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RV Shower, Interrupted

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What if you were alone in your RV, taking a shower, deep in the forest, far away from a town or people and you heard a knock at your door? In this video I explain what happened and how I did everything wrong! Living in an RV takes you to some remote places and you have to learn how to handle any situation that may arise. Here's what I did when a stranger knocked on my door. What would you have done? For more RV Living stories and tips, visit: http://CarolynsRVLife.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarolynsRVLife/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Carolyns_RVLife Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolynsrvlife/ .Music: Act Three - Tenebrous Brothers Carnival by Kevin MacLeod . This music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty- free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100642 Artist: http://incompetech.com/C
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Susan Gamble (1 day ago)
I would yell though the door!!
Susan Gamble (1 day ago)
I would have said no I will move tomorrow!!
Laura Gumina (3 days ago)
I apologize first---so that you do not take offense--but the term "Little ol' lady" is ageist and stereotypical and derogatory--TO MY EARS. (only?) Please be careful, honey. You, too, will be old one day!
Nadine Martranchard (2 days ago)
I apologize too but what's wrong about it... if she is little - old - and a lady. should she call her a young chick? I am older too and I call a bird a bird.
Linda Beebe (6 days ago)
At the age of fifty six this is a great reminder not to be the compliant little girl I was raised to be. I’m still working on that. I totally get it. Undo all of the prep you put in to settling in for the night would have taken a lot of time and effort not to mention putting it all back if you stayed. She “couldn’t hear you” so it made you open the door. I’m so glad to read everyone’s comments about using a window. Then I’m also happy to hear everyone’s advice as to- A. It’s a single camp spot, you have it so unless some authority comes and tells you why you must leave you don’t have to. B. Have protection and lighting. C. Just go ahead and leave, may be the best option to avoid further harassment or danger. Question everything as to if you really have to do what people ask/tell you to do. They need to make their intentions and reasons for them known. It’s not my job to go the extra mile and put myself in a more vulnerable situation to open the door or whatever to help you communicate with/harass me.
Lone Star Travelers (9 days ago)
Carolyn I find it odd that little old lady was there after dark banging at your door. That is very strange. I would have opened a window a little and hollered get away from my door or I will shoot you. I am calling the police now and tell them I just shot you. Never open up a door that invites who ever is on the other side of that door to do what ever they want.
Jeffery Morrow (14 days ago)
Honey. You need a firearm.
Craig E (13 days ago)
I would NEVER advocate any woman who is Paranoid, & Quick to PANIC Over NOTHING, Scared of Everything owning a firearm. BTW she did NOT KICK you out of the campsite, YOU drove away from a great campsite. I suppose you think the lil'Old Lady would go to a horrible camp site further up the trail & leave the NOW VACANT Great campsite empty. Duh
CoaSoft (14 days ago)
Jeffery Morrow JM, Carolyn is a SJW Feminist liberal who is not about to own a firearm but just wants to continue to Bitch about life and how horrible it is. Unfortunately a few idiots binge watch her vids. M.A.G.A.
Evon Romero (15 days ago)
Omg I saw something on the road behind you🤭😱 but I think it was a car
Jaahda Jinnah (15 days ago)
Depends. Depends on how I am feeling - but what i MIGHT have said is something like "sorry love - my husband and son are already asleep - and they're buggars to wake up. We'll be leaving in the morning. Hope that is OK"
Better Dzynes (15 days ago)
You should have gone and bang on her door..The cheek!
Alex Denton (17 days ago)
people are something else! just to get your spot!!!!!
RodneyandJnia Fowler (20 days ago)
You may be an introvert trying to live as an extrovert and it doesn't feel comfortable for you. Your radar is on high alert all the time. You care too much about how others perceive you when it is you yourself you need to please. I use to be just like that. Made all kinds of decisions based on the wrong motives. A few years ago I would have done the same thing as you. Now, I wouldn't open the door. I'd get a noise maker that sounds like a rabid wolf. I keep a putting iron handy, light and easy to wield. I'd get a couple of red neck decals stuck to my rig suggesting that you always get your man or you shoot only to kill. After all, meat's expensive. Say yes to yourself and no to 95% other people. Celebrate being a bitch. Respect yourself. You'll garner respect from others. Sing a different song. Dance to a different drum. Smile on the inside. Say no and practice saying it with a smile. That alone will weed out all the narcissists. 2 men tried to kill me and I survived by using my wits. They are finally dead and I'm alive. .cheer for yourself every day. a friend, J'nia
Deanya Schempp (21 days ago)
I see that this is an old video, but I did want to comment - whew! scary! So here's what I've come up with -- buy a BB gun that looks like a rifle -- an old Daisy would do the trick -- and keep it loaded, or an air rifle. Or a real gun, with blanks. If someone overpowers you and gets the gun, you'll know it's not really loaded, but it will give the other person false security. If it scares them in the first place, great. And another thing -- a photography flash, that goes on a camera. You can get one and hook it to a battery pack, and then if anyone comes up on you, you can close your eyes and flash them and that will give you a few seconds every flash. Bottle rockets that you can shoot out toward other vehicles of people who might be coming to harass you. A recording of a man's voice saying, "What do you want? I have a gun!" And finally, remember that you have height -- go to your highest window to yell out through. You also have the truck cab and can speak through a window there. The GREAT news is that now you know a relatively safe spot to park, since this older woman obviously stays there a lot!
