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Meet the Doctor Who Refuses to Stop Prescribing Opioids to Pain Patients

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"I take the Hippocratic oath seriously that my job is to relieve pain and suffering," says Dr. Forest Tennant, a California pain specialist who patients from across the nation are flocking to see. Tennant takes the patients turned away by doctors afraid to prescribe painkillers amidst the government's war on opioids. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/reasontv Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Reason.Magaz... Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/reason Subscribe to our podcast at iTunes: https://goo.gl/az3a7a Reason is the planet's leading source of news, politics, and culture from a libertarian perspective. Go to reason.com for a point of view you won't get from legacy media and old left-right opinion magazines. --- Pain patients from across the country who say they can't get the treatment and medication they need in their home states are flocking to a boundary-pushing pain specialist based in West Covina, California. The problems these patients face stem from the opioid addiction and overdose crisis, which results in as many as 91 deaths a day in America, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The media and government have dubbed this problem the "opioid epidemic," and law enforcement agencies have reacted accordingly. Physicians are routinely arrested for overprescribing and running so-called "pill mills," and some states have filed lawsuits against pharmaceutical manufacturers. In 2016, the DEA clamped down on painkillers, reducing the allowed production of opioid medications by 25 percent or more. This year, the CDC issued guidelines advising avoid prescribing high doses over 90 morphine milligram equivalents. Many physicians have even begun to adjust the way that they think about pain. In a New England Journal of Medicine article, one of the pain specialists advising the CDC recommended that pain patients "use coping and acceptance strategies that primarily reduce the suffering associated with pain and only secondarily reduce pain intensity." That opioids are never an effective chronic pain treatment is quickly becoming conventional wisdom, and the American Medical Association has even begun to advise physicians to abandon the pain rating scale when assessing patients. "I take the Hippocratic oath seriously, that my job is to relieve pain and suffering," says Dr. Forest Tennant. "So when I see the AMA decide that they're not going to assess pain, I'm not with them." Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Music by Kai Engel (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/kai_engel/) and Blue Dot Sessions (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Blue_Dot_Sessions/).
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JustA KidBornPatriot (9 hours ago)
I’m an ex heroin addict. You cannot punish the suffering for our mistake. The problem lies in society not medication. Opioids can be used for good. Just not when it’s recreational and unsupervised.
Beverly Thacker (17 hours ago)
I need to see him. I have two slipped disk in my back. And I can't get nothing for pain no more. It sucks so bad.
i_love_rescue_animals (18 hours ago)
It is criminal what's happening to chronic pain patients. I've tried to talk to other people about it - and they have never experienced chronic pain. They don't get it. I've experienced it for years with serious osteoarthritis. I have 3 joint replacements. If I could have gotten opiod pain medication, I could have gone a lot longer without getting joint replacements - but I could barely walk, so I started getting new joints at 48. It's crazy to me that they will happily cut bone and put in metal parts, before they'll give you pills. I really, really feel for other people suffering with chronic pain and I fear for my future, because my neck is already a grade 4 - with arthritis and degeneration - and my lower back is jacked up. It's really scary.
Basically Bros (1 day ago)
I know a a good doctor in the New Hampshire area that still prescribes if anyone needs help
Janet Arnold (1 day ago)
I am a physician being persecuted by the DEA and the State of WA for doing the same. It's a scary world out there for doctors and patients.
Steven Blankenship (1 day ago)
Has anyone ever thought of like ... idk .. fixing the problem that is causing the pain?
Rick James (2 days ago)
My Doctor told me he is being scrutinized for prescribing pain meds & not enough non-narcotic pain meds. But he is a pain specialist, why would anyone in their right mind see a pain specialist for OTC meds??? The Government doesn't understand the situation. They should do their homework before making policies.
