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Building A Hidden Pull Out Spice Rack To Organize A Cabinet

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Building a spice rack to help organize our kitchen cabinet. I used quilted ball jelly jars to hold the spices and built it to disappear into the side of a cabinet to keep daylight from reaching the spices.
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Tami Tovar (3 days ago)
Your builds are SO helpful! I am a renter and am limited what is allowed, your builds make making a rental kitchen functional, but removable! Many, many thanks from my back to your ideas!
That's what YouTube is all about. Thanks for watching.
good job
Thanks for watching.
Richard Cerra (7 days ago)
nice project, nice video
Thanks for watching.
greg lumsden (8 days ago)
question: did you make a video of your saw blade shelf's, if so where can i find it?? yours looks a lot better than the one i made
Here is a link to the build. https://youtu.be/9PQWxEPkeeE . Thanks for watching
Phillip Jones (17 days ago)
Very nice job
It was a fun project. Thanks for watching.
Deborah Fay (18 days ago)
Love how you made removable areas for future maintenance. Beautiful execution.
Thanks. It was a great addition to the kitchen. Thanks for watching.
Charlotte (28 days ago)
Wow nice and that's a great creative solution.
Thanks. It was a great addition to the kitchen. Thanks for watching.
Christina c (1 month ago)
Love this ! Wish I had one.
We love it. Thanks for watching.
Hernán R. (2 months ago)
excellent, EXCELLENT work!! thanks for sharing
Thanks for watching.
larry renegar (3 months ago)
Very, very nice brother.
Thanks for watching.
robert pongallo (3 months ago)
You have a great Channel, you explain in details as you go along, much better than double speed and music
Thanks. I started out using the camera mic and a lot of music and received many complaints. This seems to work best for me trying to make videos by myself. Thanks for watching.
Robert Casey (3 months ago)
You’re too modest. That’s beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks. This really is a fairly simple to make solution for our spices.Thanks for watching
Michał Kmiecik (3 months ago)
Oh Man! Great idea, really practical and functional. Some day I will recreate it
We love it and use it every day. Thanks for watching.
Sheng W (4 months ago)
A real genius. I would like someone to build a rack like this for me. Would you like to come to where I live as we do not have good carpenters here. A working holiday perhaps?!
Sorry, I only share the ideas. Any cabinet maker should be able to fit something like this into a kitchen. Thanks for watching.
Olga Lu (4 months ago)
Fantastic work and idea. Thank you for presenting it in such detail, it helped me a lot. I will stay tuned to see more stuff from you.
Thanks. Hopefully you can find some other videos with ideas that interest you. Thanks for watching.
Ringo Kloß (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching.
thisonelife x (5 months ago)
Yip .. nice design and Id love to make one. I wish someone would show how to vid's for ppl that dont have equipment and skills like many have. Lets say with existing lumber, even 1x2" and screws .. you can build a lot of things with those cheap little pcs of wood. Yip, sure would be nice .. Simple and Fast wood designs...
That is a good idea. You should start a channel with projects like that. I bet it would do good. Thanks for watching.
David Rose (5 months ago)
Plan on doing this for my wife
My wife loves it. It is a easy job if you have a cornrr cabinet. Thanks for watching.
Jb B (5 months ago)
Fantastic!  What a great idea and construction.  My wife has been wanting something like this and now I have your video to follow.  Thank you very much for sharing!
We were lucky to have a corner cabinet that made it an easy build. It was a great addition to the kitchen and the jelly jars are the perfect size for our needs. Thanks for watching.
fakiirification (5 months ago)
channel name is "unemployed redneck hillbilly creations"... has massive planer and a CNC router table... your not unemployed, your self-employed. LOL
Back when I first became unemployed my wife started calling things that I made unemployed redneck hillbilly creations. That is where the name came from. Thanks for subscribing.
fakiirification (5 months ago)
cheers mate. not hating. just got a chuckle out of seeing all those tools. expected to see someone building a cabinet with a handsaw and a chisel from the channel name=). Guess i'll subscribe to see what else you come up with. keep up the quality craftsmanship!
Been unemployed for over 12 years now by choice. Best years of my life and retired the first of this year. I built my cnc router and plasma table in all the extra time I have. Making YouTube videos is starting to seem like a job. Thanks for watching.
ToolMetrix (5 months ago)
Great creative solution!
I was lucky to have a corner cabinet like that to work with. It was a great addition to the kitchen. Thanks for watching.
eternalfizzer (5 months ago)
love the dual use with the corkboard. brilliant use of space. (I'm doing something similar for spices and my cutting boards to fill a space between a couple cupboards down low.) Thank you for the great tutorial.
That has become a great place to pin up all the important phone numbers right next to the phone. It really helps to keep the spices organized. Thanks for watching.