S Jordan (21 days ago)
Carolyn, just like many others, I truly wish the best for you. However, you seem to be the Queen of making poor judgements. You say you are a leader, but often you fail to do even the most minimal ' homework', before getting yourself into less than ideal situations. How many times did it take for you to understand about gators? Once again another example, when you go to an area where many women are known to have gone missing. You even sat and ate right next to a sign saying just that. Shouldn't that at least be a clue to you? Quite honestly, I cannot watch your videos anymore, obviously, you are unwilling to just make videos, and stay off your soapbox. Many of us have had serious challenges in life, and not found it necessary to use drugs or become an alcoholic. I have patiently, watched your videos, but the way you handled the Highway of Tears, was totally disrespectful on several levels. Enough is enough. Showing a little class would go a long way, especially if you fogot that 'chip on your shoulder,' for at least one episode, is that too much to ask? So much negative energy. At least show some respect when you are a guest in another country.
devian j (11 days ago)
you would think she'd record all her "crazy scenarios"
Craig E (13 days ago)
Bravo, S Jordan !!!
Kenneth Law (21 days ago)
technically it wasn't your spot. you already said you couldn't get all the way to the end of the road , so basically you were parked in the middle of the road to the campsite. maybe she just wanted to get past and you could have stayed.
Kenneth Law (6 days ago)
Linda Beebe true, but if they weren't planning on leaving until later in the day, or maybe she stayed there a lot. she was still parked in the middle of the road. it was not the smartest thing to do
Linda Beebe (6 days ago)
Kenneth Law well, not without blocking them in.
Kim Hobbs (21 days ago)
You are a cautionary tale. God is trying to tell you something. I am hardly able to watch your videos because my gut says stay away. Too many problems and bad energy. We create our reality and it seems you require a lot of adrenaline. Sorry but you make me nervous and worried for you.
Chris Tina (21 days ago)
I would not answer the door period. I learned just because someone knocks does not mean we have to answer. I needed a gun because I thought I had to answer a knock on the door. I could see it was a stranger. Don’t do it at all. If they keep knocking call for help. Keep cameras active at all times.
Your Gut should of told you to always keep a dry set of cloth handy no matter where you are.
EC A (22 days ago)
Thank gawd you're making these videos. Seriously. I'm a single mom and we're in the very beginning of planning this lifestyle. But I was over inundating myself with build videos until I watched a few of yours and realized that I need this kind of info just as much if not more. I am very nervous about being the only one to protect my daughters and I. The question of, should I even be doing this, for that reason alone, visits my mind on good occasion. But we're so needing this life/lifestyle. It's almost screaming at us to embrace it. So if we're going to continue our journey I'm going to have to know some things. Especially struggling with so much of what you mention as well as being autistic. Which, being autistic a lot of times you end up following orders because you're too busy second guessing yourself the rest of the time. I can't identify more with those examples you give of the things that go on in your mind. So, thank you so very much. Sending virtual hugs to you. Your work is really important to someone for sure.
Anna Craven (22 days ago)
Get a gun, never answer the door. A bat and all that mess is no good. My husband got knocked in the head by stopping to help a woman change a tire. He almost died. No way I would have moved. I would have said no and gone to bed.
Lucy Guerra (12 days ago)
I agree with not opening the door, getting some kind of serious weapon ie bear spray, taser - my police friend told me to get one. My x and I used to live in Big Bear and would alway go discovering. We always stopped to help people or were overly accommodating. But finally on my own and when I do travel in my RV or van - I Do Not stop to help people. I am willing to call CHP or Police to say someone may need help. But I will not stop.
Sandra Lapham (23 days ago)
Love watching ur posts, I'm thinking about going on the road, so any tips are welcome. Stay safe!
Motherof Chaos (23 days ago)
Look out the window, and if it's not a ranger or other law enforcement officer, tell the person (through the window, NOT the door) to go away and come back tomorrow. But keep your hatchet handy, just in case.
aw4always (24 days ago)
Your advice is excellent. I think giving up the spot was probably for the best. You don't know why she wanted it and, like you said, if someone else were with her then there might have been trouble that you couldn't handle. You might have had your phone if you hadn't been angry and driven so far away :-) I hope you now lay out some clothes in case you get caught in the shower again and perhaps a megaphone would help you communicate more easily through the door. Your life sounds happily fantastic. Just don't read any Ann Rule true crime books while you're isolate ;-) !!!