Darell Roasa (2 days ago)
Sometimes it’s not what it seems onto what you’re seing. Politicians made drugs illegal especially the once that actually works. They fooled the public by regulating it, because the more you say “dont”’ the more people will do. Now here comes the mother***** ass***** from hell finds opportunities to make money, teams up with the politicians. The more they control drugs, the more expensive it gets= more money they make and more federal jobs position availability for dea. Not all but to those people died from overdosed, I blamed those master manipulator, because if they were educated and these drugs are readily and easilly available, not much people will overdose, get hooked, gangsters fundings 👎, less people’s life are destroyed from felony charges and were in better position. I’m not saying legalized everything but only to those that are way too nasty stupid once. But it’s too late now. If any politicians gets horney thretening to legalize drugs, “I’m talking about the expensive once”, they’ll send the best hitman and makes it looks like a natural death. opps! my shit went too long.
Monica Havemann (2 days ago)
It is such a shame that chronic pain patients are undertreated, because of those that abuse opiates. I have been on opiates for 19 years and never abuse it, and it makes my live worth living. I don´t live in the US and therefor it isn´t such a problem to be prescribed something that really helps. I am a registered nurse and would not be able to work if I didn´t take my pain killers.
Susan Way (2 days ago)
Fact is their are some Doctors that get patients addicted to pain meds,then abruptly stop prescribing. What happens to the patient then? They turn to street drugs.
Matrix SS (2 days ago)
Our government is far out of control, I don't even think a fully armed revolt will stop them. Our own government is commiting crimes against humanity, torture, false imprisonment and other atrocities against its own people. Yet the United Nations and the rest of the world sits back and does nothing, they don't invade, they don't open up their borders to allow us to leave and emigrate their countries. They simply laugh at us. When the government says there's an epidemic they lie, the only epidemic is how they can get more money. People die every day whether it's car crashes, heart attacks, drug overdoses, people die yet what causes all the other deaths that happened daily not to be epidemics? I'm pleased that this doctor has the cojones to tell the government to go piss off and say there is a distinct and very easily determinable line between people who suffer from Pain and people who just want to get high and you know what either scenario wither you just want to get high or take oxycodone instead of doing epidural injections or physical therapy should only be one person's decision and that is YOURS and no one else ever. Death to America and Death to all who oppose the Sontaran Empire!
MsJudi54 (2 days ago)
The American Medical Association (AMA) is a very powerful lobby group, & yet they seem to be allowing the feds to pressure physicians, or shame them, into abandoning their patients. It's now become too "toxic" to even accept chronic pain patients into their practices, & even worse if the patient is elderly. Pain itself is invisible, but the devastating effects of it are anything but invisible!! From what I've read, those who abuse opioids are looking for a "high", not pain relief. After over 30 yrs on opioids, I can say definitively that I have NEVER gotten a high from hydrocodone (even taking 2 tabs of 10 mg/tab every 6 hrs, or 80 MMEs/day). They've now decreased me to 1 Norco every 8 hrs + MS Contin 15 mg x twice daily, or 70 MMEs/day. An MME is a "morphine miliequivalent". They plan to get me off of opioids all together, but they have no plans to do anything for the excruciating chronic pain I experience daily.
BU3 D (2 days ago)
I haven't been able to afford a surgery I need so all I can do is take pills and I'm always treated like an addict. My doctor recently wrote a script for Motrin and argued with me when I told him it doesn't work. When he got my latest MRI he apologized and said he was shocked I could stand and walk around.
Joseph DuPont (3 days ago)
How about telling the truth about the likes of Dr, Like Dr. David Dao. Dr. David Dao was charged in 2005 with 98 felony drug counts for illegally prescribing and trafficking painkillers. Prosecutors claimed Dao fraudulently filled prescriptions for hydrocodone, Oxycontin and Percocet. Dr. Dao was also convicted on 6 felony counts of obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit and in 2005 was given 5 years probation. Dao was also convicted for writing prescriptions and checks to a patient in exchange for sex. In medical board documents ... Dao denied paying for sex, but indicated he accepted sexual favors from an associate in exchange for reducing a debt that associate owed him. In February, 2005, Dr. Dao surrendered his license to practice medicine in Kentucky. In 2015 the medical board lifted the suspension and allowed him to practice medicine with some restrictions. Last year, the medical board imposed even more restrictions -- now he can only practice internal medicine in an outpatient facility one day a week. Interestingly, and relevant to the United incident, one doctor assessing Dao's case said he had interpersonal problems, noting "... he would unilaterally choose to do his own thing."
