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Make Mexico a State

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Why not offer Mexico statehood?
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Tulip (1 month ago)
They are already so many that they are taking our jobs because they live with large families or room rentals so they don't mind being payed minimum wage. I walked into a chiropractors office and every office worker including the chiropractic assistant was mexican. Soon they will take over dentist offices and other jobs.
James Vignali (11 months ago)
The perfect retirement state.
James Vignali (11 months ago)
We should. Immigration and Citizenship problem solved instantly. A huge new federal tax base and as you say vast natural resources added to the U.S.A. and new business opportunities for entrepreneurs.
Brian Vencill (1 year ago)
I've thought about this before, too. I think it's a great idea, but not likely to come to fruition without a show of force. The Mexican government is so colossally corrupt, and the drug cartels/oligarchs are so influential that any attempt by America to encroach upon their territory would be met with unprecedented violence. It would require, firstly, an underground resistance to the current regime, aided by US weapons and supplies, with the promise of either a) a still independent Mexico with a new regime, or b) US Territory status with the option of statehood after the legal requirements were met. A tall order, to say the least.
Jarl Knudsen (8 years ago)
That's an awesome idea. Crime in Mexico would actually be handled and stopped in Mexico, instead of spilling over the border. You are right about the property market too, real estate agents would have a field day. I would expect economic growth to skyrocket for Mexico and the other 50 states. I think the only real opposition to this plan are the corrupt officials in Mexico who would either lose financially or would end up on jail for their involvement in criminal enterprise.
zacub (8 years ago)
I am from Alabama, and I am a big advocate for Puerto Rico Statehood. Check out my Chanel, i made a video about it. I have no problem with Mexico becoming states. Mexico is divided into 30+states. So that would give us 80+states. Thats a lot of stars on the flag lol. But as long Mexicans swear loyalty to the United States, and the US flag. I say viva la Mexican statehood.

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