DoitinBarbados (24 days ago)
What I was really thinking about was the reasoning for this elderly woman asking you to move your RV. Firstly, I thought what nerve she had asking you to move, I probably would have told her where to go, lol, but then I gave her the benefit of doubt and thought well maybe she had been using that same spot you were in and possibly she had left it and gone to town for supplies or some other reason and when she came back you were in what she believed was her spot. I don’t know, you can’t get into the mindset of the elderly but it was just a thought. Overall, considering her age and deafness, maybe you did considerate thing by giving up the spot. Confrontation with an elderly lady wouldn’t make you feel good and even though you may have been greatly inconvenienced by her, look at it this way, you did a really nice thing for an old lady ... even though she scared the 💩 out of you.
William Ringo (24 days ago)
Well Carolyn, you may not like my answer, but here goes. I am from the old school, I grew up with guns, I have always used guns for sport and practice. I wouldn't go where you do, and stay alone in some of the places you do, without a gun. When I opened that door, I would have had a least a .44 Mag. in my hand. I don't know what Canada's laws are concerning weapons. but I wouldn't be without a weapon.....And especially when you are out walking....You never know what can happen.
Yolanda De Los Reyes (25 days ago)
First of all put clothes on then I would go to the passengers door window and ask what they wanted. I think much safer to crack the window or even the kitchen window. I have been living in my rv for a year not. But I work and I’m on company property for now.i watch your videos always to figure out where I can park during the day because I work graveyard shift. I’m suppose to move out soon.
mjc 427 (25 days ago)
I would always have some clothes close by to put on and then maybe crack a window up front instead of opening a door. I would have asked her how was I blocking her since I had checked out the area before parking. Then I would say its a good thing you didn't wake my husband he has a itchy trigger finger.
Norma Bonilla (25 days ago)
No way but ty norma
Cheryl Anderson (25 days ago)
I just had to comment here, but went so long, I had to "select all", cut it & posted it to myself, in a draft. I coulda gone on & on! Ironically, earlier today, I had awakened with a flood of recollections of situations in which I'd done things to accommodate others, which had harmed me. As you mentioned, it's how I was raised - in this culture, though I was not instructed verbally as such, in my family. However - I was born in a time in which boys mattered - not girls. So I learned that way of thinking by just being shown, repeatedly that I didn't matter - in my own family, & in so many subtle & not so subtle ways. I then took that attitude into 2 very long relationships. Even now, at 71, though I've vastly improved & have found my voice - in writing...in person, I can look at several situations in recent years that fall into that category of just deciding to not fight it & let people take advantage of me. This can, & does happen to men as well, so I'm not being sexist about it. WE all need to know when & how to stand up for ourselves. I could do a few bullet points &you'd agree - what was I thinking???? But - this is more important. You can & must still protect yourself by putting up cameras & audio all around the exterior of your RV, & inside too, especially when you leave your van with or without Capone inside. If anything happened to you, or even if you had an accident on the road, you'd have eyes all over the situation. In the knocking in the night situation, you could've snapped on all around lighting, had the option of having a cursory look around the RV on a dedicated, mounted screen, to see what was happening, who was at your door, where her vehicle was parked, etc, AND - you could've flipped on a 2 way intercom to talk to her & find out why she was asking you to move, considering you were miles from anything... Do you think maybe she was a bit dotty, or maybe hungry & hoping to be invited in for a cup of tea, a beer or to be fed? How odd that she'd expect you to move your van, when, as you say, she could've walked around your van, or - just parked elsewhere!
Cheryl Anderson (25 days ago)
Somehow, I doubt the "likes" are showing up here. I've Liked this several times, but still see none registered - that I can see anyway. Anyone else the same?
Sam Mott (25 days ago)
Carolyn can tell you more, but people behind these channels can set their settings to show or not show certain things, "likes", for one. Maybe that's it or maybe its not intentional and Carolyn needs to know likes aren't showing.
Sally Savage (25 days ago)
How did I miss this video? I thought I had seen all of them, lol. At this point in my life (I recently turned 60), I just don't take much crap - from anyone. While I would have been freaked out at the very unexpected random knock at the door, I wouldn't open the door, but yell very loudly and aggressively like you did, , "What do you want?" That was a shitty way for that elderly lady to get your spot! That being said, if it was a man who had been in her place, if he didn't communicate what he wanted, I'd let him know that the cops are on the way to 'help' him. The lessons I learned from this were: Always have clothes set out for right after the shower to change into (not much of a consolation if you are IN the shower though). Always have other phone numbers available to call in addition to 911, like a ranger...? I just hope that I don't meet an early demise due to what I'm not afraid to spew out of my mouth!
MsSoozy (25 days ago)
Finish rinsing off, find your pants, I know the heart races and adrenaline starts and you swallow hard. I for sure would have talked through a window tho', not the door, and I certainly would not have moved once I found out what she was up to. Thank you for this video, it helps out many people. Trust your gut!!!! :) Stay safe Carolyn!
Rita Richardson (24 days ago)
I wouldn't be out there by myself, but if I were..I would have let whoever hear me rack it back. Then I would have yelled very loudly to back away from my door now! I wouldn't ever open the door. Especially naked. Never know who's out there. It's hard to fight naked especially when wet and soapy. First I would have got clothes on fast. Then put a clip in my gun and held it to the window. Racked it back. Warned whoever. Get!! Then I'd have actually got in the drivers seat quick and booked. Just in case it was a true creep or so. Save me from having to go to prison for shooting someone. I think you could find a nice piece of property somewhere and be safer Carolyn.This world is not the same these days. Dangerous. Get a gun permit please. You can get a 9 pretty affordable.Take lessons to shoot.