Gina Daniel (6 months ago)
I love the spice rack! You are so talented!
Thanks. It is a great way to keep the spices organized. Thanks for watching.
Father of Four Homestead (6 months ago)
just a random idea if you chalkboard paint the baack of that door you could use it for erasable notes as well. nice job sir well done
That would work also, the cork board has worked out good for us. Thanks for watching.
Dani Johnson (6 months ago)
Your wife is a truly lucky lady! This is a great video with very good instruction. I wish we had more men in this world like you.
She takes good care of me also. Thanks for watching.
Rose Petal (6 months ago)
I loved your ingenious idea, and you have a very soothing voice, thankyou 😇😇😇
We use it every day, It is a great way to keep track of our spices. Thanks for watching.
Buckwheat (6 months ago)
How do you like your saw by now? I'm thinking about getting one myself. Thanks
It has been great. I have seen comments by 2 people that bought this same saw and had to ship it back to Grizzly to have improperly machined castings replaced. I guess I got lucky because mine was perfect. Thanks for watching.
Very Good Boy (6 months ago)
Looks great, really good idea.
Thanks for watching.
EnJoy (6 months ago)
Aloha. Brilliant space saving idea
Thanks for watching.
David Januszewski (6 months ago)
Nice project, you wear well..
Thanks for watching.
Minnie11chula (6 months ago)
Thanks for watching.
Charles Collier (6 months ago)
Great idea and well made. keep up the good work. Love your shop
It was very simple to make and solved a big problem for us. Thanks for watching.
diamencik1 (6 months ago)
Great Job, make pocket deeper
Thanks for watching.
Brian Haygood (6 months ago)
This was worth watching just for the double-sided tape trick. All nicely done.
Thanks for watching.
Thor Eric (6 months ago)
it's not ez to take compliments from strangers well done
Thanks, just sharing some ideas that I hope will be adaptable to others needs. Thanks for watching.
William Wynn (6 months ago)
I’ve seen a lot of how to videos on YouTube, and I can honestly say this is one of the most original and well made. Great job, great idea, and thanks for sharing!
Just trying to share some ideas. Thanks for watching.
Julian Bouzas (6 months ago)
Muy bueno, excelente forma de aprovechar el espacio.
Thanks for watching.
That is a very neat and tidy design!!! Nice work!
It was a great addition to the kitchen. Thanks for watching.
Tee Tirado (6 months ago)
nice build
Thanks for watching.
Bobby Thibodeau (6 months ago)
Love it. Great job!
Thanks for watching.
Johnita Roberts-Huff (6 months ago)
WOW you did an AWESOME JOB, LOVE IT LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing :) :) :)
Thanks for watching.
M. Silva (6 months ago)
Thanks for watching.
Bobos Curse (6 months ago)
"So I went over to my CNC router..." LOL. I wish! That rack is exactly what we need.
It could be done with a forstner bit or router with a template. Cnc routers are very easy to build. My wife loves it.Thanks for watching.
Andrew Routh (6 months ago)
So cool. I'm really inspired
A fun project that gets used everyday. Thanks for watching
Jax T (6 months ago)
wow.  brilliant
Thanks for watching.
Celine Scrappassion (6 months ago)
wow! that is a great idea, and she is lucky to have such a handy man around the house!!
It really made it easy to organize the spices. Thanks for watching.
Kenneth Cole (6 months ago)
Neat, thank you
Thanks for watching.
Janet Rebman (6 months ago)
That is absolutely genius! I wish I had one!
It was a great addition to the kitchen. Thanks for watching.
great idea !
Thanks for watching.
david bauman (7 months ago)
Nice job..really helpful for ideas...keep d videos coming
Thanks for watching.
Carol Jobe (7 months ago)
I love what you did.So very smart. I also get most of my spices at the Amash store and transfer them to mason jars..You are very talented
Our Amish store has the freshest, lowest cost spices around. Having them organized now really makes it easy to keep track of them.Thanks for watching.
Todd Breeze (7 months ago)
That’s an amazing idea 💡 I’m very new at woodworking and I can’t wait to be able to do projects like this.
Projects like this are a good place to start. It is very simple construction with no fancy joints. The jar pockets would be easy to make with a handheld router and template. Woodworking is a great relaxing hobby. Good luck and be prepared to learn from mistakes made. Thanks for watching.
DapimpBDSD (7 months ago)
2 ads at the beginning???
I think YouTube targets users based on their online purchases and I know I see very little for my work. They may be doubling up to push their profits up. YouTube red is a good way to dump the ads. Thanks for watching
mcbassguitar (7 months ago)
nice work. except Hungarian paprika is the best...
I had a coworker bring some back years ago and it was awesome. Not available at my Amish store, but what they sell is not too bad. Thanks for watching.
