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When Doctor Who Completely Jumped The Shark

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Text Comments (2293)
Ciaran Robinson (2 hours ago)
*The Whole Episode is a heavy handed abortion metaphor*
Dankitus Prime (8 hours ago)
I automatically thought of this moment when I heard the Episode title. https://youtu.be/5ZlqqO_AyYA
ThatOtherHarry (1 day ago)
I agree with everything you said but I'd give series 10 a chance, its probably Moffat's best series...
81ackman (1 day ago)
Always looked too goofy for me.
kenneth walsh (1 day ago)
I felt like they made the doctor a jerk & cruel for no reason other then someone to yell at him. I never found him funny or witty. Matt Smith will be the last funny doctor by the looks of it.
Erebus Primordius (2 days ago)
Wow!! It was because of this intellectually insulting episode (Kill the Moon) that I had forever sworn off of Dr Who. To be quite honest, if you had never brought it up, I would never have recalled ever watching it ... because some things are just not worth remembering.
Trent Baker (2 days ago)
I think Doomsday was probably my favourite episode of the new Doctor Who. I always enjoy it when the Doctor is throwing down with Darleks or Cybermen and in that episode we got both. But lets be realistic here Doctor Who was fantasy for a long time. Most evident in how he would solve a lot of problems waving his magic wand, oh I'm sorry, I meant "sonic screwdriver".
Hungry Guy (3 days ago)
I love Doctor Who, but the show needs a science advisor like ST:TNG had and be based as much as possible on hard science (while ignoring the whole time travel thing, just like ST ignores the whole faster-than-light thing).
Sinom (4 days ago)
I'm pretty sure it was supposed to mean that the doctor already knew Earth would be fine no matter what so he let humanity decide. It wasn't the best episode ever but it also wasn't on the level on that absorberererer what ever episode which at the same time was really bad really cringy and kinda disturbing. New who always had bad episodes. And with the new Showrunner for the next season we can probably expect some more dinosaurs on a spaceship with Cleopatra level stupidity. With countdowns. Who doesn't love countdowns. Like 42 minute long countdowns. moffat era wasn't really much worse than the Davies era. Just different.
Aimee Rose (4 days ago)
Ahaha I don't even remember these episodes properly because I zoned out during this season 😂
Forrest Penrod (5 days ago)
Killing the moon though is much cooler sounding then jumping the shark.
Forrest Penrod (5 days ago)
Capaldi has some of the most incredible episodes of all of Doctor Who and some of the worst. Looking back I think he had more decent to fantastic episodes then bad. However the awful ones are incredibly terrible, like truly some of the worst writing of modern television.
jessica butler (6 days ago)
Great job!!Thank you! ❤️🇨🇦
Adam McLaughlin (7 days ago)
As someone who grew up with classic Dr Who, this show jumped the shark with the Americanised Paul McGann (sp?) crap. Now Dr Who has an arrogant, prideful, self-absorbed man who defeats aliens just by telling them how awesome he is (ugh) while having creepy feelings for girls who are hundreds of years younger than him and whose defining character trait is the shortness of her skirt. Absolute trash show with shallow morals which can't decide if it's for kids or adults.
Jack Dingler (7 days ago)
My wife stopped watching after the first Capaldi episode. She says she's not interested in a female doctor. She wants a strong male character in the role. She has a thing for smart, confident men that take charge. Capaldi wasn't it. The new doctor won't be either. I'm not sure if I'll watch the new episodes. I guess it'll depend on, if any good shows are on, to compete with it. We have a lot of shows on the air now, where women are becoming manly men, in order to give women, male-like characters who also have breasts to admire. Their behavior is alien to my experience. I don't feel like I'm watching a human being when I see these characters on film. I guess with Doctor Who, that may work out okay. Even though he's scripted like he's human, we're constantly reminded that he isn't. Maybe female doctors will by like tolkien's dwarves, indistinguishable from males, from the perspective of other races?
stephen noonan (9 days ago)
This bloke sounds like a talking piece of snot ...
