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The Orville: My Thoughts (Spoilers)

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Text Comments (988)
Everithing i'v seen done by Netflix ,and i'v seen a fair share of movies, goes from a good ideea into a bad(at best acceptable) movie.What is rong with those ppl?!?!
Ben Rogue (1 day ago)
I don't see how anyone thinks ep3 is PC or SJW driven. Yes, it is a social commentary, but most of Star Trek is social commentary. They argued both sides and tried to represent both sides of the argument in a genuine manour, while not sparing anyones feelings. The episode ends with the baby getting the gender reassignment despite the Orville crews outrage.
_Cheating Ex-Wives Know Best: A Science Fiction Story_
MiG2880 (8 days ago)
I like The Orville, but I don't like the fact that the first officer is a generic, slutty blonde. I watch sci-fi to provoke thought and immerse myself in the cerebral wonder of 'what if'. If I want to look at women i'll visit a porn site. Yes, it's been done before on Voyager with Seven-of-nine... And while I liked her character, her obvious sex-symbol status was nothing more than a distraction from a higher fulfillment of good storytelling for me. When i'm watching sci-fi, pondering what we could become as a species, it's pretty offputting to have massive boobs thrown in there - as attractive as i'm sure they are. It just cheapens it. I don't need a 'hook'. I just want good sci-fi. This is why most people these days are vacuous pricks. They have never experienced any form of entertainment that is more cerebral than their sad, petty desires and their over inflated ego.
Mad Cinder (15 days ago)
Familiar to what? I've never seen anyone destroy an alien ship with a redwood tree before.
Suzumiya Haruhi (1 month ago)
Actually I would say that the gender change issue was well handled and presented, as ultimately the show discussed respecting personal choice and did not judge which way was better. It gave platoform to opinions from both sides, allowing the viewers to decide themselves. Although I would argue that the episode wasnt really about transgender issue, but more about social norms and public perceptions on individuals.
Simon Leib (1 month ago)
I tried it and found it cringeworthy. Seriously marmite and i don’t like it
M McQuarrie (1 month ago)
I actually really liked the 3rd ep because it felt like it was speaking to the madness of reassigning a child's gender based on societal pressures and norms. Wrap your minds around a thought experiment, what it the single gender race were more female in manner and appearance? The show takes on a new dimension, doesn't it? I think Macfarlane, while pretty left leaning, is seeing some of the madness the left is causing and the Orville might be his buck against it, what with it deliberately invoking the Star Trek that the SJWs of ST:D wants us to forget exists. My hope is the Orville sticks around for at least a couple more seasons, but maybe packs it in round a 4th or 5th season. Just long enough to give us a viable alternative to ST:D. That way all we'd need is a viable alternative to SJW Star Wars and we'd be set.
Henric Carlsson (1 month ago)
Still. When the spoofs are better than the originals...what does that say? And with original I mean Discovery.
Kurt (1 month ago)
The Krill look like Jem’Hadar.
Whodatjormpjomp (2 months ago)
It’s so so. More of Seth’s ego, a really cheap looking robot and humor which sometimes falls flat, but get beyond that and the more serious episodes are actually not bad. Like when the budget robot crash lands with the two kids. That was actually a pretty good ep.
ChuckE (2 months ago)
I love The Orville :D Discovery has improved a lot, but it's not Star Trek. The Orville is Star Trek (with a comedic leaning)!
cecillbill (2 months ago)
To be reductive, The Orville is ST:TNG/ST:V with updated graphics. But, I did like the episode where Issac is stuck with Claire's kids on that hostile planet while Claire is being held captive somewhere elsr on that same planet and they all need to reach each other and escape. I was ready to ship Claire with Issac after that eppy, and then the writers ruined everything in another eppy by having Yaphet and Claire do the dirty for laughs, ugh.
bigwhitehound (2 months ago)
Between the Orville and ST Discovery. I'll take the Orville 10/10 times.
Gragagrogog (2 months ago)
Soooo many ruined jokes in this series...