Denise Cardona (7 months ago)
Wow, your video is exactly what I want built in my apartment. There is this empty space btwn an upper cabinet and the wall where a slide out for my spices would fit perfectly. Do you build to sell or would you be able to help me build it via emails if I share my plans? You have such a great way of explaining the instructions making it look attainable to do.
Sorry, I just share the ideas. From the sounds of it others have been able to adapt similar racks to their cabinets. You should be able to find a local woodworker that could easily adapt something similar to your cabinet setup. Thanks for watching.
Abi Shah (7 months ago)
you are so clever and your wife is a lucky lady
I am lucky to have her. Thanks for watching.
Elson B (7 months ago)
That's a very good work. Congratulations!
Thanks for watching.
Tom Hayes (7 months ago)
Unbelievably good work. I must say, if by becoming unemployed it means I can have a CNC, 3D printer, thicknesser, planer, etc, etc, etc - then I am going to resign my job right now! Good on you mate! Keep up the great work.
Just make sure you have enough saved for rainy days before taking the jump. The best decision that I ever made. Thanks for watching.
Iain Hayes (7 months ago)
Great craftsmanship. Great attention to detail. Awesome idea. Lots of patience. I noticed on some other videos that craftsmen like yourself basically make a new table saw insert out of ply for each of their saw and daddo blades to ensure less dust and less chance of little bits of cut off falling in beside the blades and blocking the hose etc. Probably too much hassle if continually changing blades, but just wondered if you had tried doing it that way?
Yes, l have a video showing how I made .06 thick lexan zero clearance inserts to drop over the existing insert. Helps a little, but the blade shroud still plugs with sawdust. The hose on it is small with bends and does not get good airflow. It just can't keep up with the standard kerf blade. I am going to 3d print a new shroud with a larger hose in the future. Thanks for watching.
Marcia Davis (7 months ago)
Love it! I wish I had space in my kitchen to do this.
We were lucky to have a corner cabinet. Look around, there may be space for something a little different. Thanks for watching.
Christine's Life 75 (7 months ago)
Genius idea I wish I had one of these in my house.
We use it every day. We were lucky to have a corner cabinet that made it a easy job.Thanks for watching.
The Old Timey Woodworker (7 months ago)
That's brilliant, too bad I don't have a corner cabinet, but I've been breaking my head over a good solution for an easy access and storage solution for our spices. So far they're in a big drawer but that could really use improvement. Greetings from The Netherlands.
One of my first thoughts was to make back to back short racks that pulled out the front. We really like the larger spice jars. Thanks for watching.
Abdulrahman Hadid (7 months ago)
your work is so neat !
Thanks for watching.
Don Marshall (7 months ago)
All fine and good if one has $20 grand in woodworking tools.
It is very simple construction and could easily be fabricated with hand tools using surfaced 4 side lumber by anyone with basic skills.
Isreba Aiken (7 months ago)
Omg... That is amazing. I love it. I wish you could come to the Bronx so we could make the same pullout spice rack over here. That is soooooooo beautiful.
It should be easy to find someone to copy the idea if you have space available. Thanks for watching.
Wicked FairyWings (7 months ago)
This is really beautiful work!
Thanks for watching.
Benny Banger (7 months ago)
Thanks for the idea, and I love your precision and patience with your work.
That was a fun project that gets used everyday. Thanks for watching.
I'm actually trying to design a smaller than usual (3-4"wide) baseboard pullout storage as there is a gap I would like to utalize; so this video is very helpful and inspiring. NOW if someone could only give me ideas on how to make use of all that wasted space behind the corner Lazy Susan! Hah!
It is always fun to squeeze in a little more storage space. Make a video when you figure out that corner. Thanks for watching.
Really Good Presentation!! thanks so much!
Habuddi vs Shere (7 months ago)
too much power tools for me here....
Easy enough to make with hand tools if you start with surfaced 4 side lumber. All my videos are to share the ideas that are easy for a skilled woodworker to adapt to tools available.
LadyofGlenCairn1 (7 months ago)
You've done an absolutely beautiful job! Are you available to come to Nova Scotia to work on my cabinets?!
I would have to finish the honey do list first, and it is a long one. You may want to come up with ideas for the changes you would like to implement and talk to a local woodworker . Thanks for watching.
Сергей Юрчик (8 months ago)
Идея животрепещуща на века!
Сергей Юрчик (8 months ago)
His Grace Is Sufficient (8 months ago)
Wow! You are amazing with your carpenter skills! I loved everything about this project you did! I would love to have something like this for all my spices. Great job!
It's a great addition to the kitchen. Thanks for watching.
His Grace Is Sufficient (8 months ago)
Wow! You are amazing with your carpenter skills! I loved everything about this project you did! I would love to have something like this for all my spices. Great job!