Debbie Villalobos (26 days ago)
Go to the gun they have signs that says you have a gun put that out front of you camper but I do not like visitors or do not disturb put a camera outside because everybody watches you on YouTube and they know you are alone so that's what it is put bars on your windows I don't know tell you
Veggiegirl4Ever (26 days ago)
I would have finished my showering and maybe ck'd the door when I got out....I would not have moved..I would have spoken to the person to see why she wanted me to move...I would have known I couldn't be in anyone's way when I parked...Your so sweet..You learned now...to not open the door too fast...
JOE BAILEY (26 days ago)
when we travel we are armed and dont trust anyone, but that is just being texan
charmain killoran (26 days ago)
I would have carried on showering and ignored the knocking on the door.
Laurieb2851 (26 days ago)
Yes, I would have rather seen you finish your shower and then respond - and only through a window. If she couldn't hear me? Her problem. You would have been at a greater advantage had you felt you had the time to properly respond to her request. You would have been in a better spot for the night. Had I handled it the same as you did - I would have pounded on HER door the next morning and said, "How dare you! I didn't realize you were bullying me out of MY spot so you could camp there for the night. Had I realized that you only wanted to bully me out of my safe spot for the night, I wouldn't have moved and given you MY spot!" Really, how dare she?
myozbubble (26 days ago)
I would have yelled through the door and if she didn't respond, waited a bit and hurried up to complete my shower. Then prepped myself to address the situation. Best case scenerio. In reality, I would have taken her word and moved. But, that would have been the best reaction not knowing her intent and moved away from the location.
Earl Valentine (26 days ago)
If it were a man tha meant you harm he would have , since you opened it partially jerked the door all the way open and that would have been the end and some big guy would be doing this video wearing a hockey mask. Judging from many comments here I think most here thinks this is funny You are very lucky
Andrée Marie (26 days ago)
Lesson learned! Be alert at all times 🚨
sue yates (26 days ago)
Always trust your instincts. And like you said take a deep breath take care of yourself first always be careful.
Tina Scott (1 month ago)
First of all , yes.i would of freaked out with someone banging like that , I would of tried immediately to look to see who it was by peeking out of all windows to see if anyone was with that one little old lady..I would of asked her ..( through the window,cracked a lil ) what's up?!! If she said, to move ! I would of hurried to get dressed, and I would of left too..she seemed to be to crazy to even get a good night's sleep around! She probably would of bothered you all night long anyways if you didn't move.. Watch out for mean gouchy ole ladies !
Holly Hocks (1 month ago)
I would get a recording of a very loud aggressive dog barking, when issues like this happen I would play the recording very loudly. It wouldn’t matter if your dog joins in the barking. Remember who ever it is they won’t know you are a woman alone. It may help if you also have a recording of a mans voice yelling at the Fake dog. Just a thought from England
liz warren (24 days ago)
That's funny Holly Hocks, I thought I would do the recording thing.
Lily McMillan (26 days ago)
Holly Hocks That's a good idea !!
Tina Scott (1 month ago)
Great idea !
Karen Mullen (1 month ago)
Holly Hocks Good one
Spoony Poon (1 month ago)
Sometimes you don't know what you would do in that situation until you're in it but I think I would have told the person I have a gun leave me alone what do you want? Then I probably would have got dressed and started the rig and pulled away but that's just me. The important thing is that you realize your mistakes and you will learn for the next situation and I'm glad that you thought of the idea that she could have been a decoy because that is the method of operation for some criminals
gilles labrie (1 month ago)
Good Day to you, I would of show some muscle. Of course I am a man. But if I were a girl...remembered that you were parked well. It was a good spot. I would of taken my time (so that they go away) If this didn’t work I wold of come out with precautions and armed. I would question their validity
Rayford Strange (1 month ago)
Hilarious. I love it. Thanks for sharing. You are great. I'm in the process of converting a 16 ft. Cargo Van. Maybe I'll see you on the road somewhere and share a laugh or two. LOL
Nancy Fahey (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing. Good lessons to be aware of.
Fooey Yu (1 month ago)
"Put your clothes on lady, you're scaring the horses !" That's what I would say if I saw you naked !
Thor (1 month ago)
Open your window a crack and say we will be with you in 15 min. That’s it.