David Cartland (2 months ago)
the orvillie was great
Leshpar Dracendor (2 months ago)
I thought the third episode was the best of the first three. Why? Because it explores how different cultures do things differently and that you can't force your own moral views onto another culture and these cultural differences need to be respected. How could someone so deeply involved in all of this like you completely miss this?
Sean Moonshine (2 months ago)
A million ways to die was so poor
lesmoor kelly (2 months ago)
your view on gender episode missed the part about the cultural comparison with human child having a cleft pallet and the choices a parent would make.the gender debate is like a growing cancer in our culture but i feel you have been wrongly triggered this time
Kurt Fitzner (2 months ago)
I think this review, while not terrible, misses the intention of The Orville. Treating The Orville as if its stated purpose of being a spoof is its actually purpose is missing the mark. It's patently clear that the comedy aspects of The Orville are solely a way of cloning Star Trek and being covered by the parody exceptions of copyright law in case Paramount got feisty. Seth Mcfarlane is a huge Star Trek fan. Brannon Braga is, of course, famous for having started as an intern on TNG and moved on to be one of Good Trek's more prominent personages. It's evident, and has been evident for a while, that Discovery was going to be Star Trek in name only. Dave was spot on when he named Discovery as one of the ways Star Trek has been vandalized. A scene of a naked Klingon riding a prisoner brought that home to me. Star Trek is gone, its owners killed it. Mr. Mcfarlane and Mr. Braga, presumably, are not deaf to the death cries of Star Trek, and have worked to bring it back in the only way they can. And they have succeeded. Tremendously. Despite the parody aspects of The Orville, this show is more true to the spirit and ideals of Star Trek than any of the Paramount offering in the last ten years. It does suffer from a little bit of "been there, done that", but at this point, I'll take that over what STiNO (Star Trek in Name Only) gives us. The parody aspects, while sometimes distracting, are tastefully enough done, and (in some cases) either funny enough or actually achieve enough social commentary that they are a net positive to the show. The fact that parody shields the show from litigation is just icing.
jamoecw (2 months ago)
netflix did discovery? then why is it on CBS and not netflix? pretty sure you misspoke.
John Knoop (2 months ago)
I would be interested in seeing you do a video on Star Trek Discovery now that the first season has completed. Personally by the end of the season I was MUCH happier with what I was watching.
tom black (2 months ago)
U simple mind shit the whole point os Star Trek (this is Star Trek) is to ask bigger questions so Cunts like u can one day grow up ...that is not political correctness this is the whole point of what Gene Roddenberry was trying to do
flounder2760 (3 months ago)
i thought it wasnt netflix but cbs
worland102688 (3 months ago)
I've been watching a few of your sci fi videos and have really been enjoying them. Well done! I will say this though. Star Trek was always tackling social justice topics and holding a mirror to our own society so it's fitting that The Orville has dived into the same. Most great sci-fi does that.
Amber L. Stine (3 months ago)
I really like this show.
tweech2000000 (3 months ago)
I really enjoy this show. It's more StarTrek than Discovery
AggieNC (3 months ago)
Netflix did not launch ST: Discovery, It's on CBS' service
ClokworkGremlin (3 months ago)
If your takeaway from episode 3 was merely that Bortus's daughter ended up getting turned into his son, then you missed the entire tone of that portion of the episode. It's portrayed as a loss by the crew. They did everything they could to allow this little girl to grow up naturally, even going to the trouble of finding an un-transitioned Mocklan, and the Mocklan council, in the face of everything, transitioned her anyway. It's not a win for SJW politics. It portrays them as a bad guy, and it demonstrates that the writers are willing to have a story with an unhappy ending.
jon williams (3 months ago)
i refuse to watch a show that pushes political agendas
Project: Boredom Killer (3 months ago)
The story regarding the episode "About a Girl" was probably fulfilling a plot requirement by the media moguls that own the network in order to keep the show on the air. Isn't there anyone on this planet who's read the 1938 not-so-best-seller "Psycho-Politics"?? Last I heard there was a copy available in the United States Library of Congress...
ca dirgemont (3 months ago)
Should do a review on farscape !! Loved that show !! Had so much weirdness and good costume designs and fun characters.
imperexx (3 months ago)
Having watched 4 ep of Orville and STD each, I'd have to say that Orville is a fine follow up to STNG. STD is unpalatable. SJWs == Nazis and Communists. Resist the censors, resist political correctness, resist people who want to limit your freedoms.
max bootstrap (3 months ago)
Orville is genuine homage, not parody! I'm amazed this is not obvious to so many.