Cy B (8 months ago)
That is awesome!
Thanks for watching.
kay doodle (8 months ago)
Love this! I have SO-OO many spices and would love to have one like this. I guess my hubby just got one more item on his honey do list, lol!
If you can find a place to squeeze it into, it is well worth building. I think the ball jars are the perfect size for spices. Home baked treats are a great way to move it to the front of the honey do list. Thanks for watching.
Kevin Lawson (8 months ago)
Thanks for watching.
Dee B. (8 months ago)
Awesome job!!!!
Thanks for watching.
Brian Eggebrecht (8 months ago)
I love this concept. Now, I have 100's of ideas going through my head on how to do the perfect kitchen remodel.
Having a corner cabinet made it easy to implement. Good luck with your kitchen. Thanks for watching.
Joseph Robbins (8 months ago)
On a serious note, this is a really great video, that looks awesome! It is a wonderful design!
Thanks for watching.
Joseph Robbins (8 months ago)
Unemployed with a CNC...... lol that is awesome!
Built it from scrap parts. There's a video of the build back a ways.
Nylotis Slaughter (8 months ago)
Your wife are to be so proud of you which I know she is and you are awesome you did a awesome job with that cabinet the hidden cabinet spice jars I love it I know your wife do just saying
We use it everyday and it was a great addition to the kitchen. Thanks for watching.
Nylotis Slaughter (8 months ago)
Excuse my language but I have to say this because you are so good but you did a damn good job on that cabinet I love everything you done if I had a man that knew how to do carpenter work I would have some everything done thank you for sharing you done a really really good job thanks for sharing just saying
Mookie Me (8 months ago)
I love it! This is my dream cabinet brought to life. You are a true craftsman. I know nothing about wood working. Is that what they still call it?! Lol. Yet, I enjoyed watching this vid and I learned something. Thanks. I appreciate that You put thoughtfulness in your pre-planning, its so easy to use and you used every bit of space. Fantastic. Tfs. I am subscribed.
It was a great addition to the kitchen. Thanks for watching.
AbuArabz (9 months ago)
I like the project, excellent work
Thanks for watching.
staninjapan07 (9 months ago)
Very good, thanks.
Thanks for watching.
Colleen H (9 months ago)
I love it! Thanks for the detailed how to. I have oval containers and I think this would work for me too. I'm gonna have my redneck get started on this ASAP.
Colleen H (9 months ago)
I actually have a corner cabinet that I rarely use because its over the refrigerator. This might not work for that, but I am thinking that your slide idea would make it much more usable. finding a place for the spice rack might present another challenge, but I am excited to take that on.
If you have a corner cabinet it is easy to make. Oval jars could make it hard to get the spacing and pocket depth right so the jars cannot rock out, but pick out easily. Thanks for watching.
Roschelle Rumley (9 months ago)
Great job that is n i c e....
Thanks for watching.
Fabiola Arnaudo (9 months ago)
Great wood job and use of space.
Thanks for watching.
Michael Schnock (9 months ago)
Nicely done, i made something similar . i used also slides but on the backside (Wallside ) of the drawer. one on the top, one on the bottom . more or less like two french cleats. worked out really nice, cause the load distribution was fine. thanks for sharing :) if i d seen that before , my constuction would be much easier . all the best for you rgds Michael
I though about mounting the slides like that but did not want them exposed. Thanks for watching.
Adrian Munoz (9 months ago)
Very nice work. Also brilliant idea with the sheets of cork. I also will be stealing your idea and subscribing to your channel.
It was leftover cork flooring. You can find it reasonably priced at lumber liquidators.  Thanks for watching and subscribing.
HandCrafter Maggie (9 months ago)
What a clever fellow you are! Your ingenuity, attention to detail, and craftsmanship are exemplary.
Just trying to squeeze a little more storage space form the cabinets we have. Thanks For Watching.
multimedia542 (9 months ago)
Great when you haved the equipment to do it
You really just need a tablesaw and router if you start with surfaced 4 sides lumber. Thanks for watching.
Mel Rich (9 months ago)
This is really nice!
Thanks for watching.
Mel Rich (9 months ago)
You are sure nice and neat and know how to use all those tools. Nice job.
Mericmeister (9 months ago)
Awesome design.
Thanks for watching.
Marcin Nogalski (9 months ago)
Thanks for watching.
*Miss Voldemort* (9 months ago)
Men that's good with their hands are my dream husband material... Love your neat work, Sir! I'm sure your wife would love it!!!
Thanks for watching.
Essem Sween (10 months ago)
Great job! Have you considered chalk or blackboard paint for your notices or even that new magnetic paint or even thin aluminium would work for fridge magnets?
We just use thumb tacks. It is half full of business cards with all our contacts already. I like the look of cork as it matches the flooring. Thanks for watching.

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