M. BIT (1 month ago)
I watch your videos on Roku , youtube and this one had me laughing because I would of done the same thing and have done so at home when someone knocks on the door when I'm in a shower and it was no one I knew , knowing me I would of done the same in an RV... you bring up some good points .next time please just crank a window open a little bit , if an old lady or anyone can't hear you ... I also sometimes think of the shower scene in the movie Psycho , stay safe and please always have some pepper bear spay in hand even for going for walks in the woods with Capone...Take care, Hugs to sweet Capone .
thizizliz (1 month ago)
Excellent points! I don't know what I would have done - chances are, reacted as you did. I use a shower shelter and have only ever showered in daylight, but because it's daylight, I have all my clothing and shoes and towels within reach. Never thought about it but that's a good habit. Liz
gaby M (1 month ago)
you funny,i like you
Karen Mullen (1 month ago)
What would I have done? I would not have bothered. If it were police or a warden, what are they gonna do? it's gonna take a while for them to get a tow truck to come and get what they may think must be an abandoned vehicle - that is if they know what a pump sounds like.I would've finished my shower, got dressed at my leisure, I might've even taken a lot longer because, well, because I have the right to and then I would have answered the door maybe. Because I have the right not to answer the door I may not have... You had already checked to see if you were blocking anything and you're not so you were there 1st. It's 1st come - 1st served, baby.
Karen Mullen (1 month ago)
Nancy Fahey I'm a strong, sturdy 5'8" woman who has taken care of all ages of people in various health fields, who knows CPR, 1st Aid, and some para-medical and invasive procedures - I even carry para-surgical kit complete with all sorts of dire emergency blood n guts stuff. Since this has become a thing, I will tell you some inner truths. When the knock came I would have been startled; would have immediately started praying - may've got out without turning pumped water off to look out all windows to assess - at that point in time I would have surely been given the knowledge and wisdom/understanding of what to do and would have done that to the nth. But I wouldn't've moved!
Nancy Fahey (1 month ago)
I was driving home one night from school from Ocala Florida. About 3 miles from my house, a car slowed down in front of me and pulled to the side of the road. As I passed them they waved their arms out the window at me. This was before cell phones. So I get home and call 911. They asked why I didn't stop for them. I'm a small woman alone at 10pm at night. So I gave police the location and said that's their job. So I believe I would get in touch with authorities, cause that's their job.
Karen Mullen (1 month ago)
Nancy Fahey Well if it's cold, she cover him up; if it's hot, she can try to shade him, but he can lay there until I have prayed and finished my shower, until I have dried off and until I have aired out enough or powdered up enough to put clothes on and looked thru all my windows and assessed the sitch and cocked my gun if Father/God said so. Then I'm prepared for danger, tricks or help. If I see somebody in need I'll give them everything I got to help them out to the utmost - the nth degree! But prayer and safety and assessment first.
Nancy Fahey (1 month ago)
Karen Mullen. Ya but it could have been an old lady saying her husband fell and can't get up.
Julie Gage (2 months ago)
Carolyn, thanks for this blog to prepare me on how to react. The comments are enlightening. I travel with hubby with AD and my No 1 concern is how to defend us in such situations. So, glad you were not harmed. By u sharing this, it makes us better prepared in our travels. Thanks for all u do.
twain103 (2 months ago)
WHERE do I begin?I doubt you could explain in fewer than a million words,WHY are you camping ALONE.I'm glad you thought of "Psycho" BECAUSE unless I fell into some hole FULL of DUNG,I would'nt shower at NIGHT.(TOO VULNERABLE)A knock on the door= I get my DIRTY HARRY revolver & its LIGHTS OUT.I would'nt OPEN the door to GRANDMA DYNAMITE,OR ANYONE ELSE.WHY camp in :THE DEEP WOODS?You MAY have NO PHONE SERVICE,NO,NO,NO.How could you call for help?I'd get a gun,an old cast iron skillet,crowbar,flare gun,SOMEONE will SEE IT.
Lj Anderson (2 months ago)
Have to agree with a few others. I solo camp often and would never have opened the damn door! As for the jerk who said get rid of your useless dog, that’s so mean! I would definitely get another more watchdog type though!
Chuck Gates (2 months ago)
Shy M (2 months ago)
I worked in Law Enforcement for 23 years. I would have yelled in my meanest and most commanding voice, while quickly getting dressed and pulling out my glock 23 for her to get the fuck outa here, I wound put a round in the chamber as well. Sorry but no one fucks with me. I raised my son the same way. I do not start shit but I sure would finish it, but opening the door in such a defenseless mode, lady you are lucky you did not get raped and tortured or some other such.
India M (2 months ago)
I probably would have reacted as you did
Marcus Lewis (2 months ago)
It's very easy to think of all the things that you could've and/or should've done, but we humans live "in the moment" and we react to the unexpected (and expected) events, so don't beat yourself up about it - but please learn from what happened. First, NEVER open the door to anyone! EVER!! Not even to someone dressed in a police uniform. Always, take your time, get dressed, ready a weapon, then turn on all the outside lights and sound the horn. You can then talk to the person thru a gap in a window, or preferably via a wired up camera(s) and speaker system. You might also want to consider starting the engine before even engaging with any stranger(s), simply just in case you need to make a quick getaway. Remember, it's ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry. Do get some bright exterior lights fitted, as at the very least you'll know exactly where to aim! (if it became necessary??). And yes, that sweet old deaf lady tricked you outta your spot, but as one of the other commentators has said, ".... if you stayed put, then maybe you'd be kept awake all nite by retaliation or more disturbances or, worse still, both of these things! And, I don't care what your politics, just get yourself a handgun, even a small pistol/revolver - with enough practice, if you were to suffer from an attack, then at least you'd be better able to fend off several attackers at a time, whereas, with a hammer/axe/ice-pick/etc, you'll have to combat them at close quarters AND then only one at a time! Do yourself, your dog and all your viewers a favour.... get armed! Xx
Cats Rule (2 months ago)
Good video and good advice ... Love, cat.
fogggygyrl (2 months ago)
The lessen I learned from this is to expect the unexpected and prepare accordingly.
