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10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated

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Ever since the beginning of video gaming, people have been finding ways to unfairly gain the upper hand by employing various tricks. Sometimes these cheaters manage to get away unpunished, but there are situations when they are caught red handed and shamefully exposed in front of the entire gaming community. Without further ado, here are 10 times that hackers, match-fixers, aimbot-users, and even screen-cheaters got caught and were publicly humiliated for their appalling actions. Gameplay 4:54 undercoverdudes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cybL6GA3GM Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Text Comments (6857)
Willy Mammoth (11 months ago)
I've been accused of cheating more than anyone, glad to see I'm not on this list ;)
PlayToGame (18 days ago)
Legend bro, legend...
MojDaGreat (27 days ago)
Nice amount of likes
VINCENT MARUCUT (29 days ago)
Willy Mammoth your a camp
Daniel_Jonathon (1 month ago)
Willy Mammoth Jesus , 12k likes. Gg
Ztertis (1 month ago)
Willy Mammoth and who the fuck are u
Havicc Brine (2 days ago)
Throw Shroud on this list
Ram Lascano (4 days ago)
NoahFromYT is playing ros and he was obviously using hack and is making money out of it but somehow is really good at hiding it .. he's yet to be banned as of now.. still doing the same shit making fools out of people -.-
Tranger (4 days ago)
Kid X is so fucking obvious
Arman Torres (4 days ago)
For me cheat code is ok but hacking is not good
Ëdgy Vèggïe (4 days ago)
Wtf is a aimbot?
Mentalsnake4 (4 days ago)
At the so called cheater on Max Payne 3 no that's soft loft
linkinmetalica (4 days ago)
it's an entirely different thing to be providing cheats than the people buying and using the cheats. The one's providing are criminally liable, the ones using are violating the game's terms of service. One is a jail sentence, the other is a ban. The problem is that not many game companies are willing to provide the budget to find all of the providers of these cheats and prosecute them since most are very smart criminals. However, the law always catches up to them in the end. So while you may have a little bit of fun cheating in the game, all that progress isn't going to matter if they will eventually hunt you down. Either in a day, a week, a month, or even a year. I used to play a lot of Crossfire where there were so many cheaters and I've even seen how ppl got these cheats for free even abused clan ratings and leaderboards. Eventually most got banned, but it's still a problem to this day.
jeremy Ambrose (6 days ago)
Cellphone games everyone trys to cheat cause the in game content is bs. Some sell hacks to their own games to make profit lol.
jeremy Ambrose (6 days ago)
Show frankieonpc1080. Cheating lmao. Yes caught by admins lololol. Wheres frankie crying in the gamer card revoked corner
danvers213 (6 days ago)
That overwatch ban was SO satisfying.
Necrotic Gaming (6 days ago)
Missqgemni is a horrible liar that esp an aimbot so funny how she gets caught blames her imaginative friends because she sucks at games and cant stand that shes a noob
diggy dice (6 days ago)
pretty shity when World Caliber Player's are caught up in Greed of Any kind....lmao, they could beat most any people out there but still have the urge to cheat!? Part of me says; :what & How but then I say I don't need to know anymore than they got punished..... peace
Double Tacos (7 days ago)
Geschiet denen recht
Calvin Tan (7 days ago)
Must have been clara
GodAriesYT (7 days ago)
Damn sudden attack havent played that game since 2009
Soru7 (9 days ago)
go take a look at all the european servers of most mmorpgs, especially wow, and you will find a lot of cheaters...but sadly here in europe its allowed, because theyre paying customers. they rather get rid of the ones reporting them, than the actual cheaters. happened in most mmorpgs ive ever played. but always noticed a huge difference, when i tried the asian servers, pretty much no cheaters, all get banned very fast. even american servers are a lot better in this case.
Alex Sinscere (10 days ago)
There are tons of em on UFC 2 and 3
Cosmic Charlie (10 days ago)
Video game addiction is becoming a huge problem ,,,
Vanilla Biscuit (10 days ago)
KQLY is pronounced (cook ly
Dollhousexoxo TM (11 days ago)
Boy, that gaming community is something serious😆😆
I got perment ban on knifes out for speed hack and aim bot and wall hack
Cedric Zapata (12 days ago)
Danm cheater can't play without cheat
linkshire (12 days ago)
Who cares.....bunch of geeks...
Kyle DelMundo (12 days ago)
All of you Cheating Jackasses must know, that cheating doesn't make you a good player/gamer, you're just being an desperate, noob faggot.
I have some free background gameplay!