DrPengin (9 days ago)
I always find some excitement when doctor who is on TV weekly, so I usually make my mind up about episodes maybe a month after they air to let the excitement wear down. But my god, kill the moon and in the forest of the night were utterly disappointed when I watched them. Also twice upon a time. The doctor doesn't need to say a massive pointless speech before he regenerates.
DrPengin (9 days ago)
In no way whatsoever, would every light on earth be turned off. Some lights need to stay on.
Monkey King (10 days ago)
lets start a trend #killthemoon has a nice ring to it
Galo (10 days ago)
Doctor Who WAS ALWAYS FANTASY , same with star trek , tired of people calling anything with aliens sci fi
Carter Baker (10 days ago)
I just can't watch it. I just can't get into the older ones. Even the ones from 2005 to 2010 are hard for me to watch. This seems to be any British shows that were made for broadcast television. I think it is the PAL to HD conversion. Something just seems to be off.
HighProfileHermit (10 days ago)
Mother of god, is this channel stupid! I honestly didn't think there was anyone out there dumber than Sargon. But yeah, I found it. A perpetual whiner extraordinaire.
IZSM (11 days ago)
How is the moon's gravity increasing? Where is the extra mass coming from? Why is the creature flying in _space_ ?
Average Joe (11 days ago)
They killed a series I followed and enjoyed. I don’t buy a female Dr. Who. Sorry. I thought Capaldi was one of the best Drs’ IMO.
Timbo Hoss (11 days ago)
I lost it after the episode where the villains were...KILLER SLEEP BOOGERS FROM OUTER SPACE!!!
Brendan O'Brien (11 days ago)
This episode was one of the worst episodes of NuWho, right there next to RTD's "Love & Monsters". But unlike a lot of other shows, Doctor Who can weather utterly terrible episodes. I don't think this qualifies as a 'jump the shark' moment as its defined in pop culture.
Textra1 (13 days ago)
When Moffat took the reigns. He characters are assholes. All his female characters are all the same and his stories lack the heart of the RTD era. His writing and show running style are great for shows like Sherlock,whose main character is cold and sociopathic, but completely wrong for a fatherly character like The Doctor. Though not fatherly anymore I guess. We can't have strong father-like archetypes. That would be sexist, somehow.
BRILLIANT! The one girl, who had to say she’s gay, was the lid on the coffin. The female Doctor was the nail that sealed it. Was soooo turned off AND your review: “Killing The Moon”!❤️
Matthew Sharpe (14 days ago)
It does improve again a little after Clara leaves... but yeah, still pretty crap compared to the Davies seasons. I'd love to know what drugs Moffat was on when he signed off on Kill the Moon. "Oh fuck, I'm so wasted I'm hallucinating this script, it can't actually be that bad... oh well, push it through to production!"
Mad Cinder (15 days ago)
All that said, 'Kill The Moon' is a story name that has much greater potential. As a matter of fact, I'd argue that name alone deserved a better story.
MaskedMan66 (15 days ago)
So the moon is an egg, so what? The Earth is a computer, so I don't see the problem there.
Kissfan96dr (16 days ago)
first time I watched "Kill the Moon", I didn't like it because of all the physics fails. But everytime it shows up in reruns I love it. The beginning is pure genius writing.
MitchCyanFilms (16 days ago)
She's an egg?
Simon Röhrs (16 days ago)
Honestly this episode isn't even half as silly as some Russell T Davies ones. Steven Moffat was a great showrunner, so many people got into the show because of the eleventh hour and sure, series 8 was pretty bad but it began to turn around after In the Forest of the Night. Series 9 and 10 were incredible and I'm really sad to see Moffat go.
Rory O'Brien (16 days ago)
The moon bit was so dumb because it directly violates previous dr who lore. The reasons the silurians went underground was to escape a small rogue planet which became the moon.
doverandover61 (17 days ago)
What does `jump the shark´mean?