Debbie Villalobos (2 months ago)
Get Your Gun out get you done I hope you have a gun I would not leave anywhere without a gun that's too many idiots out there
Debbie Villalobos (2 months ago)
When you go into the woods Hillbillies live in the woods Hills Have Eyes have you seen that movie I would not go in the woods by myself with nobody around forget it
dawsonsld (2 months ago)
I won't open the door even to the police after dark (or in a remote location in the day time)! I don't think a real police officer or forest service ranger would knock on an RV in the boonies after dark unless there was an emergency. I've thought about this and have a spreadsheet I consult and add to often regarding emergency situations and how to handle them. So I've added some new notes about this very example. I think the safest thing to do in such a situation would be to move immediately into the driver's seat , crank the motor, and turn on the headlights. Keep the interior lights off, but yank off any windshield and side window covers, and be ready to drive out of there at a moment's notice. Only then would I talk to the person and tell him/her to go stand in my headlights to I could see them, and hold up a badge if they are law enforcement. (I think I'll add a bullhorn or some kind of voice amplifier to my shopping list.) If they are wearing a legitimate uniform, and show me a badge, I might allow them to come to the driver's window (which is closed except for a tiny slit) and let them hold the badge up to the window. A badge and uniform are, of course, no real proof as they can be bought online. But if I felt he/she was legitimate, I'd ask the reason for the disturbance, and if there was some real-seeming problem, I'd offer to fix the problem after they leave, or follow them to the police or ranger station if it is some other difficulty. If I had a bad feeling about the person or the reason given for the disturbance, I'd put the RV in gear and high-tail it to a town with bright lights! I am not a fearful person, but know I could experience something similar one day. To be ready for a quick, unplanned departure, I don't cover my windshield at night. I just close the drapes that block off the cab. I also don't leave much, if anything, outside, and I make sure there is nothing in front of the RV. I want to be able to get into the driver's seat, with no obstructions, and drive away from a human, animal, or weather threat at a moment's notice. I also keep a caftan or muu-muu laid out so I can quickly dress if needed. I don't want to drive naked. . .
Christy M-G (2 months ago)
Her intentions were to rob you. She did. I'd have hollered out to her instead of opened the door. You assessed the situation as she didn't need you to move, you shouldn't have. You have now told the YT community how nice you are. I'd take down this video because you really never know who is watching or what kind of bs they'll do. *** Please note, I didnt mean to sound so harsh. Not toward you at least. I think I was po'd at the audacity of this thieving old witch! Be safe Carolyn. xxoo
Maria Gautier (3 months ago)
I would not of opened the door to anyone little old lady or not. I definitely would not of moved either.
Nancy Fahey (1 month ago)
Vonshall. Apparantly that's only in the Ocala National Forest.
Vonshall (1 month ago)
Maria Gautier I agree on not opening the door but being in a remote place without anyone around and not knowing if you'll get a cell signal or if the person is in costume or what a person is capable of ...Id rather move in those circumstances rather than staying on principal and winding up with slit tires.. I'm a scaredy cat and I imagine a lot of outlaws hiding in the woods waiting to take advantage of someone.
Gail (3 months ago)
Never open the door to a stranger!! Slide open a window a tiny bit to speak.
Gail (3 months ago)
Was your dog barking during this intrusion?
Mary Stewart (3 months ago)
I know I would have reacted the same way and then thought of all the things I did wrong. I spent 37 years in public service and have had to handle all types of situations and people that even the cops have them listed at least a "two officer" call. So my knee jerk reaction is to have to handle everything. But I would like to have my initial reaction to be not only no, but hell no! I need to work on standing up for myself. I am a work in progress, lol. Good video, Carolyn
Tumbleweed (3 months ago)
Outside lights and camera so you can see and speak thru it. Never trust anyone out in the boonies all alone, it could have been a setup!
David Gabrie (3 months ago)
where was that "useless" dog of yours, hiding under the bed? Any dog worth having would have been growling at the top of the stairs. I'd dump that dog and get one with some grit. If I was in the shower I would have had motion detector lights, at least some type of spray to shoot at them, if they happened to barge in, and under NO circumstances unless they were Police would I have opened the door.
Kathy Hedden (3 months ago)
If that was me with my Jersey attitude I would have said WHAT THE FUCK DO WANT I"M IN THE SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then when I finally answered the door I would've said who are you and what do ya want? Plus I would've told her to find away to go around me.