Jenna Elizabeth (3 days ago)
I love this man. Why should people have to suffer because others have abused it? It's insane that doctors have to be afraid to prescribe things that are needed.
Lucy Ross (3 days ago)
To continue how easy it is to get methadone when need pain pills. Now look like your an addict.
Lucy Ross (3 days ago)
I don’t understand how so many ppl on welfare seem to get opiates and sell them when regular ppl who really need them can’t get even sleeping aid or Valiums. How do they get it when others do really need and have to buy them off welfare ppl. And some needing them after being regular buying them not abusing them either. But what Dr would believe it, just say go buy off the streets then
Stephen Dawe (3 days ago)
It's happening in Britain now too.I wondered why opium production went up when Afghanistan was invaded!Opioids work!!!!
jerry P. (3 days ago)
How many pain patients commit suicide a day?? Is that being covered up?? Dr's. Know who the real pain patients are. Let them do their jobs. If Dr's let pain patients suffer in agony.. they are cowards!! and the US government is murdering people in agony.😢😢😢
The Tech (3 days ago)
after 5 days of opiate use the pain increases (from scientific study). Atleast he does not prescribe benzos... Should maybe try cannabis/CBD instead...
vf12497439 (3 days ago)
My friend who recently passed from bone cancer was denied pain relief because the doctor refused to prescribe. He was in terrible pain, the doctor just refused and would not explain why.
Lynn gaylor (4 days ago)
I'm sad Im going thru a bad amount of pain now and can't afford a doctor. I cant take care of my family, I dont know what to do.
speedoflite1 (4 days ago)
Sickle cell, spinal stenosis sufferers really catch hell in Pain Mgmt. Black lives matter less in primarily white male dominated field. Racism, prejudice, class discrimination is rampant with no end in sight.
George Blisson (4 days ago)
I am an ex-partner of a doctor, I will tell you this, the problem is too many people are overdosing on pain meds worldwide, over 95% of those deaths, are from people that are NOT in pain, Just literally drug addicts...or people wanting to simply get high. we were told that the governments want this to stop, as it looks bad for them. So they got told to cut the pain meds in the circulation. therefore. in not so many words, the patients who are in pain will be told that the pain is all in their heads, so they are going to be taken off their medication, but its really to cut down the medication in circulation. The pain patients are going to be the collateral damage. they can't think of another way out of it at the moment. But now they are even trying to make that rubbish into fact, they are now making up fake results and tests, and trying to get new doctors to believe that pain is really all just psychology. and doctors are willing to go along with it..... as it gives them an answer, they cant figure out the pain problem, and instead of saying, we don't know! well, now they have an answer to give. Sometimes people are that desperate for answers, they will literally believe in just about anything to get one. Doctors know pain in MOST cases is NOT in patients heads, but they have to go (with like us all), with what the government tell them to do. In time, this will change. its just one of the saddest, and biggest mistakes in the medical world for this century. In reality, the people in pain are being punished for the people who abuse the drugs. but they have no other way of cutting back on the opioids in circulation. This doctor is right. one of the rare few that are putting the patients first, before his job. plus his age. most doctors these days just have to follow the flow and do what they must to protect their careers. Doctors are NOT what they once were. just pray you, or one of your loved ones, don't get chronic pain. its all you can do. the governments rule the world. as proven. and if they don't get the results, they don't get reelected again. and will do what is ever necessary for that to happen, even go this low. It may sound harsh, but that's the stone cold reality.