Pyrphoros (3 months ago)
I had no expectations into the orville and was positivly suprised. I do not think "about a girl" does have an SJW tone, mutch the opposite. It turns the table about transgender isuess completly around and lets the compulsory transgender operations look bad. An interesting twist if you ask me. I did not like the court scene but i did like the ending, because the union ideal about individual choice actual lose. The Orville did not come around and changed a culture in a single day with a bit off pushback and the immediately recognizing the wrong of their ways. The end was mutch more realistic.
andy7666 (3 months ago)
The thing with the Orville is you know what to expect - it's New York, liberal style humour and is pretty funny in places. I'd much rather watch this, which wears its heart on its sleeve and doesn't take itself too seriously, than Star Trek Discovery which is so very haughty, so much better than YOU lot!
bluerisk (3 months ago)
The least of it? Game of Thrones in my opinion. @ pc/feminism/sjw/snowflake-momentum
bluerisk (3 months ago)
What I miss is a decent production value.
martin southard (3 months ago)
Great tv .
Jake The T (3 months ago)
Dude, what the heck are you on about, always having issues with the "SJW" and "Politically Correct" stuff? But you know what, who cares? But here? Like, um, have you SEEN start Trek? MANY of it's episodes had "messages" that YOU would label in this manner, and have an issue with. And were' talking about the 60's! and the 80's! Like, man, GET A CLUE.
Hikaru Midomiya (3 months ago)
This episode was utter detestable garbage imo but the rest of the show is pretty decent ! At first I thought it w as comedy/parody but soon turned out to be a Star Trek-ish rip off. I pretty much like all the characters except Bortus and his disgusting species. I try to just toss him aside and concentrate on the rest, I se him as a joke, it helps ! Pretty nice ship designs btw !
Ralph Goodman (3 months ago)
The Orville = "Star Trek Guy"
Radical Edward (3 months ago)
I’m actually surprised at the stance Dave takes on the female baby born to a male race episode. Personally, I’m not for sex changes on babies, I thought the crews human bias was in full force. Mercer’s point that if a baby was born with 3 legs we wouldn’t hesitate to amputate the third leg was the way I felt. Yeah there’s nothing wrong with being born female for humans but in an all male society that actively shames and shuns the rare females being born female is a problem that would have a massive negative effect on her life. For their species being female is a birth defect and they can easily correct it to the point that not only does the female look male but they can function as a male and reproduce as well. Which is different than what we can do in reality. And the mauklins point that by the time she could decide for herself the damage would be done is true. Just like with discovery and some instances in other Star Trek shows, I always hate when a moral stance is taken on the basis of what’s morally right for humans, forgetting that what’s right for us isn’t necessarily right for every species. The issues we have in reality for performing a sex change on a minor in reality are completely different. We can’t fully convert one sex to another. Someone born physically a female who has a sex change can’t then reproduce sexually with a man like they could in the show. It also means ongoing treatment with hormone replacement therapy that’s a lifelong regimen and has massive effects if they stop taking it. Luckily the show doesn’t dwell on these sorts of issues like discovery does and we can all just have our opinion and move on.
Gee Mac72 (3 months ago)
Knowing McFarlane, you know where it's going. If it lasts.
Darryl Ruiz (3 months ago)
Orville is a lot more fun than the dull Discovery
Edward Harley (3 months ago)
I love Family Guy, and American Dad... but this show stinks. Its just awful. Putting that ex lovers/partners was just the most boring "drama" infused plot line... so trite. " OH they are exes and have to work together now!!" How lame. A complete pile of crap. And over lit.