Hacker M8_Gaming (15 days ago)
Ohhh shit nope don't look at my name bye 😐
Taylor Tolbert (16 days ago)
Cheaters give a bad name
AtomicPotato (16 days ago)
He just said h1zed1 haha
Uhhh my name "Hiszi" is almost similar to "H1Z1"
II_RoseZ. YT (16 days ago)
Lmao who cares its just a game. They dont have to be humiliated infront of everybody, dumbass
Wyser Wiler (4 days ago)
Others seem to think differently obviously, and I think they should. They break the rules they deserve punishment.
Isak Barraza (17 days ago)
I sub sub back or I am unsubbing
Canal Cara De Panaca (19 days ago)
pega video dos outros e nem fala né fdp
CoolCup Animates (19 days ago)
shiva shankar hu no (19 days ago)
There is so many csgo hacker match making and so stronk also just ban them permanently
Poor Mancollection (20 days ago)
Just ban them for life
Mike Hawk (20 days ago)
how lame, terrible vidoe
Luda glista (21 days ago)
About that dude cheating in LoL, why the heck put an screen right next to them so that they can easily peak and see whats going on on the map?
Lol H1Z1 devs are savages
PainsNotYourName (21 days ago)
Stealing from ea isn't really a big deal imo
Che Guevara (21 days ago)
A game is also made so people can win, so i guess cheating and hacking is also a way of winning, people are meaning that you should win the game in the old way, but when technology is so far, then u gotta expect hackers
13lazing Ninja (23 days ago)
The intro is lui calibre he's at banana bas squad with h20 delirious, daithi De nogla, vAnoss and etc.
Muse Brush (24 days ago)
I'm always got accused cheating while playing dota1 back then. too pro causing doubt. lol
PUBG DOMINICAN (25 days ago)
damn hcks
steven alfred (25 days ago)
what is the name of game in 4:49?
Fl1ntcrafter YT (26 days ago)
I've got banned all over the place... but I always could bypass the ban. Except in mount and blade.
JeffreyTheHorse (27 days ago)
Richard Gibson (27 days ago)
If everyone cheats then nobody cheats
Anime 043 (27 days ago)
I think what can you get with hacking. why am I saying this because if your the only one hacker on the game server that means it's sure that you are gonna win and if you hack your game you can't learn the real gaming skills
Corbyn Cook (27 days ago)
Dang, Kidx needs to play a better game.
Jeff Jeff (28 days ago)
Life? Never heard off that server
Jeff Jeff (28 days ago)
Life? Never heard off that server
KEk EK (29 days ago)
Bape D (30 days ago)
No subas los titulos en español si no hablas en español hijo de puta
Josh Berg (30 days ago)
It’s sad that people have to use aimbot become they suck at the game that much
Frank Gillespie (30 days ago)
Hackers hack because there not good at the game
Mark Reyna (1 month ago)
Where's tom brady?
Emmanuel Echevarria (1 month ago)
If you want to see a lot of cheaters and hackers go to War of Thunder that plenty of them 98% of them are cheating... specially than using a PC I got a consoles no way in hell I can compete with them
Retro Games Made Easy (1 month ago)
I've got a serious question. Why do all these "Professional Gamers" feel the need to cheat to win? Aren't they good enough to win without cheating? I guess they aren't too "professional". I think it's hilarious some of these scum got banned on live streams. I hope they cried themselves to sleep. Now this is not to say that I haven't used a single player cheat code, because let's face it. I used the weapon cheated so many times that my bullet count redid itself after 9999 but I have never cheated by using a aimbot or invincibility or something like that. I exploited a glitch once..but the game just came out and it's so bad that noone takes it seriously anyways.
Retro Games Made Easy (1 month ago)
Online I mean. I've never cheated online. Only glitched in that one crappy game.
KwineTV (1 month ago)
CRAIGS LIST (1 month ago)
Flex, missqgemini, claraaaaaaaa
PawsDuhPup (1 month ago)
AAAAYYYY ANIMAL CROSSING. It’s kinda funny that I play a simple and friendly game of animal crossing and also play CSGO. Weird..
Matthew Moselle (1 month ago)
Niccccceeeeee.....Bust every one of these pole smoking FAGS!
FŰCK SHĪT (1 month ago)
4:42 what game is it?
Crazy Leo (1 month ago)
There is a loot of ctheats selling sites. I hate when I just join to loby and allmost at all matches must to bee a cheates. Fuuuuuuuck. 😤😤😤😤😤
Crazy Leo (1 month ago)
What u doofor: cheats selling sites?
