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These powerful fruits can defeat urinary tract infections in just a couple of days

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THESE POWERFUL FRUITS CAN DEFEAT URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS IN JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS! Urinary tract infections are more common in women than men and are pretty difficult to treat. They can cause discomfort and pain while urinating as well as bladder pain and pressure in the abdominal area. In cases of cystitis, they may also cause fatigue or fever and other symptoms. These type of infections are usually treated with antibiotics, but you should know that there are many fruits which can fight them just as effectively without adverse side-effects. Besides these teas, you should also incorporate antibiotic foods such as garlic, parsley, and ginger into your diet. Ginger tea can be easily prepared and drinking it regularly can help you cure the infection faster. Diuretic foods are a must in cases of urinary tract infections, and you can also use baking soda to eliminate them – just add a teaspoon of the powder to a glass of water and drink the solution to relieve the symptoms. #urinarytractinfectioncure #urinarytractinfectionremedies
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