Ew. (17 days ago)
When peter capaldi took over I completely gave up on doctor who, I started to give up in Matt smiths time. I’m going to try and watch some of the 13th doctor, but I’m probably going to give up again.
ridernotlook (17 days ago)
Gurlfriend. It jumped the shark with the giant eye monster in THE 11TH HOUR. Possibly earlier with those dog Cybermen in Next Doctor but honestly the Moffat Era totally sucked.
Stefan Ambrister (17 days ago)
Matt Smith is my favorite doctor
xc5647321 xc5647321 (18 days ago)
I had barely really seen the original series, but I was excited for this reboot. As far as I am concerned, I like Capaldi, but I almost stopped watching.
Ken Johns (18 days ago)
I love Doctor Who. I dress up as him at Comic Con, I own a plethora of dvd's, posters and knick knacks but even I have to completely agree with you. I still watch every episode when it comes out but after Kill the Moon, it's not the same.
I agree with this vid's shark choice, but I think it it stands equal with another equally bad shark moment, also Capaldi era. The one where he has had the unimaginable willpower to stay imprisoned in a box for BILLIONS of years, + all the time remember why he was doing it.
Charlotte Io (20 days ago)
I liked "Kill the Moon."
Littletime (21 days ago)
Spot on. The overbearing political correctness was the final straw - and that's coming from someone who is from an ethnic minority! I didn't just quit the show I quit the BBC.
MultiSven17 (21 days ago)
although David tenant was the best Doctor as a character he had in my opinion the worse episodes so far, remember the one with Agata Christie and the Giant Bee? way worse than Peter Capaldi's kill the moon
The2Coolest2 (22 days ago)
I really had no problem with the Doctor running off. I also hopped Clara never returned after her little rage fit.
Redleaf Boomer (22 days ago)
Season 10 was dope fight me
Marilyn Pizziferri (22 days ago)
The writing for this doctor is awful. I've Benn watching since the 1970s. This is sad. Russell T Davies was great, and the early Moffat. I can not watch any more.
shizuwolf (24 days ago)
The show hasn’t gotten that bad. It’s not as bad as something like Family Guy. Even in the worst episodes, you can tell they’re still trying.
Yoongichi (25 days ago)
The moon is an egg
T3t4nu5 (25 days ago)
Didn't I see this exact plot on an episode of the Superfriends once? The old cartoon show?
Reverend scumlord (25 days ago)
More whining about "political correctness gone mad", I don't see why other everyone should tip toe around trying not to trigger you by putting gays, non whites, non christians, and women on TV, I why are you so offended by everything? It's pathetic Dave. "WAAAA THERE'S GAYS ON TV ..... GET RID OF THEM....... OOOOMG!....... THEY'RE BLACK AND FEMALE TOOO.... MAKE IT STOOOOOOOP!" ....... Get a grip Dave you pathetic snivelling little ginger cuck.
Bee Whistler (25 days ago)
Yeah, what saddens me is that Peter Capaldi was instantly my favorite Doctor. And I go way back to the long scarf era but I just immediately adored the guy. Only very quickly I found that like Sylvester McCoy, Peter Capaldi was the right Doctor with a stack of very wrong and unworthy stories. More than that, I never could stand Clara. And I'm not even sure why because when I look at individual traits or stories about her I like them, but I can't stand Clara. I think she was just a wee bit of a Mary Sue. She had some very interesting plots but she never seemed to have a setback. I mean she lost her boyfriend and bad things happened and she still came through as perky Clara! She was a Dalek and still perky Clara, split across time and still perky Clara, DIED and was suspended in time and just got herself a nice little girlfriend who was ten times more interesting and yet was summed up in a couple of episodes and launched in a TARDIS and and FREAKING SUNGLASSES AND A GUITAR and... ugh. Maybe... maybe the new one will surprise us? I know the show was always corny but somehow it's just the wrong sort.