AltQQ Consign (1 month ago)
@FragHero Just asking, is this one of those: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c2DIl0Z29E
Lone Badger (1 month ago)
Giedrius Laurinaitis (1 month ago)
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GHOST (1 month ago)
Hacking is not cheating is using an ability that others don’t have players shouldn’t be banned for that
Wyser Wiler (4 days ago)
sup troll bait
poramut rakrong (1 month ago)
See El Ay Arr Kay (1 month ago)
Amazing vid dude
Lucky Strike (1 month ago)
Few things more gay than cheating online. If you can't win by yourself: A) Go practice some more you lazy bitch. B) Consider a game you can actually win without resorting to gayness... C) Just go watch some gayporn and play with yourself.... Never understood the fun of an aimbot or wallhacks or whatnot. Isn't the fun in nailing a shot or outthinking your opponents? If you base your self-esteem on winning while you know you wouldn't win shit without a cheat you probably have deeper issues in life and should focus on that.... Beside the fact it's super gay, it also ruins the fair game for others. Almost every COD game is infected by faggot hackers that really fucked up the whole franchise for the rest of the world so they could have their meaningless 'victory'. Should be punished severely....
lawson chamblee (1 month ago)
its all about the drugs in real sports its all about the drugs in esports
Doge Amazing (1 month ago)
HeadBang365 (1 month ago)
I will admit, I hacked before (using Action Replays on the Gamecube and DS) but I never hacked during any online gameplay. In fact, I used the AR back in the 2000s (I don't remember what years I used ARs, I only know it was from 2000-2007 or 2008, maybe 2009 but not 2010, my last AR broke down before 2010). In those years (the 2000s), I only played games alone and offline. I only started to play online last year, sometime around the summer, fall or winter...my memory is terrible. Either way, I am admitting I was a hacker in the past but only during offline play for fun. And just in case anybody thinks I'm lying about not playing online games until last year, I'm anti-social so I stayed away from socializing...I'm getting better and I'm finally socializing more which is nice and not as bad as I thought it would be...I noticed that I talk a lot. That's enough from me, I'm going to shut up now before I continue rambling. Have a nice day/night! I almost forgot to say something important, I hate you hackers who hack online (I'm looking at you people who hack in Mario Kart 7 and the few Super Smash Brothers 3DS players I've encountered...I hate you).
AQW Pro Wtk (1 month ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $6325_real money from this_amazing website>>>>freepplmoney.win/?b1n96c Try once.
Ivan13G (1 month ago)
W a p o
ALI ALNAQEEB (1 month ago)
I love when people call me a cheater. makes me feel good about myself
leonniar (1 month ago)
2:40 you put giant screens of their enemies location right next to them where they can even look by accident and then you make them pay 30K dollars ... the guys you set this up are the biggest fucking scammers of all time man ...
Bobofett 72 (1 month ago)
leonniar There not scammers, its called don't do it. Normally there is something seperating the teams except there was a mistake so they couldn't block the screens. So they just made the rule which they broke.
chris bryant (1 month ago)
It's even sadder when you prove someone is cheating but other players ridicule you like you're just "bad."
Dion Radimacher (1 month ago)
I use to play Thunder War and people were using bots on that fucking online Id be behind a massive bolder and theyd be able to pierce through the massive rock! Shows theyre useless fucks!
Hyper DC (1 month ago)
CSR Racing has tons of cheaters on it
Karla Castillo (1 month ago)
Zikoo50 (1 month ago)
FragHero = NadeKing
Robert Banister (1 month ago)
So lets develop a game where EVERYONE uses CHEAT CODES, then there is no cheating... LOL
uno-nuno-vision (1 month ago)
all these so called pro gamers cheat.every last one of them gets caught at one time or another. its cool that you can play these games for prizes but these talentless nerds take all the credibility from the events.
Mr. Unknown (1 month ago)
Who’s zed
The golden Warrior (1 month ago)
Hey lui calibre is not a hacker men
Alexander Lightwood (1 month ago)
Hackers get what they deserve. :) It ruins the fun of a game to be honest.
DANIEL MANALO (1 month ago)
Most of them are chinese LOL
Valtsu100 (1 month ago)
I used to be a hacker like you, then I took a hacker in the knee.
chen yong ong (1 month ago)
Does People cheat in PlayerUnkown's BattleGround?
I was playing paladins yesterday where a Terminus cheated with his ultimate so I while playing as Ash just kept throwing him out of the arena not letting him use it :D
MrDoopler (1 month ago)
These 15k dislikes 100% is from hackers
JewGas (1 month ago)
The second guy reminds me of south park
Ruan Dbs BR (1 month ago)
Cadê os BR?
RiftZM (1 month ago)
Lol. At least they didn't accidentally live stream themselves jacking off like someone else... [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7NBmFrwKvU ]
Ben 1989 (1 month ago)
Why do they wear uniforms for playing a game
Ben 1989 (1 month ago)
Space Leopard but it’s a computer game? Sorry with your username I can see you probably do it on your own at home
Space Leopard (1 month ago)
Because that's what teams do. Not too bright, are you?

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