Blooming Late (5 days ago)
See how he's older? It's because he KNOWS the Truth about help for real pain!! These millennials are coming out of medical school as narcissistic psychopaths doing the work just because they want the money!! Doing whatever theyre being told to do in order to make the money and hang the patients!! They are ALL DOING HARM!! Breaking their oaths and I confronted my PCP about that,she said she didn't want to treat chronically Ill patient's at all and just want UTIs and runny noses.
alex pratt (5 days ago)
I was an addict for years got addicted to tramadol I had a herniated disk and bulging disk at 17 years old I was taking 50 grams or more a week and they said they were like strong aspirin the withdrawl was worse than dope made me have seizures and shit the problem is people going through withdrawl what happens when you cut somebody off and they get sick as fuck it messes their head up they don't ever wanna feel that way again so they seek opiates I had legit pain it was my fault lifting too much but I still have pain I'm just glad I was fuckdd up before the opiate ban I probably would have legitimately shot myself I couldn't function without something to take that nerve pain away it was unbearable and a lot of people have pain like that the issue is cutting them off that's what creates an addict it causes permanant brain damage
kittycritter22 (5 days ago)
Dr. Tennant was finally forced to retire by the DEA who wouldn't stop investigating him, trying to catch him doing something wrong.
paulette barrow (5 days ago)
mike johnson (5 days ago)
As long as he does it legally he won't have one problem, which I'm sure he does.
archisaurus (6 days ago)
Stooges arresting MDs.
mobil (6 days ago)
Fentenol is whats killing people not opiates.
mobil (6 days ago)
Stop punishing people like me that have terrible chronic pain because others do something wrong.This guy gets it,the Gov and other drs dont.
Camm Style (6 days ago)
Good for you doctor!
Karen Sketchley (6 days ago)
First of all, I resent being referred to as an addict. Yes, I am(was) chemically dependent to an opiod for over 10 years due to an excruciating lower spine problem. I've had 2 surgeries, multiple pain management injections and the only thing that allowed me to keep working was oxycodone. I was on a high dose for a long time. Recently my primary Dr, who I have been with for 16 years and was working with me and was the one prescribing my meds, was shut down and had his license taken by the DEA. I was forced to go through withdrawal all on my own. He is such a great man and an excellent caring Dr, but he is also my friend. I am crushed knowing I was part of the problem. Once I got to a dosage that worked for me, I never increased it. He told me he wished all of his patients were like me. Granted, I was on a high dosage . I was taking 2 30mg tablets 3 times a day and never waivered from that. I am a divorced mother and had to be able to work and take care of my daughter. The meds were the only thing that allowed me to do that. Now not only did I have that ripped away from me, I'm unemployed and no one will hire a 59 yr old woman who needs a cane to get around. My daughter introduced me to Kratom, which helped , but I cannot afford $100 for 8oz. I sat here crying as I read many of your comments as I know I'm not alone in this. I can't even stand long enough to cook a meal or do the dishes, and grocery shopping is a nightmare. I'm going to a pain management Dr this Thursday and I'm praying they can help me. I will pray for all of you who also are being forced to live in agony because of government intrusion. They just don't get it because they have never had to live with it. They should let these Drs. present records to prove the information as to why his patients needed it. Good luck to all of you and hopefully the government will get their heads out of their asses. Peace
Brin Mag (6 days ago)