Rhys Armour (26 days ago)
The annoying thing is capaldi was a great doctor.. he was just given shit stories to work with and poor scripts. I would have loved to see capaldi's doctor during ecclestons run of the show, I think he would have made the episode Dalek fantastic
James S. (26 days ago)
I was done after matt smith was gone... couldn't stand clara any longer
kirbymaster5 (26 days ago)
The show went to shit with the 11th Doctor. I like Matt Smith as the doctor but unfortunately it coincided with Moffat taking the helm . The tightly knit season arcs got replaced with knuckle-dragging melodrama like Amy Pond's feelings and River Song's played-out gimmick.
MrMegaPussyPlayer (26 days ago)
It all has gone downhill from the 12th doctor ... not because of the actor (I actually don't know anything else about him) but the story quality declined and it got more and more onto the SJW agenda ... which made it incredible boring. While I even was so excited about Who (did watch a few shows on TV back in the early 80's and was a fan ever since*) that I got around the geo restrictions for BBC and watched them when they came out (and not month or years later). Season 8 was the time I said: Well, i's ruined now. I am not sure if I watched any of season 9, but season 10 which was delayed one year (9 ended 2015, 10 started 2017) for reasons I didn't even bothered to watch ... not to speak season 11 which turns Song into a lesbian ... Good thing all ends soon (TM), if they not change cannon** once again, because the 13th doctor is the last regeneration ... which might as well be since the feminists and SJWs took over no one is watching this shit-show anymore anyway. _______________________________________________________________________ *= though only the internet allowed me to watch WHO in original voice and most importantly *WHEN I WANT* to watch it. **=spelled correctly?
Theatre for the Skitch (26 days ago)
Space. Capitalism. That is all I will say
Xie Yuan (26 days ago)
Angel is my nightmare.
SlimeBrosStudios (26 days ago)
why does the idea that the moon is an egg surprise you that much have you not seen the show, there are so many strange things that have happened in the show. making the moon an egg seems tame to me. the earth is literally spider space ship and that doesn't surprise you?
SlimeBrosStudios (26 days ago)
the doctor hasn't made this big of decision before he has only made decisions that where in the past creating the future of what it is now. he has never changed a complete future to make it interlay different like if he decided to make the decision for himself not humanities decision he cant change the future that much it has to be a human choice that will affect the future in that way.
Steven Barden (26 days ago)
Omg... can’t we just have fun and enjoy the show? I watch this show to have fun... not to believe it’s true. Old science fiction only guessed at the science,and often incorrectly but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the stories. This is a sorry time we live in. We’re losing our ability to chill and have a little fun. There seems to be a need to tear everything apart. I love Doctor Who and have since I was a teenager. I just remember that it’s a story and sometimes serious and sometimes outlandish and silly. Doesn’t matter to me.
Kaagh178 (27 days ago)
Watching Kill the Moon again its nowhere near as bad as I remembered. In the Forest of the Night however IS.
James Brett (27 days ago)
In the Forest of the Night was almost as terrible. The Earth is covered suddenly by trees, leaving a school trip and the Doctor stuck in an overgrown London. At which point all sense leaves the plot with nary a farewell. London, the UK's largest city, is completely deserted for the whole episode for no apparent reason, apart from some wolves from London Zoo, which harass the protagonists in exactly the same way the spiders in Kill the Moon do: whenever the plot needs action, presumably because otherwise literally nothing would happen in the episode otherwise. After almost an hour of this faffing about, with no one even pretending to try to find a solution to the apparent end of civilisation, the trees dissolve when a solar flare hits, acting as a kind of shield. How did they do this? Where did they get all the material to grow like that overnight? When they dissolve, where do it all go? Why, if the problem basically resolved itself, did the writers think it would make good television? Who knows!? Its only redemptive point was that it was lucky enough to have been in the same season as Kill the Moon.
