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Top 10 New Best Zombie Games | Upcoming Zombie Games of 2017

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Top 10 Best Epic Zombie Survival Games of 2017 (PC PS4 XBOX ONE) Top 10: (00:00) Daymare: 1998 Top 9: (00:42) Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Top 8: (01:23) Overkill's The Walking Dead Top 7: (02:02) Dead Rising 4 Top 6: (02:43) The Last of Us Part II Top 5: (03:23) Left 4 Dead 3 Top 4: (04:04) Dead Island 2 Top 3: (04:44) Days Gone Top 2: (05:25) 7 Days to Die Top 1: (06:05) State of Decay 2
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Text Comments (30)
Salty Dog Gaming (8 days ago)
That’s not overkill’s game play.. lol
The Cumulative Tissue (1 month ago)
7 days to die definitely isn’t new...
Wolf (3 months ago)
left 4 dead 3 doesn't even exist. is just a fan made trailer.
Shivverworx (3 months ago)
This aiming tho :D
Una's Gaming Channel (3 months ago)
I almost came in my pants when i saw left 4 dead 3. Heard it's just a short or movie or some shit. Bastards
FearIsNear235 (4 months ago)
Number 5 is a SFM movie u dickhead
Thunderbolt (5 months ago)
7 days to die already released, well the alpha game, left 4 dead 3 isn't cumming because valve cunt count to three, overkill's walking dead is cumming in 2018 also dead rising already came in 2016, and days gone is cumming in 2017 also dead island 3 doesn't cum in 2017 also last of dead 2 not cumming in 2017 just gunna acum in 2018 also daymare is trash also state of decay 2 is cumming in 2018
Sk Sahid (5 months ago)
Anime killer creppy (8 months ago)
number 10 is resident evil imitation
Creedism (10 months ago)
When you run out of ideas and just wanna make a video to get views. This shit stain comes out.
Richard Cush (10 months ago)
I think you made a mistake... 7 days to die should not be number 2 that game is horrible especially on consoles .
Evan Blackman (9 months ago)
Richard Cush no it's not ur just not good at then
Jaron Coulter (11 months ago)
the left 4 dead 3 one that was not the actual trailer that video was a cgi zombie movie called "isolated"
BLACK BERRY (11 months ago)
Days Gone I saw that cool ass game on facebook😱😱😱😱
DankSmokers (11 months ago)
it says new zombie games, no like really old
Elliotron (11 months ago)
the left4dead 3 trailer is a fan made i saw it awhile ago
tannerocean 1646 (1 year ago)
some of these games already came out
Morgan Jones (1 year ago)
Your video was poorly made.
José Sigala (1 year ago)
Dead rising 4 sucked so much ass...
Tiffany Cox (1 year ago)
Dead Rising 4 been out since late 2016 lol. On top of that it was a flop on sales. I think you need to remove Dead Rising 4 from this list asap lol.
CarolinaKing 16 (1 year ago)
I got do hyped when it said left 4 dead 3..... dammit valve
Resident evil 7 2017 game? ahaha
bebo 123_5 (1 year ago)
good games
LeyamTV (1 year ago)
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LeyamTV (1 year ago)
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LeyamTV (1 year ago)
GameyRhyme496 (1 year ago)
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