My doctor tried to wheen me down starting off dropping my dose by 75% on my OC and Morph (15yrs at 320meq morphine). And 50% on my valium (22yrs at 30mg) after 3 months I had 2 minor heart attacks and a constant state of hypertensive crisis BP meds did not help caused worse issues (220s/120s+) he put my opiates back up higher then I was originally (340meq of morph) 30minutes after taking a lower dose then prescribed my BP was perfect i was normal again as it almost always was until the 3 months before. I also have a very rare heart genetic disorder which has literally killed me twice and is deadly if I take methadone or bupo/naloxone (and 99% of meds). Thus no alternative partial antagonist opiate treatment for me. The pendulum is swinging back towards pain patients most abusers have been ousted. If you need really high dose opiates to live. Then I suggest you move to the south. If your getting prescribed by a pcp. And u know if he stops it you cant get anything unless off the street. Then stay with that pcp and keep bitching and bitching you are in their care by law they need a GOOD reason to drop you out right (as a patient not ur opiate dose). They are just scared all they really have to do is extra paperwork and deal with extra scrutiny they were already having to do that b4 hand. If your in a state where they put a dose cap or pill limit (not the insurance company but the state) then SUE THE STATE. 2 states have reversed their cap limits due to being sued. I started on opiates at pain management at 18. Starting on low dose 20mg methadone and 60mg hydrocodone a day. Plus your neuro meds for nerve damage. Ive NEVER had a pill mill dr (tho I knew of lots). Due to being so young and refusal to have a fusion in my spine (I'm not stupid). I've never blemished my record either (failed test copious amounts of my meds in my system during ER visits). Still a few pain clinics who will do high dose prescribing. (I dont live in a big city) here in my town. The guy who started my care 18 yrs ago his pain clinic is still here he died a few months back tho but his partners got it and they are still operating as usual as strict. We cant go protest.. we cant march stand with signs etc etc. This is REDICULOUS I feel so bad for everyone effected negatively. The needless suicides the scared everybody. A big ass vaccume opened up for heroin. I live close to border. used to see heroin seizures on news all the time. Now not 1 since the CDC Oct 2016 RECCOMENDATIONS no dr has to do any of that. In fact they are beholden to the AMA and the AMA and MEDICARE both have made their official statements in effect "we do not condone getting between a dr and their patient. no dr should drop their patient opiates due to fear of persecution we will not persecute drs for prescribing opiates" look it up. I hope anyone reading this feels better if they are scared of losing meds as all opiate patients are. If u got this far thanks for reading!
june bug (6 days ago)
God bless him
fleetwoodfan (6 days ago)
Why are they acting like it's a bad thing? He CARES for his patients. He doesn't want them in pain.
Jewels (6 days ago)
So few doctors willing to stand up for true chronic pain sufferers these days. God bless this man!
Captain Obvious (6 days ago)
I have had neuropathy for most of my life and have lived with pain most of my life. The last 7 years I was on pills for pain. Now that Trump has lumped us all as drug addicts and when I moved from Wa. To Nv. I was totally cut off 100% without a care about my condition from the doctors. Thankfully my wife had heard about Kratom, Red Vine. I was off opioids in 10 days without withdrawals. I’ve been clean from opioids for 3 months now. I’m taking Lyrica but it don’t really work for me.
Auburn Fan (7 days ago)
They should try marijuana
Bear Jew (7 days ago)
How many pain patients have to commit suicide
Bear Jew (7 days ago)
Drug enforcement admin is out of control
Tom Hodge (7 days ago)
I am one of those people who has been taking opioid's for 14+ years and now all of a sudden i don't need them any more and now all I do is sit in the house and can't take care of things around the house like cooking,cleaning,laundry,hygiene,etc it's pure bullshit.
a9cynthia (7 days ago)
Salute to this DOCTOR...
a9cynthia (7 days ago)
This is upsetting.
Nic Yancy (7 days ago)
get some weed its better, healthier, and natural
Deba Dev (7 days ago)
People in pain suffer because of users
ann brewer (8 days ago)
Fuck the DEA, they don't care about anything but getting a fucking promotion. These doctors r doing their job. If methadone is legal how come these drs can't do their fucking job they yrs of school to this. Methadone clinics r run by ex addicts and undereducated assholes.
Ebony Faith (8 days ago)
This is the BEST & most caring pain doctor in the country! We have your back Dr. Tennant! Love, Alisa ♥️♥️♥️
Sifter of Gold (8 days ago)
CBD and THC is all you need, fuck the pharmaceutical poisons !
Bonita Wauls (8 days ago)
Bless this man for standing up for us. I am sick of being stigmatized, made to feel shameful for surviving my accident.