Cameron Tyson (27 days ago)
Doctor Who has been jumping the shark for its entire runtime as a series. There isn’t one speicifc moment where it jumped the shark, it’s been doing it in so many ways in so many episodes for so many years
never stop fighting (27 days ago)
Wait, the dr will be black or female or Hispanic or a combination. I can't be bothered with this shit.
Solid Snake (27 days ago)
Okay but World Enough and Time. Just watch it. Even if you don't like Doctor Who. Series 10 was a bumpy ride, with highs like Extremis, Oxygen and the Doctor Falls, along with lows like The Lie of the Land and Knock Knock. But World Enough and Time is a genuine masterpiece.
Irhak69 (27 days ago)
I love how through that "political correctness" everyone speaks they don't see what the story was really about. Humanity is a one big bunch of selfish egoistic bastards that literally noone want to save that creature except the time travelers.
Matthew Meech (27 days ago)
Even worse it's rip of a Star Trek book about the Tholians. The very end reveals a 'Great Bird of the Galaxy' a reference to the hack gene Roddenberry was shit as well
Tom Hubbard (27 days ago)
Matt Smith was the best Doctor. Peter Capaldi was fantastic, but his stories were crap. Bill is annoying #Martha2 and their plots are confused. It's too PC and it pisses me off. It's a Sci-Fi show not a documentary made is Sweden.
Blair McClure (27 days ago)
Capaldi got some of my favorite episodes and my least favorite episodes. His first episode jumped the shark as well with a fucking dinosaur and the moon one just really pissed me off. At the same time his other episodes were really compelling to me. I think the problem was Matt Smiths era was more focused on character stories then individual episodes. And so with Capaldi they focused on stories. This is fine but without very dynamic and interesting character plots weird episodes and episodes that jump the shark are not as tolerable. I think the 9th and 10th doctor had a good amount of episodes that were completely strange, but the characters were so interesting it didn't matter. You'd still have something to enjoy. Clara was bland and her boyfriend was unlikable. Capaldi's last season was one of my favorite seasons but if I had to change one thing it would be the relationship between Bill and The Doctor. Their episodes had great and clever stories. Bill had a lot of personality and she was a fun companion but her and The Doctor did not seem as close as other companions. And when The Doctor lost Bill it did not seem to affect him much. He did not travel with her as much as other companions but we have seen how affected emotionally the doctor gets when someone he cares about dies in the same episode he met them in. Bill had an interesting, clever, fun, and heartbreaking story, but without the stress of how much she was loved, it's only heartbreaking that she wasn't loved enough.
J LA (27 days ago)
I stopped watching somewhere in the middle of 8, I just really didn't like Peter C as the Dr. I don't think it was him though, I liked him in a lot of stuff. The show just got too "dark" IMO and as Dave Cullen says, boring. And I had no idea about the egg thing, but it's completely stupid.
i hated clara and how much of a special snowflake she was
Far-No (27 days ago)
1963 > Big Finish > 2005.
Oliver Simper (27 days ago)
Matt Smith and David are the best doctor and they had the best seasons
Ali Nawaz (27 days ago)
Considering the shit Capaldi had to work with, and the fact that he’s still one of my favorite Doctors, he did a damn good job as the Doctor.
joshrl L (28 days ago)
I still prefer nuking the fridge
Dwayne Schamp (28 days ago)
Eccelstone was great, and David had the acting chops to pull off even bad stories. Now, it's just a bad trope. Give me the doctor who commits genocide to save a spaceship! And what's with trying to cram all this action into an hour? PLay it out over a chapters like the old series did. Moffat will kill this next season, well it was DOA, he'll just bury it deeper.
Adam Thornton (28 days ago)
"Kill The Moon" *Flashbacks start*
Quinn Rogers (28 days ago)
y'all taking this children's show too seriously is the real embarrassment here
Tidgy (28 days ago)
If jumped the shark means went shit, I’d say it was when David tennant stopped. Actually there’s no debate here it’s quite obvious that’s the case. Except for the occasional good ep from matt Smith and maybe 1 or 2 good ones with peter capaldi.