Lobaby55 (25 days ago)
Hi Lady! Did you have your Bear Spray ready this time? I would think the knocking was Big Foot, and would of freaked out for a minute. Then Having a camera that can check out if more people are out or cars? I would love to travel in places like Alaska with one or two other tribe members..tribe meaning friends you know and want to be with. I would have my gun out and ready at night. A shotgun is best for the sound, but a Handgun is a good idea...for me atleast. Be careful all those girls missing is not safe territory.
sierrasun Village (3 months ago)
I can't believe you did what you did, wow. I think you just panicked.... I camped and lived all over Sierra Nevada/Cascades for many years, all kinds of things can happen out there, that nutjob harassing me would be told to get lost or get shot (and you don't have a gun to do that, criminals tend to believe you got one if you tell them, and back off). With all the legitimate possibilities, such as a valid reason to contact you, say if her vehicle broke down, it always can be a decoy; you're a woman alone there, and sounds like you're unarmed, you have to make your safety the first priority. And near Susanville (state prison town)....I don't even know where to begin. By the way, years ago, I overheard conversation of some transients claiming they killed some stranger on the road near Susanville, out in those woods.
Teri Thomas (3 months ago)
Thank you. We are converting a GM bus into a fulltime home. We are almost to the wiring. After watching the video I will run a couple of wires to the door area for a spotlight or somthing
Diego Alberto Uribe (3 months ago)
you should get led lights and install them in each corner of your rig
Bernard Popp (3 months ago)
You are a sitting duck. I don't mean to terrorize u, but a lady friend of mine had no protection, and let me just say, she didn't see it coming...and was left in a coma for a month, and since has seizures from the concussions she was dealt...by the "nice helpful" guy. My son is a cop...he sees it all. Have a lovely safe Spring. 🍀😊
Christy M-G (2 months ago)
Bernard Popp I was a Corrections Officer for 5 years before promoting to a Caseworker. I daw and heard about a lot. After my promotion part of my job was to familiarize myself with the subjects files. You aren't exaggerating. I wish you were.
Fanawb Productions (3 months ago)
Our new rv has a massive air horn on it. I would have pumped it up and layed on it until it ran out of air lol.
Mailisailor (3 months ago)
Oh my goodness!!! I cannot believe you opened the door. You where lucky. I would of got dressed first that way your prepared for anything. I love your videos!!
Daniel Demag (3 months ago)
I would have told her to leave don't come near camper again talking through door
Stephanie Ledogar (3 months ago)
I would have pretended that nobody's home. She would have gone away eventually.
Sanji (3 months ago)
wow Carolyn! i probably would of reacted the same way. the surprise unexpected element is what i think causes ones vonfi ads ion n lack of clarity on what to do correctly. thanks tobypur video we now can prepare f2f or similiar possibilites that go bump in the night.
David Fricker (3 months ago)
Do RVers have an intercom installed? If I were off the road, I would have investigated the reason for the intrusion further. I have been parked off the road by at least 3 feet and have been chastised by a local who felt he owned the road. I moved but I roil every time I think of it. Your "on second thoughts" seem very sensible and practical.
Kelly M (3 months ago)
I always blame myself for everything too. Everything! I have no way of knowing what o would have done. I "think" I would have opened a window to speak to her but really, until your in a situation like that, you don't really know.
ken jacobs (3 months ago)
I would have told her ***K OFF !!……..LOL !!
sierrasun Village (3 months ago)
Really? It's you who're one clueless....please just stay home. She should have told that nutjob to f** the hell off and I'd do exactly that (and would also tell her she'll get shot if she doesn't disappear). First off, Susanville is a prison town and all kinds sh*t does happen around there (and you never know if there's a decoy banging on your door). Second, that nutjob who bothered her had to business harassing her there and she got lucky she didn't hit a meth lab and got shot!
David Fricker (3 months ago)
I reiterate: you are one polite .... Consider this: Perhaps this old lady searched for a camping space but night caught up with her and she found a large spot that was being taken up by a single vehicle. She stops and knocks on the camper door and thinking "I just ask them to move a little and make some room for my vehicle", she asks them if she could move not meaning to leave but just to move a little. The woman in the camper misinterprets this and packs up and leaves. We often bring our preconceptions and history into conversations. This leads to misinterpretations of meaning or misstating what we mean to say. You can take it from here ...
jqbtube (3 months ago)
Polite? The woman was assaulting Carolyn's camper ... she didn't deserve polite.
David Fricker (3 months ago)
Yeah, you are one polite .......
BOB PEG (3 months ago)
bear spray....it wears off. wasp spray causes permeant blindness. either way, you live.
Nancy Fahey (1 month ago)
If someone was after me and I sprayed them with blinding wasp spray, I could live with myself. I think if you point a gun at someone you HAVE to be able to pull that trigger. I'm not sure I could.
Tumbleweed (3 months ago)
Wasp spray does cause permanent blindness, but NOT if they get to an emergency room within 30 min!