Beth Campbell (8 days ago)
Fortunately I’m in California and have a Dr. that will still prescribe it and my gabapentin. Together they have helped keep by nerves “quiet” and has allowed me to live a fairly good life.
Ramiro Nunnally (9 days ago)
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Alpha Wolf (9 days ago)
578 people are deluding themselves. If you dislike this video based on what you THINK you know, try ONE SINGLE DAY in the so-called life of a chronic pain patient. Just a warning to those of you that disliked this, you're only a car accident, an autoimmune disorder, a broken back, etc. away from being in this boat with us. You or someone that you love. If you had to watch a loved one sob in, in pain all day long, every day, would you give them a Tylenol or an ibuprofen? Seriously ask yourself that question. Dr. T knows what he is doing. He knows what he is talking about. He is one of the only doctors left in this country with the compassion and the BALLS to treat chronic pain patients with pain medication and with dignity and respect. He is not a pill pusher. Pill pushers give pills to people that don't need them. Dr. T doesn't do that. And now he is retired, amongst the backlash to having compassion for people that suffer. We lost another good doctor to this insanity. Not due to inprisonment, but due to strong arm tactics. He was old enough and probably more than financially well off enough to retire long ago but he kept going because of us. Until they forced him out. They should be ashamed of themselves, but to be ashamed, there would have to be morals and ethics involved. Two very critical pieces to a good health care puzzle that were assassinated and buried in a shallow grave by the CDC's guidelines and men like Kolodny. If they have their way, CPP's will go with them. Pray that you or anyone that you even remotely care about never develop chronic pain, because if you do, don't look for good doctor's like Dr. T to treat you because they won't exist anymore. A word to the wise, even cancer patients aren't safe no matter what those guidelines say. I am a chronic pain patient and I fear not only for my future, but my children's futures and with good reason. Because some of my pain issues are genetic and my children are showing classic signs. It won't do me any good to take them to the doctor if they develop pain because no one will do anything. Not as long as the stereotype being put out there about pain patients is still around. We are NOT the problem. We didn't choose illness. We didn't choose pain. We just want to be treated humanely and those facts seem to be lost on far too many people. This has got to stop.
JessiePVlogs (9 days ago)
I have severe anxiety that it makes me nauseous all day and even vomit. Im prescribed valium and i agree its a dangerous drug but it helps. If I feel really anxious I just wanna end my life because it gets that severe. Valium is the only thing keeping me alive atm and ive tried meditation and natural alternatives but they don’t work. Id rather have a doctor watching how much I take then buying alchohol and dying from alchohol poisoning
Mark DiRienzo (10 days ago)
Why not legalize weed? Oh yeah so corrupt doctors like him can make a quick buck. CBD oils have been scientifically proven to help people. Are people helped out by opiates? Yes. But opiates have caused a national crisis and this doctor promotes it
SYMPOL (10 days ago)
"Patients" no, druggies looking for a fix
Screw the DEA... 25years? Serious? Sweet jesus. How can you lock up a doctor for helping people?
Legalize all drugs!
Hayley Thorn (11 days ago)
I suffer chronic pain and I think it is stupid to me that people are having medication taken from them. It’s ridiculous.
Jonathan Bailey (12 days ago)
Solid Smoker (12 days ago)
This guys cool as fuck.
BigBlackBootyDaddy (12 days ago)
This old shit is helping to exterminate his own kind
Brenda Turner (12 days ago)
I have mixed connective tissue disease and complex regional pain disorder after a car accident. I also take heart medication, I am dependent on my heart meds to give me quality of life, I take opiod based pain meds after trying everything else, I am dependant on my pain killers to let me have quality of life. No one ever says I shouldn't have heart meds, yet my pain meds are often questioned. I am not addicted, I am dependant and will be until something else is discovered that gives the same relief. Until anyone has lived with chronic and enduring pain they have no idea what it is like. When I had cancer no one questioned my use of pain killers, but now, seems like I am being hassled because of my illness, like it is OK to prescribe for cancer but not for other diseases. Good for this Doctor to stand up to those who don't use common sense to make judgements.