Thomas Waddell (3 months ago)
How does everyone feel about Discovery and The Orville?
Rick Maldoo (3 months ago)
I enjoyed the show, and went in expecting what I got thanks to reviews
Gregor Omm (4 months ago)
The Orville Show is GREAT! :) I watched it twice while waiting for new episodes and still waiting. They have epic episodes, only the 2D universe could be overcome by Futuramas 2D experience :D however the CGI are way better. But, the most awesome thing I like, is the fiction, that people like me and you could get on a spaceship for a mission :)
Schwarzer Ritter (4 months ago)
I did not watch The Orville, because I can not stand Seth MacFarlane. But since you say it does not have his humour, I will check it out.
klinton kavanagh (4 months ago)
I really think The Orville is not that funny and I hate spoofs!
au (4 months ago)
Star Trek Discovery Sucks
au (4 months ago)
Someone 1282 (4 months ago)
(Sarcasm alert) I hate that you give your own opinions and that they do not agree with me!
Vince L (4 months ago)
After the first season, I'll keep watching. I look forward to the episodes.
Piotr Skłodowski (4 months ago)
Frankly I do not think Orville is real parody.
Chip Griffin (4 months ago)
It's an enjoyable show. Episode 6 I think had some funny jokes about the Krill god Avis. I appreciate though that it's mostly serious. Too much parody would have killed it.
Jay Ketan Thakrar (4 months ago)
OMG Isaac is sheldon
Brady Diller (4 months ago)
I was never really a fan of family guy, so as a result I didn't care much for Seth MacFarlane, but The Orville changed my thinking. I love the show and can't wait to see where it goes
Dack Ralter (5 months ago)
It's a shame, but I can't watch it if it's going to promote any identity politics.
Jim Humphries (5 months ago)
Orville > STD.  And it gets better...its hard to do a real review after 3 episodes.  Gawd ST:TNG was garbage for almost its whole first season.
Richard Nilsom (5 months ago)
Now that the first season is coming to it's end , I would like to hear what you think about it now ? my self I am quite enjoying it, the "piss take" plots, the mixture of drama and comedy, the unexpected humour within the each episode keeps catching me "of guard" eg Issac's practicle joke.(E05)
creapsmantic (5 months ago)
a space drama that does not take it self seriously will always have so much winning , i enjoyed it but it needs to turn away from the drama with those two's past which is simple have them have fun with each other even bang from time to time but dont got any further so as to keep it a fun time for the watcher then can be boasted by having Issac make a few remarks about there mood
John smith (5 months ago)
sorry but I don't think "2 males giving birth to a female and then switching its gender back to male" is at all a tolerable amount of PC. but that the raw juxtaposition of Star Trek Discovery against the Orville has made the Orville seem better than it is. and if better than it is = don't have high expectations, I very much doubt its any good at all.
Strifegar (5 months ago)
I love The Orville. In my opinion, its more like Star Trek than the new CRAP they have labelled Star Trek.
DRAKO9764 (5 months ago)
I have laid an egg!
Victor Quinn (5 months ago)
So the mere act of covering the issue of gender reassignment is "political correctness"? Dude, I don't think that expression means what you think it means. And I think you completely missed the intention of the story. Maybe it was too subtle for you. Imagine if in the moclan evolutionary tree all of the egg laying reptilians (including the moclans) would have evolved so, that they lay multiple eggs at a time, and after the eggs hatch the "mother" would eat all but one of the hatchligngs. And all the reptilians on the planet would do it. It would be their normal. And then humans try to convince them that eating babies is wrong, resulting in a legal battle for the lives of the hatchlings. That would have been less subtle way of hammering in the point that morality is subjective. And it was important for the story for the alien view to prevail at the end. Otherwise it would have been a bland cookie cutter story with a happy ending pandering to an audience of humans.
pytko3 (5 months ago)
The Orville is not a parody, it's an homage.