Navy Guy (28 days ago)
Another white male mad about diversity.
Andrew Harding (28 days ago)
Kill the Moon actually made me completely stop watching DW until some friends convinced me that getting to series 10 would be worth the slog. They were half right.
Clarence Ewing (28 days ago)
"Given the political correctness that the BBC began infusing into the stories..." Perhaps Mr. Cullen might consider posting a video explaining that notion in further detail? He says it's one of the reasons he stopped watching the show. Too many women and minorities for his taste?
G L Wilson (28 days ago)
You're right, it qualifies as one of the worst episodes ever. Truly lamentable.
Archbishop Mactasty (28 days ago)
What does jump the shark mean?
Tom Readman (28 days ago)
The bit about the BBC forcing PC - the show was always PC since the 2005 reboot. Gay showrunner, first black companion, interracial relationships, minor characters outing themselves as gay, and *draws a massive circle around Jack Harkness*. It has always been a progressive show in it's current form.
Dave smyth 2 (28 days ago)
why did it have wings?
MidnightSt (29 days ago)
so what "killing the moon" in your mind means, is basically "jumping the shark" and doing it for no good reason and with no point and change in mind, just doing it and wasting all of it because they return to the status quo right afterwards anyway? ...i kinda like that. too specific, feels a bit extraneous, but it's precisely the kind of term i'd love to read in a dictionary
MidnightSt (29 days ago)
...not only she ignores the vote, but also: 1. makes the vote extremely imprecise and feels-based, due to how it's done 2. disqualifies 50% of (electricity-having) population out of the vote, as well as 100% of those who don't have electricity. Meaning: she excludes more than half of populaton from the decision for no valid reason, only for how/where they were born, and afterwards ignores the result if she doesn't like it. ...sounds like a feminism in a nutshell to me...
bjehulk (29 days ago)
I stopped watching after a few episodes into Peter Capaldi's second season.
Aaron Long (29 days ago)
Answer: 1982.
Joseph (29 days ago)
Not saying it wasn’t a bad episode, but it’s unfortunate you believed the show “jumped the shark” at this point, because Mummy on the Orient Express, the episode directly proceeding this one, was excellent.
Anika Brooke (29 days ago)
After chris and David went downhill
Selva Hechicera (29 days ago)
The moon being a dragon egg is not a new idea. I have this comic. One of the few I still have assuming I can find it. I bought it in the 70's. Different story, same plot. The comic had a cult and poison rays.
Devin Smith (29 days ago)
Sci-fi, perhaps ironically, is like an old tapestry in that it will always have a few loose threads. Start pulling on those threads and you unravel the work thus destroying whatever beauty there was.
Devin Smith (29 days ago)
P.S. I wonder why it is always White Men that complain about political correctness? Anything taken to an extreme can turn sour and political correctness is no exception But it is always some white guy lamenting about it instead of just watching something else or going somewhere else. It is almost like they resent the moves society makes to level the playing field. Thank God most white men aren't like that but those that are can really be a pain in the ass. Political Correctness arose out of a need to be fair, considerate and polite - quit bitchin all the time and just let people do their thing and you do yours.
peter Buchan (29 days ago)
You cant even excuse it because you cannot create mass out of nothing.... the moon could simply NOT get heavier like that.
Chris Machina (1 month ago)
This is so cute. Don’t watch, then.
DarkOkies (1 month ago)
Talking about jumping the shark how about "sharks in the in water" or comments - for many that don't follow and have just started to Hate the show in some why (Cause it offended you) Personal it mirror a hand full of moments from 11th trying to lay low / Doctor who: water on mars not changing the world / and many others! There is a point in every show people find something wrong to complain about cause, it is not your show or done your way and the reason many shows get cancelled!
tyro244 (1 month ago)
As far as I'm concerned, the idea of Jumping the Shark has jumped the shark.

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