JOHN DOE (12 days ago)
Let’s get something straight here... All this crap “opioid stigma” is only being directed forward the general public, no senator is being denied pain medications let alone Hollywood actors/actresses or any other prominent individual here in the states it’s only to make the lives of the average citizens life difficult and more stressful in hopes that it ends there life sooner to cut medical insurance costs among other reasons.
Diesel Rizoel (13 days ago)
There is always the excuse "PAIN IS ONLY IN YOUR MIND AND I CAN NOT RELATE" my pain is a constant 8
Lisa m (13 days ago)
What a brilliant smart man and Doctor. Wish he was on Long Island. I suffer with chronic pain it will be 15 years this August2018.
stephanie daigle (13 days ago)
What an Amazing doctor!! Good for him for standing by his values
Gene Wes (13 days ago)
Pain is in your head literally. This old dude didn't go to school. these people are junkies and need to get a life.
M G (13 days ago)
AND HIS LICENSE GOT YANKED so he’s no longer a doctor. As it should be. He was prescribing soooo many pain meds that the DEA knew it was not for his patients’ good health. He wanted money money money. Sorry, but your hero is no longer practicing. Good riddance.
Slawssson (13 days ago)
Legalize weed bud
stephen delong (14 days ago)
I like the comment "when did it become a crime to be on pain"?
stephen delong (14 days ago)
My doctor is stopping my prescription of klonopin after 15 years even though I have never abused the drug. That is basically signing my death warrant.
Angel Rodriguez (14 days ago)
Stupid old doctor you are the original drug dealer and this people you customer's. Bunch people pills head.good luck I no need pills I smoke marijuana no pills
Thomas Mathews (14 days ago)
everybody situation is different some people need their pain meds the doctors should be able to prescribe for the people that need it. Thank you sir or what you do.
Barbara Mowrey (15 days ago)
The government is aware of what they are condoning by keeping opioids underground for drug wars and tax payer dollars. You don't think the government is taking pain medications?! Sure they are. They love THE POWER. What they should do is get rid of NSAIDS which destroy organs! My friend died from taking Aleve. Yes, his wife called me after the diagnosis! Other than addiction and unsupervised overdose, what is the worst supervised problem in comparison to Tylenol/NSAIDS opioids hold responsibility for? Many people with chronic pain, severe, weigh the comparison to find that NSAIDs are far worse for the body. I live in a small rural town ...and front page news says..."Cohesive effort required to tackle drug dealers!"
Bobb Warren (15 days ago)
My wife, god rest her soul, lived with chronic pain everyday due to Lupus. The doctor she was seeing had her pain under control using an opioid pain pill while they tried to get other issues under control with steroids and other drugs. Every morning she was in extremely bad pain until she took her medication. It finally got to the point that everything was under control and she was living a normal life. She was happy and was doing things she hadn’t done in years. Then the crackdown came. Her doctor was being investigated for “overprescribing” pains medication. It was enough to scare him into cutting back all his patients. My wife started to fall back into the cycle of awful pain In the morning and in so much pain at night she couldn’t sleep. It got to the point that she couldn’t sleep more the. 2 to 3 hours a night. The dr prescribed sleeping pills. It didn’t help because the pain was so intense it would wake her up no matter what. Then her doctor decided that since he couldn’t treat his patients like he wanted, he was going to retire. Well that just caused an even bigger problem in that she needed to find another doctor that would prescribe her the same medications. Every doctor that we tried to go to said the same thing....”we will prescribe everything you were on ECEPT the pain medication. Our hands are tied due to the new DEA laws.”. Well to make a long story short, the pain got to be to much for her to handle. I even broke laws buying the pills off the street to get my baby out of pain just for a few hours. It wasn’t enough. She committed suicide because she was tired of the fight. I miss her desperately and will never forgive our government for putting the love of my life through what she went through. They need to wake up and learn that some ppl do need these medications and that all people are not drug seekers and addicts. God Bless this doctor for standing up to these uneducated politically correct assholes that think they know what’s good for everyone. Thank you for reading this and I really hope things change before something else like what happened to my wife happened to someone else. God bless!!!