MrDanno2 (5 months ago)
I like it but there to much stupid shit that makes me walk out of the room. I think it did better the discovery however.i think with a little more serious stuff they can do great.
Lee the Dragon (5 months ago)
The Orville is Star Trek is people talked normal
zaelu (5 months ago)
You took episode 3 too serious. By now (ep10) rville has passed Discovery (STD) by a long stretch.
saramations (5 months ago)
I love where the orville is going, i'm really enjoying it and it surprised me. It almost feels like Trek but it just has pop culture references basically. Bortus is the best.
Jason Shutt (6 months ago)
By episode 4 you can feel the Orville getting its footing and it is establishing itself as what could well be the Sci-Fi show of this generation. I'm enjoying the hell out of it despite its shaky start
Vickie Clark (6 months ago)
As someone else has said in the comments below, I look forward to watching this show every week. I can't say that about too many shows on TV these days.
Mike Richard (6 months ago)
It is more developed than what it parodies ; but it definitely feels slow paced.
M CK (6 months ago)
' The Orville ', suffers from identity confusion itself: The premiere ep was not funny enough to be a really entertaining parody, and MacFarlane is too smarmy to be taken seriously as a dramatic actor. Therefore, if I don't even know exactly what this show is supposed to be, then how am I supposed to care about it? So I don't...
J Shysterr (6 months ago)
Seth Mcrarland is smart. He realizes that if he made it too much of a spoof  people would get sick of it. I think it has a good mix of comedy and scifi, although many of the jokes fall flat.
Gringo Green (6 months ago)
The show is pretty damn good. I would recommend that if you watch it just have no expectation s and you will be pleasantly surprised.
IamE0N (6 months ago)
I thought episode three was pretty good. The surgery going through was portrayed as a relatively sad ending - by the point it happened only one minor character wanted it to (the moklin's "wife").
The second you said Cassidy Yates I had this "How on Earth did I miss that" moment. This is an excellent summary. We have been doing an episodic review series! If you have a chance feel free to check it out :)
Bob Frog (6 months ago)
I like it. Would not call it a "Comedy" so much as a better "Star Trek" than the garbage offered as Star Trek, now. In a word, The Orville is FUN. Star Trek Dysentery is anal rape of my childhood.
maxis2k (6 months ago)
I didn't want to try the Orville just because of Seth MacFarlane. I love parody series and think the premise is great. But I've tried to watch half a dozen Seth TV series (and two movies) and every time it was a collection of everything I hate. So the idea of him doing this treatment to Star Trek is something I don't even want to try. Having said that, I recognize that Seth has a HUGE following and it probably will appeal to them. And just because I dislike it doesn't mean I want it to fail. Also, not to defend the show (since I just admitted to not seeing it). But TNG did do basically the same plot where a person from a unisex race finds she 'identifies' as female. Then gets a mental purge to make her like everyone else. I didn't like the plot even when TNG did it. But from my view, its not like Orville did something unique. If anything, based on what you've said, it seems like they copied Star Trek a little too close in that episode. You can also say it is similar to the episode Worf becomes crippled and wants to kill himself for Klingon Honor (yeah I know, every episode is about Klingon Honor...). "Paramount should have realized that if you effectively ban or heavily restrict fans from producing Star Trek fan films, they'll just go ahead and produce parodies instead that, if produced in the right manner, can actually be more true to the spirit of the series than the modern official canon." Hopefully fans will star doing this to Star Wars as well. Maybe a fan made Thrawn trilogy to replace mary sue Rey's trilogy. Or just generally anything that shows fans don't like the throwing out of the books and games, which I'd argue had the best written material in the series.
Darin Conard (6 months ago)
@3:20 - the look on her face seems like it was pulled straight out of a "surprise buttseks" meme. XD
ThiSyndrentic (6 months ago)
I actually liked what they did with the Gender/Sex focused episode. They made more of a point out of the subject and what social justice warriors think should be done, instead of agreeing with it. They even made points of being respectful of how someone was born instead of making it a thing to change it to fit societies opinion. Which in this case was more of a jump at social justice, then an agreement with it.
