 months ago)
The least of it? Game of Thrones in my opinion. @ pc/feminism/sjw/snowflake-momentum
bluerisk (8 months ago)
What I miss is a decent production value.
martin southard (8 months ago)
Great tv .
Jake The T (8 months ago)
Dude, what the heck are you on about, always having issues with the "SJW" and "Politically Correct" stuff? But you know what, who cares? But here? Like, um, have you SEEN start Trek? MANY of it's episodes had "messages" that YOU would label in this manner, and have an issue with. And were' talking about the 60's! and the 80's! Like, man, GET A CLUE.
Hikaru Midomiya (8 months ago)
This episode was utter detestable garbage imo but the rest of the show is pretty decent ! At first I thought it w as comedy/parody but soon turned out to be a Star Trek-ish rip off. I pretty much like all the characters except Bortus and his disgusting species. I try to just toss him aside and concentrate on the rest, I se him as a joke, it helps ! Pretty nice ship designs btw !
Ralph Goodman (8 months ago)
The Orville = "Star Trek Guy"
Radical Edward (8 months ago)
I’m actually surprised at the stance Dave takes on the female baby born to a male race episode. Personally, I’m not for sex changes on babies, I thought the crews human bias was in full force. Mercer’s point that if a baby was born with 3 legs we wouldn’t hesitate to amputate the third leg was the way I felt. Yeah there’s nothing wrong with being born female for humans but in an all male society that actively shames and shuns the rare females being born female is a problem that would have a massive negative effect on her life. For their species being female is a birth defect and they can easily correct it to the point that not only does the female look male but they can function as a male and reproduce as well. Which is different than what we can do in reality. And the mauklins point that by the time she could decide for herself the damage would be done is true. Just like with discovery and some instances in other Star Trek shows, I always hate when a moral stance is taken on the basis of what’s morally right for humans, forgetting that what’s right for us isn’t necessarily right for every species. The issues we have in reality for performing a sex change on a minor in reality are completely different. We can’t fully convert one sex to another. Someone born physically a female who has a sex change can’t then reproduce sexually with a man like they could in the show. It also means ongoing treatment with hormone replacement therapy that’s a lifelong regimen and has massive effects if they stop taking it. Luckily the show doesn’t dwell on these sorts of issues like discovery does and we can all just have our opinion and move on.
Gee Mac72 (8 months ago)
Knowing McFarlane, you know where it's going. If it lasts.
Darryl Ruiz (8 months ago)
Orville is a lot more fun than the dull Discovery
Edward Harley (8 months ago)
I love Family Guy, and American Dad... but this show stinks. Its just awful. Putting that ex lovers/partners was just the most boring "drama" infused plot line... so trite. " OH they are exes and have to work together now!!" How lame. A complete pile of crap. And over lit.
Thomas Waddell (8 months ago)
How does everyone feel about Discovery and The Orville?

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