Arsene Nose (15 days ago)
This is all wrong
Tut Secret (15 days ago)
what's the difference between opioid and Norco. Because when you mention Norco to doctor, the doctor frowns, resist to prescribe, it looks like a tabu, but then the doctor says that Norco is a narcotic and can stop your heart. So end of the story. But in Hospital I was offered Norco, and I did not even ask for any pain killer, the nurse said, "oh take it, you will breath better and sleep better", then I said: "oh right then give me just a quarter of the pill, and the nurse said, "oh it wont be effective enough", and then I said, then give me just half of the pill" So, I slept and went to heaven, I never slept so good in my life. Now I understand how these people are getting addictive. I don't knot why they nurse said you breath better, what my pain and pain killer has to with breathing better. Unless the person is have excruciating pain, like the worse kidney stone pain. Also my dentist prescribed Norco after dental implant. I left it on the side, I would use only If I am climbing the walls. And I would take only half of the pill. Medication scares me to death.
Anthony Gato (15 days ago)
this is a great man.
Family Memories (15 days ago)
Cannabis is so much better
north shore (15 days ago)
This is so wrong Give these people there pills
Scott Pratt (16 days ago)
Doctors need to look for underlying problems instead of just treating symptoms
HILLERY SHAW (16 days ago)
Very caring doctor
Hus 9 (16 days ago)
Understand the problem and the healthcare system has been made into a business... Until healthcare is treated as business every one will suffer...
Hus 9 (16 days ago)
Getting of pain is to fix the problems. Pain killers should be temporary until the problem area is fixed...
zacd27 (16 days ago)
this guy is a badass reminds me of my old doctor before he retired but he only wrote me xanax bars
Matt E (17 days ago)
Opioids aren't evil just like guns aren't evil. Misuse of either can be. To make people in pain needlessly suffer seems pretty evil to me
James White (17 days ago)
Some body need them
tube you (17 days ago)
Smoke weed for chronic pain
KingOf Clubz (17 days ago)
Sucks for the true people in pain 🙄
Inked Skin Deep (17 days ago)
A lot of people only become addicted when their doctor cuts them off of opiates & refuses to taper them.
Jack Cochran (18 days ago)
Until there is a miracle cure to stop bone and disc deterioration, I'm gonna have to take opioids. I would like to see the graduation certificate from the schools of medicine from the lawmakers who are telling my Dr how he can and cannot treat my pain.
Zoes Dada (18 days ago)
Good for him! Thank God there are doctors out there that refuse to be intimidated by corrupt government agencies.
oh no (18 days ago)
What really sucks is since I was an opiate addict, now that I actually need pain meds I can't get them.
Johnny America (19 days ago)
Thank you sir for your compassion and understanding . May God bless you always.
TJ Worker (19 days ago)
Big brother takes away everything.. WE THE PEOPLE!, need to stand up and start pushing back! I'm sorry if people lost family members to narcotics. I say, WHAT ABOUT SUICIDE!? MOST' whom need this pain med, take it responsibly! Therefore, there is definitely another agenda going on, as to, why take these meds away from responsible people, to take care of the IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE!? hogwash! World war III will be between WE THE PEOPLE and the slimy underground gov. Satan's ASSHOLE! Haha,, sorry, but true
Marconi Azize (19 days ago)
They regulate the opiates but who regulates the street and the heroin dealers who are serving all those who have no option left?
RAIN MAYHEM (19 days ago)
This guy is giving the pills to the people who really need them. That is why the government hasn't shit him down
Laura (20 days ago)
Cruel!!!!!  More people will be on disability.  I hope they are ready for that.  How do the doctors expect us to pay them when we can't work.  I struggle with this everyday..  I pray in the Lord Jesus's name healing and strength to all of you in pain.  How cruel.  God bless you all!!!

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