James Stewart (6 months ago)
That point you made near the end is depressingly accurate. Today its all about trying to find a show with the LEAST amount of sjw crap being shoved down the viewers throats.. Ive had to abandon otherwise enjoyable shows because they reeked of these political narratives as it became blatant, overt, in your face and too much to bear.
Mike Vasquez (6 months ago)
I think a big problem that will face the show is a problem that has been facing the media for quite a while now. For some reason so many of us has such a hard time liking things and letting people like things. Does everything really have to be a masterpiece? Do we really have to stop liking something because it gets a bad critical review? Sometimes I think we just need to take a step back sit down take a deep breath and just enjoy the show. We need to allow ourselves to be entertained.
marscaleb (6 months ago)
I thought how they handled that third episode was a cut above average, especially in this SJW-infused society. First of all, I would like to state that the real cultural benefit of Sci-Fi (and fantasy) is that we can explore touchy subjects from a safe perspective. We can take a subject and completely reverse it and see how it handles. I feel like how they handled "gender reassignment" in this episode was brilliant for doing EXACTLY that. The stock "right and wrong" answers that people keep thoughtlessly spewing out are no longer relevant, and people have to look deeper at the things that REALLY matter to us on this subject; we have to honestly ask WHY we feel an answer is right or wrong because the excuses we used before don't work anymore. And under this guise, the show approached the subject from all angles to honestly consider the excuses people normally offered, and best of all, since it honestly portrayed motivations on both sides of the issue it never outright declared that one side was either right or wrong. The show never declared that what ultimately happened was a good thing or not, just that some characters were pleased with the outcome while others were not. And that is the real issue that Hollywood and other storytellers are missing this day; they can't approach a subject and honestly portray that both sides have valid points, present both sides, and let the viewer decide for themselves. They wind up telling explicitly what they think is wrong and portraying their belief as right. And that is the problem.
eskreskao (6 months ago)
Family Guy has wit?
marscaleb (6 months ago)
The first episode I saw was the fourth one, and I was hooked right away because the show was EXACTLY Star Trek. It filled the hole in my heart that modern Star Trek could not fill. Plus comedy that I appreciated MUCH more than Seth McFarland's usual style.
Joe Francis (6 months ago)
I find it VERY difficult to accept Seth MacFarlane in any kind of drama, even a comedy-drama. As clearing bars go, being better than Discovery doesn't require an Olympic pole vaulter.
SkySlasher (6 months ago)
I liked episode 3 I liked the drama with small jokes to lighten the mode
Fructose Cornsyrup (6 months ago)
I think the reason I disliked this show in the beginning was because I saw the third episode first, thus I judged it based around that. Maybe I'll give it another shot, see what else it has to offer...
Billy McAuliffe (6 months ago)
It's named after a green puppet duck from the UK
FarginBastiges (6 months ago)
Star Trek Discovery is a kid going to a hobby shop and buying a Battlestar Galactica model and putting Star Trek decals on it.
drouu (6 months ago)
don't think of it as a parody, its an honest star trek featuring a strictly b-team crew for humor.
henne2k (6 months ago)
Looks like you are pretty right wing in your views. Since Star Trek is on the Left side I´m amazed you like the Orville. Probably for other Reasons as Trekies though. Episode 3 is the Essence of what was Roddenberrys Vision.
1Invinc (6 months ago)
Are you kidding? EP 3 is basically what Star Trek fans want out of a Star Trek series!
Calliopeia666 (6 months ago)
I love the Orville! ☺
Cetok01 (6 months ago)
I really like The Orville. Great production values, the humor is contemporary and (generally) not overused, but I especially like that they're including the sort of "moral play' component that ST/TOS began half a century ago.
JG R (6 months ago)
I could totally see TNG dealing w/ this type of transsexual issue, mostly when forcing it upon the baby.
SPIRIT MAN STUDIOS (6 months ago)
I love The Orville.

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