Wingster Rod (3 months ago)
I would have paid $100 to see that
Diana Herron (3 months ago)
Love your videos.
Luanna Wagoner (4 months ago)
you know Carolyn, we'd all like to think we would have handled it a lot Differently, but you know in the crazy moment it was happening, I probably would have reacted just like u did and hope to live to do better!
Mah Fah (4 months ago)
Good lessons even for a guy. Or anybody. I was wondering how RV folks handle just being out in parks or lots. Not many people discuss security issue. Not to be paranoid but to be safe.
Rey Stx (4 months ago)
Omg I would have pissed myself lol. Thanks for the important advice
T D (4 months ago)
I would first look out the window! Then decide to open or not.
Mel Freeman (1 month ago)
I'm thinking you two need to learn how to comprehend. He was answering her last question in the video.
Tumbleweed (3 months ago)
@TD - she did exactly that..... pay more attention and COMPREHEND what she said.
jqbtube (3 months ago)
She did look out the window ... pay attention.
Bryan R (4 months ago)
I think you should consider getting a handgun and a firearms safety course. Have a look at the Ruger LCR 38. It's lightweight and it's uncomplicated and easy to operate and maintain. They are also not too expensive while being of high quality. Just my 2 cents.
Nita Roberson (4 months ago)
i think it was a good idea to move, since you are a woman alone. here's why. folks who are rude and entitled enough to approach that way and make demands are probably gonna be terrible and/or vindictive neighbors. if it happened to me and i held my ground i would have been proud of myself for doing that, but then I would have been awake all night to watch out for any retaliation, which would make it hard to work the next day. better safe than sorry.
Nita Roberson (3 months ago)
well, that is another strategy :)
sierrasun Village (3 months ago)
Or, say a few things to her that make her NOT want to be your neighbor and her to be worrying about you becoming vindictive in the middle of the night.
Elaine Magliacane (4 months ago)
Several older women in my neighborhood have been robbed and beaten up (a couple were raped)... this is a brick house not an RV, I have a metal front door. I go to the door with my revolver in my hand ... sometimes I open the door a crack to see what they want... IF I open the door the gun is pointed at them... but I rarely, very rarely open the door. Police officer, postman, or the UPS guy... otherwise... I just yell get off my LAWN, I'm calling the police.
Samantha Mahan (5 months ago)
Have you ever thought of purchasing a gun for safety since you are out there by yourself?
Scott Bimson (5 months ago)
Grab a weapon before opening the door. Or don't open it. Safety first.
Micky Lee (5 months ago)
Her bad hearing complicates everything. I might have yelled from behind the closed door, then given up trying to communicate. It's a tough call.
Dreamingrightnow (5 months ago)
Bear mace.
Wm Cottrell (5 months ago)
"Safety for women", Tasers should come with a warning label, "Never get out of the shower and activate taser when naked and soapy wet." I remember reading a label warning on a Preparation H. It stated, "Remove foil before insertion". Seriously. .... Not that I have ever used Preparation H or anything, .... Just something I read once .... or someone told me. .... My butts just fine, thank you very much. "Nothing parts my cheeks, like quite Charmin Plus." Thank you for your support. Please call, BR-549, operators are standing by. Please have you credit card handy."
Sweet Home Alamanda (4 months ago)
Huh? 😵😵
Carolyn's RV Life (5 months ago)
Wm Cottrell (5 months ago)
Reminds me of a story that happened to me about 50 years ago ....... ......... ....... ok, I'm waiting, this is when you are supposed to say, "50 years ago!!!! You don't look that old!!!!" Ok, well, about 50 years ago, I had a paper route. It was a weekday during the evening and I was going around collecting the paper money. I was at a friends house, knocked on the door. Just as I knocked, my friend's dad pulled in their drive. He got out, opened his trunk, got some groceries sacks out. I heard the front door open, I turned my head from seeing his dad and looked at the front door and my best friends mom slung the door open in a see through nighty. She says, "Happy Anniversary baby!!' She of course slammed the door shut and I left. But damn, she was hot. She was one of those moms that every 13 year old kid talked about. I never went over there again. So, here is the funny part. Just a couple of days later, my dad was taking me and Tommy to the mall to go to the movies. (She was my friend Tommy's mom). On the way, my dad said he had to make a stop at a lawyers office and sign some papers for a contract on a job he was doing. We pulled into this parking lot, (now this is just south of New Orleans in the Summer so dad didn't leave us out in the car). We go walking up to this office, Tommy sais, "this is where my mom works" just as my dad was opening the door. Yep, there was Tommy's mom. Jane Mansfield blonde hair and all worked at. To this day, I never can't figure out why 50 years ago women's boobs and bras looked bullet shaped. Maybe I should see a therapist.
zazubombay (6 days ago)
This reply has nothing to do with the video -- inappropriate and obnoxious.
sierrasun Village (3 months ago)
Another misogynist. Your times are over.
Teri Thomas (3 months ago)
Wm Cottrell I read that the bullet bra separated each breast very distinctly. Previously the corset lifted the breasts as a single unit, so the bullet bra was modern and youthful.

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